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This is a story of a beautiful wife and mother finding herself, it was made to happen, but she embraces it. Her woman lover, leads her to her own son and beyond.


Stephie James was stood there rooted to the spot, her mouth agape, she was shocked and stunned and taken completely by surprise. This she had not expected, not even considered, she had thought she was possibly going to be challenged in some way. The phone call to ask her to be here in the swish hotel that was the Metropolitan, had not been really expected, she thought she knew the reason behind it, but it was not this, not what she was seeing, oh no, not at all. She had prepared her defence as it were, and the wind had been taken right out of her sails.

The extremely beautiful 38 year old woman was used to being the centre of attention, she was used to being leered at, ogled, wanted, chased, desired, and sought after. Not only because of the way she looked, but the way she was, the way she dressed, the way she walked. Her aloofness brought admirers closer, men lusted for her, women hated her, some wanted her too, badly.

Her long, just past her shoulders, blond hair, was in a super tousled shaggy mess, carefully set to suit her moods, of which there could be, and were many. Her face was hauntingly lovely, serene, divine. Her large almond eyes were magnetic, massive blue irises, smooth skin above them, high long natural eye brows skirted and guarded them.

High cheekbones set her apart from other women, a long straight nose, firm, thick, but seemingly thin lips. Lips that could clamp a man to them as if being super glued. A soft square chin, a long swan like neck, wide slim shoulders, heavy breasted, yet fully supported naturally

Her fantastically shaped breasts were top off by torpedo like nipples, that could drive her insane sexually all by themselves. A slim waist, smooth graceful hips, a pert tight beautifully rounded ass, and well mounted on fabulous long shapely legs. Yes, Stephie James was a tall, long legged, elegant, sophisticated beauty that was for sure.

She was also well aware of what she had, what she was, who she was. And Stephie knew how to use it to get what she wanted, how to support and advance her husband’s career. She had been married for twenty years now, she had set out her life a long time ago. She knew the kind of man she would marry, and already knew that nothing would stand in her way of getting him, and her, to where she wanted them both to be.

She had been unfaithful several times over the years, but she didn’t, and never had, regarded this as infidelity. It had been purely sexual, and for the advancement of her, and Donald, her husband’s future. And now she was more or less where and how she wanted to be. There was just one more push as far as she could see, to be made, and Stephie was in the act of pursuing it.

She was in the Metropolitan Hotel she hoped, her last challenge, to meet her possible detractor, she wasn’t worried, this was nothing she could not handle. She was stood near the doorway of the huge expansive entry lounge. It was so big you could get lost. There little areas all over, that were public yet secluded. Stephie was dressed to kill, her attire was outrageously casual, yet upon close inspection, it was anything but that.

She wore her high heels, they were black patent leather, and Stephie was wearing a long legged pair of black satin pants that adorned her long smooth legs, there were tapes under her heels to keep them stretched and not ride up. She wasn’t wearing panties, they spoiled the lines. On her body she was wearing nothing but a waistcoat, it too was of black satin, it was a cowboy type. She had no bra on either, the studs of the waistcoat were fastened, but the top did not hide her ample firm breasts.

Her cleavage was mammoth, and alluring, a gold necklace wrapped around her neck finished it all off. Her 5ft 9″ stature, along with her heels lifted her to the statuesque 6ft 1″ she now was. Her hair was in perfect condition, it looked terrific, Stephanie James was all set. Then she saw it, them, her mask fell, Stephie was stabbed in the heart.

She casually rounded an internal tree, a leafy bushy one, and she saw them. Sasha Morgan, the woman she was to meet had her arms around his neck, and they were kissing in secret, and very passionately. Stephie nearly fell over such was the stunning sight. And before she could do or say anything Sasha guided herself backwards, and into the open elevator behind her.

Her eyes were on Stephie, they were smiling at her, in her hand she had a cell phone. She pressed it and two seconds later Stephie’s phone beeped. She backed into the elevator, he had his arms around her and was deeply into the kiss she was giving him. Stephie opened her mouth to finally say something but then the door closed and sealed them off.

She had to sit down before she fell down, why had she done this, why had she obviously set her up this way, why? She remembered her phone, she glanced at it, it was Kurtköy Escort from Sasha as she knew it had been.

“Stephanie, you know why I have asked you to meet me, please don’t leave Stephanie, he will be gone in an hour then we need to talk, don’t we? And don’t you worry, he is in very good hands, isn’t he?” That was all it said, and no number sender.

