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“There you are! Come in, come in.”

Clara, my wife, and I are at Irene and Edie’s (Edward’s) seventh floor apartment for a family get together.

“Mother’s the only one still missing.”

Irene and Clara kiss cheeks. Irene holds out her hand and Clara does the same. Edie and I bow and kiss their respective hands.

“Come, join the party.”

Edie and I follow our wives through to the living room. “So, Ed, hows married life?”

“Great, everything I thought it’d be. Irene is a doll.” They were married a month ago.

Edie’s mom, my favorite cousin, Ruth, hops up. “There’s my Tammy, come, lets get a look at you!” She gives me a hug and a very warm kiss.

“OK Ruth, don’t get Tammy all excited. It’ll ruin the lines of her dress.”

Everyone laughs at Clara’s joke, but in reality, I’m not caged and much more of a kiss and there’d be a clitty bulge in my snug, off the shoulder turquoise knitted mini dress. My ‘D’ cup implants ( Christmas presents) stretch the top out and my nipples are giving a ‘weather report.’ It’s snug hem is well above my knees.

Just then Mother and father arrive. Father, Edie and I are dismissed to the kitchen to talk and help Edie finish preparing supper, while the ladies stay and visit.

We all ate together at the formal dining room table. I was just a bit nervous about tonight.

Edie of course had no idea how his evening would end.

Mother, now that she’s Matriarch, made a little change to the family tradition. Newly wed males would lose their ‘ass virginity’ to a member of the family, for privacy reasons. Last night Clara told me Mother had chosen me to ‘initiate’ Edie.

“Well,” Mother said pushing Her chair back, “Next month we should meet at Clara’s. Donna will be back and she can tell us all about Europe.”

We all went to the foyer for hugs kisses and ‘good bye’s’.

Edie looked confused when Mother, Father and I stayed behind.

“Come, sit down dear, and we can talk.” Mother took Edie’s hand and led him back to the living room.

“You can change in the spare bedroom.” I picked up my big pink faux fur drawstring purse and followed Irene. “I’ll let you know when we’re ready.”

Clara bought me a new nightie for tonight. It was soft pink chiffon with lots of fluffy frills. The set included sissy boy cut panties, but I didn’t bother bringing them along. As I changed I heard Mother and father saying good night. I touched up my makeup and waited.

Irene tapped on the door frame. “We’re ready.” As we crossed the hall she said, “Edie’s not too sure about this, but the Matriarch explained what the consequences of not complying were.”

“I know. I was kind of scared too when Mother told me about it.”

Edie sat on the edge of the king size bed, his hands trying to cover his jewels, looking so forlorn.

It was a big bedroom. It had wall to all very pale beige deep pile carpet. The wall paper was slightly darker beige with a vertical gold vine design. One wall was sliding glass doors to the balcony.

Did I blush? There was a red upholstered ‘sex chair’ and hanging from the bed’s corner posts were pink leather fur lined cuffs on short chains. A bit more than I needed to know about their private life. Funny, thinking why I was here, then be embarrassed.

“Come sit and we’ll chat for a bit.” Irene patted the bed to Edie’s right, then sat on his other side, closest to the head of the bed.

“See, dear. I love you. The family loves you. It’ll be OK, you’ll see. I’m sure Uncle Tammy will be gentle. Won’t you Tammy?”

“I, er, we’ll go nice and slow Edie. And remember, if you don’t like Beşiktaş escort it, well, it’s just this one time, and no one outside the family will ever know about it.” I hoped I sounded re-assuring.

“But, but, I don’t want queer sex. Can’t we just say we did it? Can’t we do that? It’ll be our secret.”

Lie to the Matriarch! My god, how could he think such a thing? Would he, had he lied to Ruth? Lied to his own mother? Is that why Ruth divorced George, because he lied to her? All those thought rushed through my mind. Un-fucking-believable. Lying to the Matriarch.

“Oh, baby, my sweet little Edie shouldn’t even think such thoughts. Besides, the Matriarch told me to video tonight and send it to her in the morning.”

“Well, fuck her, and fuck the family. I don’t need this crap.”

Hadn’t he understood? To disobey the Matriarch could result in banishment from the family. No more job, no more allowance, a family friendly judge could issue a restraining order keeping him a hundred kilometers away. He signed the document on his eighteenth birthday. Surely he read it.

“Oh, darling. You know I love you, and I’ll always stay with you. And don’t I always look after your “man” needs? But, my love, I have no intention of no longer being ‘Mrs. Edward Symons’, of the manufacturing and financial Symons. No baby. We’ll get through this together.”

