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They escape with their lives and become a normal furry family with lactating mom.

This story cannot be posted or reused elsewhere without the permission of this Author.

I hope you enjoy.



Our dad vanished. He told us this might happen some day and that was why he had kept us away from his business. Also this is why he made sure we had the best possible education we could possibly have and to never even think of following in his footsteps. He never said but we knew he belonged to the Mob. He always kept us totally isolated from what he did. It still was a source of tension in the family despite our isolation.

Dad had invested very well in Real Estate well away from Chicago, all in Mom’s name .. her maiden name which she retook and no one else knew. She changed our names the moment she was aware of him missing. Actually she told us our real names. We also moved across the country to a new home, all on the same day. She and our dad, were well organized for such an event. We vanished for all practical purposes only to resurface as who mom was at 14. Our Birth Certificates read “Father Unknown”, seems mom and dad were never legally married.

We loaded mostly clothes with mom’s and dad’s many furs. We had a few precious items of ours, all in a small panel truck and drove away, dropping the keys off at a prearranged Realtor’s office somewhere on the outskirts of Chicago headed West. Nothing will be able to be traced.

Mom is pregnant and we just turned 18. I’m Brad and my sister Meg is my twin.

Mom got pregnant with us at 14 and ran away with dad so she is still only 32. She says getting pregnant either time was not planned but she’s not sorry with either. She has always been exceedingly good and loving to us, some say to a fault. Maybe it’s to compensate for our dad’s chosen career?

Mom was quiet for most of the trip and Meg cried most of the way with grief over dad. I did some crying myself but felt I had to buck up for the two women. Dad had always stressed my roll as absentee dad. The further west we got the less Meg cried. We all began to be distracted by the scenery and we made a few detours to see some scenic wonders. This helped to distance ourselves from the very insular life we had lived with dad’s over protective attention to us and the social isolation of our circumstances. Can’t really say if it was overprotective in light of his murder and the need for us to get away.

After the third day of the trip Sis began to warm to me in ways I had dreamed of growing up. While mom was driving she and I sat together talking in the back seat like when we were little kids. She snuggled to me and let me fur fondle her like I use to do when we were small. She purrs like a kitten, squirms and cuddles up to me. After that I didn’t mind the long trip at all and apparently neither did Sis. We hadn’t been this intimate since we had begun to know what our dad actually did.

We finally get to our destination after our scenic trip cross country. It was anything but a straight line. We had never had the opportunity to tour and sight see like this before.

Everything had been set up for this medium sized city in the pacific northwest in an idyllic setting. It is a modest but very nice craftsman period house that has been nicely refurbished. Mom made sure it at least had beds so we could unpack and sleep.

Mom got a nice, nearly new van right away and had me follow her to a town deep in the next state. She unloaded the truck at a used car lot for cash and walked to the shopping mall nearby where Meg and I had parked. That completed our vanishing.


The next few days were spent shopping for furnishings, food and basic decor for the house. Mom got a second small used car for Meg and me. We got the lay of the land just in our shopping jaunts and were very pleased with our new home. Even drove by the local university where we have been accepted. Mom had the smarts to do everything under her maiden name and the new address.

Much of the stuff we brought home ourselves and put it away or assembled it. The furs are out and the fur spreads are on the beds so there is a semblance of a normal house to live in after the first week. Delivery trucks came over the next week for the larger things. There are still a few things that still have to be delivered but not much more. We took the time not working just to relax. Just ate in front of the TV absorbing the local culture, fashion and news.

I can see why dad got mom pregnant, she is absolutely gorgeous to this day. She is so sensuous and sexy as well. Sis and I have always thought so, frequently complimenting her. She says that Sis is even more beautiful and that I am more handsome than my Dad. Dad is … was a very handsome man. I hope Mom is telling me the truth. She is right about Sis. I’ve never been able to think much about other girls because of comparison to her, not to mention Mom.

Mom is a true blond with light complexion and steel blue eyes. Her breasts aren’t avcılar elit escort large but are a nice full melon shape and stand out firm with generous nipples. She rarely wears a bra under her soft cashmere sweaters so it is quite easy to tell this. She’s never been shy about her body around us. Mom’s about five seven, shapely and well proportioned. A true beauty my any measure.

