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They arrived in the pub lounge, mum saw Pam and her husband, Pam had finished feeding him, he had a contented look on his face but was oblivious to everything surrounding him. Mum looked gorgeous in her mini-skirt and suit; she was wearing heels; her top was showing her cleavage to perfection. Pam waved at mum when she saw her, then mum sat beside Pam’s husband’s wheelchair, and Jack sat beside Pam. Pam said, “Dot, I’m so happy to see you, I’ve taken him out, fed him, he has got a contented look on his face, and now he’s asleep. I haven’t eaten, I have done my job, but I’m starving.”

Mum said, “Let him sleep, eat with Jack and me, we had steaks last night, and they were delicious. Will he sleep for the night now?”

“Yes, I changed his bag before we came out, I have to lift him into bed, I think that he realised that today was special, it’s the same at Christmas, he seems to know. Dot, that’s a super outfit your are wearing, you look so much younger. Jack, I haven’t seen you for ages, you have developed into a handsome young man. Are you enjoying University?”

Jack looked at Pam’s massive tits; there was a slight sway with them when she moved, Jack replied, “I love it, I feel that in this year, I’m on top of it, one more term to go and another year over. I suppose as you get older that you start to understand things more, I think that is how life is, you start to appreciate things more.”

Pam thought for a minute then said, “Those are very wise words, are you dating anybody at the moment?”

Jack noticed that mum had winked at him. Jack smiled then said, “I must concentrate on my studies, I cost mum a fortune, so I have responsibilities, I don’t have much free time, though there are times that I’d like to run wild, just to unwind, it’s difficult to do that when you’re alone.”

Pam looked interested; Jack didn’t know if they were on the same wavelength, mum was talking to Pam’s husband, who was fast asleep, their steaks arrived. Jack was happy that there could be a little break in this pointless conversation which seemed to be going nowhere, Pam said, “What do you find attractive in a woman that you would like to date?”

Jack looked at Pam directly in her eyes then whispered so only Pam could hear, “Big tits and strong cunt muscles, I love my cock gripped tightly.”

Pam whispered back, “I have big tits, but I don’t know how strong my pussy muscles are, how would you judge that?”

“After I cum, you hold my cock inside you, so I can’t pull out then you ask me to fuck you again? I agree you release me, and we start again. Then we are both happy.”

As they left the pub, Jack held the door so that Pam could take the wheelchair out, mum stood behind him and whispered, “Pam needs fucked, we’ll go home with them, and you can give her a quickie, I want you later when we get home.”

Jack helped Pam undress Alex; Pam was very efficient; she knew what she was doing. Alex was half awake, Pam handled him with tenderness, and affectionately, she soon had him in his bed. She then gave him his evening medication. Jack was impressed with the amount of kindness Pam was showing to Alex; it was apparent that she cared a lot for him. Alex was a poor demented man; mum had halkalı ucuz escort told him that all his life he had been a heavy drinker and smoker. He was now in the final stages of his life; Pam was giving him all the support and compassion that he needed. There was something very sexy about Pam, the way she looked and moved excited him. Jack was thrilled with what was happening with mum. He had never expected that last night, mum would have sucked him off. She had been in the final stage of her period, but she hadn’t said a word to him about it.

Jack was happy about this; things were changing in his life, he now realised that he loved to be with older women, mum and Pam were in their mid-fifties, May was sixty, it excited him that mum was encouraging him to fuck Pam, mum had her friends, Jack, hadn’t had Pam yet. Still, he was thinking of Liz; he wondered what mum had meant when she had said, Pam and Liz liked to be dirty. He then thought of May, how should he tell mum that he had been fucking May? How would mum react? Jack had enjoyed being with May; he wanted to see her again; he felt sure that something would happen. Jack was happy that he lived in this small town; there were a lot of opportunities available for him here.

