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All characters are a work of fiction and are over the age of 18, just like you should be if you wish to read this story.

Love any feedback on this story and future stories.


I didn’t tell anyone about what happen at the movies. I felt ashamed but excited all at the same time about the experience. My head couldn’t wrap around how I felt about everything. Mostly I did want to see Hank again.

The sooner Friday come around the more nervous I got but still got butterflies in my stomach. I often would bring out Hank’s handkerchief and just feel the soft of the cloth. I could smell my own scent of cum on the cloth and found myself wondering if Hank ever use this cloth to clean up his own messes. Than the fantasy of what Hank’s cock look like would come into my mind and I find myself getting rock hard; soon having to find a private area to bust out a load to the image of Hank’s cock.

I didn’t want my parents to find out about all this so I made the decision to walk to the theaters that Friday. We really didn’t live that far only a few miles so when Friday come around I left the house before either of my parents got off work with a note that I was going to see two movies maybe even three if I had enough money.

It took about an hour to get to the theaters but I didn’t mind. When I got to the theater I found myself often looking around to see if I could find Hank but the theater was really just opening up for the first movies. I just got a ticket to see whatever was coming on first. Still keeping my eyes out for Hank but he was no where in sight. My heart clench at the idea he wasn’t here and I was sadden by the idea.

When I enter the screen area my heart thump into my throat when I saw the man I was looking all around for. Hank sat in the back right next to my normal seat. He looked the same and he was smiling right at me. I slowly climb the stairs up than walked over to take a seat next to him.

We both didn’t say anything just sitting next to each other while only a couple of other people were in here to see the movie and all of them were up front. When the previews started I felt Hank’s hand on my inner thigh once again and a shiver went through my whole body.

“I missed you too, boy,” Hank spoke right into my ear and when I look over, his face was right next to mine. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to kiss this older male. “I want to feel your hand this time boy.”

His voice had so much command I just nodded my head slowly. I was about to open my mouth to say I never touched another guys cock before let alone an older males cock. Hank stopped my complaining by kissing me deeply and I felt his hand squeeze my thigh tighter. I took that as a sign and would open my mouth to kiss this old male back. My first french kiss was with this older male. Hank’s thick tongue sliding into my mouth and my smaller tongue sliding against his. The theater area wasn’t even dark yet when I felt Hank unzip my shorts slowly to make sure it didn’t make a noise while his tongue constantly wrestle with mine; which honestly wasn’t much of a match.

He had my shorts unbutton and unzipped when he finally pulled away from the deep passionate make out session which left me breathless. Hank was smirking at me and I saw the theater around us get dark for the movie to start.

“Take my pants off, boy,” Hank leaned back in his chair and moved the arm rest in between us out of the way. He rested one of his big hands in my shorts on top of my boxers his finger tips just brushing my already rock hard cock. “Already excited huh boy?”

I felt myself blushing but I was eyeing his crotch. I wanted to see what his cock look like. I wanted to feel what it felt like to have antalya escort another cock in my hand besides my own. My hands went to his jeans shakily and I watched as my hands undid the zipper of his jeans. I looked back up at Hank as I undid the button of his jeans and he nodded in approve.

“We don’t have to rush, boy,” Hank whispered as his body got closer to mine. My head was just next to his shoulders and his left arm slide around my shoulders. I felt his other hand rubbing above my harden cock, “We have the whole movie to get me off.”

I let out a small laugh at his joke as Hank than pushed his right hand deeper into my shorts to wrap around my hard, boxer covered cock, which made me gasp out. My hands went to work with their own mind as they pushed his jeans down pass his knees than moved up to his briefs and my eyes were on that large bulge hidden away inside. I don’t even think he was hard yet and this older males cock was larger than mine when it was hard.

I swallowed hard as my hand moved to lay on top of the bulge in his briefs. Feeling the warmth and then feeling the cock getting slightly harder at just my touch.

“I know it’s big boy,” Hank whispered in my ear and then giving my earlobe a kiss which made me shiver all over again. “I just want to feel your hand around me. Be my little boy?”

I looked up at him in surprise at what he said and felt his hand squeezing my hard cock which almost made me moan out but I did push my hips up against his large hand. I think my eyes were larger as he looked right in my eyes.

