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Big Dick

Next day, Mona went to attend her business work and assured Jim that she would like to stay at Jim’s place till the end of her business trip.

Jim gave her a long kiss and left for his usual job. The day passed quickly in work. In the evening Mona returned to Jim’s place and found that Jim was waiting for her.

Mona told that she would like to go for a shopping. Jim agreed to accompany her and told her to get ready for the shopping. After some time Mona called Jim that she was ready for shopping. She was wearing orange colour t-shirt which was showing her curves clearly.

Mona and Jim went to nearby shopping mall. She went to try one shirt which was very smooth and see through. Jim was waiting outside. She called Jim to come near by the trail room. Mona opened the door. She was damn sexy, Her nipples were poking outside.

Jim’s eyes were fixed to her nipples and boobs. Mona said, “See the dress man. I’ll show later” Jim said “what? What did you say?” Mona replied “I said I’ll show wearing complete dress later and winked;”

Jim said “dress was nice and you are BEAUTIFUL”. She closed the door to change the dress. Jim was embarrassed to display tent. Jim immediately took one pant and went for trail room and adjusted his boner. He was wondering why she removed her bra!! Because the dress definitely requires bra. He saw two beautiful globes with her nipples clearly poking outside.

Till they went to home same scene was appearing. Mona kept talking. Jim was unable to hear anything. His mind completely went blank. Immediately after entering room, Jim said “Mona, I’m feeling very hot, I’ll take bath and come, let’s have food together”. Jim entered bathroom, removed his dress started shower to pretend that he was taking shower.

His boner became free and was standing tall. Jim started masturbating. After a min, Mona knocked the door; Jim said “what?” Mona said, “Jim, do you need any help?” Jim said no thanks.. She kept knocking the door, he slightly opened the door and kept out of face, he couldn’t see her as she was hiding. Jim opened the door little more; she suddenly appeared in front and saw him nude.

To his wonder she was just wearing a small towel just above nipples and just below her pussy. She was looking like a porn star. Jim was about to close the door but she blocked him and pushed him inside. Jim covered his dick with towel. She was laughing and trying to pull his towel and finally pulled it.

Then Jim pulled her towel. They both were standing nude. She was very sexy. Smooth skin, cleanly shaven pussy, firm and round boobs. She immediately hugged Jim to hide her face. She was shy. Jim was looking at her back in the mirror. He hugged her tightly and was pressing her boobs against his chest. Jim moved his hands on her ass and started to caress her round ass.

Slowly he raised her head and kissed on lips. Kept sucking her lips while pressing boobs and butt. She held Jim’s head and kept kissing while caressing his hair. After few minutes Jim came down and kissed her boobs. Held right boob with two hands and started sucking it. Boobs were soft and firm with lovely round shape. Nipples were very hard and he kept licking both nipples alternatively.

After few minutes Jim removed her hand on pussy and kissed few times before inserting his tongue into her sexy pussy lips. She started shivering when he inserted his tongue into her love hole.

Jim said let’s go to bed than in bathroom. They shifted their ground to bedroom. Jim let her lie and started kissing everywhere moving downwards on pussy again. Now after kissing lips he slowly inserted his finger inside, she left a big moan and jumped on to Jim and hugged him.

Jim hugged and kissed her cheeks and lips, meanwhile his cock was stroking above her love hole, but didn’t enter inside her pussy. Her pussy was wet and juices were flowing out. She said, “Jim please enter your cock and fuck me.”

She slowly took his cock with hands and kissed it around the cock and balls. She took his cock head inside mouth and started licking with tongue around it. She said it’s salty but taste was good and started sucking cock vigorously. Jim asked her to change position to 69 angles. He kept sucking her pussy for few minutes. Her juices flowed again.

Jim said to lie down and slowly entered his dick into her pussy. Very slowly he entered. She was brought her legs very tight. Jim asked her to relax her muscles and legs. She let his cock inside. With few gentle strokes with half dick inside she started playing. He took out the dick and kept licking pussy. After some time he entered his dick again.

Slowly inserted half and entered his dick at once and she shouted and enjoyed. He slowly draws his dick back and kissed her nipples. Asked her whether to remove his dick out, she said it’s ok. Jim inserted again and this time she moaned again. Jim could see juices coming out. He took his dick out and cleaned the juice and kissed again.

