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Note to readers: this story is developing a little slower than some of my others, but I hope you’ll stick with it and find it as enjoyable reading it as I’ve had writing it.


Mitch strolled back to his seat, the presentation he and Justin did complete and in the books. His friend took his seat beside him and they shared a fist bump, acknowledging that it had gone well.

“Who’s the man?” Justin whispered under his breath.

“You’re the man,” Mitch whispered back, both of them smiling.

Expecting his friend to say something like, “No, you’re the man,” Mitch was surprised when Justin responded with, “That’s right—I’m the man. And you’re just the sorry bitch that’s sailing through this course on my coattails.”

“Fuck you, assclown,” Mitch said quietly, grinning from ear to ear.

“Fuck you, and the whore you rode in on.” Justin was smiling just as much.

“MITCH! JUSTIN! Keep it down back there,” the teacher said, shaking his head in dismay.

“Yes, sir,” the two boys chimed in, slouching down in their seats as the next pair of students started to get underway with their presentation.

With the pressure off, Mitch sat back in his chair and let his mind wonder, the topic being discussed of no interest to him. His thoughts turned to his mother, and the way she’d been playful the last couple of days, almost as she knew what he thought of her. That kiss in the kitchen last night, the way she’d called him ‘Mr. Big Eyes’ as she shoved him out the door this morning—he didn’t know what to think, especially since she had a big smile on her face when she said it. He felt himself starting to get hard as he thought about her, and the glimpses he’d had of her gorgeous tits when her robe had come loose this morning. He figured he might have to go the washroom at some point soon and whip off a load, knowing he had some pictures of his mom on his phone he could look at when he did. It obviously wasn’t as much fun as looking at all those pics he had of her on his computer, but he’d used the ones on his phone many times before to relieve himself.

“Oh fuck…did I turn my computer off?” he thought to himself with a rush of panic as those thoughts of the pictures he had on his machine ran through his head. He was diligent about shutting everything down when he was going to leave, never wanting his parents to discover what he had on his computer. He had made sure to set it up with password protection, which would kick in after the computer had been left untouched for ten minutes. Having fallen back to sleep the way he had, he wasn’t sure if he’d shut it down or not. He’d jerked off one load, and then thought about going for a second, but had he shut it down at that time, or left it running? He wasn’t 100% sure. Oh well, either way, with the password protection, it should be fine. With the initial jolt of panic subsiding, he sat lower in his seat as he watched the presentation going on, slipping his hand deep into his pocket and caressing his swelling cock, his thoughts drifting back to his mother’s pretty face and lush mature body.

Nicole spent a long time at the lingerie store, concentrating mostly on the white bridal lingerie. She loved the feel of the sexy garments as she ran her fingertips over the satin and silky material, wondering how her son’s hands would feel when he ran his hands over them, with her warm curvy body beneath his roaming fingertips. She selected a few wickedly alluring items from the bridal area, and then a few others of various colors that she thought he’d like. From all those photos he had of her in the various folders, he seemed to like all types of lingerie, although the shots of her in bridal lingerie outnumbered the others by a fair margin. With her arms loaded with packages, she made a trip to her car and dumped everything in the trunk before returning to the mall, heading to various women’s clothing and shoe stores. Having looked through the numerous folders of pictures Mitch had Photoshopped her face onto, she knew just the type of things he liked. She’d even taken her phone and snapped a number of shots of the computer screens with various Photoshopped pictures displayed. She was hoping to pick up some outfits just like the ones he’d placed her in. She knew that couldn’t help but get him aroused. With this in mind, she set about shopping. She ended up being at the mall for over two hours before she had everything she needed to put her little plan into effect. Well…almost everything. There was one place she knew of located in a strip plaza not far away that would have just what she wanted. Within just a few minutes, she pulled into the parking lot and entered the crappy little ‘Personal Security’ store.

“Do you have any of those ‘Nanny cam’ things?” she asked the salesman. Twenty minutes later, with a quick tutorial under her belt, she was ready to go.

