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Blue Hair

After a quick swim to rinse our bodies off, we both got out of his pool and let the sun dry the water off of our bodies. I kept staring at Mr. Richards’s physique and wanting him more and more. My pussy was getting wet again and I knew I needed him in me. I walked over to where Mr. Richards was laying down and crawled on top of him and started grinding my young bald pussy on his thick cock. Mr. Richards smiled and grabbed my hips.

“Not yet my baby girl” he said. “I have a lot in store for you tonight. I want to make sure we have a lot of energy tonight.”

He just smiled with his eyes closed as he started to rub my small tight ass. I should have picked up on the hint he was giving me, but I was too young and naive.

“Why don’t you go inside and go into the master suite and take a bath and get ready for tonight” he said. “When you get done with your bath, your evening wear will be ready for you on my bed” he said with a grin.

I giggled with delight and ran into the house and down the hallway to his suite. I made my way into his master bath and found a huge tub surrounded by candles and oils. I turned on the water and started to fill the tub. I poured in some oils and found a matchbook and lit some candles. As the tub continued to fill, I slid in and relaxed. I had already shaved myself smooth earlier that day, so I just relaxed and rubbed some of the water all over my body. After about a half hour, I got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around my body and one around my hair. I walked into Mr. Richards’s bedroom and sure enough, my evening wear was all laid out.

On the bed was a long black dress, with no straps and a long slit up the back. Next to the dress was a pair of boy short lacy panties, a matching garter belt and a pair of black thigh high stockings with a seam up the back. Next to all of this was a pair of 4” black pumps and a pair of pearl earrings and a matching necklace. I giggled with excitement and ran back into the bathroom to get ready before I dressed. After doing my hair and makeup, I ran into the bedroom and started getting dressed. I slid the silky thigh highs up my smooth tanned legs. I slid the garter belt up my legs and over my hips and started snapping the garter belt to each of the thigh high stockings. I next slid on my lacy panties and was amazed he knew my exact size! I then slid each pump on my tiny pedicured feet and was ready to try to put my dress on. I unzipped the back and stepped into it. I started sliding the dress up my body and noticed it was very form fitting and would show every curve of my body. The dress pushed my tits way out and gave me more cleavage than I had ever dreamed of having. I struggled with the zipper, but managed to get it up my small back and antalya escort noticed this dress was very skin tight. I put on my earrings and necklace and walked out of the master suite into the living room to find Mr. Richards.

As I walked into the main room, there was Mr. Richards in a tuxedo and looking so handsome. He smiled at me and his eyes sparkled as he took me by the hand and walked us out the front door where his BMW was already waiting for us to leave. We started to drive away when he looked at me and said, “You look better than I ever imagined you could!”

I smiled and giggled as I felt my pussy get wet with excitement. I wanted him right there, but knew I must wait.

I thought we were going to a restaurant, but instead we kept going deeper into the country and started to go up a small road up into the surrounding hills. We kept driving till we reached the top of a hill and there was a few trees and in the middle of those trees was a table, and two chairs. Mr. Richards parked the car and walked around to help me out of the car. After I got out, he opened the trunk, and inside was a huge basket willed with wine, candles and what I thought was food. I followed him over to the table where he started taking candles out and lighting them. He then took out a bottle of white wine and opened it. He poured some for both of us and I started drinking it slowly. As I was going to set my glass down, Mr. Richards filled it to the top again. I lifted it and as I drank Mr. Richards walked behind me and started rubbing my ass. I set my wine down and moaned loudly. His arms wrapped around me and he started to cup and massage my perky tits. I started grinding my ass on his crotch and I found his thick long cock was already hard. This made my pussy even wetter. He then stopped rubbing my tits, and started to unzip my dress. He slowly slid the zipper down and then started to peel the dress off of my body. Soon I was standing topless with just my panties, garter belt, thigh highs and heels on.

Mr. Richards started rubbing my ass again and then started to slowly peel my panties off of my ass. I moaned as the cool breeze hit my now exposed flesh. He then bent me over so I was leaning on the table. He then lowered himself and I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart. The cool breeze made me shiver as it hit my now fully exposed asshole and super wet pussy lips. I then felt a warm tongue hit my wet pussy and start to lick my puffy bald pussy lips. I moaned loudly. I then felt his tongue go in between my pussy lips and enter my super wet pussy. This made me moan harder and I found myself pushing my pussy back onto his face. Mr. Richards tongue started to fuck my tight wet pussy and I started to sum all over his tongue fethiye escort and face.

