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Contract signing

Well what do I do after 15 days not heard from this bloke called master ive stopped wearing the stuff he ordered me to. im pissed of he stole my cloths and knickers myself and hubby are not pleased at all we cannot report to police can we.

So what do we do we cannot write to him no address only box number from the advert. So thinking what to do when that night there is a knock on the door hubby answers it. I hear some talking a few minutes later in walks my hubby and this master.

“You bitch why are you not dressed as orded get on all fours now “. Without thinking I did as was ordered I felt his hand whack my backside hard it moved me forwards it was that hard. I received another one and yet a another one in total I got 6 hard whack s on my was stinging I was nearly crying with the pain.

Now stand up bitch and strip totally .

again for some reason I did as was ordered I striped nude im standing there nothing on at all totally naked

KNEES so drop to my knees .“Suck my cock bitch” this is strange this was not like our first meet at all but did as ordered.

Very weird lm going to give him a piece of my mind I want my cloths back he can fuck off im not doing it I wear what I want.

Within 2 minutes of him coming into the room im now sucking his cock and im nude what the fuck!

As im doing him I hear him say what is that on the floor bitch I stop sucking .and look what he’s pointing to .

its my new bra id got a few days ago from asdas don’t stop suck I then got a whack on my tit god that hurt .so I go straight back to my order. “Stop” he pulled out of my mouth.
Stand so did as was ordered.

overseer go get the scissors .I though no not my new bra I knew what was coming.
As overseer was out of room master said .you did not expect me did you that’s how we work I have decided you will come in use so tonight we work on your orders and contract.

In walks overseer with scissors ok this is not acceptable do not do it again he cut the dam cups out of my new bra .

now put it on so did as was orded.stand position one so did .

now I have brought you your contract you will sign it both of you its a binding contract so sit read it if you want you sign it tonight or I will be up in couple of days to pick it up once done your committed .

(I can tell you my arse was still tingling from the six whacks id had and my tit hurt from the slap id had on it.)

He gave us both a contract to read .you make coffee now so of I go to make coffee.

Overseer and master I can hear talking but don’t know what they only in my halter bra nothing else in kitchen light on no curtains shut if neighbours’ see me help what do I do coffee done taken in to them.

Sit read so do as ordered read contract its very detailed do I sign tonight or next time.

Master says ok I will take you on as slave once you read and sign contract your committed both of you.

I work like I do because it’s a game to some but not to us.
from tonight I will warn you you will dress as expected there is no exception you wear what your ordered to do and when at all times no wavering at all .do you understand looking at me directly in to my eyes I knew he meant it .
“yes master “I said. You will be punished if needed we have varies methods of punishment. You will receive all in next few months as I know you will not carry all you orders out to the full.
But you will you will be subjected to humiliation as well so be prepared.

Shit what have I let myself into im thinking

Ok read what it says in contract then tell me what you wish to do. Sign now or later so
Ok the contract

I started to read. The contract one part was I will do orders twice a week Tuesday and Thursday. They will be called uniform days.
I can and will be punished by whoever is present at the time.
I will do as im ordered by who ever is there at the time.
I will wear what im ordered to wear by whoever orders me.
I will be fucked only in fanny by strangers.
I will only be fucked in the arse by masters and overseers only.
I will show my body to any body that call be it workmen or visitor.
I do not own any part of my body.
I do not own any şişli escort cloths.
I will be humiliated when ever overseer or masters see fit.
I will be tattooed.
I will be branded.
I will be ringed nipple ring clit ringed.
I will allow film or photos to be taken when and how masters or overseers see fit.
I do not own copy write to any films photos.
Master asked me and overseer have you any questions.

Yes I do who are masters /overseers

We are a group of 9 masters who have slaves each slave has an overseer normally husband overseer keeps an eye on slave and report back to master on how slave is doing. If master cannot punish slave e.g. not present he will tell overseer to do the job on his behalf. Each master can meet any slave he has the power over all slaves in the group as does overseers.
But overseers do not own the slaves they are not responsible for any moneys that need paying out e.g. trips /uniforms /any expenses.
We have an enforcer who visits slaves when and how he wants. His job is to see who is doing orders correctly. If he see they are not he can and does punish on the spot and reports back to the group what he finds out. And what he has done as punishment. He is the only one even in charge of masters he will fine them if slave are not doing as orders. He also picks orders day uniform.

Ok im ready to sign then im happy with what I see. Overseer looked at me nodded said yes im fine as well.