She hurried home and carried the multitude of packages into her room. Her first item of business was to take the tiny ‘nanny cam’ into Mitch’s ataköy escort room and find a suitable location. She looked around, wanting a view of both his bed and his computer desk area. She spotted a decorative wall sconce in the perfect location. It was at just the right height so she could see both the bed and desk area from basically eye level, just as she’d hoped. “That’ll do it,” she said with smile on her face as she set the camera in place, just as the salesman had instructed. She rushed back to the computer she had in her own room. As a real estate agent who worked mostly out of her own home, Nicole had a corner of their large master bedroom set up as her home office. She even had a large decorative screen set up, making it somewhat private from the rest of the room. She often worked late at night, and the screen both allowed her to work in peace, and let Rick sleep without having her disturb him.

Nicole loaded in the software for the tiny camera, following the instructions and the advice given to her by the guy in the store. “Okay, let’s try this out,” she said to herself as she opened the program that operated the camera. Mitch’s room instantly came into view, and she was amazed at the clarity of the picture. It almost felt like she was right in the room. She tried a couple of the features, moving the viewing angle slightly from both side to side and up and down, and then she tried the zoom feature, closing in first on her son’s bed, and then on his computer screen.

“They certainly seem to make these things better than they used to,” she said out loud, surprised at how clear the picture was. She’d only seen old videos on the internet that people had posted. This was nothing like those old grainy shots. Remembering the microphone feature, she went back to Mitch’s room and turned on his clock radio. Back in her own room, she checked the sound coming through the speakers next to her computer—perfect. “Technology—I love it.”

With the camera in good working order, Nicole turned to the numerous packages on her bed. She started sorting things out and cutting off sales tags before making a trip up to the attic with a number of items in her hands. She returned empty-handed a few minutes later, a satisfied smile on her face. As she continued to sort through the rest of the sexy lingerie and clothes she’d bought, she started to get aroused, wondering how her son would like them. Hopefully, if her plan worked out the way she hoped, he’d be seeing her in the various outfits soon enough. It set her mind to thinking about what she’d seen on his computer, and like a moth to a flame, she was drawn back to his room, her hand reaching for the power button of his computer. She’d shut everything down, sure that Mitch would think he’d done it himself before school. But she had to look one more time, to make sure what she’d seen early that morning wasn’t just a figment of her imagination.

“B-A-N-D-I-T,” she typed in again, and the computer responded, the screen filling with numerous icons. Nicole knew her way around a computer—she wasn’t that old. It didn’t take her long to find her son’s Photoshop program, bringing that up and then opening the main picture file containing the numerous folders. Again, she was amazed at how many there were, all of them featuring her. She opened a number of folders and picked out some photos at random, setting them side by side on the two monitors like she’d discovered Mitch had done. This time she covered one screen with pictures from the ‘CS—Cumshot’ folder, so she could see that gorgeous huge cock of her son’s. She opened his internet connection and checked his list of favorites, her brain swirling at the number of sites listed there that dealt with mother/son incest. She found the erotica story site he’d been on before, having taken note of it before closing the program. It went right into his account, and she perused his favorite stories, once again noting that nearly all of them dealt with mother/son incest. Mitch obviously favored one particular author, ‘rmdexter’, whose stories appeared in great number on her son’s preferred list. Intrigued by what she’d read in ‘Educating Mom’, she selected another chapter from a different story of his, ‘Road Trip with Mom’. Just as Mitch had done, she sized the window down to about 4″ wide, moving the panel of text to fit right over one of the pictures. She leaned forward and began reading, her breathing quickly becoming ragged as her level of excitement rose…

“Oh God, yessssssss,” Erica hissed, her eyes rolling back in her head as she felt the incredible size of her teenage son’s magnificent cock stretching her. She instinctively dug her high heels into the mattress, trying to open herself up even more for the onslaught she knew was coming. She couldn’t believe how thick it was, and how exquisitely hard. ‘The power of youth is a wonderful thing’, she thought to herself as Josh continued to slowly, insistently, force himself deeper into her. She could feel ataköy eve gelen escort the clinging pink flesh inside her vagina parting, bathing his huge cock with oily fuck-juice as he drove inch after thick hard inch into her. She could feel her body breaking out in a sweat as the massive intruder probed deep, deeper than she’d ever had before.