She sat there with the picture of her disappearing with her 18, nearly 19 year old son, in her arms, and heading for a room upstairs. Was this a kind of payback for something that hadn’t taken place, well not yet anyway. Stephie had been in the process of seducing Sasha’s husband, he was her own husband’s boss, and Stephy needed him on side, if not under lock and key.

At office functions Stephanie had let him know she was interested in him, in a roundabout way. When he responded, she added fuel to the fire, so that he knew if they could arrange something, especially with Donald in mind, then the treasures within Stephanie would be his reward. She hadn’t known that he had told Sasha, he told her everything.

Sasha had been annoyed at first, but soon settled to it. She herself was a woman of outstanding beauty. She was of eastern origin, possibly Chinese, Japanese, Philippine, Indian, Pakistani, whatever. Sasha had been educated and brought up in the USA, where she had met and married, he was now head of the European arm of the global conglomerate that Stephanie’s own husband worked for, and she needed his full backing for her Donald to rise above the rest. And if that meant she went to bed with him for a while, then so be it.

Sasha too was tall, but not as tall as Stephie, she was around 2″ shorter, but her creamy olive skin, her deep dark almond eyes, her soft hair of black silk, her gorgeous full lipped mouth stood her out as a thing of rare beauty. And now Stephie knew she was having her son upstairs for one thing, and one thing only. She actually smiled at the thought of her only darling son screwing his dad’s boss’s wife.

But Stephie was stressed too, she began to try and figure out Sasha’s motive, women like her and Stephie always had a plan or two. She checked herself in the mirror, she still looked scrumptious, and as sexy as hell.

Time flew by, after several false dings of the elevator, she watched her happy son exit it and walk to the door. Stephie watched him go, the jaunt he had in his step told her all she needed to know, or didn’t want to know! Then another ding and Sasha walked towards her, she wasn’t smiling, she didn’t know what to expect really. But taking a breath, she said.

“Hello Stephanie, thank you for meeting me. I suppose that was a bit of a shock for you hey?” Stephie mumbled something, Sasha turned and asked her to accompany her in the elevator, the shock stopped Stephie from rejecting it and followed almost meekly. Neither spoke in the elevator, Stephie couldn’t think of anything to say, and Sasha had no intention of speaking.

As Sasha stood aside to let Stephie in, she said. “You know why you are here don’t you Stephanie?”

“Not now I don’t, no, I thought I did, but not now.”

“It’s easy,” Sasha said, “you are here because you know, and I know, that you are after Peter, you can deny it if you wish, but I, you, know the truth don’t we?”

“All I am doing Sasha is trying to protect, mine and my husband’s interests, that’s all.”

“Yes, you are, and I can’t blame you for that, and that is why I have got my retaliation in first, as it were with your wonderful sexy son. My god Stephanie, have you any idea how good he is in bed. It’s a wonder I can walk still,” and she laughed. Stephie was cut to the wick, “even if it was less than an hour!”

“You horrible bitch, you leave my son alone, do you hear!” Stephie stepped towards Sasha as if to slap her. Sasha stood her ground, and when Stephie raised her hand, she suddenly found herself spinning in the room. She landed flat on her back, and then with Sasha twisting this way and that.

Sasha’s legs were under Stephie, her right leg under her back, and her left was under her shoulders, at her neck. Sasha’s right foot was over Stephie’s left arm, and her right arm was under Sasha’s left thigh. It was one of those plans that come together. Stephie was winded, and she was not in a position to understand what had, and was happening.

Having secured her Sasha moved them both backwards a few feet and now she was resting against a wall. Sasha sat there looking at her. “Now Stephanie, you are in a little bother, why are you? Well it’s because you are after my husband. And if you had had the nous to talk it over with me, it would have been okay, we have an open marriage and we love it.”

Stephie struggled now, having got her wind back, “Let me go you bitch, I am going to teach you a lesson you will never forget, no one treats me like this and gets away with it. LET ME GO YOU BITCH, LET ME GO!” She screamed. Sasha popped a small ball gag into her mouth and held it there.

“Sorry about Pendik Escort this Stephanie, I didn’t want to do this, but until you learn your lesson I’ll have to. Now, if you nod your head to say you’ll be quiet, I will take it out, if you don’t I will fasten it in. What is it to be?”