So that night at 7.45pm Tuesday night 1999.we signed the contract and I became a slave.
As soon as I signed there and then my first thought was well it’s come true ive always wanted this from virgin at marriage to slave my fantasy. I should have thought fantasy was the wrong word.
Sorry ive gone on but that all was needed so you can understand what was happening. And I can assure you all you read is true I will post photos of the events if I have them.

Right first order to you bitch is stocking go get some on now. So of I went got some on came downstairs in stockings halter bra. Get coat on I hesitate “NOW”
so go put a coat on don’t fasten it leave it open-door now so go to door get in my car you coming master specks’ to overseer. So get in car master drives us to the pub we have previously been to 15 days ago. Hold your coat together until us sit down master orders.

In we go master points to table sit so do as told he comes back no drinks you know what to do bitch open coat when he comes with drinks let him see you in full glory. Yes master so await the waiter to come he does master nods to me waiter turns round faces me I have stocking on halter bra nothing else I smile at him he returns smile bends over as before but this time his fingers go inside me fuck. he’s fingering me in the pub in getting wet can I see you later he says meet up after work .what do I say. It can be arranged master step’s in and says.
Fine will arrange some thing for later. He takes his fingers out of my fanny and wipes them across my face later he smiles and walks of. What the hell am I doing again from virgin to stranger’s finger fucking me in public and no cloths on now meeting someone else who wants to fuck me?

I will go see him master says so of he went. As he’s gone overseer says ok carry finger fucking yourself now shocked I just look at him DO IT was his answer never known him to speak like that before .
so I stick my fingers in my fanny and start to play with myself. It did sound good the squelching noise I was making as the juices flowed. I had folded my coat over me a little so no one else could see I was naked in public. But master came back he noticed he stood in front of me “OPEN THE COAT BITCH” bloody hell in public I had to open my coat in public others would see me do I do it. Answer is yes I did it I then went back to finger fucking myself as well without being told to.

Master said ok the waiter will expect you in the next two weeks to call in and see him after 11pm at night he will take you out for a few hours so make sure you’re here to meet him yes master .
I was well and truly wet by now come was running out of my fanny and was in fact forming a wet puddle on the leather seat ok stop now said master we are going so leave coat open walk out say goodbye to the waiter then slowly walk outside. This is going to be a big test to see if I can do it so with courage stood up.

I blank others in pub walked over to bar smiled at waiter see you soon I said then as ordered I walk out of pub and stand outside. The pub went silent as I walked past some of the men but I got yeyyy and a wwwooooo god did I feel great and proud I had done my orders.
Master and overseer came out master said well done you did very well now get in the car in the back .and fuck yourself.
we got in at home master then ordered me into the kitchen he then bent me over the cupboard side and pushed three fingers up into my fanny got them wet then moved them out and wiped my bum with them he then pushed his cock up inside my bum it was tight but it went in fine being wet by my juices. He then proceeded to fuck me up my bum .I also received two smacks on my bum cheeks as he was doing me. They hurt a bit but were only taps. After he had finished he said suck bitch so turned round and sucked him. That was my first full fuck id ever done in my bum I thought it would hurt more but it was nice and did not hurt much at all .
From now on all will fuck your arse you do not have sex in your front hole unless they are strangers do you understand “yes master “
Ok make some tea then im going “yes master”
Hurry bitch “yes master”
As I said that I got a slap across my tit and nipple this made me bent over a bit god did it hurt don’t be sarcastic say it with felling “yes master I will “
Good understand your slave ok “yes master”
I made tea went in to front room overseer was talking to master he said on all fours bitch so did as was ordered. Master said fine you will do as overseer orders you and anyone else. I will be back tomorrow to assist you both in training is that understood “yes master” he drunk his tea im still on all fours then he said ok im going you can get up when im gone I will be back tomorrow bye for now be dressed as you are now ok “yes master” with that he went .
This is my first full day of training and rules

The very next day we got up late being Wednesday. I put on my stockings and suspenders and halter bra as ordered funny not putting a dress or skirt on .ive to walk around as I am until told other wise. Overseer gets up comes down “tea bitch” “ yes sir” rather proud of myself replying like that think to myself yes I can do it it was strange walking about as I am my only worry was if neighbours’ will see me but I must put that to back of mind if they do they do

I make no apology for the next lot of words I think it’s important to get it down on paper so you know what I have to do ECT

Ok cut it short master came about 2.30pm nice to see you dressed as expected he said. Sit we have a lot to go through .ok I have brought you some of your cloths back wow at last I think (again was I wrong)

I have changed them how they should be. Thinking what the hell does he mean? He pulls a calendar out of his sack that’s yours for ladies days put them on there and you let us know. This diary is yours for orders days Tuesdays and Thursday put down what they are and your ordered by others understand “yes master” master then pulls out my dress it was a good one until he got his hands on it this is your slave dress you wear it on slave days only. Put it on “yes master” well it still fitted but had holes for my tits to flop out and the back was slit from bottom to just my waist.

