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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over 18-years-old. This story directly relates to my previous story, Mom’s First, Blind, Internet Date.


Mother & Son Have Oral Sex, Ch. 04

After giving her cunnilingus, Ginger dumps Michael when her squirting pussy physically sickens him enough to make him vomit on her.


Continued from Chapter 03

“Oh, Michael. Oh, my God. Don’t stop. Right there, Baby, right there,” she said. “I love you, Michael. I love you. This is so great. You’re making me feel so good. It’s been such a long since you ate me but now in the way you’re making me feel, it was well worth the wait.”

With her so very happy and sexually aroused, how could he stop eating her and giving her what she so wanted? How dare he even ponder the thought of disappointing her moving his mouth away from her pussy at the moment of her orgasm? Especially with him rejecting her so very many times before, he needed to accept her now. He not only needed to eat her but also he needed to make up for all of the times he orally rejected her. He needed to give Ginger an oral orgasm. He needed to get her to cum.

“I love eating your pussy, Ginger. I love licking you,” he said lying when he hated eating her pussy and licking her cunt.

As if he was a firefighter on the scene of a fire with fire hoses gushing water, he waited for her to warn him before she exploded a huge volume of liquid in his mouth. He knew that any second, she’d flood his mouth as if her pussy was a fast flowing river overflowing its banks with a strong current. Every time he ate her, everything was drenched, her, him, and the sheets.

So as not to necessitate her having to change the sheets, she now placed a heavy towel beneath her. Maybe, needing a change in attitude, he’d get used to her squirting a mouthful of liquid in his mouth. Maybe, nothing more than her voluminous, vaginal secretions, he’d remove the thought from his mind that she was squirting urine and peeing in his mouth. Maybe it would be something that would grow on him and something that he’d eventually enjoy. Hoping, one day, she’d stop squirting, as it was now, he couldn’t imagine spending the rest of his life eating Ginger’s gushing pussy.

“Lick me while finger fucking me. Stick your long fingers inside of me with your tongue. Rub my clit, Michael. Rub my clit. Oh, yeah. Right there, Honey. Right there. Baby, oh baby. Rub me faster. Rub me hard. Rub me, Michael. Rub me,” she said moaning louder. “Lick me, Michael. Lick me.”

Licking and licking her while fingering her, he was ready and waiting for her to cum. When she did cum, his plan was to remove his mouth from her pussy but leave his finger in place as if he was plugging a dike in Holland. Continuing to finger her with his finger and rub her clit, he wanted to avert her from drowning him with her excessive fluids. With eating her such an issue for him, he needed to find a way to give her oral sex without becoming physically ill. Moving his mouth away at the last possible second was his game plan.

Licking and licking her while fingering her, he felt and squeezed her perfectly round, firm ass before reaching up to feel her big, firm, breasts and while fingering her erect nipples. Licking her and licking her, he continued licking her while fingering her. Then, when she stiffened her back, tightened her buttocks, and straightened her legs, as if she was ready to do a high dive off the diving board in the deep end of the pool, he knew she was ready to cum. Before she gushed a cupful of liquid in his mouth, now was the time to remove his tongue and his lips from her pussy.

‘Now! Do it now,’ he thought. Only, deciding to wait a few more seconds, he didn’t want to ruin her orgasm by prematurely removing his mouth.

As if he was Hodor, played by Kristian Nairn, in the Games of Thornes, holding closed the door, by keeping his lips there, he was prepared for her volcanic eruption of liquid. If he kept his lips pursed and his mouth closed, he’d avoid swallowing much of her liquid. Ready for Niagara Falls, before his tongue could go white water rafting with pussy juices and down the deep hole of her cunt, this time he’d be prepared for her and for the worst. Quickly, as previously planned, at the very last instant, just before she started gushing whatever the Hell she gushed, he’d move his mouth away from her pussy while continuing to finger her.

Yet, with her somehow sensing his plan, as much as he was ready to pull away from the gushing flow of her vaginal secretions in his mouth, she was ready to stop him from moving his mouth from her pussy. As if she was a man forcing a woman to swallow his cum, she put a heavy hand to the back of his head just as she ejaculated her expulsion of warm liquid in his unwilling mouth. When he tried pulling away from her pussy, she used her other hand to hold his head in place while mashing his face in her wet cunt. Unable esenyurt ucuz escort to move away, he received not only a mouthful but also a stomach full of her warm, wet liquid. He just hoped to God that it wasn’t pee.

