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It was the summer of 1970 and I was passing time waiting to enter the Army in September. My mother and I lived in a small trailer (they call them mobile homes now) outside of Phoenix at the edge of the open desert. When I was eleven we had moved from New York after my parents divorced and my mother being a strong-willed woman moved to the west pulling our 20′ home behind the family station wagon.

Our living conditions were almost intolerable as there was never any real privacy and at the ripe age of eighteen, privacy was becoming more important as my hormones were at their peak. My bed was at one end of the trailer, which folded up to make the dining room table. My mother’s bedroom was at the other end and separated by one of those accordion doors that was held shut by a magnet.

During that very hot summer I was out late almost every night with friends, for no other reason than having some distance from my Mom. Not that I didn’t love her, she was a great parent and tried very hard to make up for my missing father for all those years. It was more in-line with claiming my independence and of course spending my few remaining carefree months with my friends.

I would tip-toe in usually after midnight and because the almost 100 degree night temperature wasn’t offset very much by our evaporator cooler, I would strip down to my boxers and sleep on top of my covers. More often than not I would top the evening off with a quick session of masturbation, confident that my mother was fast asleep as I could usually hear her soft snores coming from behind the accordion door. It was on one of those nights, during one of these personal moments that I heard her call out to me, “David, whatever you’re doing, please stop.”

Not saying a word, and totally embarrassed, I rolled over and tried to force sleep, cursing the trailer for telegraphing every small vibration. I drifted in and out of sleep for what must have been an hour or so, when I heard my mother in the bathroom outside her door. After she was done she quietly padded back to her bed leaving her bedroom door half open, which she usually did on hot nights to allow the air to circulate. I could see her crawl back into bed since there was a full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. I noticed that she was also sleeping on top of her covers in her usual oversized t-shirt that she slept in.

After about ten minutes, as I was dozing back into a light sleep, I felt a gentle rocking rhythm. Opening my eyes and staring into the mirror, I saw my Mom with her legs bent up and her right hand moving up and down below her t-shirt. “What the fuck…” I thought.

I was dumbstruck. At first I felt a bit grossed-out, but as I watched, my disgust turned slowly into curiosity and acceptance as I realized that she was only human. She must have been a very frustrated woman since she never seemed to date and had no special male friends that I knew of since the divorce. Not that she couldn’t if she wanted to; at the age of 37, she was a real doll, tall with a fit body, red hair, and green eyes. I was always proud of her around my friends and enjoyed watching them ogle over her.

As I watcher her pleasure herself, I felt my cock coming back to life. I had never thought of my Mom in a sexual way before, but at that moment she wasn’t my mother, but a beautiful woman who was bringing herself off right in front of me. I started to work my own hard cock to her rhythm, thinking she wouldn’t notice since she was involved in her own motions. I continued to watch her image in the mirror, the t-shirt now up to her waist giving me a great view of her down covered pussy. I felt grateful for the moonlight coming through her window. Her left hand was now under her shirt working her breasts with her other hand speeding up the pace on her clit. My pace also quickened and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I could hear my Mom’s breath come in short quiet gasps as she suddenly arched her back off the mattress and jerked her hand another 2 or 3 times against her pussy. About the same time I felt my eruption come and started spurting into a tissue I grabbed from under my pillow. As I drained the last few drops from my still hard cock, I opened my eyes and could see my mothers head staring into the mirror. “Oh, shit,” I thought as I froze, “Did she see that?”

She turned over on her side and I could soon hear the deep breathing of sleep coming from her room. I figured I got away with it, and after another hour of thinking about what had just happened, I fell into my own deep sleep.

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of my Mom getting ready for work and the smell of coffee brewing. I pulled on my jeans as she came out of the bathroom with her usual glowing smile.

“Morning babe,” innovia escort she chirped. “ready for coffee?”

“Great, thanks,” I nervously smiled back. If she had seen me in all my lewd glory, she was hiding it well. She handed me my cup and deposited a customary peck on my forehead, and was out the door. All seemed pretty normal and I breathed a sigh of relief, but I couldn’t shake the previous night’s images out of my mind.

That day I hung out with my buds the entire day. I came home after the midnight hour as the night before and after settling in on top of the covers, I reassured my ears that Mom was asleep. I started in on my special nightcap, this time taking care to isolate my movement to only my hand so as not to create any rocking of the trailer. I found my fantasies, once comprised of my girlfriends from the past, now focused on my mothers form from the night before. After a few minutes of careful stroking, I noticed the trailer starting to rock and immediately let go and stopped to let the motion settle down. To my surprise, the steady rhythm didn’t stop.

I glanced over at my friend the mirror and was shocked to see my mother stroking her pussy once again. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This time she had her nightshirt pulled up over her beautiful creamy breasts, and the real earth-shaker was that she was staring straight into the mirror.

“She can’t see me,” I hoped. “maybe there isn’t enough moonlight.” But I could see her perfectly. I was totally confused about what I was feeling. I was in a state of shock. There was fear, guilt, embarrassment, but most of all I was definitely turned on and my cock, already hard from the attention I had been giving it, was now twice as hard and twitching by itself. I quickly grabbed it to stop it from banging itself against my stomach, and as I did, I heard a soft moan coming from Mom’s lips.

