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Glen and Sally entered the house feeling nervous. They had seen both Debbie and Freddy’s cars in the driveway, so they knew both were home. Glen expected to find his wife either in the kitchen or living room talking to Freddy, or in her basement office. Neither she, nor their son was anywhere to be found on the first floor, nor did he see any sign of life when he looked down the stairs to Debbie’s office.

He figured that his wife and son must have been in their own rooms upstairs. Quietly Glen and Sally ascended the stairs. At the top they listened intently, and finally heard voices coming from the master bedroom. They tried their best at tiptoeing to the door, getting close enough so they could just hear what was being said inside.

“You’re absolutely sure about this?” Debbie said.

“Yes, Mom,” Freddy replied. “There’s no two ways about it for me. I’m sure.”

“I just know I’m out of my mind somehow. But I feel like I’ve never wanted anything so much…that I’ve never had such desire…for anything.”

From just outside the door, Glen and Sally looked at one another with puzzled expressions. Both shrugged their shoulders and continued to try and hear everything being said inside the room.

“I want to be inside you again, Mom. I want to cum inside you again just like last night. And there’s nothing I want more than to see you with a big, pregnant belly.”

Glen felt like his jaw must have come close to hitting the floor. His eyes got wide and he looked at Sally incredulously. She looked surprised, but not nearly as shocked and rocked as Glen.

“I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that what we did last night put your baby inside me already.”

“I’m probably crazy out of my mind too. But I hope so, Mom.”

“But let’s try to be sure. Take me, Freddy. Take your Genie Mommy and fuck her with that beautiful thing of yours. Take me and be my master.”

“With pleasure, Genie Mommy.”

The next thing Glen and Sally heard was mutual moaning coming from the other side of the partially open door. Glen mouthed words to Sally that she thought looked like he was saying, “What the fuck?” She shrugged again and shook her head.

“Yes, Baby,” they heard Debbie grunt. “Fuck me! Fuck Mommy just like that!”

Sally decided that the time had come to remove Glen from the spot and spare him from having to listen to more of his wife fucking their son. She took him by the hand and led him quietly down the hall to a spare bedroom. They entered and she closed the door without making a sound.

“What, in fucking hell, was that?” Glen said in the quietest voice he could marshal.

“I don’t know, Glen,” Sally replied in a similar voice. “Well, I think we both know what it was. But I can’t tell you why.”

“Sally, my wife is in bed with my son…her son…our son! She’s fucking our son, in our bed!”

“That seems to be the size of it, huh?”

“And they did it last night. And Debbie…Debbie thinks she’s pregnant…she wants to be pregnant, by Freddy.”

“I know, Glen. I heard too.”

“Why aren’t you more freaked out by this? I mean, what the fuck?”

“I’m ataköy masöz escort sure I should be.”

“Then why aren’t you? Your sister is fucking her kid! How does that not blow you away?”

“I don’t know, Glen. I’m sure it’ll sound bizarre, but even before you told me how you felt, there was something happening in my head last night, and it sounds like it was happening for Debbie too.”

“What are you talking about, Sally?”

“Maybe you don’t remember last night like I do. But something made me want, like never before, for you to cum inside me.”

“Oh, yeah, I was well aware of that. Normally you want me to pull out, even if I’m wearing a condom. And last night I wasn’t.”

“I knew you weren’t. There was something burning inside me that wanted you to… Damn! It was like I was…a bitch in heat.”

“Oh shit, Sal. That’s exactly what it seemed like to me. You were just, so different. In heat was exactly what I thought of.”

“Mm-hm. It was uncontrollable. I needed you to…shit…I think I wanted you to get me pregnant, Glen. And it sounds like maybe my sister was under the same spell so to speak.”


“I don’t know, Glen. I don’t really mean spell. It’s just…Halloween…full moon…my sister and I both doing something crazy…being in heat? Doesn’t it sound like some kind of spell thing?”

“You don’t believe in that stuff, do you?”

“Not really. I don’t know, Glen. I’m just trying to make some sense of some weird stuff.”

“Well, at the moment, the weird stuff is my wife fucking our son, hoping she’s already pregnant with his baby. What are we supposed to do now?”

“Well, when we were back at my house, I was pretty ready to jump you. If your wife is in another room getting fucked, then maybe the thing for you to do in this room is…to fuck her sister…”

“I don’t know what is in the air, if it’s a spell or something else. But damned if that doesn’t sound like the most logical thing I’ve heard all day.”

“Will you cum in my pussy again?”

“Glad to oblige, Sal.”

“Good. I want you cumming inside me just as much as my sister wants Freddy cumming inside her…just so you know, Glen.”

“I guess there’s some comfort in that.”

Sally was true to her word. She indeed felt like she was in heat. Somehow hearing her sister fucking her own son notched-up her fire. And hearing Debbie saying to Freddy that she wanted him to impregnate her made Sally desperately want the same from Glen.

So after the two tore each others’ clothes off, Sally took a minute to lubricate Glen’s hard dick with her mouth, then she quickly pushed him onto the guest room bed and climbed aboard.

“My turn to beg to be fucked, Glen,” Sally said urgently.

“Nobody wants to fuck you more than me, Sal,” Glen replied eagerly.

“How about what Debbie said? Do you want to put your baby inside me? Do you want to do to me what my sister wants Freddy to do to her?”

“Are you kidding, Sally? I’ve never wanted anything like I’ve wanted that.”