“No! No, Irene, I refuse.”

“OH baby. I was afraid you’d say that.” She reached to the top of the bed and pulled a set of black fur cuffs from under the pillows. “Tammy, give me a hand.”

Maybe she was stronger than she looked. Maybe Edie wasn’t expecting her to move so fast. She flipped him over and I held him down as she cuffed his wrists behind his back. We rolled him over face up.

“Might as well get comfortable Tammy, ” She pointed towards the love seat beside the dresser, “This might take a bit.”

Irene, standing so we both could see, slipped her scarlet satin robe off her shoulders and elegantly flowed it over a chair. Oh my Goddess!

I knew she was full figured, but wow! She wore one of those corsets that cinch the waist and push up the breasts. It was white, with a maroon paisley motif. It contrasted with her honey tanned skin. She wore white lace panties and on her feet, silver, fur trimmed, spike heel slippers.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled Edie’s stomach. “Like what you see, baby?”

Edie tried looking away, but as she circled her nipples with one finger of each hand he was mesmerized. “You like my tits, don’t you. Bet right now if I bent down you’d lick and suck my nipples just the way I love.”

Edie whimpered.

“You like these?” She stroked her panties. “I bought then just for tonight. And afterwards they’ll be yours to wear any time you want.” She stroked herself through the panties. She definitely had his attention.

Irene rolled off Edie and snuggled beside him. She began kissing. Then she fondled his balls and gave his cock a gentle stroke. She left them alone and kissed him some more.

She rolled onto her back and turned her head to Edie. “Just think what it’ll feel like when I stroke you, then fondle your balls as I swallow your big cock. Like this.”

She stroked him once, and swallowed as she fondled. Just once. Then she sat up again, between his spread legs. Her legs were over his. She began stroking her pussy again. She fondled her boobs. Then did that thing with her long black hair. She put her hands behind her neck, and lifted them up, flipping her hair. So sexy!

Edie was whimpering. “Please, please. OK. You win, I’ll do it.”

“Do Beşiktaş escort bayan what, darling.”

“I’ll have, um. I’ll have anal sex with Tammy.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Sure? I don’t want to force you. Tammy doesn’t want to rape you. Tell us exactly what you want.”

“Sob. I want Tammy to fuck me in the ass.”

“Good gurl.” She kissed Edie on the lips. “Now, Tammy can’t just ram you in the ass. You need to get her ready.”


“You better encourage her. Sucking her cock would be nice foreplay.”

“What? NO!”

“You just have to suck it ’till it’s nice and hard, sweetie.”

“No, no.”

“Well, I’m not going to force you. You just think about it for a bit.” She gently squeezed his little helmet. “Did I tell you about the latest arrival at the toy store, dear? It’s like your pink plastic cage, but it also has a clam shell that holds your balls. I could get it in the morning and we could keep you safe from temptation until you decided. Day, week, month. Tammy, how about a glass of wine on the balcony while he decides?”

Irene brought a bottle and two glasses “Hope you like red. This is a Chilean wine Edie and I like.”

“Yes, sounds fine. Cheers.”

Awkward silence.

“I hope you don’t think I’m just a gold digger. I really do love my Ed. But I know he’ll regret throwing away his heritage for the rest of his life if he makes the wrong decision tonight.”

“Yes. I know. You’re a good person at heart. I was afraid too, my first time. I mean not like I’ve done it a lot. Um..”

“Your mother is the Matriarch, right? How long has she held that position?”

“When I was a boy Grandmother was Matriarch. Then she die and her sister, Aunt Dot was, until she passed about three years ago.”

“That was just before I was introduced to Edward.”

“Ya, I guess so. How did you two meet?”

Just then we were interrupted by Edie’s calls. “Irene. Baby doll. Come back!”

“Relax, I’ll go see what Edie has decided.”

Nice view down the valley. I could just see the dark water of the lake. Wonder what its like, living in an apartment. No yard, neighbors so close.

“Poor dear.” Irene picked up the wine bottle and topped up our drinks. “Decided he wants out of the whole thing.”

“Oh no. Did you change his mind?”

“No,no. It’s his decision. This is a nice Merlot, isn’t.”

“AH, yes, very nice. Um, should I call Clara to come get me then. I mean if I’m not needed?”

Irene patted my knee. “Don’t rush. let’s finish our wine. To help him decide I tied his knees together and left my ‘personal massage toy’ against his balls. Are you going to Martinique for Easter again this year?”

I told her about Mother arranging my and Clara’s wedding.

We finished the bottle, then went to check on Edie.