Without thinking I slowly began to stroke my raging tool, all the while gazing back at my mother’s face in the mirror. There was no doubt now, she was definitely staring back at me with her stroking rhythm matching my own. It didn’t take long before I started to have a mind-blowing orgasm, cum spraying all over my hand and stomach, eyes slammed shut with spots of lights flashing off and on, and my heart pounding in my chest.

As I settled back to planet earth I looked over to the mirror only to se my mother’s bed empty – she had ducked into the bathroom. In a state of euphoria, fear, and confusion, I quickly cleaned up and rolled over on my side, terrified of what my Mom might say and do when she came out of the bathroom. I heard her finish up and return to her own room sliding the door behind her, without a word being uttered. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much that night not knowing what to make of what had just happened and where it all might be going.

The next morning was business as usual. Nothing was said about the activities from the night before and Mom was all smiles and cheery as she headed off to work. I felt like I was going insane. I knew she had to have seen me and that we were in essence masturbating together in separate rooms. Why wasn’t she as freaked out as I was.

“Maybe she was having some sort of episode,” I asked myself, “or a form of sleepwalking, or some kind of logical explanation.” Nothing seemed to make sense. It had to be my imagination. Maybe she wasn’t really seeing me and was just taking out her sexual frustrations and I should just leave it at that. But I was hopelessly hooked on the idea that my beautiful, sexy mother and I had made a carnal connection. Now I couldn’t stop thinking about her breasts, smooth skin and glorious pussy.

Since it was Friday, her usual night out with a couple of girlfriends from work, she was still out partying when I returned. I watched a bit of TV then went to bed and dozed until I heard her car pull up. I feigned sleep when she came in, heading right for the bathroom and straight on to bed. After fifteen minutes or so, I began my nightly session and started working my hard-on, this time not worrying about the vibrations sent out to the trailer. I just had to know for sure. I kept glancing over at the mirror, but Mom seemed to be sound asleep.

“I must be crazy,” I thought. I kept cranking away to release all the tension I had built up during the day, the whole time Mom never budged. I finished myself off with lewd images of my naked mother dancing in my head. I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up about three in the morning to familiar rhythms again rocking our small home. I glanced over to the mirror and saw Mom in her usual pose only this time there was no nightshirt. I felt a rush of excitement and relief wash over me. My pole had come istanbul escort to full mast in seconds, so I stripped off my boxers and began moving my hand up and down in time with my mother’s movements. We were staring at each other in the mirror and she spread her legs wider giving me a fantastic view of her wet pussy. Her fingers were probing in and out of her opening with one hand while her other hand rubbed her clit. Her mouth was open in lust while her tongue moved across her lips. Her eyes never left mine. All doubts were now gone.

Mom was in a high state of arousal and quickly came to orgasm, her back arching, her head moving from side to side, and her breath hissing through her teeth. My cum was nowhere close and I kept pumping my prick for all I was worth. Mom slipped out of bed and into the bathroom as I was searching for relief. After a couple of minutes the bathroom door opened and instead of Mom returning to her bed, she paused at the door staring at me on my bed. I could make out her naked form in the moonlight streaming through the window. Her breasts were bathed in soft white light with her profile barely visible. I don’t think I had ever seen a more beautiful sight before or since.

A few heartbeats later she crossed the room to the side of my bed, looking down at my cock in my hand and gently smiled. I was no longer in control and my free hand reached out and softly caressed the inside of her thigh. Mom’s eyes closed and I heard a sharp intake of breath. Her hand closed over mine and eased it up to touch the soft light hairs surrounding her wet pussy. My fingers made their way to the folds of her cunt, slipping slowly inside. Mom moaned and her legs bent slightly forcing her to reach an arm out to my bed for support.

She then placed her left knee on my bed and arched her right leg over my torso, the whole time my fingers remained in her hot, wet pussy. She reached for my hands and placed them both over my head, pinning them against my pillow. Staring directly into my eyes, she slowly lowered herself onto my raging cock. For a moment I thought I might pass out. The sensations were so intense I wanted to cry out. I could feel the head of my cock slowly being engulfed by Mom’s cunt. It was agonizingly slow, a millimeter at a time. I felt like I was being swallowed up from the inside out. It must have taken two or three minutes for Mom to guide herself down on my seven inches. Her hands had moved to my chest as she settled onto my cock’s entire length. She was shaking with her eyes wide open and her mouth forming a perfect ‘o’.

My hands moved to her perfect tits and as I gently squeezed her pink nipples, she began to move up and down on my rod. We were both pretty far gone at this point and found ourselves exploding together after only three strokes. Mom collapsed on top of me and our bodies glistening with sweat mingled together, our hearts pounding in our chests. We both fell into a short fit of sleep and I awoke after a few minutes to Mom slowly pulling herself off my still half-hard cock. She stood on shaky legs and bent down and kissed me lightly with parted lips, her tongue touching mine for a few brief seconds. She stood up, turned and walked to her room pausing at her bed to look at me before closing the door. Not a word was spoken.

