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(Author’s Note: Hey everyone, thanks for waiting for this chapter, it’s a long time coming. We’ve all been through a lot these last couple of months and this chapter has gone through several revisions as a result of my mood and my editor’s input, for which I am always grateful for. I hope all of you can enjoy the newest chapter of Mom’s Biggest Fan.)

When Olivia woke up, she could feel cool air on her face. The air conditioning must have turned on in the middle of the night. She looked at the sleek silver unit on the wall next to the window. She had never seen such a silent unit before, without the air she wouldn’t have noticed it was on. She closed her eyes again. The air felt good blowing on her. She shifted a little and realized that Justine was snuggling her. Ah that explained why she felt nice and cozy under the covers. Justine was her little furnace.

And what a lovely feeling it was have her gorgeous daughter naked and sleeping next to her! Justine’s skin was so nice and soft. She pushed the blanket down so she could admire the young woman’s breasts, how beautiful they looked pressed up against her, creamy and smooth. She felt herself really wake up, namely the area between her legs. She shifted back a bit so she could see the dark tip of Justine’s areola. Justine opened her eyes and shuffled over so she could snuggle her again. Olivia chuckled. She then touched her own stomach, feeling a dried patch on her skin.

“What’s this?” She asked, mostly to herself. Justine giggled.

“I came on you and then afterwards you fell asleep.” Justine reminded her.

“Oh, that’s right!” Olivia said and they both laughed happily. Olivia gave Justine a loving kiss. “I guess I better go take a shower.”

“Do you want company?” Justine asked, hugging Olivia’s waist, still sleepy.

Olivia glanced at the black digital clock on the side table and was a bit surprised that it was later than she expected. Already nine!

“No, you should get dressed. We don’t want to miss breakfast.” She gave a disappointed Justine a quick peck on the lips. “Trust me.” She said before rushing off to the bathroom.

It was already bright and sunny out, and the two walked along the walkway to the dinning area. The bay doors were open and there were already a lot of people sitting around eating. Olivia looked over to see Justine’s expression. The girl looked elated at the buffet style breakfast tables. Even from here Olivia could see the trays of sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes and French toast on one table, then a table with cereal, then baskets and plates of pastries and muffins, and in the far area a man in a chef’s uniform was cooking omelettes to order.

“I’m going to grab us some coffee and some toast for myself, I’ll grab us a place to sit too.” Olivia said.

“Sounds good.” Justine said eagerly as she hurried away.

Olivia grinned. She knew Justine would love the breakfast. She went over to the coffee area. There was a staff member there making specialty coffees with a large machine but Olivia just went to the side area and got some black coffee. She picked some whole wheat toast and then went over to a table where she saw some friends.

“Long time, Ollie!” Mae said to her. She was a curvy woman with brown curly hair. Olivia was happy to see that she was still with her girlfriend Rachel, a thin, long-haired brunette who was very sweet. She hugged both of them hello.

“Is that all you’re having?” Mae said critically as Olivia’s plate. Olivia shrugged. She looked at the buffet area and spotted Justine trying to find her. She waved and Justine’s eyes lit up when she noticed. She walked over with a very full plate.

“Now that’s a breakfast!” Mae said with approval as Justine sat down.

“Justine, these are my friends Mae and Rachel. This is my daughter, Justine.”

“Hi there!” Mae said, shaking Justine’s hand cheerfully. Rachel shook Justine’s hand too.

Mae looked at Justine with interest.

“Justine is new in the kink community so I thought it would be a good idea to bring her here, introduce her to some kinks, make sure she’s practicing kink safely…” Olivia said. Mae nodded. “That’s very important. She was still looking at Justine, fascinated.

“What do you think of it so far?” Mae asked. Mae was in her mid forties and Rachel was around Olivia’s age, and so Justine being on a kinky yacht trip and so young was probably very intriguing to her.

“Oh I’m loving it so far.” Justine said with a grin. “The party last night was great.” She started on her big plate of food, cutting a piece of sausage in half and taking a bite. Rachel and Mae appeared to be finished with their food already and were just finishing up their drinks.

“It was.” Mae said, squeezing Rachel’s thigh. “We went back to our room after, you know.” She said knowingly at Olivia.

Olivia nodded, recalling the orgy. “Oh yes, we did the same.”

