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Saturday mornings are pretty much the same for me and my friend Luke. We get up at around noon with pounding headaches for our hangover, get some lunch and go over to our friend Vick’s house. We usually just sit around, watch tv, and talk about our lack of a sex life.

When we pulled up to the mansion that Vick lived in we noticed that his Corsica wasn’t out front. We went to the door anyway, expecting to find an empty house. Vick’s parents went to their beachouse every weekend, so our Saturday morning lounging was usually done alone. We knocked on the door just in case someone was home and to our surprise Vick’s mom, Mrs. G answered the door. She was wearing just a bathrobe and I could see all she had on underneath was bra and panties. I had never thought of Mrs. G like that, but suddenly felt aroused.

“Is Vick home,” I asked.

“No, he had to drive his father to the airport this morning. His father had an emergency meeting and has to leave town for the weekend. But Vick told me to just let you guys in.”

We followed Mrs. G into the kitchen and I could tell by the look on Luke’s face that he was just as impressed with Mrs. G’s body as I was.

“Would you boys like me to fix you something to drink,” Mrs. G asked when we stopped in the kitchen.

“Sure,” Luke replied

“Well, You boys just go on into the living room and I’ll have something for you in no time,” she instructed in a voice that was turning me on more each time I heard it.

Luke and I went into the giant living room that canlı bahis was intended for Vick’s exclusive use. It was furnished with two big couches and a leather love seat, that was the site of many of Vick’s sexual escapades. Although Vick had lost his virginity nearly a year ago, Luke and I were still waiting for our first big score. After a couple of minutes Mrs. G walked into the living room with two beers. Even though the three of us (me, Luke , and Vick) were only 19, Mrs. G always let us drink. She had changed from her robe to a pair of tight shorts that showed off her great ass. She was wearing a black v-neck on top that showed ample amounts of her cleavage.

“So boys, what did you all have planned for today?” she said as she arched her back and adjusted herself. I felt a twitch in my shorts and cursed myself for wearing boxers and mesh shorts.

“Well just the usual, but since Vick’s not here we’ll probably head out in just a minute” I said hoping she would object.

“No, you boys stay as long as you like. Actually I have this movie that I rented for Mr. G and myself, but since he’ll be out of town tonight…we should watch it.” I didn’t object.

With that she went into the other room and came back with a video. She went to the VCR shaking her ass, and making me hard as hell. I couldn’t believe this. I had never in the 5 years I’d known Vick ever imagined his mom as a sexual being. But now, bending over in front of the VCR was enough for me to realize that she had no underwear on, I began to bahis siteleri realize how damn hot she was.

She came back to the couch me and Luke were sitting in and plopped down right in between us. I held my breath as she made herself comfortable and almost gasped when I felt her left hand on my thigh and saw her right had go to Luke’s.

We stayed in the same position for another 10 minutes until the screen started showing a man and a woman kissing passionately and then going further. At the sight of the couples kissing wildly and groping each other I began to feel my cock on the rise. Mrs. G soon noticed it too.

“Ooh” was all she could muster as she first just stared at my 8 inch cock barely being restrained by my mesh shorts. I was scared as hell, I could get in deep shit for this and I just knew she would jump up screaming any second. But she didn’t

Instead she just ripped my shorts off and took my raging member into her mouth . She began licking and sucking my shaft in a relentless manner. It was like animal instincts had taken over as she began to lick my precum. I couldn’t believe the blowjob I was getting, and from Vick’s mom to boot. Then to my greater surprise I saw Luke behind her ripping off those slutty little shorts she was wearing and preparing to fuck her doggy style.

“Oh yeah, ummm, more, more,” Mrs. G mumbled while she continued to devour my cock.

She began to move faster and faster and then rhythmically with the thrusts that Luke was applying to her pussy. I realized bahis şirketleri I was about to blow and began thrusting into her mouth, at the same time I felt the increase of Luke’s thrust and knew he too was about to cum. We continued the chain of sex for a little longer until in unison Luke and I let out loud cries and blew our loads. Mine into the back of her throat, and Luke’s into her pussy.

“Holy shit.” Was all I could manage as I gave Luke an unforgettable look of joy.

But our celebration was interrupted by our little slut.

“Boys were not done yet. I didn’t even get off, so this time no holding back.” Nothing this woman was saying now surprised me. All of us quickly stripped off our remaining clothes and set to work.

Mrs. G guided me in between her legs and to her pink, clean shaven pussy, and I began whaling on her. The she grabbed Luke’s cock and put it between her tits and told him to fuck. It was my turn for animal lust and I hit her pussy with reckless abandon. I guess Luke was thinking the same thing because he was ramming her tit flesh with all his 7 inch prick could muster.

After about ten minutes of this fucking where I was facing my best friend, I heard a low groan coming from Mrs. G. She increased her thrusts and finally topped off her moans with one loud yell that the neighbors probably heard. Nearly simultaneously I blew my wad into her woman hood and fell back gasping. Luke took a little longer but finally let it out all over her tits and face.

We all got up and dressed, smelling like sex and sticky from all the juices we’d passed around.

“Mrs. G,” I said nervously,” Do you think we could do this again sometime.”

She nodded and proudly said” I got plenty more to teach you boys.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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