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Stacey awoke the next morning lying between the naked bodies of her son and Lydia. She was so happy. She looked at the sleeping lady next to her and felt such a connection with her. She leaned near to her and kissed her head. Lydia stirred. She looked at Stacey and smiled. The two kissed; a sisterly kiss at first. Then the passions of the previous day found their way into the women’s embrace and kiss. They slid slowly and noiselessly closer. Kissing deeply, they began to once again explore each others bodies. They were both enjoying the tantalizing slowness of each others touch and feel. The two women were enraptured by the feeling of each other’s gentle caresses. Stacey was fixated on Lydia’s marvelous breasts. They were larger than hers but shaped almost identical. Lydia was loving the feel of Stacey’s ass and her soft hairless mound. The two continued their sweet kisses as their hands played softly across each other’s flesh.

Stacey was getting wetter by the second as was Lydia. Their moans and movements attracted the attention of their sleeping sons lying naked next to them. Once again the boys became aroused by the lesbianic scene beside them as their mothers made sweet love to each other. Sean began kissing his mother’s neck as her tongue explored the inside of Lydia’s mouth. Brian found pleasure in toying with his mother’s ass as Stacey fondled her tit flesh. Sean was relishing the feeling as he reached around his mother to caress her tits. He could feel her playing with the other woman’s tits with the backs of his hands. Both sons were rock hard as they enjoyed their own mothers feel.

Lydia pushed her ass back against her son as he played with her voluptuous ass. Brian took it as an invitation for penetration and he had no problem slipping his massive hard cock into her pussy as it was already soaked from her play with Stacey. She moaned into Stacey’s mouth as she felt the head of her son’s dick hitting her cervix. Stacey cherished the feeling of Lydia’s moan on her tongue. She gave Lydia’s breast a tighter squeeze to show her appreciation.

Sean wasted no time in slipping his dick into his mother. Stacey pushed her ass against her son as he pushed harder into her cunt. Now it was Stacey’s turn to moan as she felt her son’s cock sliding in and out of her drenched quim. Both women were increasing their play with each other as they were spurned on by their son’s fucking. It wasn’t long before the two couples were on the verge of the day’s first orgasms. Lydia was the first to come as her son’s massive cock slid in and out faster and faster. She felt wonderful knowing that he was stretching the same vagina with his cock that he had stretched with his whole body years before.

Brian felt his mother start to shake and quiver with her orgasm. He felt so good knowing that he was machining his own mother come. He was elated that he was now fucking the woman of his dreams and it pushed him over the edge. He began to jerk and spasm as he shot string after string of his cum into his mother’s sweet pussy. He felt Stacey’s hand at his mom’s clit urging them both on as she toyed with her nub and his shaft as it slid in and out of her.

Loving what she felt, Stacey too had begun to feel the dizziness of her orgasm. She could tell that it was going to be a good one. She felt compelled to let everyone know. She knew with almost certainty that it was going to be so profound that she would squirt. She broke her kiss calling out, “Oh, God, I’m going to come hard! Sean fuck mommy hard baby, fuck me hard. Oh God, I think I’m going to squirt!”

Sean pounded his mother’s ass so hard that he was pushing the other two towards the edge of the bed. He was doing what his mom asked but he was also coming himself and hard too. He began to lurch hard into his mother as he started releasing his sperm into her. He came in long hard pushes. It felt like he was releasing a dam. He could feel so much cum shooting into her. Now it was squishing out around his cock. Then his mother’s dam broke as well. She began flooding the bed with her juices. She squirted everywhere soaking them all. It covered their crotches and the bed. They all laughed as the orgasms wound down.

At breakfast Tabitha gave her daughter a knowing smile. She knew that the four had spent the night together and was sure that they had all explored each other thoroughly. Being the forward matriarch that she was, she capitalized on it. “So, I assume that the Shaunaceys have been indoctrinated into the Dugan family way of life. Judging by the smiles I see before me. I assume that you all approve of how truly close this family is,” she said.

Brian stopped his fork mid way to his mouth. Lydia smiled and blushed just a little. Sean spoke up, Yes, and I believe that I speak for all when I say that my brother and his beautiful mother fit right in. Brian certainly ‘fit right in’ my mom. And I think Lydia will agree that my fit was equally good to her. Although, I think she had a double dose of my brother and liked it immensely. Did ataköy escort you enjoy Brian, mom?” he asked Stacey.