Jim started fucking her again. This bahis siteleri time she was moving good and allowed his dick to go completely inside. He loved it. Jim gave strokes nice and slow and fingering her pussy lips and kept sucking her nipples. She came out and after fucking some time he cummed outside her pussy.

She hugged and slept by side for some time. After some time she went to the bathroom and Jim followed her. They came out of bathroom and had dinner naked and after few minutes she came and sat on Jim’s lap feeding him. Ice-cream almost melted.

Jim poured ice-cream on her and started licking it. It tasted so well near pussy and she came in full mood and started stroking his dick and went down and sucked it. They washed their hands started a nice fucking session again.

She went inside room removed all her cloths and covered bed sheet completely. Jim opened the door and saw that she was naked. He slid into the bed sheet and realized that she was naked. He was surprised and got mood.

She came on Jim and removed his towel and started sucking his dick like a pro. They tried many angles and had a nice 4 continuous sex session. As per her request they spent next two days in the room (cancelled all other engagements) and fucked for many times.

Mona returned from the business trip and started to work as usual. But she was looking for someone to fulfill her sexual urge. After Jack it was a big issue for her. Moreover, the will issue was also on her mind. The work load increased after Jack and she started looking for someone to assist her in her work.

She thought that she would prefer some young male assistant to meet up her purpose. As per the advertisement a young man got chance to serve Mona. His name was Rashid. Rashid was a well built man at his 25 years of age. He was 6′ 2″ and athletic type body.

He started showing his interest on Mona as at 34 she had perfect shape and size to attract a young man like him. Mona felt very comfortable with him and in a short period of time Rashid got full access in her daily life activities.

One day, after the work Rashid invited Mona to a party which would take place at his friend’s house as he said to Mona. After some if & buts Mona accepted to go with him. Reaching at the party place Mona felt something fishy was there.

Rashid opened the balcony door to get some fresh air. Then they both were sitting next to each other. Mona asked where his friend and others was. Rashid said they would come soon. Mona was bit relaxed by then.

Suddenly Rashid hold her hand and kissed her. Mona tried to stop him saying someone would come. But she was helpless before his young animal power. Rashid said, “No one is going to come…to disturb us..and started kissing her again.

When Rashid was doing that Mona saw his jacket hanging on the door and she got a click that this was Rashid’s house. Mona already started her play with this young stud. They were sucking each other and she eye contacted Rashid with a question and h replied back with a blink ( yes bitch this is my home). Mona pushed him away with a surprise expression on her face..

Rashid asked if she was not happy. She said that she was. They both lied down on bed and started kissing each other again. Mona came on top of Rashid. They didn’t want to break their kiss. It was the longest one.

Rashid tried to take of her topper but she didn’t let him and instead she removed his shirt and started to kiss all over him. There was a nice storm going outside and it started to rain heavily. Rashid could feel the rain drops coming on their bed from balcony door but she didn’t stop kissing him. It was all dark outside.

Rashid made another attempted to open her topper and succeeded this time. She was wearing a black color bra and her boobs were milky white. Rashid started to kiss on her cleavage hard and she stopped Rashid. He wanted to leave some marks there but he couldn’t.

She opened Rashid’s jeans button and grabbed his cock from top of the underwear. Rashid was getting out of control. Rashid took advantage of that time and opened her bra and she took her hand out of Rashid’s jeans and covered her boobs. Rashid asked Mona to let go and simply said, “I want to suck them.” Mona said, “What we are doing is WRONG.”

Rashid said, “There is nothing wrong when we both want it.”And came on top of her and suddenly Mona’s phone rang. It was John who was calling. Mona asked Rashid to stop. She answered the phone saying she would back from her work by 10 or before. Rashid got up and put his shirt back on and took his phone and came out of the bedroom. Mona came out wearing her Bra and jeans.

Mona hugged Rashid saying not to get angry. She pulled Rashid back to bed and took Rashid’s shirt again in a wilder way and broke one of the buttons while showing off. Mona tried to make more love to Rashid and got few of the best kisses.

