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Here comes the second part you had been waiting for, my great friends of Indian sex stories, go though the story and again as before please don’t forget to reply me your views and opinions.

They ate the dinner together saying nothing. Then he set out for some purchase of provisions, and he did not bother to even chat with his schoolmates he happened to see on the way back home. A couple of times he had to slow down after he glanced his watch and realized how fast he was walking. When he finally got home it was dark except for his mothers bedroom. He walked to his mothers open doorway. She was standing in front of the dressing table, wearing a blouse and petticoat and about to start wear a sari. As Aruna Devi saw Raju, she smiled at him. He smiled back nervously.

“I had been waiting for you, Raju, just now I had a bath, just wait till I wear this sari…. Let it be! Actually doesn’t need to wear,” saying that she leaves the sari on the floor and walked towards the bed. She turned towards him and sat on the bed. Then she unhooked the blouse and freed her breasts. She sat up against the headboard as before and spread her legs slightly raising her petticoat above her knees, then slid down to lying position. While sliding down her petticoat, which was, above her knee slid further up exposing her white thighs all the way up. Even Raju could See her panties. He did not even remember seeing these panties in his secret excursions into his mother’s drawer. His mother’s breasts were large and swollen, but still hung high. The nipples were engorged and pink, and glistened with the wetness of her milk. He stood there in awe at his mother’s nakedness.

“Oh, mother.” He heard his voice saying. He immediately felt embarrassed and had to look away. Seeing his embarrassment, his mother smiled, “don’t be embarrassed Raju, this is more comfortable for me.” Raju went to the bed and she pulled him to her. Raju immediately began to suck his mother’s tit. It was better this time. He knew what to do as he steadily drained his mother’s orb. He felt his mother’s body relax against him as he removed the pressure form her orb. He drank from her warm, sweet milk; with his tongue he started teasing the tip of her nipple, as before his mothers body stirring under him. She wiggled against him as he suckled and played with her nipple. When one breast was drained he switched to the next. A gush of warm milk shot into his mouth as his mouth clamped onto the nipple.

He could feel the exiting building in himself and his mother. They pressed their bodies against each other. In their squirming, they unconsciously – or was it deliberate – repositioned themselves until their hip’s were pressed avcılar elit escort tightly together.

Raju’s throbbing erection was pressed against his mother crotch through the layers of this trousers and her petticoat. Finally Raju drained the second breast but kept sucking at his mother’s breast hungrily. She didn’t seem to mind; though, now they were rhythmically pushing against each other. Caught up in the fever of excitement, Raju cautiously reaches down under him and raises her petticoat all the way up and placed his finger on the waistband of his mother’s panties. His mother quickly grabbed his hand and pulled it away. Scared that he had gone too far with his mother, Raju started pulling away form his mother, but she pushed him hack to her. She was setting her limits. He sucked his mother harder now and let his teeth scrape very lightly against his mother’s nipple.

“Oh, Raju, Raju, my son.” his mothers hip jerked against his. His mother’s excitement caused his dam to finally bust. He bucked rhythmically against his mother and came in a shuddering climax.

“Mama…” he heard himself moan.

They lay still for a few moments saying not a word. Then he found the warmth of his mother’s body against him. Unlike last time there was no mistaking what each of them had felt time around. Raju had never seen a woman orgasm but now had no doubt that this is what his mother had felt. He thought it pretty obvious to his mother that he had cum too. Another thing was different too, this time Raju did not feel the shame he had felt earlier. He still felt somewhat unsure but he knew that his second time he and his mother had known what they were doing. The first time could have been accidental, but there is no mistaking their intent this time.

“You, Ok, Raju?” he rolled of his mother.

“Yeah, mom, I’m ok,” he said.

“It was good isn’t it son?” she asked.

“Yeah, mother, I like it, I liked it a lot” he replied.

He did fell well. He didn’t want to leave but his mother told him that it was time for both of them to get ready for bed – in their own separate beds. Raju stripped, cleaned himself and put his night shorts on. Raju laid on bed in the dark. Instead of any girl or playmate he was fantasizing about his mother. He came, pumping more semen that he thought was still left in him when be masturbated earnestly. He fell in a sound sleep soon after.

A kiss, then another kiss. He opened his eyes, and saw his mother peering out of the darkness. He realized that his cock was hard and sticking out of the short pants. He quickly put it back in, hoping that his mother didn’t see him. Although! Did it avcılar escort matter anymore?