Their conversation went towards discussing the events being held this year; Rachel wanted to do the ataköy anal yapan escort early morning nude Yoga, and Mae was looking forward to the wax play session. The yacht would travel south towards a few islands, where they could get off and enjoy some of the sights at each.

There was a bowl of butter and Olivia used her knife to start buttering her bread. Justine and Mae started chatting about the food and she ate her toast and sipped her coffee. Rachel was normally the quieter one but she too seemed to enjoy talking to Justine. Justine had them laughing at a joke and Olivia was pleased to see them all getting along.

“Try the omelette with caviar, it’s amazing.” Rachel gushed to Justine.

“I will.” Justine said as she started cutting into a blueberry pancake. Olivia took Justine’s white toast and started buttering it for her.

“We’re going to go back to our room, maybe we’ll see you guys later? I’m assuming you’re going to take her to some of the scheduled events?”

Olivia nodded. “We’ll take a look at the schedule today later.”

“Come by our room later tonight, I got a bottle of something I’d love your thoughts on.” Mae touched Olivia’s shoulder gently. “Bye Justine!” She said. The two women waved good bye and left.

Olivia passed over the now buttered toast back to Justine. “Thanks Mom.” Justine said. She glanced briefly at Olivia’s plate. “Is that all you’re having?”

Yeesh, everyone’s a critic.

“Not much a breakfast person, you know that.”

“I thought you’d be hungry after…last night.” Justine said casually. Olivia tried not to grin as she recalled the events of last night.

“I’m going to get one of those omelettes, can I get you anything?” Justine asked as she stood up.

More sex! Hehe.

“More coffee, thanks sweetie.” Olivia said, handing over her mug.

She took a look around as she waited for Justine to return. Mae and Rachel probably went back to their room to have sex. Olivia wanted to do the same. The kink trip definitely got everyone excited. Clothing was required at the dining area but after breakfast Olivia was sure she would start to see some topless women soon. She had some kinky outfits herself that she couldn’t wait to bring out.

Justine returned with an omelette and some bacon for herself and some fresh coffee for Olivia. Olivia accepted the mug with a word of thanks. It was really good coffee. She should go ask the barista what type of coffee beans they used. She took a piece of bacon from the stack on Justine’s plate and chewed on it. Justine grinned at her before she started eating her omelette. “Oh my god Mom, it’s so good.”

“Is it?” Olivia couldn’t help but smile as Justine dug in. Justine was making happy little sex noises as she ate, and Olivia had to stop herself from growling.

“Try it, Mom, it has caviar and cheese on it.” Justine cut a bite for her and offered it to her. Olivia opened her mouth and accepted it.

“Wow, that’s delicious!” Olivia exclaimed. She had never tried the omelette before even though it was a favorite for most of the attendees. She declined a second bite however and sat back in her chair, running a hand through her hair contently.

Caviar for breakfast, pussy on tap…life was surprisingly good right now.

Justine was looking at the schedule. “It looks like the yacht is stopping for a while so people can go swimming and use some of the equipment.”

Olivia nodded, “Sounds good to me. Did they say around what time?”

Justine said as she glanced at the time on her phone. “Hmm in about half an hour?” She put her hand down and slumped back in her seat. “Oof, I’m stuffed.”

“Just wait until you see what’s for lunch.” Olivia said with a grin.

Justine groaned and clutched her stomach. “I can’t even think about food right now.”

Olivia left to go chat with the barista about the coffee. The barista was more than happy to give her a small bag of ground coffee for her own room! That was so nice. When she returned, she decided to give a brief tour for Justine. It was a great way for them to walk around and digest their food. The yacht had a pool and a hot tub, and even fully equipped gym with an area that opened up to the outdoors, allowing them to exercise semi al fresco. The bedrooms they had already seen, so Olivia took Justine to the bridge area.

There were lots of staff members in this area, and Olivia asked them if she could show Justine around. The controls and all the screens looked very complicated. The captain, a white haired, tall man with a stocky build, was more than happy to show Justine all the controls like the throttles and the steering, as well as the various radios for the yacht and the rack of walkie talkies all charging on the side.

“This is definitely the best view.” Justine said as she looked out at the windshield and the clear blue ocean that filled their entire view.

“Just wait until we reach the islands!” The captain ataköy bdsm escort said with a hearty chuckle.