“Easy baby,” she said softly, her hands coming to rest on his powerful hips. Josh instinctively stopped and raised himself up slightly. They both looked down between their joined bodies, 3″ of hard thick cock still outside of her stretched labia, the hot pink flesh of her pussy-lips circling his rigid shaft obscenely. “Just stay still for minute, sweetie. Let me work it and get used to it.”

Nicole could feel her pussy creaming as she read, her stiff nipples feeling itchy with need as they pushed against the front of her constraining bra. She pushed her skirt up and quickly pulled her panties down, kicking them to the side as her fingers once more delved into her juicing cunt. She looked at the pictures of herself in the sexy outfits, and then at the ones of her son shooting off all over her, her beautiful hard cock making her mouth water. Her fingers had her climbing the walls, but she wanted to see what happened next in the story…

Josh felt his mother’s cunt start to pull at him. She was flexing the muscles inside her, the tight pink channel feeling like a hot buttery fist as she clenched down, pulling at his engorged cock. It felt like a rippling massage running the length of his cock, like slick fingers jerking him off inside her. It felt incredible, and Josh had to suppress the urges within him, knowing he was close to dumping his load right then and there. He realized that his mother was right—there was nothing like a mature woman to teach him the ways of making love.

“Do you like that, baby?” Erica asked, rolling her hips in slow tantalizing circle as she used the muscles inside her talented mature cunt to pull at him with that rippling sensation once more.

“Mom, it feels amazing. I can’t believe what you’re doing to me. I…I’m getting pretty close though,” he warned her.

“Okay, baby. Let’s try and get you all the way in before you do. I want to feel you buried all the way inside me before you shoot that load.” With her hands on his hips, she pulled him towards her, letting him know she was ready.

“Oh fuck, is that ever hot,” Nicole thought, obscene wet noises filling the room as her fingers slid vigorously back and forth in her steaming trench. She knew the mother and son couple were close, and she wanted to time her own climax with theirs.

Josh flexed back slightly, and then slowly drove forward. He could feel the tightness inside her, the strained tissues inside her almost tearing the skin right off the head of his cock. And then, he felt them yield, the hot flesh parting to allow him all the way in, her slippery cunt bathing his rampant cock with oily juices.

“Yessssssss,” Erica hissed loudly as her son drove the final few inches all the way inside her, touching spots deep inside her that had never been touched before. She was gasping and shaking with the intensity of being stretched to the tearing point, but when the enflamed head of his cock bumped up against her cervix at the same time his shaved groin pressed up against hers, she lost it right then and there.

“OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,” she wailed, her body thrashing about like a ragdoll as she started to come. An epic climax burst from deep within her like a fireball and shot through every delicious nerve ending of her body. Her fingernails dug into her teenage son’s back as she bucked and shook through her intense orgasm, her body trembling and convulsing in paroxysms of blissful pleasure. She came and came, sweat seeping out of every pore on her lush mature body as her tingling release overwhelmed her.

Nicole couldn’t take it any longer, and when the heroine of the story climaxed, she found herself going right over the edge as well. “OHHHNNNNNN,” she moaned loudly, her mature body twitching spastically as she came, her fingers rubbing intently over the roof of her vagina, delicious sensations of ecstasy blossoming out from the underside of her throbbing clit. As she shook and spasmed with delight, she looked at the pictures of her son’s cock through hooded eyes, knowing that long hard cylinder of flesh would be buried deep inside her own needy pussy within twenty-four hours. She’d teach her son to make her scream, just like Erica had taught Josh.

“MOM, I’M HOME,” Mitch called out as he came in and dumped his knapsack on the floor, happy that another school-week was over.

“I’ll be right down,” his mother responded, her voice coming from her upstairs bedroom. Mitch headed for the kitchen. He could hear her footsteps on the stairs now as he opened the fridge and leaned forwards to look inside, searching for something to drink. As he reached ataköy grup yapan escort for a can of Pepsi, he heard his mother right behind him. “So how did your presentation go?”

He pulled back from the fridge, closing the door as he turned around and spoke. “It went pretty g—.” Mitch stopped in midstream as he turned to look at his mother, the can of Pepsi slipping out of his hand and making a tinny ‘clunk’ as it hit the floor. Nicole looked down at the dented can rolling beneath their feet as Mitch just stood there dumbfounded, his eyes focussed hypnotically on his mother.