This time she didn’t stopped Rashid from opening her Bra, it was still raining outside. They could canlı bahis siteleri see each other face somehow. She was holding Rashid’s hairs tight when her threw her bra on the side and she smelled so good. Rashid was semi lying on bed with a wall support, Mona was sitting on top of him when he was about to lick her boobs Mona pressed him against her chest saying this is wrong.

Rashid literally said fuck off now and removed her hand from his head and pulled her aside and came on top of her. They made out again for a while and then Rashid could just see her milky boobs which he was planning to suck from the first day of their meeting. They felt hard as soon as his wet warm tongue touched her nipple. Mona scratched his bare back. He didn’t wanted to stop as he was already out of control.

Rashid cupped her boobs and tried to take her entire right side in his mouth. Mona loved it. She was sweating a bit by then and he was in the same condition. He tried to give her few love bites but she stopped and said again…please not now.

Mona said today was her last day for periods. Rashid have to wait till tomorrow. Then she asked him to relax and she removed Rashid’s jeans and grabbed his fat long dick. It was warm and rock solid.

She slowly took it out of Rashid’s underwear and then he thought that he would either get a hand job or blowjob but Mona just simply played with it. Rashid asked her at least lick it. She refused.

However Rashid managed to get a kiss on tip of his cock after shifting gears with his dick. Rashid was bored as they were just talking and she was holding his dick for the entire time and she said that if Rashid could drop her back to her house.

Next morning it was an off day, Rashid started with as usual breakfast which he use to eat outside. Time was just not passing by, Rashid didn’t get any reply or update from Mona. He thought to send message her. He texted her saying “What’s up” and got reply to pick her up around 7.

He went back home did some cleaning and stuff and went to his friends place. They were watching unstoppable nice movie and he had his lunch there.

It was almost 4 when he came back home. He thought to sleep for few hours and set alarm for 6:00 but got up around 6:15 and took nice shower. He dressed and messaged Mona, “I am coming”.

As usual she was ready and had a small bag with her. Where she kept her few clothes. She asked him about his dinner. Rashid replied that he would have it after going home. Mona requested if they would have it outside.

So they stopped at their usual place to have dinner. Rashid asked that how she was feeling. Mona replied that she was not so good. Rashid said to himself “who cares I am going to fuck you baby.” They finished everything and reached home around 9:00. Mona said that she wanted to take a shower.

After like 25 minutes Mona opened the room and came out in black silk gown. She got it from Jack when they made shopping before their honeymoon. Rashid wondered how many times her husband had fucked her in the same gown. She looked nice, applied some baby pink lip balm. He could smell it even he was feet away from her.

Mona said that she wanted to sleep as she was very tired doing shopping and other daily routine affairs all day. She moved back to the bedroom and switched off the lights. Rashid followed her and laid on the bed touching her shoulder.

Mona spoke for some time and Rashid broke the ice by kissing her lips and said, “Your boobs were very tasty yesterday.” Mona replied that what is tasty about them? There is no milk coming out of it.”

She removed Rashid’s vest and kissed him all over. Mona kept going down and where he already had a tent. Mona took of his boxer and gave a small kiss there. Rashid thought it was time for blowjob but no she came back on top to kiss him and this was the first time he was completely naked and she was still in Bra and panty.

Rashid opened her bra. Her boobs were just on top of his mouth. Rashid sucked them like a hungry dog and removed her panty with his hand and rest pushed it with his leg.

Rashid could feel her pussy with some hair on them against his dick. He pressed her butts while he was sucking her boobs. Mona was just going crazy. She was moaning.

Rashid bitted her boobs and licked her neck and did all that he wanted to do from the first day he met this fucking voluptuous sexy lady. Mona was still on top of him. He tried getting his dick inside her but she kept moving her waist.

Rashid broke the kiss and said, “Let me in.” Mona said, “This is wrong.” Rashid gave sometime and then again he tried and by then he was about to enter in her wet warm love hole.

He was in before he knew it and she sat straight on top of him feeling his rod inside her and said, “Oh my god!! What I am doing?” That all happened very fast. She bended again and Rashid started giving her shoots from bottom. Mona was enjoying the way he was banging her.