Meg and I are cut from our Dad. Not identical twins but we are both strawberry blond of slightly different shades with a light sprinkle of freckles on our fair skin. We both have green eyes and are both tall. I’m six two already and Meg is nearly six foot. We’re both slender and have cheeky butts. Meg has smallish but very nice classic tits with an up sweep and perfect nipples. We’re both reasonably athletic.

This is why I just can’t seem to find other girls very interesting since Meg isn’t too shy around the house either. Seeing lots of gorgeous female flesh every day at home puts a damper on what I see at school.

Many a night I fantasized over mom and sis. Thinking of their nude bodies in fur. Since I saw so much of their bare flesh it was easy to imagine them nude. Dreaming of fur fondling their wonderful tits as I stroked them with fur. When Sis and I were very young we played in Mom’s furs together often and I missed those intimacies. The trip has revived many of those old feelings and some new ones. I feel guilty about thoughts of mom nude in furs but she is so gorgeous in them I can’t help myself. It’s like she is trying to tease us.

Mom went to bed quite early complaining about being very tired. Meg and I stayed up and watched TV ’till fairly late, just too cranked over the move and activities to sleep. Sis had a Red Fox throw she loves wrapped around herself and I had its match. Mom always got his and her furs for us. Male and female of course. She raised us loving furs and never short changed either of us. Some of the guys would make fun of me at times but I avoided those guys mostly for other reasons. They were the ones back in Chicago following in my dad’s footsteps. He often reminded me of that.

Sis was doing what she does whenever she is stressed. She is stroking herself with the furs unconsciously. Tonight she is a bit more energetic than usual.

“Hey Sis, you upset?”

“Oh no .. well .. I’m a bit anxious. It’s like we just escaped from jail only the ones we are afraid of are the ones that belong in jail.”

“Don’t worry. They probably don’t want us in the first place and with the tracks erased the way they have been they probably won’t try very hard if they do.”

“I hope you are right. I think you are .. but you know how I worry.” I sit beside her and wrap my arms around her, hugging and rocking her in the furs.

“That feels so good.” as she snuggles closer to me. Her breasts are pressing against my chest and Sis is not holding back from her intimacies at all. I fondle her back and shoulders with the furs. Sis responds by snuggling her face closer to me and my shoulder. I begin fur fondling her head and face.

“Oh that feels sooo gooood.” making no effort at all to stop me. I continue fondling her and with more than the furs. My hand slips off the fur as I’m squeezing her tit.

“Oh yes Brad! More please.” It was like a barrier had dropped as she welled forward to me, hugging me and we kissed. Just a tentative lip to lip peck at first but then our mouths opened and we consumed each other like long lost lovers. We knew we were going to make love tonight.

“Time to go to bed Sis. Don’t want to get you too excited.”

“OK.” as she gets up with her arms still tight around him as they walk down the hall.

We pass by Mom’s bedroom and hear a sobbing sound. We thought she would have been asleep a long time ago. Cracking the door just a bit we can see her sobbing. She is nearly nude in her lynx spread, looking very lovely. Meg and I go over to her bedside with Sis and I still wrapped around each other with the furs.

“Mom! what’s wrong?” Meg asks.

“Oh my lovely children! Please let me hold you.” as we both slide on to the fur spread like when we were children. We throw our Fox furs around mom. “I’m so sad and grief stricken over your dad even though we knew this could happen at any time.” I started to remove a few of my clothes since they were terribly uncomfortable and I wanted to have better contact with mom since she seemed to want it. She had been tugging at my shirt like she wanted it gone. It was gone and I’m bare chested. Mom has only a thin cotton top on that exposes most of her midriff and no panties we can see. Furs covers her bottom. Sis removes her skirt down to her panties with just her sleeveless sweater top on. We all feeling the furs over most of our bodies now as we snuggle together in the furs. We all like that.

Sis and I are back close to each other partly on top of mom and on top of her furs. “I love you two so much” as she reaches out and hugs us together and avcılar escort to herself. We are all in mostly full body contact over mom and alternately kissing mom. I kiss Mom with our tongues tangling for the first time. My passions for my mom is washing over me. Mom turns to Sis and the same ting happens as they passionately kiss. My excitement is over the top. We’ve never done this before. “Oh you two kiss too.” and with that little encouragement Sis and I engage in a very wet and passionate kiss like just before over mom as she kisses our cheeks.