“Raju, it is time again” she said very slyly for something that was exiting for both of them. He sat up and held his head. “Uh, ok, mom,” he said groggily. He looked at the bed clock and saw it was 3.00 am. She stood a minute there silently.

“In my bedroom, Raju” she finally said. He followed his mother to her bedroom, the room was dark, and she removed her sari, then her blouse and her petticoat. He could See the outline of his mothers’ nakedness. Was she still wearing the panties? He smelled the earthy diary smell coming form her milk. She climbed up on the bed and Raju followed. He went to his mother’s breast and suckled. Efficiently, he drained away the pressure and felt his mother’s body start to relax against his body. He teased her nipple, biting it a little wile he continued to nurse\ from his mother. Instinctively his mother opened her legs further and started moving her ass. He pushed himself up against his mother’s body, his cock slipped out again from his shorts and pressed against the coolness of his mother’s pantie.

He was prepared to move, as his mother showed no resistance. With both hands he squeezed her tits and engulfed the stream of warm milk that shot into his mouth. They were both exited now, as he started dry humping his mother.

“Raju” she blurted loudly. She might have shouted his name out of excitement rather than concern that things were going too far as she made no moves to stop him. He drained his mothers orb and immediately went for the other one. He clamped on the nipple and drank down the stream of milk. His cock having a life of its own, pressed at his mothers inner thigh And tried to gain entrance to the dark mysteries underneath the panties by snaking it way under the leg band.

He pressed and pressed but he couldn’t get in! Emboldened by his mother writing he very cautiously reached u down the leg band where his cock was probing, slowly, he pulled the elastic. He was prepared to quickly withdraw his hand if his mother showed the least resistance, but she continued squirming against him as if she didn’t notice. He pushed his cock through is mothers pantie. The elastic pulled tight against his cock, but it was not an unpleasant sensation. The tip of the cock found its entrance to his mother’s pussy. It was definitely wet, and emanated warmth within. He paused for a moment, not sure, whether he wanted to go through with this step.

He bit her nipple as he continued to suckle her, he was so confused, but he knew he had to do it. Raju pushed slightly, and felt himself slid into his m other pussy avcılar eve gelen escort like butter. It was so easy, and yet, this was an act that would forever change his relationship with his mother. Everything they have done previously was innocent. She needed him to suck her milk to relive her discomfort. If they both derived pleasure from it, there was no shame. They were still acting as mother and son. Now with this single act they had crossed the line from mother and son to lovers.

They both paused for a moment. Now fully aware of what has been done – and what could not be undone, his mother Aruna Devi, then, reached behind him and grabbed his buttocks. She pulled him to her, making him slid all the way inside her. The feeling was indescribable. It was like tight, wet warm. A warm velvety glove was now grabbing his tool.

“Oh, Raju, my baby son.” His mother last breast was almost drained. Raju and his mother slowly started fucking wile he continued to suckle the last of milk. He pushed his pelvis; and his cock slid effortlessly the rest of the way inside into the warmth of his mother, his origin, and his source. It felt like heaven. He should have felt dirty, perverted, but it felt so natural and wonderful to make love with this beautiful woman who gave birth to him. Tentatively he pulled out his cock slightly and pushed it back again. Te friction set back fie into his loin. He knows that his mother felt the same because he had felt her return his thrusts by arching her hips.

Was this fucking? In Raju’s private readings on the subject he had heard of many problems regarding sex. He had thought it must be complicated, but nothing could seem as natural to Raju as fucking his mom.

“Raju.” His mother moaned. Raju knew she was close; he lifted his body bit and kissed his mother. That was not kissing of a son to his mother but a kissing of a lover. He could feel the bare breasts pressing at his chest. Milk still leaking from them was wetting his body. His mother returned the kiss, and soon his tongue snaked its way into her mouth. Mother and son embraced and kissed each other deeply while their hips banged together. Raju fought for control against his own body. His mother pinched his butt tight as she forcefully pulled him to her.

“Mom,” her tried to shout warning. But it was too late. He came in a violent eruption, ejaculated in waves into his mother womb.

“Oh, Raju”, his mother wrapped her legs around him and pushed her hips back and forth against him.

“Raju,” her cry softening into a whimper.

Raju could feel his mother’s body relax against his body. He tried to climb of his mother but she pulled him back to her. They were both silent> Raju could feel his mothers heartbeat against him slowly come down to normal. Eventually her rolled of his mother and lay next to her. Both exhausted, they slept holding each other.

So, what about stopping, for now? I shall return with the last part of this story shortly. C u then, bye. Mail me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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