Mr. Richards then removed his tongue from my pussy and started to lick my asshole. I found out earlier how much I loved this and started to moan even louder. I found myself playing with my tits and nipples as he started to tongue fuck my virgin asshole. Soon, Mr. Richards had his tongue actually entering my asshole and I let out a loud animalistic moan. Nothing had ever entered my ass, and I was finding out how much I liked it. Mr. Richards reached up onto the table and grabbed my glass of wine and started pouring it down my ass crack. I then felt him lick my asshole with vigor. I was really starting to get into it when I felt his finger start to push into my asshole. It hurt a little and I winced in pain, but I also loved it at the same time. Soon his finger was all the way in my once virgin asshole. He let it stay in there as he started to lick my clit. The feelings were so much I came hard and I could feel my asshole clench up like a vice grip on his finger.

Mr. Richards then removed his finger, and I heard him rustling in the basket. I soon felt a cold wet liquid sliding down my ass crack and when it reached my asshole, it clenched up from the combination of the breeze, the cool substance and Mr. Richards own saliva. Mr. Richards then started to work the slippery substance up my asshole with his finger. The feeling was so much better with the lube than with just his saliva. I started to moan and gyrate my hips as his finger started to really fuck my ass. Just when I thought he was done, he put another finger up my ass. It was a lot more pressure, but it still felt good. He worked the two fingers in my ass for a few more minutes, then I felt a third enter me! I thought my asshole was going to rip apart! It was painful, but instead of wincing in pain, I found myself grunting. I felt more lube being poured down my ass crack and soon his three fingers were fucking my ass so fast and hard that I came violently.

He withdrew his fingers and then stood up behind me. I heard him undoing his pants. I saw his tuxedo jacket fly onto one of the chairs. I next felt his hot thick cock head at my pussy’s entrance. He started to rub his cockhead on my slit and then I felt his head start to penetrate my pussy entrance. I was so sot and horny, I slammed my ass back onto him filling me immediately. I came on his cock and started to use my body to fuck his cock. He grabbed my hips and started to slam his cock in my young pussy with long hard thrusts. I was moaning like a whore in heat as he started to really fuck my wet tight pussy.

The next thing I know, Mr. Richards stops fucking me, and withdraws his kaş escort cock from my pussy. I started to whine, but then I felt his cockhead rubbing my well lubed asshole. I was so scared, I started to tighten my asshole, but that didn’t deter him at all. He started to slowly push his super lubed cock into my tight asshole and I let out a whimper and winced in pain. I felt like there was no way I could take any more, when I felt tears starting to escape my eyes. Mr. Richards leaned over and whispered in my ear, “just relax my little girl and trust me, you will love it,”

I didn’t think I would, but as more of his thick 8 inches filled my ass, I noticed my asshole start to loosen up and take his cock more willingly. Soon I could feel his curly patch of hair rubbing my as cheeks and I knew he was in me. I was so proud I could do it! I felt so full, and my ass was so stretched out, I wondered what it looked like! I felt Mr. Richards grab my hips and started to withdraw his cock from my ass. I was wondering if that was it, but soon he slammed it all back in me at once. I winced and shut my eyes from the pain, but my body had other ideas as I felt an orgasm hit me. I shuddered and shook as he slammed his long thick cock in my ass again. I found myself rubbing my clit as his cock kept pounding my once tight asshole. I felt my knees get weak and a huge orgasm hit me. My knees gave way and I fell down in a squatting position. This of course made Mr. Richards cock pop out of my ass.

He grabbed my be the waist and spun me around. He kissed me deep and I melted in his arms. He grabbed my ass cheeks and sat me on the table. He grabbed my stocking encased legs and put them over his shoulders. He then grabbed his slippery cock and slid it in my ass all the way again. I closed my eyes and grunted. I laid back and grabbed his ass and started yelling, “Fuck my ass baby. Make me your whore. I’ll do anything you want, just keep fucking my ass. I swear you can fuck my ass anytime! I am now your little anal whore!”

This made him smile and he grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass at a jackhammers pace. I closed my eyes and felt my whole body start to tremble then shake violently as my whole body came with a mind shattering orgasm. My asshole clenched down on Mr. Richards cock and I felt his cum shoot into my ass, spurt after spurt. Mr. Richards fell on top of me, pinning my knees to my chest. I ran my hands through his hair and just milked his cum out of his cock by clenching and unclenching my asshole.

“Oh God baby that was so good”, I cooed.

“I’m glad you liked it, because I am a huge anal sex fan, and if you weren’t into it I would be crushed”, he replied.

“You let me know, and any day you want my ass, I swear it is yours, as long as you make me cum like you just did”, I giggled into his ear.

“Good, because from now on, I want you to wear a small butt plug, so your ass is always ready for me”, Mr. Richards said.

“Yes Sir!” I cooed. “Anything for my master!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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