With her sexual passion taking her over, she rubbed her wet pussy all over his face before she unloaded another huge amount of fluid in his mouth and down his throat. Now not ready for her to gush a second time, she surprised him when she gushed again. With her still holding his mouth in place and not letting him go, he swallowed all of her. Instead of sucking her up like a man, unable to stop himself from thinking that her liquid was urine and that she had peed in his mouth, he was sick to his stomach.

Too slow to remove his finger from her pussy and put his hand to his mouth, unable to stop himself from doing so, as if he was a drunk in an alley, he vomited not a little but a lot. His projectile vomited all over his girlfriend’s beautiful cunt. As if he had been eating the cunt of a disgustingly, dirty, homeless woman who had a foul, stinking pussy and an indomitable stench of body odor, he couldn’t believe he puked on his beautiful girlfriend. Was there anything more insulting than puking on her and, specifically on her pussy after she ejaculated in his mouth? Now, no matter what he said as his excuse for being sick, she’d never believe him.

Instead she’d know that her squirting pussy disgusted him enough to make him physical ill and enough to barf all over her. What kind of sexual relationship is that? What kind of boyfriend is he? How could she be with him now? How could he be with her now? With all of their dreams of having a big wedding and living happily ever after as husband and wife with a brood of redheaded children, together forever would end this night.

Chapter 04:

‘Oh, my God,’ he thought. ‘What have I done? I can’t believe I vomited all over my girlfriend’s pussy. What the Hell is wrong with me? How could I do such a thing. She’ll never forgive me.’

Ginger looked down at her vomit coated cunt before looking up at him with shocked disbelief. As if he was saving it just for her, there was so much puke. In the way of super chunk, rocky road melted ice cream, she had small, partially digested chucks of food and slimy, smelly vomit in her pubic hair and dripping down her pussy slit and in between her legs. There was such a God awful, embarrassing stench that now permeated her entire bedroom. As if he was in a contest in how much bodily fluid each could eject, he heaved far more vomit from his mouth than she ever ejaculated liquid from her pussy.

“Eww, Michael,” she looked at him with as much insight as she looked at him with hurt. “What have you done? What the fuck? How could you throw up on me? Seriously? Are you kidding me? Gross. This is so gross. I can’t believe you puked all over me. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.”

Even though she was angry, with her freckled face flushed and her blue eyes flashing, her gorgeous read hair cascaded down and across her magnificent, naked breasts as if she was a redheaded lady Godiva. He stared at her while memorizing this vision of her in case this was the last time he’d be seeing her naked. As if he had puked on the Mona Lisa or on any priceless work of art, how could he vomit over such a beautiful woman? Voicing his disgust for her squirting pussy without uttering a single word, how dare he violate her in such a disgraceful way? He looked at her with embarrassment and shame while she looked at him with anger and confusion.

“Ginger. Oh, my God. I can’t believe I did that. Sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, Ginger.,” he said.

He moved off the bed and as soon as he did, she dabbed at herself with a second towel that she had handy to wipe her excessive vaginal secretions from her squirting pussy after he had eaten her. If her only fault was that she squirted excess fluid when sexually excited, most men wouldn’t care. Some men would even relish in the fact that she showed such sexual excitement enough to squirt her lust for her lover. She looked at him with concern before looking at him with hurt and with anger.

“Are you ill?” She looked at him with worry before looking down at herself as if wounded and before returning her focus and her displeasure to him. “How could you do that? Why would you do that to me?” Then, she hit upon and stated the real reason why he vomited all over her cunt. “Does my female ejaculation so disgust you that you vomit your revulsion for me all over my vagina?”

Whatever he had for breakfast, lunch, and supper, from eggs to potatoes, to corn and small pieces of meat, he decorated her flat, toned stomach, the tops of her long, shapely thighs, and her naked, red pussy. Ordinarily, her pussy was such a beautiful part of her and now it was stained with his repulsion of her as if he had sprayed the contents of his stomach in the way someone spray paints graffiti on esenyurt üniversiteli escort a wall. As if he had no respect for her, how dare he vomit what he obviously thought of eating her? How could he do that? Why would he do that?