Pam kissed Alex on the forehead; then they left him in his bed. Pam switched on the baby watching and listening system; then they went to the lounge; mum was sitting watching the Nine O’clock News, which was finishing. The weather forecast for tomorrow was good, mum said, “Let me pour you both some wine, is Alex asleep now? Pam, do we need to be quiet? Is Alex easily disturbed?”

“Dot, that will be him until the morning, the district nurse will call at eight tomorrow morning. I don’t think that I’ll be quiet since I met Alex, he’s the only man that I’ve ever had. Jack, please excuse me if I’m a little nervous, it’s so long since I last had a cock.”

Mum said, “Don’t worry darling, that’s understandable. I think that we would be more comfortable in the bedroom, shall we go there now?”

“Dot, let me have another glass of wine then we will go, I was so horny today, I’m even hornier tonight!”

“Pam, you must let Jack go down on you, he gives wonderful oral, you will know very quickly how good it is when he starts on you. I am sure that you will cum in his mouth.”

“Dot, is his oral as good as Liz? If it is, then I am looking forward to it.”

“It’s better, let’s take the wine to the bedroom when Jack goes down on you then I’ll go down on him, I will make his big cock so stiff for you. You’re going to love it when he goes inside you.”

They went to the bedroom, within a minute all three of them were naked. Pam’s body was so similar to mum’s; her tits were massive; her vulva was smooth and swollen; her sex slit was long. Jack’s cock was erect; it looked impressive. Pam looked at it then said, “That’s a big one, just looking at it makes me wet. I have never seen one as big, Liz will go crazy when she sees this one. Dot, I am so happy that you’re sharing Jack with us, Jack, how do you feel about having older ladies looking after your every need?”

Jack hadn’t as yet kissed Pam, he then took her in his halkalı üniversiteli escort arms, they tongue kissed and hugged, their kisses were tender and passionate, then Jack said, “Pam, I’m looking forward to it, you and mum both excite me. I don’t want you to be nervous; please lie on the bed, relax and enjoy what I am going to do to you. I am sure that we will all give each other as much pleasure as we can.”

Pam lay down on the bed, she spread her legs wide for Jack, as Jack went down on her, he spread her cunt lips open, out jumped out a large, suckable hooded clit, Jack knew then that Pam was going to enjoy this. Mum was teasing the bulbous head of Jack’s cock with her tongue; it felt so good, there was some precum on the slit of Jack’s stiff cock, with a flick of mum’s tongue, it was gone. As Jack went down on Pam, he felt mum’s lips around the base of his cock; mum could take his full length so easily and quickly now. Jack was now sucking Pam’s clit like a little cock; Pam was purring with pleasure, Pam said, “That feels so good, Jack, keep sucking, you’re going to make me cum, my clit’s tingling with it. Your lovely long fingers are going so deep.”

Jack kept sucking Pam’s clit; she was taking three fingers now, her pussy was so wet. Mum’s head was bobbing up and down; she had a great rhythm going. Mum’s hand was massaging Jack’s heavy balls. Mum then slid two fingers inside Pam’s pussy. Pam now had five fingers inside her. Mum then brought her fingers out, using Pam’s cunt juice. Mum started lubing Pam’s ass. Mum then started lubing Pam’s ass, she stopped sucking Jack’s cock, but she was still stroking it as she lubed Pam. Then Pam had a body-shaking orgasm; she was pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth, fucking his mouth with a circular movement. Pam said, “That was amazing, I have never had such good oral, Liz is fantastic but Jack’s unbelievably good. Jack hold some of my cum in your mouth then cum kiss me.”

Jack said nothing but mum said, “Don’t give her all of it, I want some too. I loved just watching Jack doing that to you, Pam, every move he makes is so exact, you can feel the pleasure that he’s giving.”

Jack first cum kissed Pam, Pam’s tongue working hard, transferring her cum into her mouth. Then Jack cum kissed mum, mum’s tongue was also working hard, mum’s tongue was so tender and loving in Jack’s mouth, then mum said, “Jack, Pam’s so wet, do her ass first but slide your cock inside her pussy first, that will lube your cock and also let Pam appreciate what she’s going to get later.”

