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Melissa had told him if he were to take the time to visit her, he wouldn’t be disappointed. That was one thing that Jimmy definitely was not: disappointed. Now he lay spread eagle amongst five other sweaty bodies, each one trying to catch their breath. A bright smile came across his lips as his mind quickly raced over the events of the night. The sun was breaking through the slits of the blinds on one side of the room. It was one hell of a ride.


For a few weeks they had been talking online about hooking up at some point. Not for a real relationship, but rather for fun sex. Both Jimmy and Melissa were into some fairly kinky things, and both liked to experiment. The problem was that they lived in two different states. The drive wasn’t so bad, but trying to make scheduling work wasn’t the easiest thing. After attempting to organize it many times to no avail, finally Jimmy was able to find a quick slot to zip up to Melissa’s place.

The teasing between these two was relentless from long distance, both having webcams, and swapping sex stories over the internet. For most of the drive, Jimmy was sporting a raging hard-on just thinking of what could possibly transpire upon his arrival. Even his music, which usually grabbed his attention fully, seemed to float to the back of his sex-starved mind. It had been a little while since his last really good sexual encounter, or at least a while by his terms. As sexually active as he was, this meant something like two weeks.


Melissa had been relentlessly calling her girlfriends since she heard from Jimmy that he was on his way. Having him to herself would be nice, but she wanted to help fulfill his fantasies also including more females. Eventually she got Rachel, Tammy, Shannon, and Kimmy to confirm that they would be at her place that night. She was so excited just thinking about it that she could feel her wetness as she paced around the house making sure all was in order. She almost stopped for a minute to have a quick session of rubbing her 36DD tits and her tender clit just to relieve some pressure…but then Shannon knocked at the front door. Always the most punctual, Shannon bounced through the front door into a full hug of Melissa.

“You’re looking a little red there, Mel. You OK?”

Melissa giggled a bit and tried to hide her cheeks and giant, friendly smile. “I can’t wait. I really can’t. I need to fuck something so bad.”

“Oh, you will, Missa. Yes you will.” She paused for effect. “All night!”

Shannon ran her hands down Melissa’s figure, tracing along her voluptuous breasts, down across her quite slender waist, and again flaring out across her full hips. Had she gone around from there she would have been clutching a wonderfully full pair of cheeks squeezed into those jeans, but instead her hands released and they shared a quick kiss before rounding up the last of the necessary items.


Soon the other girls showed up; first Kimmy, then Rachel and Tammy together.

The phone rang and Melissa answered it. “Jimmy’s just down the street, you guys!” she blurted around the corner to the main room.

Rachel and Tammy had taken no time to begin making out, and both were already halfway undressed. Rachel’s Huge DDD’s were glorious in the candle light that Melissa had set up, her satin purple bra reflecting some of the light and accentuating her curvaciousness. Tammy’s skirt was crumpled around one foot and she was attempting to shake it free as her tongue explored Rachel’s mouth.

Kimmy was sitting on the couch nearby with one hand down the front of her pants and the other massaging her C cup breasts through her shirt while watching Rachel and Tammy assault each other. Neither seemed to take the dominant or submissive role in the relationship, but reveled in swapping the positions constantly.

Melissa was practically soaking her pants with her juices at this point, anticipating Jimmy’s arrival. He was going to be so shocked to walk into this. She was quite proud of herself, and winked at Shannon as she made her way to the door to wait. Shannon was content watching the other three please themselves for now, but soon she herself would need something more.


Before getting out of his truck, Jimmy double-checked everything. Breath? Ok. Was the Address right? Yes. Was his hard-on showing? A quick tuck and a yes. Spritzing on some cologne he kept in the console, he gets out of the truck and attempts to appear very confident. On the inside he was nervous as all hell, but was determined not to let it show. Hopefully he wouldn’t have too much to worry about, though, since in his discussions çukurambar escort with Melissa, they had decided she was definitely the dominant of the two of them. That comforted him a bit in knowing that she would look out for him even if he was nervous.