“No, of course not,” he said not being honest enough with her to discuss his real reason for puking on her. He didn’t give her an answer nor did he give her an excuse why he vomited on her. “I’ll get something to clean up the mess,” he said instead.

He slowly and carefully extricated himself from in between her legs so as to not get vomit all over her bedroom rug. Instead of acting like a man, he acted like a finicky child. He stood by her bed as if he was her son and she was his mother. No doubt, if she was his MILF of a mother instead of his squirting girlfriend, he never would have puked over Emma’s pussy in the way he puked all over Ginger’s pussy. As if he had just stabbed her and she was bleeding to death, he looked at her with an expression of pained sorrow.

As if she had caught him cheating on her, or confessed to having had sex with someone else, or admitted to being in love with another woman, she gave him a sad, hurt, soulful look. Having seen the same look dozens of times before, he recognized the look. It was a look of dissatisfaction that she gave him when she was trying to understand why he would say something so dumb or do something so stupid. Not reserving that look for only his folly, she gave him that same disappointed look now.

She gave him the same look when she asked him countless times to eat her and he refused by making excuses why he couldn’t. She gave him the same look when he foolishly and perversely asked her if she’d have sex with one or all of his friends while he watched and she refused. She gave him the same look when he insensitively asked her if he could watch while she had lesbian sex with one of her girlfriends.

Obviously he didn’t score any points with her by asking her to fulfill his perversely perverted, sexual requests in watching her having sex with his friends or with her girlfriends. Obviously, by puking on her, he wasn’t scoring any points with her by showing her his repulsion for her now. She gave him that same look that she had given him many times before after he puked his disgust for eating her all over her pussy.

### MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore ###

Just a bunch of drunken guys talking stupid, his friends talked about having a swingers’ night of girlfriend swapping and having sex with one another’s girlfriends. What started out as a good idea to the drunken men would surely have turned into a gangbang with all of his friends willing to allow him to have sex with their girlfriends for the chance to fuck Ginger. Surely, as if flies at a picnic, humping her mouth and fucking her cunt, they’d be all over Ginger’s naked body. All of his friends were enamored by Ginger’s beauty and by her sexy body. All of his friends would breakup with their girlfriends to have a shot with Ginger.

What may have started out as a fun evening of the women stripping off their clothes and the men seeing one another’s girlfriends naked, would have surely turned a nightmare. It would have turned into a circle jerk of Ginger being forced to stroke and suck all of his friends. Obviously, after hearing Michael brag about her cocksucking skills, they all wanted Ginger to blow them. They all wanted to cum in her beautiful mouth. Besides, none of the women, including Ginger agreed to have sex with anyone else but their boyfriends. Moreover, the only ones who thought swingers’ night was a good idea were the men. All of the women were against stripping off their clothes and having sex with one another’s boyfriends.

Now she gave him that same look then over his idea of swinging sex that she was giving him now after he vomited his repugnance for eating her cunt all over her, her bedding, and her pussy. Obviously, his action of vomiting was just as telling as would have been his words, had he told her that he was nauseated by her female ejaculation. Just as he wished he had never mentioned her having swinging sex with his friends and her having lesbian sex with her girlfriends while he watched, he wished he hadn’t gotten sick on his girlfriend. As if he wanted to end their relationship, judging by the hurt and angry look on her face, puking on her pussy was a good way to do it.

“Eww, gross. Do you think of me as a whore that I’d actually agree to do that?” She looked at him with her face changing from hurt to anger. “Are you kidding me? You actually want me to have sex with your friends while you watch? That’s so gross,” she said back then when he asked her to have sex with his friends. “You actually want me to have lesbian sex with my girlfriends while you watch? What’s wrong with you?”

Oh, oh. He did it now. If he hadn’t ruined their relationship before by asking her to have sex with other, etiler escort he certainly ruined their relationship now by puking on her.

“Sorry. Never mind. It was just a passing sexual fantasy. Forget that I even mentioned it,” he said with shame.