Stephie stay still for a long moment pondering her options, there weren’t any, she nodded her head. She knew she was well and truly trapped, she could not budge her arms at all, and even if she tried to kick out at Sasha, she would miss, she tried, she did.

“Now Stephanie,” Sasha said, moving about a little to make them both more comfortable. “There are some things you need to know, and some things you need to learn, okay? Nod your head Stephanie.” She did so. “Good girl,” she told her captive. Sasha patted Stephy’s face lightly.

“The first thing is this, your husband Stephanie, isn’t who you think he is, but I will come to that. Your son however, well, your son is definitely who he thinks he is, and Stephanie? I am vouching 100% for him.” She smiled broadly and mouthed an “Ooooh!” Sasha patted Stephanie’s left breast, she wriggled to get away, it was a futile gesture.

“I am also, although it will mean little to you Stephanie, a black belt in three different sporting categories, so I strongly advise you to behave around me, you can see the position you are in right now. To annoy me is unadvisable, nod your head if you agree.” Again Stephanie pondered from her position of captivity, and again she nodded her head.

“Good girrrrrl Stephanie,” Sasha purred, and once again patted her left breast over her nipple, but this time left her hand flat on it. “Now, I am removing the ball gag, no noise Stephanie okay?” Stephie nodded her head. Sasha took it out, waiting to jam it back in if need be. Stephie was silent.

“Before I go on Stephanie, I have to say you are even more beautiful close up, you are such a sexy woman aren’t you?” she purred again, and again patting Stephie’s nipple.

“Sasha, don’t do that,” she said, using her eyes to indicate her nipple and breast.

“Well Stephanie, you surprise me, I was thinking you were liking it, I mean, just take a look at both of those little hill tops, this one especially,” she patted again, “is certainly more pronounced than the other, isn’t it?” It was obvious that her nipple was growing and hardening.

“I don’t like it Sasha!” Sasha was being diverted from her chosen path right now, but she had never shied away from a challenge, that’s why Stephanie was where she was.

“Stop denying it Stephanie,” she told her, and with that she rubbed her palm around in circles over the hardening nub, it caused Stephie to squirm under her.

“Please Sasha, don’t, please stop,” she cried. But the challenge had been set, Sasha would run it down, win or lose.

Stephie’s legs rose and fell, she tried to wriggle free but got absolutely nowhere, Sasha just sat there and waited until she stopped. As soon as Stephie rested Sasha went on the rampage, smiling sweetly at Stephanie, she rubbed away, and soon the nipple was popped upright and very erect under the satin top she was wearing.

“My my Stephanie, would you look at that,” she said, they were both staring at the pointed lump under the silky material. “Let’s see if the other one is as active shall we?” Sasha enquired. More wriggling and leg kicking came from the beautiful blond, as she struggled vainly to get free, she realised after a while that her struggles were futile. Stephie relaxed, panting and beaten.

Sasha set to work on her other nipple, and now using both hands she had Stephie’s super sensitive nipples at record highs. Her eyes closed in defeat, her mouth opened in submission to Sasha’s fingers. Her lips slowly filled with blood. “See Stephanie, I told you, I told you that you were liking it, come on now, admit it, you are, aren’t you?” she squeezed both of the hard nubs and Stephie moaned.

“Come on Stephanie, I won’t stop now until you admit it, tell me that this is good and you like it, come on sweetie, say ittttt.” Sasha was having great fun, she loved this. She had often forcibly seduced other women in this fashion, even men had been subjected to her will and dominance, though she had had to subdue them with a hold that put them to sleep, a little..

“Please Sasha, oh please, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Oooooh, yes, yes, yes, I like it, I like it, Oh please Sasha stop, please please.” Sasha kept on, and in between she undid the studs on Stephie’s waistcoat. Soon Stephie’s magnificent breasts were on view, Sasha was more than impressed with the shape, the feel, the soft firmness of her breasts, and the superb erect tantalising nipples. These were mammary’s of the highest order, she didn’t think she had ever seen better than these.

Now Sasha knew that her plans for Stephanie this day were going to have to be put back for a while. She wanted her now, she was going to have her. And it didn’t matter what Stephanie said or did, she was going Mutlukent Escort down! Caressing her bare tiny upturned buckets Sasha brought them to the fore, and Stephie had no defence to offer, they were on the side of her antagonist, mistress, seducer, taker.

Her teeth were clamped, her lips were pursed, her eyes shut tight, as she was led down the road to her very first seduction by a woman. She had often wondered what another woman would be like as a lover. She had often intended to try it, to find out, but until this day the opportunity had never been afforded or materialised.