A glance over the house made it look quite dark on the inside, but almost every shutter and blind was closed on the windows, so even if it was bright inside, he might not have been able to see it anyhow. Taking a deep breath, he reached to knock. Whoosh! The door opened before his hand ever reached it, and there was Melissa, grinning ear to ear, and trying desperately to hold back a girlish giggle. “Hi!” She chirped, and grabbed his arm, pulling him into the threshold and closing the door behind. His heart was beating 1000 times per minute, and he could hardly muster his surprised “Hello” back with a nervous smile. She looped her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him to her as she planted a passionate kiss upon his unsuspecting lips. He gratefully obliged and opened his mouth to hers as his arms once again found the strength to move around her in a hug.

“Thanks. I needed that” She said as she backed off and began leading him around the corner into a larger room filled with candlelight. Jimmy was beaming then with delight and knew that it would be a good night. He had no idea.


Rounding the corner, Jimmy’s eyes grew larger than even he thought possible, finding two girls entwined on the ground with only their lingerie on, and a third was watching and rubbing herself at the same time. They almost didn’t even seem to notice the new entry for a second, until Shannon acknowledged his floor-abiding jaw.

“Hi there, you must the lovely Jimmy. I’m Shannon, you can call me Shan.” Her voice was calm and gentle, and helped Jimmy recover from his slight astonishment. They reached for each other’s hands and shared a brief handshake. In unison, from the other side of the room, came a tandem “Hi!” from Rachel and Tammy. This brought Kimmy from her own little world, and she joined the chorus of hello’s. After more brief introductions, Rachel and Tammy decided it was time to be rid of their last articles of clothing and were quickly resuming their previous engagement.

“Let me help you with that.” Melissa stated as she moved in to Jimmy and began unbuttoning his shirt. Shannon was sitting next to them and began to unzip Melissa’s pants at the same time. In no time flat, all six in the room were completely naked. Jimmy stopped to reflect to himself before continuing with anything. “Pinch me.” he directed to Melissa, and she happily obliged. “Ow! Thanks. Just had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.”


Kimmy went to the far end of the couch where she had left her bag when she came in and produced her vibrator. 7″, pink, and just what she needed. After watching Tammy and Rachel, she was getting herself quite worked up. Placing the tip on her clit, she turned it on low and let out a soft moan to match.

Hearing the vibrator turn on, Tammy lifted her head from Rachel’s pussy for a second to see who it was. They were lying in a 69, with Rachel underneath and facing away from Kimmy. “Don’t you stop, whore!” Rachel said, and slapped Tammy’s ass quite hard. Tammy, in turn, smacked Rachel in the ass and said, “Fuck you!” Rachel was quick to come back with “Maybe I will! Hand me the strap-on in my bag, Kim!” Kim tossed the item across the room with one hand while holding her own toy halfway inside her.

As Rachel bent Tammy over the couch roughly with a tug of the hair and affixed the straps of her toy, Melissa was sucking feverishly at Jimmy’s seven inches of meat on the other side of the room. The two girls had laid him down on the floor, and while Missy took his entire length deep into her throat, Shannon licked at his sac beneath. He had never experienced two tongues on him like this before, and it was everything he had not to let go of his self control. Melissa maneuvered herself over Jimmy so that he could have access to her sopping folds, and he immediately divulged himself on the sweetness of her fruits. He could feel her swaying tits brushing his skin as she bobbed up and down his shaft, drenching it in her saliva, which ran down and partially into Shannon’s awaiting lips.


Jimmy was glad for the chance to eat Melissa out. It gave him just what he needed to get his mind slightly off the amazing attention his cock was receiving below so that he would be able to hold out longer. No way was he going to be over and done with that soon. But then Shannon added one more to the equation. Her finger poked demetevler escort at his asshole lightly. He was interested in anal, and had discussed it at length with Melissa, but wasn’t sure just what she had told these girls. At this point, though, he really didn’t care, and actually welcomed the extra feeling.

