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He would have been gritting his teeth but her tongue was deep in his mouth.

He desperately wanted to hold on… to enjoy the soft wet depths of her cunt… but she was too good for him. She was in control and she showed no mercy. He knew she wanted his cum and she was riding him to finish him off.

There would be no pauses for him to regain control. There would be no soft kisses or slowing things down. She wanted him now and she wasn’t prepared to wait for what was hers. She was like a wild animal… hungry for the kill… and the more he tried to slow her down the harder she rode him.

Her lust and passion overwhelmed him and scared him, but he couldn’t escape… he didn’t want to escape this wild woman who was totally in control of him.

There was no stopping her… he begged… he pleaded but it had no effect on her… and then there was no stopping him.

He groaned and shuddered, his body arched up against hers and she giggled as she pulled back and looked down into his eyes.

Again and again he thrust his body against hers and she rode those thrusts and held his gaze as one wave of pleasure after another screamed through his body as his cum pulsed into her.

He was inside her body, but she was inside his head. He was deep in her cunt and filling her, but she was in control.

Even when he was gasping for breath and had no more to give her she stayed on top, trapping his cock inside her as she leaned down and kissed him with a wild passion that he couldn’t resist. Her tongue was everywhere in his mouth and her long nails dug deep into his shoulders.

Even when his cock had shrunk and all but slipped out of her she stayed on top of him, kissing him and letting his cum dribble out of her and run down over his balls.

When she finally rolled off him he was almost glad that it was over… at least he thought it was over, but she had other ideas. Other girls might have rolled off him and headed for the bathroom but not this one.

She kissed her way down over his chest and belly and then took his tiny, shrunken manhood in her mouth and began to suck.

He thought that his head would explode… he begged her to stop… he tried to push her away but she was out of his reach and he was powerless to sit up or pull away. All he could do was endure the pleasure that was almost painful and wait for her to stop.

And with one final smack of her lips she did stop… but she still didn’t run for the bathroom. Instead she kissed her way back up over his belly and chest and, before he could stop her, she was kissing him on the mouth.

‘Oh god… oh no!’ he was tasting himself… this was wrong… this was terrible… he wanted to push her away but she was on top of him again and her tongue was in his mouth and…

He could feel his cock growing hard. He could feel her nipples hard against him. His hands were on her hips, on her ass, holding her. His fingers were between her ass cheeks, searching for her anus and she was moaning as his fingers pushed into her.

She wriggled and he could feel his cock enveloped by her pussy lips. She reached down between them and his cock was inside her again.

“I took it last time,” she whispered between kisses. “This time you give it to me.”

He pushed and she didn’t resist. He came out from underneath her and was behind her and between her legs in heartbeat. She eased herself up onto her knees and cried out as he slammed his cock into her pussy.

Again and again he drove into her and each time she moaned as it went in. This time there was no urgency, no lack of control. She had already taken his cum so this time there was control and he was going to show her that he could fuck her senseless.

But then she moved… there was resistance… she cried out again and once again he was inside and it was tighter… even more wet… and in a flash he was struggling for control because he knew that he was in her ass.

He was canlı bahis there not because he wanted to be there… the thought of ass-fucking her hadn’t crossed his mind… at least not on their first date… but it was on hers and from the moment his fingers had slipped under the hem of her short skirt in the dimly lit bar downstairs.

Of course she had dared him to do that… just to see how wet she was… and the gentle touch and slow probing told her that this was a guy who knew what he was doing and could give her what she wanted.

And now he was, once again she had him where she wanted him and he was going to give up even more of the hot sticky cum that she craved.

He hadn’t meant to pick her up in the bar. Sure, he had gone down to the bar with the intention of picking some chic up… he did it at least one night of every trip he made away from home… but not this chic.

His usual one-nighters were younger, slimmer… cool and maybe even a little aloof and there were plenty of those to choose from in the bar of the hotel he was staying at.

The bar was crowded and the only place he could find to sit was right at the end but that was ok because, from there, he could check out all the talent and pick his target.

What he hadn’t noticed was that the only other empty bar stool was the one right beside him and he realised later that perhaps that made him something of a target. Perhaps that empty seat explained why there was a bigger girl heading his way.