“Oh yes!” answered Stacey

“Wait, it’s not fair. I wanted to be the first one to fuck Brian and you did it already Mom? It’s not fair. I was flirting with him all night,” said Sabrina.

“Well I guess you better take a look at your flirting game then sweetie,” chided Tabitha.

“Well, Dania and I are next, is that flirty enough for you Brian?” asked Sabrina as she ran her foot up his leg.

“Sure, I guess,” he replied half embarrassed. Lydia smiled and appeared to be overcoming her discomfort with all of this very open talk. Stacey reached under the table and took her hand. Squeezing it a little, she whispered, “It’s okay, we are a very open family and I think you’ll begin to enjoy all this; if my suspicions are true.”

Lydia smiled at Stacey and in a moment of true surprise leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. It was a sweet sisterly kiss.

“That reminds me, these two women have the hottest lady-on-lady sex in the house!” said Sean.

“That does it!” said Sabrina rising to her feet. She took Dania by the hand and the two moved around the table to where Brian was sitting. “Come on, big boy. There’ll be plenty of time for eating later. You are going to have your mind blown by the younger female members of this clan,” she said as she pulled him to his feet with her free hand. With Brian and Dania in tow, she headed for the living room. “And we’re going to show the rest of you just how it’s done; right her and right now,” she said pushing Brian onto the couch.

Everyone in the dinning room rose and followed the young trio into the great room. Sabrina had already dropped her top and was removing Dania’s as the two leaned over Brian. The boy sat dumbfounded on the couch as the beautiful young girls began to make out. Dania was willingly accepting Sabrina’s ministrations as she kissed her removing the girl’s bra. Following suit, Dania reached around and released the clasps on Sabrina’s bra and the two shrugged off their garments inches from Brian’s face. They hugged pushing each other’s tits into their chests. Their kiss was so wet that Brian noticed saliva dripping from their mouths. They were putting on quite the show for the boy. Without breaking her kiss to Dania, Sabrina pulled Brian’s head towards the girl’s tits. Brian wasted no time in mouthing the perky mounds of flesh before him. He tasted first one then the other girl’s nipples. Then he reached up, pulling the two closer together, he managed to get both girl’s nipples in his mouth at the same time.

His hands joined theirs as they explored each other’s asses. Dania was the first to undo her pants and Sabrina was close behind. Brian helped push the jeans down as the girls wiggled their way out of the tight pants. They were wearing matching white thongs that split their ass cracks magnificently. Brian slid his hands over the perfectly rounded young asses and he continued to suck on their tits. The girls had turned facing him more affording him better access to their breasts.

Sabrina broke their kiss and began kissing Brian on his neck. Dania kissed Sabrina’s neck as they both started lifting Brian’s shirt over his head. He barely moved his head enough to allow them to remove his shirt revealing his chiseled chest muscles. Both Dania and Sabrina gazed in awe at the boy’s upper body admiring his form. Brian took advantage of the pause in their kisses to stand and offer his lips to Sabrina then to Dania. The three engaged in a three-way tongue fest licking and sucking away at each other as hands roamed freely over upper bodies.

Then Brian snaked his hands down each girl’s ass into the space between their legs. He slid aside their thongs and began to finger their pussy lips. Both were equally wet. He continued to finger them as they each removed the others panties.

Suddenly, Sabrina pushed Brian back onto the couch. As she did both her and Dania swooped down onto his crotch and, working together, had his fly open in an instant. They yanked down his pants and underwear freeing his engorged cock. “Oh, my, God! What a beautiful and huge Cock!” said Sabrina as she dove her head onto it. She sucked as much of it in her mouth as she could as Dania began to lavish his shaft with her tongue. The two worked the ten inches of pole hungrily. They swapped places; kissing and tonguing each other as they worked over his humongous man-meat. Brian leaned back onto the couch enjoying his first blow job by two girls.

Sean knew better than to interrupt this ménage a trios but he could not contain the lust and raging hard on he had in his pants. He wanted to fuck someone. His mother and Lydia were already busy in each other’s pants fingering pussies. His nan was diddling her clit as well having shed her jeans. He wasted no time in diving into the one solo pussy to be had. He had been yearning to fuck his grandmother for a while anyway and now it was ataköy eve gelen escort time.