Sasha toyed, nipped, grazed, tweaked and tugged on the glorious nipples now firmly under her control, Sasha was good at this, control. She saw the changes from determined rejection on Stephanie’s face, to the sublime submission to the interminable onslaught she was undergoing. It became superbly delicious. So much so that she moaned and mewled without being aware of it.

Stephie’s own fear, her own capture, her forced torment at Sasha’s hands were getting the better of her easily now. She knew she was sinking and there was no lifeboat to be had, she was drowning in the sea of arousal being created within her by her captor. Sasha was just playing with her now, she watched Stephie’s face change completely, her tongue poked out to lick dry lips.

“My my Stephanie, no bra, you really are one sexy little tease aren’t you Hmmmm?. Are you wearing a thong by any chance, let’s see shall we?” Sasha ran her hand over Stephie’s hip, “Mmmm, there doesn’t seem to be anything under here does there?” she enquired salaciously, raising one elegant eyebrow. Stephie struggled again only to relax once more.

Sasha undid the secret button on the top of Stephie’s satin skin tight tights. “Let’s have a look see then hey,?” Her hand slid in and down, Stephie’s knees came up.

“No Sasha, don’t, please!” she cried.

“Oh but Stephanie, we must!” Sasha told her, cooing. There was nothing Stephie could do, as soon as Sasha’s knowing finger slid over her pussy all was lost. Stephie was gone.

Sasha’s hand slid over the smooth glassy outer lips, and she herself groaned. “Oh Stephanie, you are so slick and smooth, are you up for real sex, is that why you are dressed this way. Were you hoping to meet Peter, or maybe I was your intended? What about Donald, does he know you are dressed to kill this way, hmmm?”

Sasha’s finger found its way into Stephie melting pot, she wiggled it, and Stephie followed the finger. She dug it in as far as she could then hooked Stephie with it and lifted. Stephie howled, her head, if possible would have snapped her neck with her reaction to Sasha.

“Oh my Stephanie, this is too much darling. You are just so insurmountably sexy, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you.” But Sasha did, she knew fine well what she was going to do with her prisoner. She was going to have great fun, subject her to all sorts of teasing, make her cum, not let her cum. And Sasha was going to cum too, all over Stephie’s beautiful face, she would drink Sasha’s cum from her hot pussy, and Sasha was going to screw her hard, very hard.

She worked Stephie’s pants down, made her lift her feet until her shoes and tights came off, her top was not hindering anything. Now she was laid tangled helplessly in Sasha’s legs and Sasha was doing what she wanted. Stephie didn’t feel or know it but her arms were going to sleep, this afforded even less struggle from her now.

“Sasha please, let me go. I won’t ever bother you again, I promise, I’m so sorry, Please Sasha please?” Sasha smiled, she squeezed both nipples in turn, and rotated fingers in Stephie mangled pussy. Stephie came for the first time ever at the hands of another woman. Stephie as a wreck now, pliable to Sasha’s will, her dominance was secure.

Taking hold of Stephie’s tights, she slowly disengaged herself from her, but immediately Stephie found her wrists tied to her sides. Naked, Sasha helped her to her feet and walked her to her bedroom, Stephie was about to become Sasha’s sex toy. She guided her to and on the bed, she was made to lie on her back with her soon to be lover over her.

“Do you want me to kiss you Stephanie, have you ever been kissed by another woman?” Her soft full lips were almost touching hers. Stephie could only stare wide eyed back up into Sasha’s deep dark lagoons. “I thought as much Stephanie, she lowered her mouth and covered hers with a smothering kiss, Stephie’s mind blew apart, she had never experienced this.

Sasha climbed over Stephie, she didn’t have the time she really needed. She turned around and sat directly over her face, then she took her nipples to control her. Stephie squealed underneath her. Her open mouth inhaled Sasha’s scent, and some of her liquid, the taste was odd but pleasurable. Sasha leaned forward and got Stephie’s clit and rocked her slick pussy back and forth over her mouth.

Stephie was forced to cum again, and Sasha went with her, she neded to cum, she didn’t want to wait as she normnally did. She let it go, lots of hot love juice dropped out and ran into Stephie’s throat. She drank it down, she had no option, and knowing what it was made her cum again. Sasha screwed her nipples almost off, Stephie had rarely been this high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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