Olivia showed her the main saloon where there was a lounging area for watching tv and playing games and overall socializing. The back of the yacht held a storage area for jet skis and other watersports equipment, as well as a club area for those taking a break from the water. They took their time looking around at all the beautiful areas and Justine took lots of pictures on her phone.

They went back to the room and Olivia put the ground coffee in one of the drawers. They got changed into their swimsuits and walked to the back of the boat. By then it was time to enjoy the water! It was already getting to be a hot day, and the beautiful blue water looked plenty inviting. Olivia quickly put sunscreen on herself before passing the bottle over to Justine.

“Who wants to be first on the jet ski?” The male staff member who was lowering the jet skis into the water called out.

“Me!” Justine said. Unfortunately, someone else had beaten her to it. Justine did a double take at the topless woman.

“Clothing is optional on the yacht now by the way.” Olivia said, scanning Justine’s face with amusement.

“Now come on, lets swim!” She said, smacking Justine’s arm playfully.


The water was nice and cool, a relief from the growing heat. There were already a few people in the water swimming around and laughing. Pretty soon someone was playing music from a handheld speaker. Justine played with a pool noodle and Olivia found an inner tube to laze about on. Justine swam up to her side and started pushing the tube. “Ah a chauffeur, how nice.” Olivia teased. From nearby, two women got the same idea and started doing it too. “It’s the only way to get anywhere.” The woman in the water joked to them.

It was the other couple’s first time attending the kink event, and Olivia got to talking about some of the previous year’s events.

“There’s a rope event coming up I want to check out.” One woman said.

“Oh! I want to go to that too.” Justine said. Just then a guy swam up.

“Your turn for the jet ski!” He told Justine before swimming away.

“Yess! Come on, Mom!” Justine said. Olivia noticed Alex looked surprised at hearing that. Did they not realize Justine was her daughter? Olivia got off the tube and swam over. They put on life jackets and climbed onto the jet ski. The staff member showed Justine how to operate the throttles and the steering.

“Ready, Mom?” Justine asked. Olivia wrapped her arms around her daughter’s waist.

“Don’t go too fast, baby.” She said. “Ready!”

Justine drove the jet ski forward, away from the back of the ship and to the right side of it. They rode around lazily while Justine got the hang of the controls.

“I think we can speed it up a little.” Olivia said once they were far away from the swimmers. Justine picked up the pace and the engine grew louder.

“I’m going to gun it, Mom!” Justine said.

Olivia hugged on tight. “Do it!”

The wind whipped their hair as Justine picked up speed. Olivia grinned and shut her eyes. Weee! This was fun! They sped around for a while before the monitor beeped on the jet ski, signalling it was time to go back and give someone another turn. Justine pulled in slowly back towards the jet ski dock as two of the staff walked over. The idling engine vibrated between Olivia’s legs and she briefly thought of a more creative way of having fun on the jet ski. One of the guys switched off the jet ski and offered a hand to Justine while the other man helped Olivia off.

“You looked like a pro on that!” The dark-skinned, older man who helped Justine off said to her, who grinned at the compliment.



They headed onto the yacht for some refreshments before the event. “That was so fun.” Justine said, still grinning. “I wanted to stay on that thing for forever.”

“Well maybe you can get a turn again later.” Olivia said.

“I want to ride something else.” Justine said, low enough for only Olivia to hear.

Mmm…me too.

Unfortunately, there was no time for that since the intro to rope event was starting soon. They sat at the bar near the bow and a speedy bartender made them drinks. They chatted with the other bar patrons until it was time.

They entered the large room which was slightly darkened to set the mood. Olivia recognized the instructor, it was Mark, one of her good kink friends. He gave a brief introduction to rope and safety and then showed off a one column tie and then a two column. Olivia sat on one of the cushions and allowed Justine to practice the ties.

“Olivia? What are you doing here?” Mark said with a playful scoff as he nudged her shoulder. “You are definitely not new to rope.”

Olivia grinned and nodded at Justine. “My daughter, Justine.” Justine looked up upon hearing her name. “Justine, this is Mark, one of my friends.” ataköy elit escort

“Hi!” Justine said with a grin.

Mark looked at her and did a double take. “Oh!” He smiled in a friendly way that Olivia had never seen. It was always refreshing to see young blood when it came to kink. “Hi!”

“I’m new, Mom’s just keeping me company.” Justine said with a self-conscious smile.

Mark looked from Justine to Olivia. “Ah of course, I can see the resemblance now.” He said, now somewhat embarrassed.