Seeing that he wasn’t going to tense up at the intrusion of his ass, Shannon was filled with giddiness. She enjoyed taking men from behind, and had brought her own strap-on for just that. Devilishly smiling, she left the group for a minute to retrieve a few things.

Kim had joined Rachel, who was fucking Tammy relentlessly against the brown leather with her artifical prick. Kim was sitting beneath Rachel, lapping at her pussy as she rocked back and forth, plunging in and out of Tammy’s slit. “Yeah, bitch, you like my cock, don’t you Tam?” she was proclaiming while she smacked Tam’s ass again and again, creating a bright red hand print. Tam was muffled slightly by the couch, but with every thrust came a distinct “Oh yes!” in response to Rachel.


A bit surprised, but not unexpecting, Jimmy had to breathe as Shannon pressed the head of a dildo at his asshole. It had lube on it, but was slightly larger than he had anticipated. Melissa raised herself up so that she could re-position herself. Turning around, she kneeled across his stomach and took a second to see how things were going with the other three. All were moaning constantly and rocking as one, so she just giggled and moved back to her man. “I want your dick in me so bad, Jimmy.” she told him, and her eyes echoed the same sentiment.

All in one quick motion, Melissa rammed herself down completely on his shaft and Shannon slid the dildo into his ass. His eyes went wide. She moaned and rolled her eyes back in her head. Shannon just snickered and smiled at her success. She was definitely going to have fun with him.

All eyes turned to Kimmy when she began screaming in ecstasy as she was bent over the couch beside where Tammy had just been. Tammy was now on the floor sliding a dildo in and out of Rachel as she used the strap-on on Kim’s pussy. Kimmy was the screamer of the group, and while Rachel was tugging her head backward by her carmel hair, her screams filled the room. This only seemed to heighten the sexuality of everything even more and escalate the feelings of lust in everyone.


Rachel removed the strap-on after sending Kim into one more orgasmic spasm and went for her bag to grab another toy. Her favorite, the frost blue double-headed dildo. She and Tammy took their places on the ground opposite each other and both simultaneously inserted one end of the dildo into themselves. They gained speed and depth as they got more and more into fucking each other, both bucking their hips wildly and calling the other dirty names.

Kim moved to the other group to see how she could get in on the action with the orgy-newcomer. It was always fun to initiate someone who had never experienced this sort of thing before. Melissa was just coming down from a strong orgasm and was getting off of Jimmy’s dick. “Can I have a try?” She asked, looking around the group.

“You get on the ground, whore, and Jimmy, you’re on top of her.” Melissa expertly arranged the situation. Shannon held the dildo where it was as Jimmy rolled himself over on top of Kim, guiding his hips down toward her. As he entered her pussy, she let out a loud moan and Shannon pressed harder on the dildo. He was now taking something close to 5 1/2 inches, and she was ecstatic.

Melissa got on her hands and knees and backed toward the heads of Jimmy above and Kim below. Kim instantly buried her face in Melissa’s folds, slurping her juices and moaning with hot breath against her clit. Jimmy continued pumping Kim, almost oblivious to the penetration from behind, and buried his own face in Melissa’s ass crack to begin licking and lightly nibbling. The musky aroma was an aphrodesiac to him, and only made him want it more. Soon enough, Shannon had let go of the dildo and it held its place buried to the 7″ hilt in Jimmy’s ass. Now it was her turn to have some real fun.


By now Tammy and Rachel had rotated around and were both on hands and knees, slapping their thighs together with each thrust of the double dildo. Both had cum numerous times and were sweating, still egging each other on with crude comments. Tammy she pulled the other end of the dildo out of Rachel’s pussy. She had and obsession with sticking things in other people’s asses and while Rachel was still reeling from the empty feeling in her womb, Tammy aimed the dikmen escort head of the juice-soaked dildo at Rachel’s ass and hit her mark. Rachel protested with a very loud moan, but the head of the dildo went in anyway. Tammy grabbed her hair and cocked her head back as she forced the dildo further in. Rachel was in so much pleasure already that the pain seemed to somewhat blend into it in a strange way. Soon enough, Tammy had her end back within her pussy and was rocking into Rachel’s ass while both moaned louder and louder as if it were a contest to see who could reach an orgasm faster.