” fine he say the slits are for any one who fucks you they only have to open it up and your ready for them It Fits well ”.
Then he got out my skirt and blouse this is for school girl. Days he gave me £20.00 and said go out in morning and get a tie for uniform” yes master thank you for your contribution” “see if you can get some blue or black school knickers as well ”to this he gave me another £20.00.“Thank you master”

“Ok now this is your slave dress he pulled out a red pvc dress put it on so did as was told fitted only were it fitted but even I thought it looked good.yep that’s fine now collar “he put a dog collar on me that’s a good fit nice he said .

Now for training you will wear this until your ready he then put a shock training dog collar on watch this he said to overseer he then pressed a button on little box he had .

shit I got a shock it dropped me to my knees wwwooooo is all I could say .

nice he said That’s a full punishment shock I will turn it down to just shock so you do as told “yes master please do “that’s for training if you don’t do as told you get to wear that.

Now strip as I did so he pulled out my skirt and flowery top put them on did as was ordered someone had altered my skirt a good three inches you could see my stocking tops blouse I put on went to fasten buttons there was none that’s how you wear this uniform its your whore uniform now at all times . you wear this collar he put on a dog collar small one. That stays on grabbing my face cheeks he looked me directly in the face and said don’t take it of understand yes master.

Good now when in uniform or when told you will also wear this he pulled a chain out about 20 ft long that’s to hold you by. That’s all uniform now strip so did as told put them away when im gone.

Monday and Wednesday one day before you will get an order from enforcer. Telling you what uniform to wear you put it on the next day by 06.00am and it does not come of till 22.00pm bed time .you will do orders that enforcer sends you to the letter/email.

Visitors if you get visitors on orders day or any other day you will be in your uniform .
do not cover up at all if they wish to have a feel of you or fuck you you will allow it his is work men or friends. Do as your told.

“Yes master”

Enforcer will call sometimes when he thinks fit he will punish you if he find something wrong and will report it back to the group at monthly meeting or in news letter. You will be punished vie collar or other methods we see fit…

Overseer these are for you its instructions to build a tethering post for her in the bed room. Also a cage for her plus other stuff she needs this will cover it he gave overseer £ these are for you there was handcuffs /chains /whips/ crops/ they are to be used on bitch.

one thing do not fuck its fanny if you want to fuck its her arse only .

you turning to me never never let anyone fuck your fanny those in the group wont only strangers will wont to so let them.” yes master” I wanted to ask why but dare not ask so left it id find out in time.

Ok we will be sending you out dogging (pretend I know what dogging is) part of your humiliation training. You will do it we will also be sending people to meet you .they are maybe people that have done work for us so want paying so we send them to our bitches to help pay your our method of payment . Right I think that’s all coved you will soon be meeting the waiter from the pub don’t forget” yes master”

Going out shopping out you will wear this uniform the whore outfit never weaver you wear it .make sure your tits can be seen when out look to see if others are looking at you if they are legs apart enough for them to see your fanny. And fingers inside you will be playing with yourself .
this you will do whenever you’re not doing anything it will come as second nature watching telly /on bus/outside any one will see you.

Your Normal wear in house is this skirt and blouse the one no buttons on and short so you can see stocking tops. Hanging washing out no different you will wear .do you understand “yes master” right all sorted so far shave you will have one at least once a week no excuse enema twice a week. (IM THINKING WHAT OH NO PLEASE) he then seemed to see what I was thinking when he slapped my tits hard yes twice a week I will order it more if you don’t.

Overseer you will every hour on the hour tell her to stand in front of you and you will lift her tits one at a time and each tit will receive a slap do you under stand. To this he said yes sir no just yes will do your equal to me overseer nodded.

Right its 9.30 pm I want you in bed at 10.30pm so im going I will be back tomorrow maybe but not sure I will phone let you know.
at that he said see me to the door bitch by the way at all times you answer the door no one else is to do it no matter how your dressed ok “yes master” so he ups goes to door I stand there while he get s in car and goes.
Bit of a surprise as he did not fuck me only touched me a bit it seems funny. I will try to ask next time he comes if he does I don’t know what to make of it.
First day over

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