“Hank,” I whispered back to him our face so close to each others I could feel his breath on my face. “I want to…really badly…I just…never touched someone…” I lost my words staring into his eyes. Feeling myself leaning up to him and he leaned down to give me another kiss. This one harder and more fierce. I felt his hand let go of my cock and his other arm lowered itself from my shoulders down to around my waist. He lifted my body up by grabbing one of my ass cheeks which made my face turn red. As he lifted me up by my ass cheek. He would easily remove my shorts and boxers off with his other hand to let my hard cock bounce free. Putting my now bare ass down on the seat again but not before giving my cheek he held a small squeeze. The whole time his lips never left mine and never stop being such a hard fierce kiss.

When he did pull away my breath was hard and I was shaking a little. “I know this is new to you boy,” Hank slide his hands up my waist than up my arms all the way to my face. Holding my face and had me look directly into his eyes. “Just listen to me. Listen to your body. Listen to your Daddy.”

His hot lips found mine again and I felt his hands leave my face for one to go wrap around my hard cock which caused me to let out a muffle moan into his mouth. His other hand stayed on my face. This kiss was soft gentle. When he did pulled away Hank was smiling at me and I felt his hand teasing start to slide alone my hot cock. His whole hand engulfing my small cock once again.

I felt his own cock throb in his briefs and I look down at his crotch. My hand still rest on his bulge. I gave his bulge a strong squeeze, as my other hand went to his boxer liner and slowly started to pull it down. Time slow down as his boxers slide past his cock and was freed. My first cock I ever seen besides my own. Hank’s cock was huge to me. Easily looking 10 inches maybe even 11 inches and thicker than my hand could even wrap around the thickness – I still tired.

My hand was on autopilot, had its own mind. Taking Hank’s cock I felt the softness yet hardness all at the same time. His cock felt powerful and warm. My hand slowly slide upwards from the base alanya escort to the head which was even thicker than the rest of his cock; my thumb reached up to make a circle around the head before my hand slide back down the shaft. The base was slightly thicker than his shaft but not as thick as the head.

Hank’s breath whispered in my ear and I noticed his breathing had picked up. Hank’s intense eyes on me as my hand slide along the length of his cock, stroking him several times before I let my other hand wonder over to his cock. Both my hands wrapped around his powerful tool and I heard him let out a very small grunt right next to my ear.

With both hands wrap around his cock I would soon stroke his cock. Squeezing parts that I notice made the cock throb and making sure to take as much care of it as I could. This men gave me pleasure last time I wanted to do the same. After several strokes and several minutes; I felt his large hand start stroking my own cock to the same pace as my own.

When I speed up my stroking so did he. Feeling wonderful to have a cock in my hands that was this big and powerful. The feeling of Hank’s large hand engulfing my cock just made my cock throb and feel harder.

The closer I felt to an orgasm the faster I would stroke Hank cock and the faster he stroke mine. We both were wiggling in our seats both close to an orgasm. Hank was thrusting his hips up to meet my inexperience hands clearly frustrated that he wasn’t as close as I was. I was about to explode in his hand just like I did last time but I was focus on his pleasure now.

My mind was clouded with pleasure and need, wanting nothing more but to feel release. To also please this older man. Staring down at my hands wrapped around this large meat of Hank’s I got an idea of how I could give him more pleasure. Without any warning I felt myself leaning down to the tip of Hank’s cock my mouth opening up to take the head of him in my mouth.

The first then I notice was the smell; Musky clean scent which only made my cock throb. Than my lips wrapped tightly around the head of his cock locking my mouth around the head. The sponge texture was next and I thought to myself, ‘weird how something so hard and powerful in my hand feels sponge and soft in my mouth. When my tongue first tasted the head it was just a swipe really at the foreign item in my mouth. The tip really didn’t have a taste but there was a liquid that was dripping out from the hole. At first I thought he had cum but it wasn’t as think as cum I believe. This liquid tasted rather sour but good. My tongue made a few more swipes of the head before I focus on giving the head a nice slow suckling. Acting almost like the head of the cock was a nipple from a bottle.