Sean knelt before Tabitha and worked his face in beside her busy hands. He knew his way around this pussy quite well and was working his tongue alongside her working fingers. Tabitha let out a moan as her grand son licked her pussy. She took her free hand and pulled his head in closer pushing her cunt into his young face.

Stacey and Lydia were shedding their clothes now; kissing and sucking everything as it came into view. The two simply could not get enough of each other. Tabitha watched as the two shapely women began to prove what Sean had said about how they were so sexy and beautiful as they made love. They leaned back onto the loveseat as they kissed and fondled each other, slipping fingers in and out of each other’s quims. They began to grind their cunts together, tribbing each other passionately. This turned Tabitha on immensely. She loved seeing her daughter enjoy the other woman.

Sabrina decided that she’d given enough and shoved young Brian over onto the couch. She quickly jumped up and straddled his face. “See if this one tastes as good as my mother’s. Or didn’t you get a chance to eat her yet?” she asked. He just mumbled into the sweet pussy smeared onto his face. Dania wasted no time in straddling Brian’s hips and slipping his significant staff into her tight little quim.

Brian moaned loud enough for all to hear as he stretched Dania’s pussy to its limit. “Oh, my goodness! He has such a big cock,” said Dania as she slid as much of it into her as she could. Brian mumbled something unintelligible into Sabrina’s cunt much to her pleasure.

“Keep talking there, little guy. Keep talking to that pussy and maybe I’ll come on your face,” said Sabrina as she ground her pussy onto Brian’s face. She leaned over and kissed Dania and began fondling her tits. By now Dania had managed to take all of Brian’s cock. She was rocking back and forth rubbing her clit on his pelvic bone as his cock head played across the opening to her womb. Between Sabrina’s kisses, with her hands on her tits and the sensation of Brian’s huge cock, t wasn’t long before she was ready to explode. “I’m coming now,” she said as she held onto Sabrina. Her body began to shake and her hips moved more vigorously as her tiny pussy engulfed the massive member inside it. Brian felt her impending orgasm and began to thrust up into the small girl. Sabrina too was aware of this and fell into the orgasmic pool along with her two lovers. She pushed her pussy down onto Brian’s face so hard that he could barely breath. She came, washing her juices over his face. She sucked on Dania’s tongue as the girl continued to pump Brian’s cock as it shot stream after stream of cum deep inside her.

Tabitha watched her lover her grand daughter control the other two with expertise milking the best orgasms from them possible. She looked at her daughter who was fucking away on top of Lydia as they too began to come. She pulled her grandson up, kissing him deeply on the lips. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me with that sweet cock of yours. Make you nan come hard!” she whispered in Sean’s ear. Sean plowed his hard staff into his grandmother’s soaked pussy and began pumping her as they kissed passionately. His hands went to her huge tits and he began tweaking her nipples and palming those massive mounds. He came quickly. Tabitha was overwhelmed with the sexiness of the whole room. It was awesome. She exploded as her grandson loaded her pussy with his seed. She moaned loudly, joining the chorus of sex sounds that filled the room.

Sabrina pulled Dania from Brian and lay her onto the rug. She dove into the girl’s pussy and began lapping Brian’s come out. She used her fingers scooping out come and licking it. She scooped two fingers full of cum out and slid them into her own pussy, shoving his seed as deep into her as she could. More juice flowed from Dania’s cunt and she fingered it out as well, offering it to Dania’s lips. Dania licked hungrily at the treat offered to her by her sister. She sucked her fingers like they were a small cock. Now Sabrina began to focus on the girl’s clit. She began flicking the little bud and circling it with swirls of her tongue. She crammed two finger back into her sweet hole and began curling them into Dania’s g-spot.

Brian had not even gone soft. He watched in awe at the two young beauties on the floor beside him. He was instantly horny again. Rolling off of the couch he knelt behind Sabrina and slid his cock into her cunt with ease. Sabrina backed her ass into Brian and moaned as he hit the roof of her vagina. He grabbed her beautiful ass and began to pump her like a machine. His balls slapped against her as she tried to keep her mouth on Dania’s mound. Dania grabbed her head and helped in keeping that sweet tongue on its target.

Stacey and Lydia continued their humping as they watched the three on the floor. Lydia was so proud of how her virgin son ataköy grup yapan escort had become a master at fucking within less than 24 hours. “Brian! Fuck her baby! You look so good right now. I am so proud of you my sweet boy,” she said.