We quickly shed the rest of our clothes and wrap each other in furs. I fur fondle Sis to near orgasm as she is wantonly begging me to take her any way he wishes.

“You two need to re bond with Mom first” as she tugs at us both. She pulls off her top and displays her wonderful breasts to her children. We fall on them like nursing is a daily thing. Mom moans with joy as she is taken by us, one of us to each breast like when we were babies.

As teens we can now take most of mom’s tit in our mouth. As we do and begin to suck and kneed mom’s melon breasts mom moans, squirms and writhes in the furs as she approaches her first orgasm. I begin to fondle her soft blond muff and then I slide my hand over her labia as mom orgasms. My fingers slide inside her along with Sis’ and we pump mom to another orgasm in no time at all. Sis is so excited sucking moms tit that she is writhing in the furs too. Her tits smothered in the furs and her body caressed with its softness. I leave mom’s twat as she continues with orgasms and I slide two fingers into Sis’ twat. She orgasms almost instantly and Brad quickly pumps her to another orgasm almost on top of the first. Sis has her fingers sill in mom, pumping her to orgasm.

“Oh Brad!” Briefly leaving her mom’s tit and having a third. She swings around and takes my big cock in her mouth and starts sucking with a mission. I’m in heaven and about to shoot my wad into Sis’ mouth quickly. “Oh god Sis. You’re incredible as my thick creamy cum shoots deep into her throat. She almost gags but keeps sucking and has me shooting a second in no time. I’m so excited over my sister and mother. All my secret fantasies fulfilled at once.

“Brother and Sister have to consummate their passions for each other.” Mom says.

“Oh yes brother.”

“Yes sister.”

We face each other sitting in the furs and mom to the side like a referee. I scoot up close to Sis, just close enough for my cock tip to part her soft strawberry blond muff and touch her labia. I run my dripping cock up her slit, leaving a trail of cum in her muff. Sis moans loudly as her soft swollen slit is massaged with my swollen cock head. I continue to do this a number of times ’till Sis is rocking and constantly moaning. I’m about to explode but I want it to be perfect for her. She deserves the very best and I don’t want to disappoint mom.

Meantime Mom is keeping time a she plunges her fingers into her own twat nearing another orgasm over the thrill of watching me, her son seduce her daughter, so she slows.

I scoot forward just an inch, parting her slit just a bit deeper. Just short of her clitoris. Sis moans even louder as she scoots the fraction for my cock to actually touch her clitoris. I rub the tip of my cock hard against her clitoris and Sis screams in ecstasy. She continues screaming as I continue pressing on her. Sis shakes in another orgasm as Mom joins her the sight so excites her. “Oh god Brad .. fuck me .. fuck me hard … please.”

I roll forward driving my cock deep into Sis’ virgin vagina and ripping through her maidenhead. She screams with joy.. “Oh fuck me brother .. fuck me hard!!” as my cock begins pounding her virgin womb.

Mom brings herself to multiple orgasms with the excitement of her children fucking with abandon before her. Their fucking before her is the most beautiful thing she could imagine.

I pump more cum into Sis than I have produced in my whole life it seems. We fuck is in wild abandon as Sis is in a mindless state of ecstasy. I push us all over the furs on the bed until she is totally helpless.

Mom is still sitting beside us watching, totally captivated by our actions. I quickly pull my dripping cock out of Sis and am on top of Mom driving my cock deep into Mom’s vagina before she can think. I immediately pump her for all I’m worth, wildly kissing and fondling her as I pump my cock deeper and deeper into her.

Mom responds with passionate counter thrusts, clearly wanting and savoring my passions. Her pregnancy has actually increased her sexual needs and she is responding to satisfy those needs knowing now I can satisfy them any time.

“On my son!! You are fantastic .. as good as your dad .. oh fuck mama hard.” I pump Mom with increased efforts if that were possible. She is sore from her own attentions but this is just too good for me to stop.

I quickly pull from Mom and I’m back into Sis with a vengeance. She is wildly receptive as avcılar eve gelen escort she takes points from Mom and begins to counter thrust me. She is really getting into it with increased passion. I screw Sis to another world with the thrusting and pumping, finally laying back letting me screw her to oblivion.