It went on for a while. She asked canlı bahis him to stop and wanted him to come in a missionary position. Rashid followed the instruction of her sexy boss and inserted his dick again.

Rashid was about to start banging her but she stopped him and said to stay still as she wanted to give him shoots from bottom. That was new to Rashid. Actually her vagina was huge and Rashid could barely feel her both the walls. Mona was going up and down and rubbing her one side of the V wall with his dick and enjoyed it with a slow speed.

Not long enough she came and he could hear her pussy making some bubble sound and wetness on his dick. It was fucking warm man. She said that she was tired then but young Rashid was not done. Mona said, “Ok! Finished quickly.” Rashid made her come in doggy position and told her that was how he liked to enjoy with her. Mona kept her head on pillow as she said she had no energy Rashid inserted his dick which was still very hard.

From behind she liked it as Rashid heard few sounds she was making to make it nicer. He asked her to join her knees and then there was no gap. He was taking his full dick out and inserting it back in a normal speed she was not able to control that. But he knew the art of making love and continued for some time.

Rashid increased his speed when he was about to cum and took out his dick from her wet hole and made her lay down in straight position and came on her tummy and boobs. Mona also came as she was not able to move for seconds. She got up and rushed to washroom came out after 10 minutes and laid down facing on pillow. Rashid went and cleaned himself.

But somewhere Rashid felt that he really liked her. It would be so nice if they would be together forever. Rashid came out she was half sleep and looked like to him. Even he thought to get some sleep but his eyes opened it was still little dark possibly 5:00 in the morning. He turned to her. She was checking her phone. She said good morning and kissed him and accepted saying she enjoyed it last night.

Next Morning, Mona went to John and Rose’s place on the way to her office. As her approach to the gate of John’s house she heard some sound of Rose. It was unusual for her as John was out of station. The door was slightly opened and no one was there to welcome her.

Mona opened the door and came inside. Looking for Rose she went to the source of the sound coming from the room. It was bed room of John & Rose. The door was closed but she could see everything from the keyhole of the room. She placed eyes at the keyhole.

Inside the bedroom Mona could see that dragging her clothes behind her a young man nearly 21 years of age lifted the naked Rose and gently placed her on the bed. Rose was very much aroused and she caught his hand and did not want to leave.

Where he was leaving, he just undressed and his erect cock already had a drop of pre-cum at its tip. Rose laid flat on the bed, opened up her legs and hands and invited him to her top. But he was not in a hurry. He wanted to enjoy her slowly. Mona could see that the man was looking like young Jack.

Kissing her cheeks and then lips, sucking her lips and inserting his tongue inside her mouth and tasting her lips and tongue, he set her on fire. Sex hungry Rose was very loudly moaning and wanted him to fuck her immediately.

She pulled his cock and pushed it inside her cunt. Her pussy was clean shaven. The strong young man wanted to lick and taste her vaginal fluids.

But Rose was in a great hurry. Finally he plunged his cock into her cunt. It was tight since it was not used for some time. He took it out and applied lot of saliva and again inserted into her cunt. He took her fluids and applied it liberally on his cock. It went in with some difficulty and Rose was crying. Once inside, the young stud started to fuck her slowly.

Though she was not a virgin, she was not fucked much by her husband and Jack. She was crazy after sex. Rose told him that on the first day she saw him she wanted him to fuck her. She waited for his John uncle to go out of station to get him inside her house. Mona could hear all those sounds coming out of the room.

In the pretext of showing her boobs and pussy to this young man whom Rose was calling as Robert she wanted show him her asset so that he would stay back to enjoy those asset.

She was successful. Rand was fucking her. He made vigorous fucking and they both arrived at orgasm together. But Rose told him that she wanted him to fuck her at least three times now to satiate her. Rand was more than willing for this schedule. But he wanted just to inform his mother that he was there in the house of Rose.

When he went to call his mother he heard that her mother just about to go out to meet some relative who was sick. She told him that she kept his food on the table and she would come only by evening. He returned to Rose who was impatiently waited for him. Again their sex adventure started.

Rand fucked her in doggy style from behind her. He went on manipulating her boobs and clitoris to augment her pleasure. Her fair bottom made his very horny and he touched and ticked her anus. Their orgasm caused lot of fluids to come out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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