He watched her come through the crowd and admired the full breasts and the deep cleavage that her blouse wasn’t meant to conceal. Her tight short skirt caught his eye too… and so did the easy way she walked. She looked interesting but she was curvy… bigger… older… maybe 40… and her long hair was brown instead of blonde… she just wasn’t his type.

The way the hem of her skirt rode up as she sat down on the stool next to him caught his eye and he noticed that she made no attempt to pull it down… but she wasn’t his type.

She smiled at him, “Hi, I’m Jane.” He smiled back, “Hi, I’m Ed.”

Nice smile… so warm and friendly… and the way she looked him straight in the eye… no, she wasn’t his type… but he couldn’t resist being drawn into a conversation with her.

She was here for a conference that was starting the next day and she would be in town for two nights.

He confessed that he was here for a conference too, but he didn’t tell her which one and she didn’t push him to find out.

He knew that there were several on in town that week and it was unlikely she would be interested in land-use technology. Most women weren’t so why mention something that she might find boring?

She might not have been his type but bore her into leaving? Talking to her was easy… he didn’t have to struggle as he did with most of the girls he picked up. She listened and was genuinely interested.

She smiled… and the smile was warmer… she moved a little closer and he talked more. Before long he was telling her more about himself than he usually told any chic he picked in a bar and about the same time he realised that he wasn’t thinking about any other girls in the bar.

He was having trouble looking at anything but her dark eyes and he was noticing the soft, subtle scent that she was wearing

Later he couldn’t pinpoint when it happened but, as they drank and talked, they… or maybe he was the only one who need to… crossed a line of intimacy and moved into a place where it seemed so natural to touch her knee to emphasis a point and then to rest his hand on her thigh.

When he realised what he had done he expected her smile to disappear and his hand to be brushed away but neither of those things happened. Instead she rested her hand on his for a few moments and then picked up her glass.

“Don’t stop there,” she said softly as she parted her legs a little. The look she gave him over the rim of her glass bahis siteleri blew him away… but he hesitated.

“Go on, you know you want to.”

He didn’t know what to say and, although he knew what to do, his body seemed frozen in place.

She put her glass back on the bar, leaned forward and took his hand. For a moment he was worried that others would see what was going on but it was as if they were in their own little world.

For a moment she lifted her hand off his leg and then he could feel soft, smooth skin. He managed to tear his gaze away from those dark mischievous eyes and looked down to see that his hand was now between her legs and well under the hem of her skirt and above the top of her stockings.

He let his fingers stretch out and suddenly he could feel hair. She smiled and nodded, “Go on, I dare you.”

He hesitated; this pickup was like nothing he had ever experienced. No girl in the past had let him do anything like this to her in the bar and most had required a lot of effort just to get them back to his room and yet here was this older woman leaving him in no doubt about what she wanted.

“You don’t seem to be wearing panties.”

“Are you sure?” she giggled. “Perhaps you need to do a thorough search.”

He couldn’t resist an invitation like that and now he knew that there were no boundaries… and when his fingers parted her pussy lips he discovered how wet she was.

The word ‘dripping’ popped into his mind; he had never had any woman who had been as wet as this. She was so wet that his fingers would have slipped right in if only he had been closer to her.

He explored for her clit and she gasped softly as his fingers found the hard nut that crowned her pussy.

“While I’m not averse to having sex in public perhaps this time we should go somewhere more private.” There was a quiver to her voice, and he could tell that her breathing was faster but what she had just said left him speechless.

What sort of woman admitted to a complete stranger that she liked to have sex in public? What would she be like in bed? He couldn’t wait to find out.

At first he thought that they would have the elevator to themselves and could continue what had been started in the bar but seconds before the doors closed a group of elderly tourists appeared and Ed and Jane were pushed back into a corner.

His disappointment soon vanished as he felt a hand touch his hip and then move across the front of his trousers until it closed over his cock. For one mad moment he wondered if the hand belonged to someone else and looked down to check.

Yes, it was definitely belonged to the woman he had picked up in the bar but there was something else. She was standing on his right so that was her left hand… and that gold band on her third finger was… a wedding ring?