Mom is laying back recovering, squeezing her tits and playing with her twat.

“Hey children .. all this sexual activity has created a special treat for you. Come to mama and suck my tits again.”

The Twins roll apart and slide up to mother’s wonderful tits and begin to suck. They are treated to a warm, sweet, creamy fluid flowing from mothers breasts. They suck slowly and languidly as if they are babies. After quite awhile they realize Mom is fast asleep. They wrap her in the furs for a warm and comfortable sleep, each briefly sucking her twat with Brads semen sill oozing from it and go to Brad’s room, the one with the king size bed like mom’s. It was no accident or miss order that sister’s bed is a single.

Both spreads and a few other furs are gotten for their long night of new found passions for each other. They will be sleeping together from now on and Mom will be getting her needs filled often.

Late the next morning Brother and Sister are awaken by Mom sitting on the edge of their bed.

“Did you two sleep well? … Ohhh … too much fucking last night? Well I’m sorry to bother you but my tits are about to explode so you two have to help me out despite your sexed out condition. It’s a sloppy job but someone has to do it” as she lays down between them, tits up and a big smile. The Twins are on her like the tit suckers they have become. Mom gets drained dry and the kids are satisfied. Well almost. Mom no sooner leaves the room before Sis has straddled her brothers raging hard on from tit sucking. She pumps up and down on his fat cock ’till she screams in her orgasms and falls off with exhaustion.

“I’ve always wanted just you Sis.” as he caresses her small tits and lightly sucks on them.

“You may have already gotten me pregnant you know brother.”

“I know. Does that upset you?”

“I have wanted you to screw me for a long time now thinking of how it would feel being pregnant with our child. I guess I’ll find out soon. Two pairs of lactating breasts to drain. How’s that?”

“Let’s take a shower together.” one extravagance in the house is a two person shower.


They take their shower with appropriate passions and make their way to the kitchen wrapped in Mom and Dad’s most opulent Fox coats in reverse and totally nude under. Mom is similarly dressed as she sits with her thighs spread for their viewing pleasure.

Brad goes over to his Mom and slips his still stiff cock into her with just a couple of slow thrusts with her moaning and pulls out. “Just testing your morning responses Mom.” She smiles.

“It’s interesting that we escaped a life of extreme crime while trying to act like an All American family, my husband having been murdered by his criminal “buddies” and now we are in a truly All American town and living a life of total depravity, perversity and lasciviousness while actually appearing totally normal. I’m so excited by that. We wanted to make love to each other and you two wanted to screw so bad and we had to put up this absurd front.”

“I didn’t realize how much I wanted to screw you Mom.”

“I did and I’m glad I didn’t have to tell you to. You will most likely get me pregnant again after this kid. I’m not past having more kids and I want a child by you too. You two will have to plan your pregnancies or you will be able to have your own school. By-the-way, you are listed in the university papers, your new birth certificates and papers show you as a married couple. So .. divorced Mom lives with her married son and his wife. Normal or what? What happens behind closed doors is nobody else’s business.”

Getting the house in order is a lot more relaxed now that the big sexual tension issue is resolved. The three of us go about finishing up everything and organizing as a married couple. Seems so right, Meg and Brad, the married couple down the street! Married is not a difficult state of mind for us to be in at all. As brother and sister we have always been affectionate and agreeable. We just get to be so much more so in public now. In private we get to screw our brains out as few married couples do. There is now our bedroom and Mom’s bedroom. The third room is now our study.

I have taken to sucking Meg’s clitoris as she sucks Mom’s tits. I alternate between the two of them. Mom loves to get sucked by us both. Sucking Mom’s milk is a very special treat that we have come to relish. Pleased with the taste and the sense of bonding.

Best of all though for us is our slow and passionate love making in the evening and the shorter but still wonderful morning passions. The day is so smooth and stress free with that loving start. Draining Mom’s breasts is a very nice bonding experience we both love.

Being a young married couple is a somewhat unique situation as they start college. Us wearing furs does set us apart and some begin to copy us, particularly some of the couples who quickly learn the benefits of making love in furs. Some become ardent lovers and lovers of fur. A few become our friends.

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