Pam then got on all fours with her ass at Jack’s waist at the end of the bed. Jack went behind her; he was rubbing the head of his cock against Pam’s hard clit. After teasing it for a minute, he then centred his stiff cock in the middle of Pam’s sex slit, with a gentle push, he had his full length inside her, Pam gasped with pleasure then said, “It feels wonderful, I’ve never felt so full in my life, you’re hitting my cervix, I’ve never had that before. Jack, I love your cock. The bonus is that you’re a nice guy too.”

Jack went in, and out of her five times, Pam’s pussy was dripping. Jack pulled out then centred his cock haramidere escort in the middle of Pam’s ass hole, he pushed slowly, half of his stiff shaft was now inside Pam’s ass. Soon she was taking his full length; Jack started to build up a steady rhythm, Pam was purring with pleasure, as Jack rode her, he was also stroking Pam’s hard clit, mum was lying on top of the bed, her legs were wide open as she fingered her pussy as she watched Jack ass fuck Pam. Pam said, “I don’t believe that this is happening, the head of Jack’s cock is hitting my G-spot, I’m so close to cuming, Jack fuck me harder, I can take it.”

Jack started to pound Pam’s ass; mum was so aroused, she was stroking her big clit as she finger fucked her pussy with her other hand. A minute later, Pam had her first orgasm. Jack didn’t stop; he just kept pounding away. Pam’s second orgasm came shortly afterwards; Jack kept pumping away, both he and Pam were enjoying this. Mum was also enjoying it; Jack had looked at her; he was sure mum had had a least one orgasm. Pam then had her third vaginal orgasm; she was shaking uncontrollably, Jack kept his cock inside her tight ass until she had composed herself then Pam said, “That was so good, can you guys stay the night, I would love to wake up to this?”

Mum replied, “Pam, we can’t do it tonight, but we’ll plan it for another night. Is it ok to stay over with Alex? I wouldn’t like to upset him if he sensed we were doing this.”

“Dot, there’s no problem, Alex, has no idea what is happening around him. He is sedated in the morning; he is sedated at night. He lives in a blur. His hearing and eyesight are not good. He wouldn’t even know that you were here.”

Jack then slide inside Pam’s very wet pussy; he soon had a powerful rhythm going, Pam’s tits were bouncing beautifully, the harder and deeper Jack went, the more they shook. Mum was still lying on the bed, watching everything, but playing with her pussy as she watched. Pam was loving the way Jack was fucking her, Pam said, “It feels so good, my pussy feels stretched, but it’s a great sensation to have it filled. Jack, keep stroking my clit as you ride me, that gives me so much pleasure.”

Twenty minutes later, Pam had a massive body-shaking orgasm; throughout her shaking, Jack kept pounding into her. Pam loved it when she composed herself; she said, “Everything has been wonderful this evening, Jack, I want to see you again soon, Dot, is that alright with you?”

“Sure Pam, I enjoyed watching Jack fuck you, he has a great athletic movement. I came several times as I watched you both. Yes, we’ll do it again soon, maybe we should do a sleepover here then you can have Jack in the morning?”

“Dot, I would love that, I am available any time that you want, I will sleep good tonight.”

Mum and Jack then dressed; they both kissed Pam. As they walked home, mum said, “Jack, I loved watching you fuck Pam, it aroused me so much, it gave me so much pleasure just watching you. I have never experienced that feeling before. Can we keep it our secret? I want to watch you fuck Liz?”

Jack then hugged and kissed mum then said, “Mum, no problem, if it excites you then I am happy. I like being with older women. I want to fuck Liz.”

“Darling, I will try and set it up for tomorrow night, I have a question, did you cum inside Pam?”

“I was close, but I didn’t cum.”

“No problem, then you’ll be able to shoot all your spunk inside mummy’s cunt tonight. If you do cum inside another woman then give me the heads up as I want to eat their pussy afterwards.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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