I knew I heard Hank gasp out at the sudden thing I did. But I felt his hand never leave my own cock in fact he seemed to be squeezing my cock most sensitiveness parts as an award. Stroking even faster and it was hard for me to hold back my orgasm but I did. His other hand had falling on top of my head so I stay.

Giving his cock head soft suckling while my hands kept working on the meaty shaft of his. I felt his cock throbbing both in my hands and mouth. Tasted more of his liquid that seeped out and I heard him gasp out a few more times. His large hand just kept stroking me at such a fast pace and I was lost in pleasure. Pleasure of his hand. Pleasure of having taken his cock first in my own hand than in my mouth. I wished to push more in but I wasn’t ready for that. Not yet.

When finally I couldn’t hold back my own orgasm any more I let out a moan around his cock as I felt my cock shooting it’s load into his hand and onto my belly. When I did this I alanya rus escort felt his hand on my hand tighten in my hair and I heard Hank groan out. Soon feeling his cock pulse in my hands then felt the first jet of Hank cum in my mouth. My first taste of cum.

I honestly didn’t know what to think of the taste. Sour yet sweet. Thick yet soft. Disgusting yet wonderful. I felt myself swallowing the first jet down when a second then a third come out. Both I suck out of his cock tip feeling each pulse in my hands than a fourth, fifth, six and finally the last shot was the smallest. I swallow every drop of his without hesitation all but the last bit. He pulled my mouth off his sensitiveness cock and Hank was staring at me with such fierce eyes.

Hank let go of my cock and his large hand was covered with my cum. I pulled his handkerchief out and he watched me slowly wipe the cum off his hands myself.

That’s when we both notice it, the movie was at its end and the credits were just starting to roll.

My eyes became huge because I forgot where we were. I forgot about the people around us and forgot about time. Hank was quick to act. Putting his pants and boxers back on. While I did the same. When we both stood up you couldn’t tell anything had happen. Just we both were breathing hard.

Hank placed a hand right on my ass and the other on my shoulder. We slowly made our way out of the movie and out of the theater. The whole time we walk I move the last bit of Hank cum around in my mouth. Letting my mouth get use to the taste for I knew it wasn’t the last time I would have it. Honestly I wanted more. I finally did swallow it once we stepped outside.

The air had warmed up and the sun was high. The movie theater open at noon and that movie was two hours long so it must had been around 2 o’clock. Hank lead me around the building to the back parking lot. Just like he did in the movie theater. Hand on shoulder and hand on my ass. Not squeezing or groping more of a guiding tool. Not many people park back here expect employees are supposed to but even then they didn’t.

A single car was back in the parking lot, a nice new pickup truck. Hank grab me by my hips and spun me around. Pulling my body into his and his lips right next to my lips. We didn’t kiss just stood like that for a moment he spoke.

“Daddy is happy yet unhappy with you,” Hank whisper to me and I felt one of his hands slide around to my ass. Giving me a nice hard squeeze on one of my cheeks, and his breathing was still hard. “Shouldn’t have done that without my permission but I’m so happy to see you wanted to boy.”

I felt proud he was happy but at the same time felt my stomach harden as it did when I was in trouble for something. I spoke softly and decide at the moment to say his new name, “I don’t know what came over me…Daddy.”

As soon as it slip out of my mouth. Hank’s mouth found mine. Our bodies wrapping around each other and the kiss was hard, passionate yet aggressive. His tongue was exploring my mouth while his lips were hard on mine. The kiss last several minutes when he finally pulled away he gave my ass another hard squeeze which made my small body shiver.

“You call me that from now on when we are alone,” Hank said this in his most commanding tone and he gave my lips a quick kiss before pulling himself away. I didn’t want him to go. “You were a good boy today. I will see you next week. Just wait for me back here.”

I watched Hank walk away and get into the pickup truck. Then he drove away. Giving me a wink before he did.

I was lost for words in my head. I felt my body moving. Going back into the theater and getting another ticket. I took my seat and I let my mind wonder.

Today was the day I first touch another cock. An older man’s cock. Then had taken that cock into my mouth and had tasted his load. I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. I wanted it to happen again. Couldn’t wait for it to happen again.

I knew I got home with the biggest smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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