She looked at him as if he had lost his mind. She looked at him as if she suddenly didn’t know who he was. She looked at him as if she wanted to break up with him.

“I thought you loved me. I thought you wanted to marry me. Just as I’d never have sex with any of your nasty friends, while I’m still with you, I’d never have sex with anyone but you,” she said making him feel as small as he felt now.

Something most men his age would never allow another man to see his girlfriend naked, never mind to have sex with her, even he questioned his motives in asking her if he could watch her having sex with his friends. Maybe her having sex with his friends was his way to end their relationship. Maybe he hoped she’d fall in love with someone else. Maybe he wanted to get his friends opinions when Ginger squirted in their mouths. Maybe he was hoping they’d make him feel better about her squirting.

He didn’t know what his real reason was behind him suggesting that she have sex with his friends. No doubt, if his friends did have sex with Ginger, that would end their relationship. Just as it would be sexually exciting to see his girlfriend in another man’s arms, it would be enough to throw him in a lover’s rage of misplaced passion when she broke up with him. Obviously by him puking on her after eating her, he was turned on by her squirting in his mouth what he couldn’t help but to believe was urine.

### MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore ###

Better known as the women’s prostate, he wondered what percentage of women squirted paraurethral fluid through their Skene glands just as he wondered what percentage of women had sex with their boyfriend’s or husband’s friends. Not as uncommon as he thought it was, seemingly as many women who had sex with their boyfriend’s or husband’s friends squirted fluid. He did some online research and discovered that there were some women who admitted to squirting, Jenny McCarthy, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, and Oprah Winfrey all confessed that they squirted. Mother Teresa, Rosanne, Honey Boo Boo Mom, and Kris Jenner admitted to squirting too. Depending whether you are fans of the above women or not, at least Ginger was in good company as well as female ejaculators go.

He also uncovered some women who are rumored ejaculators too. Meryl Streep, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Raven Symone, Judge Judy, Martha Stewart, Jenna Bush, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Nancy Grace, Ann Coulter, Robin Wright, Candice Bergman, Helen Mirren, and Jennifer Lawrence are all rumored to squirt. Rumored to squirt? What the Hell does that mean? Either they squirted when sexually excited or they didn’t.

He wasn’t sure how or why a woman would be rumored to squirt. Yet, in the way that there’s smoke when there’s fire, obviously there’s liquid when there’s female ejaculation. Perhaps rejected or regaled by an ex-lover, there must be some evidence why the above women were rumored to squirt. Perhaps because they hadn’t officially confessed in the way that the first group openly had confessed to squirting, their squirting was just rumored and/or alleged and not officially documented.

He imagined the Guinness Book of Records measuring how much a woman squirts by using an official female ejaculation measuring cup. He still didn’t know what in the Hell she squirted. Was it urine or some other liquid? Even if it was some other liquid, did it contain urine? Nonetheless, whatever the liquid was, what more turned him off was the sheer volume of liquid that she was able to eject. If there was a contest on which women could ejaculate the most liquid, no doubt, hands down, Ginger would be the record holder. Even when expecting her to squirt in his mouth, it always startled him when she squirted in his mouth.

### MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore ###

“I’m so sorry, Ginger. I’ll clean up the mess,” he said using the towel to cover his vomit.

Obviously, not wanting his vomit imbedded in her rug, she got up from the bed while carefully wiping his vomit from her stomach, legs, and pussy with a towel. Then, when he made a move to clean up his mess, she moved between him and the bed to block him from cleaning his mess. Obviously, she didn’t want nor need his help.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it. Just leave. Please, just go,” she said pushing him away. “You need to leave. I really need you to go before I lose my cool.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe what she was saying. He had never seen her as angry. If he didn’t know any better, if he didn’t know that she loved him, he’d think that their relationship was over. So he puked on her. So what? Shit happens or in this case, puke happens. What’s the big deal? It wasn’t as if he hit her. His vomiting all over her pussy was accidental and not intentional. She needed to forgive him and get over it.

“Seriously? You don’t want me to stay? You want me to go?”

He looked at her with as much hurt now that she looked at him with hurt then, when he so disgustingly disrespected her by puking on her.

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