He/she was quivering,whimpering and spattered with cum. “Please, please, turn it off. I’ll do it. I’ll take it in the ass. Please make it stop!”

His cock was bobbing, his face was flushed. “Please, I’ll do it. Make it stop!”

“Oh, you’re such a good man. Lets get my brave little sissy all cleaned up.” She undid the ties binding Edie’s legs and turned off the vibrator. Then she fetched a washcloth and a towel and cleaned him up.

“You really had lots of cum tonight baby.” She gave Edie a long slow kiss. “You must be extra horny tonight.”

It was a bit awkward watching them kiss, so I slipped across the hall and fetched my pink fur bag. From it I took a strip of condoms, nitrile exam gloves and a little squirt bottle of condom safe lube. I pulled Escort beşiktaş the long red stick on nails off the fingers of my right hand.

“Lets get you up, dear. Tammy, come and help.”

What a difference. Edie was compliant and meek. He didn’t struggle at all.

“Tammy, there’s a spreader bar in the closet. Get it.”

“Do you think he’ll need it?”

“No. I just bought it and want to try it.” She secured his ankles to the straps at the end of the bar. Edie was upright on his knees. “Come here Tammy.”

I was drooping. Performance anxiety?

“Give Tammy a nice kiss dear.” Her hand on my ass moved me into position. Edie whimpered, but did as he was told.

He kissed my knob. It began to grow. He opened his mouth and swallowed just my knob.

“Good girl. Kiss it. That’s good. Now swallow. All the way baby. Good girl.” Irene put her hand on the back of Edie’s head. She was masturbating me with Edie’s mouth. She kissed his ear. “Good girl.”

“Gh. Gh. Gh.”

“Um Irene I think that’s enough.”

“OK. Here, let me help you lean forward. Gently now. OK, cheek on the carpet, I’m going to remove the cuffs. I want you to slide your hands between your legs honey.” She secured Edie’s wrists to the straps in the center of the bar.

Legs secured, wrists trapped, cheek on the soft carpet, shaved white ass in the air, butt spread, that pleading whimper. My God I had a raging hard on.

I rolled a condom onto my pole. Edie spazomed as I dribbled lube down his ass crack.


“Steady Edie.” I purred as I began working it into his ass cunt. “Just relax. There.”

“Ah!” he jerked as I gently pushed a lubed finger in.

“Easy. Easy, I won’t hurt you.” I slowly stroked my finger in and out.



“Lets try two fingers.”


“There, that’s nice. Isn’t it? In and out, in and out. Nice little ass.”


I pulled my fingers out and lubed them again. It took a bit of a corkscrew motion to push all three past his sphincter.


“Easy. Just try and relax your butt, Edie.” Stroke, stroke. “There, that’s nice.”

“Ah. Ah. Please.”

“Steady there.” I’m rock hard. It’s time. “Easy now.”

My left hand on Edie’s shoulder, I guide my cock with my right hand. I push at the opening.

“Ah. Please, please.”

“Just relax sweetie. It’ll hurt just a bit. Here we go.”


“Steady, it’s OK.” I’m past the tight ring. Lots of lube, that’s the secret. Clara uses lots of lube when she gives me a pegging. I made sure Edie’s ass cunt was well lubed. Oh, that feeling as I slide balls deep. “Mm.”


Smooth slow plowing. Nice tight ass cunt. Edie, like Irene still has a bit of tan left on his smooth back from their honeymoon in Tortola. Nice tan line around his waist. Slide in and out.

“Uh….Uh….Uh.” Edie is a vocal one. “Uh…Uh…Uh.” So good.

I see Irene on the edge of the bed. She’s recording with her phone in her right hand. Her other hand is inside her panties. Her mouth is forming a little ‘oh’.

“Uh,uh,uh uh.” Edie grunts as I pick up the pace. God this is good. “Uh,uh,uh.” Got to take Clara this way.

“Mm.” I push in balls deep and hold Edie’s hips tight as I cum. His tight ass, his smooth young tanned back, Irene’s moan, the feeling as my cum pulses into his ass. I hold on for a few extra seconds, being in the moment.

I sit back on the carpet. Irene releases Edie from the spreader bar.

“Such a good boy. My sweet little sex machine. Aren’t you going to thank Tammy, dear?”

“Yes. Thanks Tammy. It was, um, when I got used to. A. Um different sensation.Um.”

“Yes Tammy.” Irene surprised me with a warm kiss. “Thank you.”

“Would you mind going to your room now? Edie and I need some privacy.”

“Of course. See you at breakfast.”

“Thanks again. Sweet dreams.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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