“Then fuck me hard, and shoot your cum inside me. I want ataköy otele gelen escort it, Glen. I’m out of my mind…fucking crazy, and I want it, from you. I want to have a pregnant belly for you.”

Glen was soon out of his mind as well, with desire. Sally had been the object of his affection and lust for many years. Having her want him, and talk to him in the way she was talking went a long way to blot out the fact that his wife was, at that very moment, begging their son to knock her up. Sally wanted him, and that was what mattered most just then.

The couple lost track of time. Each had their own reasons for being consumed by desire. They finished with Sally lying on her stomach, Glen straddling her buttocks and fucking her from behind. The load of semen and sperm he unloaded into her was the third he had put there in some twenty hours.

Glen collapsed on top of his lover and they both lay there, spent and heaving. A voice from behind brought them back to reality.

“Funny meeting you two here,” Debbie said from the doorway.

Sally kept her composure, not even turning her head at first, and not seeming the least bit surprised at her sister’s presence. Glen on the other hand jumped off of Sally, completely startled by his wife’s entrance.

“Oh!” he exclaimed loudly. “Oh…Debbie, shit. How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see you cum in my sister.”

“Well we wouldn’t have come in here to do this unless we walked in on you fucking our son, Debbie. What the hell is going on with that?”

“I don’t know, Glen,” Debbie replied, sounding surprisingly calm. “I wish I could explain it. I don’t know what came over me last night. It must have been one hell-of-a full moon. Of course that was the first time I ever dreamed of…you know…with Freddy. However, I know you’ve been fucking Sally for a long time.”

“Hey Sis,” Sally said, finally deciding to turn over.

“Hiya Hot Stuff,” Debbie replied.

Glen noticed that neither his wife, nor his lover seemed to think that the situation was the least bit awkward.

“Where’s Freddy, anyway?” Glen asked.

“He’s taking a shower.”

“Oh…,” Glen replied, not sure what to say next.

“Did you get what you wanted, Deb?” Sally asked her sister.

“I think so Sal. Did you?”

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted, Hon. But I think I got it.”


“What are you two talking about?” Glen said.

“We’ve both had some serious longings, Glen,” Debbie replied. “We’ve been talking about it a little here and there. We’re sisters, you know? We talk about things. We’re closer than you probably know.”

“Did you…you didn’t somehow…plan this, did you?”

“Of course not, Glen,” Sally chimed-in.

“But Deb…Sally said that you…you knew somehow that Sally and I…”

“Glen, I’ve known you were smitten with my sister from the very beginning. I know you’ve wanted her since she wasn’t much more than a kid. For a long time I hoped that would change, but it never did. I just knew when you started sleeping with her. I was ataköy rus escort pissed for a long time…really pissed.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” Glen asked.

“I almost did a thousand times. I almost left a dozen times, especially when you called me by my sister’s name when you were screwing me.”

“You did that?” Sally said to Glen. “You jerk.”

“I did? Shit, I’m so sorry, Deb.”

“It’s done now, Glen. Besides, it made me feel a little less guilty for the times I was sleeping with Sally myself.”

“Wh…what?” Glen said incredulously, looking from one sister to the other and then back.

“Sorry Glen,” Sally said with a shrug. “Like Deb said…we’re close.”

“That’s part of why I never did anything about it, Glen,” Debbie said. “I know full well how sweet my sister tastes. I know how hard she is to resist.”

Sally smiled at Debbie and rolled fully onto her back. Debbie returned her sister’s smile and moved toward her.

“You…are you serious?”

“What do you think, Glen?” Debbie asked as she climbed on the bed next to Sally.

“Oh…no way…,” Glen said softly.

Debbie ignored her husband and slid her arm around her sister’s waist, pulling her close for a kiss, which Sally gladly returned. A second later Debbie’s hand moved down Sally’s hip, to her belly, then down between her legs, which Sally spread wide for her sister.

“Sweetheart,” Debbie said, “I think some remnant of my husband is leaking out of this sweet little cunt of yours.”

Debbie lifted up her hand and spread her fingers, displaying the sticky goo she had collected. She then smeared it onto her own lips before kissing her sister on the mouth.

“What the fuck is happening around here?” Glen said in disbelief.

“Glen Honey, maybe you should go shower, like Freddy’s doing,” Debbie said. “I want to spend a little time with my baby sister.”

Glen didn’t move.

“Um…can I watch?”

“Really?” Debbie asked. “You think you can handle watching me eat my sister’s pussy?”

“You got to watch us together, and I already heard you fucking our son.”

“I guess that’s true on both counts. This has been a little unsettling for you, hasn’t it Dear?”

“Funny. You’re a riot, Deb. Truth is, I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. I still feel like you two have been up to something here, but I don’t know what. This kind of stuff doesn’t just…happen.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Glen,” Sally said. “But if you want to watch, it’s OK with me.”

“It seems only fair,” Debbie added.

Glen’s head was indeed spinning. Not only had he just found out that his wife knew he had been having sex with her sister for many years, and not only had she walked in on them, but he also found out that his wife was fucking their son. Throw in the pregnancy possibilities and it was almost more than he could comprehend.

The only thing Glen knew for sure in that moment was that he had jerked off about a thousand times thinking about watching his wife and her sister make love. He had pictured them together at a variety of different ages, licking and sucking each other all over, fingering one another, and so on. Sometimes it was just the two sisters, and sometimes he played a role in the fantasies as well. Consequently, Glen knew that seeing this fantasy come true would, at least for a while, take his mind off all the bizarre shit that happened since the previous Halloween night.

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