Why hadn’t he noticed it before this? He didn’t know; perhaps she had been hiding it, but he didn’t think so.

He had picked up plenty of girls but none of them had admitted so openly to being married. It should have bothered him; he was taking some other guy’s wife back to his room to fuck but instead of bothering him it made him want her even more.

He’d fucked lots of women and he was sure that there had to have been some who had been married but they hadn’t announced it. Maybe they had slipped their ring off but not this one. Jane had it in plain sight and he was fairly sure that she hadn’t forgotten to take it off.

Yes, the thought of getting his cock into some other guy’s woman was a major turn on and it made him a little bolder… even with a crowd of old people around him.

She didn’t complain when he slipped his hand up under her skirt and began slowly playing with her ass… but then any woman who liked to fuck in public wasn’t going to complain about a little foreplay in the elevator when no one could see.

And he was right, he did hear her breathe in when his fingers found her anus but bahis şirketleri the slight push-back told him that his fingers were welcome.

Finally, with two floors to go, they did have the elevator to themselves and as soon as the doors were closed she turned and kissed him full on the mouth. His hand that had been on her ass came around with her turn and cupped her pussy.

At this angle two fingers could go deep into her pussy and her growl of wild pleasure was barely muffled by his mouth.

Jane was pulling her blouse off even as Ed fumbled with the key for door of his room and by the time they were through the door she had her blouse and bra off. She didn’t worry about trying to remove her skirt, she just slipped it up onto her hips and she was ready.

“Now you know why I don’t wear panties,” she laughed as she pushed him onto the bed and dragged his jeans and jocks off.

Before he could reply she was on top of him, straddling his hips and guiding his cock into her pussy.

Her wild cry as she sank down onto his cock filled the room and the hot, wet pussy that wrapped itself around his cock filled his head with pleasure overload.

Pressing down his chest with both hands she began to ride him hard and his struggle began.

Ed arrived at the conference venue early. He was one of the speakers and his session was just after the keynote address, so he wanted to spend some time in the Green Room meeting and chatting the other speakers, reviewing his notes and getting his thoughts in order.

He knew that on this occasion he was going to need that quiet time because his head was still back in the events of the night before.

The sex had been incredible, and his balls and cock still ached from the way she had fucked him. His mind kept going back to the way she had been so open and so uninhibited. Most of the girls he had fucked in the past had been more interested in getting their rocks off but she had been different.

Sure, she had got her rocks off, but she had taken him along with her and it had been a wild trip that he wanted to do again.

He had hoped that she would spend the night with him. The thought of waking up through the night for another wild fuck session had certainly appealed to him but after they had both recovered from the second fucking she had kissed him long and hard, put her bra and blouse back on, smoothed her skirt down and, with a happy laugh, announced that it was time for her to go back and fuck her husband.

That little announcement had left him totally speechless and she was gone before he could recover from the shock. Her husband was in the same hotel?

She had a husband back in their room while she was fucking her brains out with some other guy?

Did her husband know what she was doing? Would she tell him what she had been doing?

He realised that those last questions were probably rather dumb because she was going to back to him with a pussy and ass full of another man’s cum. If he didn’t know beforehand then he would certainly know when she walked back into their room; the smell of sex would have been overpowering… it was still strong in his bedroom this morning… so how could Jane hide that from her husband?

Despite the fact that there might be a very angry husband about to appear at any moment Ed really hoped that he might see her again. She was totally unlike any woman he had ever met before and he didn’t want to lose contact with her.

Distractions for the conference organisers had started early this morning and the best Ed could get out of any of the organisers or their assistants was a quick greeting and a vague wave in the general direction of the Green Room.

Despite feeling a bit put out by the lack greetings Ed managed to find his way to the Green Room. Several speakers were already there and he exchanged pleasantries with a few of them that he knew and then headed towards the coffee machine.

He fumbled with the unfamiliar controls until he heard a soft voice behind him.

“Can I help you with that?”

His surprise turned to shock when he turned around. It was Jane… and her conference badge said “Keynote Speaker.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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