“I’m going to walk around, but I’ll come back later and show you some cool stuff, ok?”

“Sure!” Justine said cheerfully. She went back to tying up Olivia’s legs.

“There, now you can’t run away.” Justine said mischievously.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Mark walked around correcting and giving tips to the other people, but came back a bit later. He had a book of rope ties that he showed Justine. Justine looked through the pages eagerly. “This one is gorgeous.” She sighed longingly as she looked at a suspension design.

Mark chuckled. “Well that’s a more advanced design, a beginner wouldn’t be able to do it.” He thought for a moment. “But why don’t you two stay after the class? With Olivia’s help I can let you try that.”

After the class was over people continued to chat and catch up with each other. Mark led them into another room. Justine was in for a treat; Mark was an excellent suspension artist. He talked Justine through all the safety rules and the areas he was going to tie. Justine watched in fascination as Mark easily tied a chest harness onto her. She felt a flicker of jealousy as Mark put his hands near Justine’s chest and hips as he secured the ties, but Mark was very professional. Justine looked happily at her.

“This is so exciting.” She exclaimed with a grin. Olivia and Mark both chuckled. It was incredible to see Mark at work, he made it look so easily. Soon Justine was suspended from the bar slightly above them, her hair drooping down.

“How does it feel?” Olivia asked.

“Mm…amazing.” Justine said. Olivia gathered up her long dark hair with one hand and Justine closed her eyes and sighed blissfully. Mark suspended one of her legs.

“How’s that feel?” He asked. “Not too tight?”

“No.” Justine said. “It feels good.”

“And here?” Olivia moved over, testing the tension on the shoulder area.

“Yeah, that feels fine, Mom.”

Mark looked at her and then nodded, then suspended her other leg. Now Justine was fully suspended horizontally on one side. She brushed Justine’s hair to the back so she could look at Justine’s face again. Justine had her eyes closed and looked so blissful. Olivia’s heart fluttered with happiness. She caressed Justine’s arm for a moment and Justine opened her eyes again.

“How are your legs feeling, Justine?” Mark asked. “Any tingling?”

Justine frowned a little. “Yeah in the top leg.”

Mark quickly readjusted the tie, this time the legs a little higher than her head. “How’s that?”


Olivia nodded approvingly. “How about a few photos?” She asked, taking out her phone. She took a few photos and Mark gently pushed on Justine, causing her to slowly spin.

“How do I look, Mom?” Justine asked.

“Beautiful.” Olivia said. “Like a ballerina. Say Mark, you wouldn’t happen to have a paddle nearby, would you?”

Mark’s eyes gleamed and he smiled. “Why yes, I do, in the other room.”

“Do you want a spanking?” Olivia asked, leaning in to ask Justine.

“Yes, please.”

Olivia nodded to Mark.

“I’ll adjust her so she can stay suspended longer.” He adjusted the ties again and handed Olivia the scissors, showing her which ones to cut, just in case.

“Keep an eye on her, ya?”

Olivia nodded. She watched him leave before bending down to give Justine a kiss on the lips. “How is it?” She whispered.

“Oh, incredible.” Justine breathed. “I really wish it was just the two of us though.”

“Me too.” Olivia ran her hand up Justine’s thighs to the apex, and Justine closed her eyes and let out a small gasp. “But we’ll save that for later.”

When Mark returned with the paddle Olivia was checking the ties. “Looks good.” She said. Mark adjusted the ties again. “Probably just a little bit longer and then I’ll take her down.” He said. Olivia nodded. She trailed the paddle up the back Justine’s thigh, seeing her shudder. She gave a light smack onto Justine’s butt. Justine let out a gasp.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” Justine shifted her weight on the ropes. “It just feels, more intense I guess.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“It’s good.” Justine said quickly. “Keep going, please.” Olivia chuckled.

She gave a few good smacks on Justine’s butt with the paddle, until Justine was squirming.

“Alright, I think that’s enough.” Olivia said, setting the paddle onto the table.

“I could go a bit longer.” Justine protested.

“It’s always better to end a suspension session earlier than later.” Mark agreed with Olivia. He undid the ropes on one leg and then another, and then Olivia moved the chair over so Justine could sit down after Mark undid the harness around her chest. Justine said down on the chair and Mark handed her a bottle of water.

“Not bad for your first session?” Mark asked.

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