“Uh…,” Nicole muttered, pointing down to the Pepsi can rolling across the kitchen floor. Her words seemed to finally break Mitch out of his trance.

“Oh shit!” Mitch said as he reached down and picked up the can, his hands shaking as he quickly looked back at his mother.

“I was hoping you’d like my new outfit,” his mother said, a kittenish grin on her face. “But that was a little more than I expected.”

Mitch was aghast at what he was seeing. His mother looked like she had just stepped off the screen of his computer! She was wearing an outfit that was almost identical to a picture he’d Photoshopped her into. She had on a bubble-gum pink short-sleeved cardigan that molded itself to her curvy hourglass figure. She had left open a couple of the buttons at both the top and bottom of the sweater. Whereas the bottom ones allowed the cardigan to flare out smoothly over her wide matronly hips, the two she’d left unfastened at the top gave him a spectacular view of the upper swells of her full plump 36E breasts. His eyes were drawn to the generous display of sumptuous tit-flesh, and then his gaze went right to where those two massive guns were pushed together by her power-bra, his eyes following the spellbinding line of cleavage downwards, where he caught just a glimpse of the top of her white lacy bra, the sexy garment peeking out at him teasingly just above the first button that was done up, the sweater stretched tightly by the voluminous breasts it was holding. He looked further down past her slender waist, the cardigan seeming to caress her sexy flared hips. Beneath that she had on a white miniskirt, which looked like bleached denim, the hem of the skirt ending just above mid-thigh, her tanned legs looking fantastic against the brilliant white of the skirt. Her legs were bare all the way down to her tiny feet, which were clad in little white flat strappy sandals, which looked perfect with her casual, but incredibly sexy outfit.

“Y…y…you look beautiful, Mom,” Mitch stuttered, feeling his face turning red with embarrassment. “I…I’ve never seen you in something like that.” In real life he hadn’t, but on his computer, he’d seen her in almost the exact same outfit.

“I went and did a little shopping today. I figured it was time to add a few new things to the wardrobe. Do you really think it looks okay? I’m not as young as I once was, and I want to make sure people don’t think it’s inappropriate for someone may age.”

“Trust me, Mom,” Mitch replied as his eyes roamed hungrily over his mother’s buxom form. “It looks absolutely fantastic on you.”

“Are you really sure, sweetie?” Nicole asked, slowly doing a little pirouette so her son could see her from all sides.

“Oh fuck,” Mitch thought to himself as he got a perfect view of his mother’s lush body from all angles as she turned around, the tight sweater and abbreviated skirt putting every gorgeous hill and enticing valley on perfect display. “Yeah, Mom—I’m sure. It looks amazing. Everybody knows you’re the prettiest mom on the street—an outfit like that just puts all the other women to shame.”

“Oh, Mitch, you’re such a sweetheart,” Nicole said as she stepped up to her son and gave him peck on the cheek, subtly letting her huge breasts push gently against his arm. She also knew the perfume she’d put on would waft teasingly into his senses.

“Oh Jesus,” Mitch thought, his brain swirling with lascivious thoughts as he breathed in his mother’s sexy fragrance at the same time as he felt the soft warmth of her breasts pressing against his side. His cock had already started to stand to attention when he’d seen her in the hot new outfit—now, after her little kiss, his boiling blood was just pulsing into it. He could feel it straining against the front of his jeans.

Nicole stepped back, and as she did, she took a surreptitious glance down, noticing the substantial bulge in her son’s crotch. “You know, I bought a few other new things that I’m not too sure of either.” She turned and looked at the time. “We’ve still got a couple hours until your father gets home from work. Do you think I could try on some of those other things and show you? Maybe you could give me your opinion on those too?”

“Sure, I’d love to,” Mitch replied excitedly.

Nicole smiled broadly. “Great—this’ll be fun.” She decided to cast a little bait out there, and then see if Mitch would bite. “It’ll be just like having our own little fashion show.” She turned and started to leave the room.

A thought immediately occurred to Mitch when she said that. “Hey, Mom.” Nicole stopped and turned. “Since it’s going to be like a fashion show, how about I grab my camera and I’ll be the photographer. Then we’ll have something to remember it by.”

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