Sean had sat in the chair where he had fucked his nan with her on his lap. “Go bro, slam my sister. Pump that ass for all its worth!” he said. He watched the three while he unconsciously fondled his nan’s tits. She smiled as he moved a hand to her soaked pussy and began fingering her.

Stacey was coming. She pulled Lydia’s hips to her as she ground her mound onto the woman’s pussy. Lydia looked into her eyes and saw the wild lust as she too began to come. The two screamed out as they came together. “Oh my God, Stacey. I never thought this could be so good. I love this. I love YOU!” said Lydia. Stacey leaned down and kissed her new sister with a passion that only a true lover would have.

“I’m coming again, mom,” yelled Brian. “I love this too. This is the best day of my life,” he said. He began to cum inside Sabrina as she pushed her ass hard back into his thrusts. Dania was there again too and began to hump Sabrina’s face with her pussy. Sabrina slid a hand to her own cunt and began to finger her clit. She was there in no time. She felt the sensation wash over her as her other two lovers came into her and on her face. She exploded, jerking and bucking as she came. She squirted all over Brian and the rug. Liquid sprayed everywhere drenching his thighs and hers.

Sean continued to fondle his nan as he felt himself growing hard again. She reached between her legs and stroked his cock as it stiffened in her hand. They kissed. “I want you to come in my mouth,” she said to him. She slid off of his lap and knelt before him taking his hardening cock into her mouth. She tasted her juices mixed with his cone. Expertly she worked his cock. She took it all the way into her throat. Sean was amazed at his grandmother’s ability to take his cock into her that far. He was well on his way.

The rest of the room had collapsed onto each other. They watched as Tabitha demonstrated the best possible blow job; bobbing her head, working the shaft with her hand, and deep throating his cock with ease. Sean was amazed. He felt it coming. Once again he came more than he thought possible. Again it felt like he was shooting his insides into his grand mom. His ass hurt from coming so much. But it felt wonderful as he filled his nan’s throat with his jism. Tabitha fingered herself wildly as her grandson’s come shot into her gullet. She came quickly, before he could even finish his load.

“Well, how was that?” asked Sabrina.

Brian looked her over and said, “Very nice.”

“Better than our moms?” she asked.

Brian looked at Stacey and said, “Different and very nice, but I will need more opportunity to see who is better or if better even matters.”

“Well, I am claiming Brian and his mother for tonight,” said Tabitha.

Brian smiled and winked at his mom. “I look forward to that ‘Nan’,” he replied.

“Sean, do you think you can handle me, your sister and Dania tonight?” asked Stacey.

“I will certainly try my best, mom,” he said.

Stacey kissed her new sister and held her tight. “Just so you know, I love you too!” she said loud enough for everyone to hear.

They all lay in their respective naked heaps for some time before slowly rising and gathering up their clothing. “Come on, Brian, Dania and I will help you shower. You’re gonna need your strength later for nan and your mom,” said Sabrina offering her hand.

“Think the four of us can fit in your shower mom?” asked Stacey.

“Certainly, it has fit three many times with room to spare. Let’s go,” said Tabitha standing.

Sabrina walked past Lydia. She stopped and helped her to her feet. She hugged her pressing her breasts to her. She looked her in the eyes and kissed her. Breaking the kiss, she said, “I am so glad you and Brian are here. And I cannot wait to hold you in my arms next to my mother.”

Sabrina and Brian accompanied Dania to her room to shower. Tabitha lead the group of others to her suite to clean up. All knew that more sex was forthcoming. Lydia watched Tabitha as she followed her up the stairs. She had a whole new appreciation for the sexiness of the woman. She gazed at her ass as she followed closely up the stairs. There was not even a hint of sag or dimple. The woman’s form was perfect for someone of her age. Her pear-shaped ass was tight but full. She wiggled just the right amount; not pretentious, but natural. She could see her pussy between her legs as she made her way behind her. She found herself being drawn to the woman as they entered her room. Tabitha turned toward the group and noted Lydia’s gaze. “You see something you like, sweetie?” she asked with a pose.

Lydia blushed and looked away. Tabitha approached her and said, “No need for embarrassment, darling. We are all close here. My daughter and I have raised this family to understand the importance of expressing love to one another. We have always felt that the ultimate expression of caring is through sex. But, I also have always said that if you feel attracted to someone, then you should let them know.” She took Lydia’s hands. “You know that I am attracted to you, right?” she asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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