This time it was Shannon who did the directing of positions. They moved to the couch, and Melissa was placed on the ground, her head right next to the foot of the couch. Shannon then instructed Jimmy to resume fucking her from right on top, and Kim was to sit on the couch facing them. This way her puss was easily accessible to Jimmy’s mouth as he rode Missy beneath him.

Shannon had added a strap-on to her waist, and could wait to fuck the newcomer. Oh how she reveled in fucking a man’s ass. It gave her power. It only a shame that he had short hair, because she would like to grab hold of it. Kim had grabbed him by the ears and neck anyhow, not that it mattered. His ass was hers. Her strap-on had a nub that was inserted into her own vagina and rubbed nicely on her clit when she would fuck somebody with it. Adding some lube to the phallus attached to her, she began stroking it as a man would jerk off. Surveying the other two rolling around on the ground with each other, she then moved to her task.


Jimmy found himself feeling something new suddenly, amidst his ocean of feelings and arousals that was all about him. The dildo in his ass was leaving, and taking with it a sense of fulness. When he turned his head to see what was going on, two things happened. First, Kim grabbed his head roughly in both hands and said “Don’t you stop, bitch, eat my pussy! Lick it!” Secondly, the feeling of fulness was returned to him in one fell swoop when Shannon stuffed her cock completely into his ass. Moaning with delight and a little bit of pain, Jimmy sent vibrations into Kim’s awaiting pussy. She began screaming in orgasm and was soon joined by Melissa below her, who, at the other end had Jimmy’s cock pressed deeply into her.

Slowly at first, then picking up some speed, Shannon began to fuck his ass with the dildo, and it rubbed her in all the right ways. She smacked his ass. “You like being my bitch, don’t you? You like my cock in your ass, dirty whore!” Jimmy only moaned into Kim’s puss and rocked in time with the dildo. Smacking his ass and scratching his back, Shannon was in complete control of this one. Melissa reached up and grabbed Shannon’s ass. She pulled the two of them hard into her awaiting pussy and moaned loudly with delight. “Oh yeah, do me harder. Fuck me!”


Jimmy could feel his climax approaching for the last time. He had been able to hold it off up to this point, but he knew this was the end of it. He said, “I’m gonna come soooon.” as Shannon rammed his asshole hard. She wrapped her arms around his abs and pulled him backward with her away from Melissa and Kimmy so that she was on her back and he was lying atop her, with her prick still inserted in him. “Who wants it!?” She proclaimed, all the while continually fucking his ass. Tammy and Rachel had collapsed on the floor nearby, and both hopped up at the proposition. Rachel was closer, though, and grabbed for Jimmy’s cock as she shot over to him.

“Oh, shit…” was all he could get out before he began to tense up in every way. Shannon felt it and shoved the dildo completely inside of him to help stimulate the orgasm. His first shot must have gone two feet in the air, and the rest was sprayed generously over Rachel’s large waiting tits. He came for what seemed like forever to him, in the strongest orgasm he could remember in a very long time. When he was finally done, Shannon pulled the strap-on from his ass and smiled at the very red ass cheeks before her.

“I want it!” Melissa said, having trouble getting up because of shaky legs. Rachel was busy rubbing the cum all over her massive mammaries, and Tammy had already begun to lick some of it off. Melissa got right into the middle of it and the two began a tussle over who could get the most of the cum from off of Rachel’s tits. When all that was left was their saliva, Melissa went in at Tammy. “I want the last drop, you whore!” She gave her a huge open-mouth kiss that was more of an attack, and licked at her lips while she pulled her head back by her hair. Melissa got up with a triumphant smile over the top of Tammy and declared, “I Win!”

After a few more make-out sessions to finish off, they all lay there in a tangled mass of sweat and bodily fluids, every one riding a natural high that only comes so often. Jimmy decided it was definitely a good idea that he had made the trip.

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