The next morning was Saturday and I woke before Mom. I began making breakfast, all the while trying to figure out how to handle this new situation – what to say, how to act. I decided that I would take my ques from her. First I would gauge her reactions. If she was freaked out, I would apologize taking all the blame and reassure her that it would never happen again. If she was comfortable with our new relationship, which was OK with me, I would pull her to me and kiss her as I would my lover, telling her how much I loved and wanted her. This could definitely work out either way, I convinced myself.

The smell of bacon and coffee roused her quickly and she bounced into the kitchen as she always did with a smile and a ‘morning babe’ giving me my peck on the forehead and heading for the bathroom. The rest of the morning went pretty much the same – as if nothing had happened. At first I found myself in my usual state of confusion but then realized that maybe this WAS her way of handling our new situation. She obviously wanted us to go on during the day as if nothing was different, and reserve the night for mother/son intimacy (me hoping it was not a one-time thing). I was OK with that and would reserve bringing it up until she did.

After breakfast I slipped out to meet up with friends for a tubing trip down a local river to beat the heat. We had a great time and got properly burned/tanned/high/drunk. This time I returned about kadıköy escort 11 pm to find Mom was already asleep. After my visit to the bathroom I came out stripped to my boxers and peeked into Mom’s room. She must have sensed my presence because her eyes fluttered open and she saw me standing in her doorway. Her beautiful smile crossed her lips and without a word she reached out her hand to me. I took her hand in mine and slipped across the sheets to embrace her in my arms. I stared into her eyes and slowly lowered my lips to hers. This time our kiss held longer, our tongues sought out each other and began a passionate dance that for me could have lasted an hour or a minute since I had lost all sense of time. Somehow during this kiss, we had relieved ourselves of the boxers and nightshirt. Our bodies pressed hard into each other as we rolled around in a tangle of fingers, lips and tongues.

I began my descent on my mother’s tight body starting at her neck and trailing my tongue slowly down her torso, taking a few minutes to suck her extended nipples into my hungry mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard against her tits allowing me to take her entire left breast into my mouth. Sucking it in and out I quickly covered it with my saliva than proceeded to do the same to her other perfect breast. Mom was breathing hard and I do believe she might have had her first orgasm then had I not resumed my exploration down her magnificent body. I stopped at her navel and proceeded to dip my tongue in and out in a fucking motion. After a minute I moved my tongue down to where her hairline began and then back up to her naval dipping in my tongue again. I repeated this several times until Mom was rolling from side to side moaning loudly. I now went for broke and began kissing the area where her nether region met the inside of her thighs, slowly licking up to the outside of her pussy lips and then the other side repeating this motion until I slowly made my way to her center. By now she was thrashing around until she sat up and lifted my head in her hands, then spinning herself around and under me into a perfect sixty-nine. As I dove my tongue into her pussy she began her attentions towards me by taking my cock lovingly in her hand and slowly placing her tongue on the tip of my cockhead and gently into the slit. She then began swirling her tongue around the tip, finally taking the first inch between her lips and sucking it in and covering it with her saliva. Why I didn’t pop then, I’ll never know and then to my pleasant surprise she trailed her wet tongue down the underside of my entire cock.

By now I was sucking on her clit taking her slippery button into my mouth and flicking my tongue up and down and around in circles. Her moans had turned into vocalizations of ooohhhs and aaahhhhs and in between she was taking the length of my prick into her mouth with a deep-throat technique that I would never have imagined my sweet mother would know anything about. We were both close to exploding in each others mouths and that would have been more than fine with me, but Mom had something else in mind as she swung herself around again so that we were face to face and guided my rock hard cock into her steaming pussy. We were out of control pounding into each other while making incoherent noises that I would guess the neighbors could hear. We came together with Mom’s nails clawing into my back and me gritting my teeth until I thought they would fall out. I never had a more explosive orgasm as I did that night and I would venture to guess that it was the same for Mom. We collapsed into one another and I rolled to the side so as not to suffocate her with my weight. She rolled with me making sure to keep my cock deep in her pussy which was still pulsing around my length, milking every drop of jism deep into her slit. After a few minutes drifting in and out of slumber I rolled out of the bed to hit the head. When I was done I found that Mom had closed her door signaling that we were done for the night.

And so it went for the rest of the summer. Every night my sweet mother would be my uninhibited lover, fucking me in every position with no ‘holes’ barred. We never spoke of it during the daylight hours and no words were uttered during our lovemaking. She never showed any regrets or guilt over our short-lived relationship. I think she did it because she knew I was going into the Army and likely off to Viet Nam. She had a pretty good idea that I was a virgin (and I was) and she probably wanted to make sure that I had a loving experience in my life, with no guarantees that I would be coming back.

I did make it back after two tours and while I was away Mom met and married a guy who treats her like a queen and makes her happy. I will be ever grateful for the amazing experiences and love that my mother shared with me. She is still alive and is a great grandma to my kids, and always babysits when my wife and I go out on the town. At every chance I get I look Mom in the eyes and say “Thanks Mom, for everything.” She just smiles and nods her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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