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When I was in my late teens past my 18th birthday, I had a lot of trouble achieving orgasms unless I was fantasizing about my father, until my parents taught me how to achieve my own pleasure with a boy. But let me start by describing myself, I’m Nancy, a 22 year old, buxom 36dd pear shaped, red curly haired married libertine woman. You could portray me as a voluptuous buxom, 36dd pear shaped breasts, rosy nipples – 28 inch waist – 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn hair, with also an hourglass figure. These events happened to me in my late teens. In my teens I kept my pubic hairs trimmed but not shaved, just so they wouldn’t show when I wear a bikini thong.

A few months after my 18th birthday, one evening I invited my boyfriend Mike over to my place, it was fairly late so my parents were already sleeping and my brother was out with his friends drinking. We decided to stay in the living room on the sofa; Mike then had a delicious idea of renting some pay per view porn. I squirmed in my plaid mini squirt in anticipation, while he flipped the remote to the couples’ selection and then the group subsection. He then stopped on a MILF movie. I looked at him and asked what kind of perverted fantasies had he about older women, he said quite openly that he found older women quite attractive and that he has had fantasies about licking his mother’s hairy pussy for a long time and that he would always go to the bathroom after she was done pissing so that he could jack off to her pussy and piss smell. I was surprised and quite shocked at the comment, but it also turned me on that he was just as perverted as me, my nipples reacted to the comment and were poking through my thin see through bra and showing through my blue halter top. I looked in his eyes and confessed that I had done the almost the same, smelling my parents’ cum stained sheets after their morning fuck session last weekend.

The movie started showing some blonde busty older woman sitting down with a younger version of her, obviously pretending to be her daughter. Mike then hugged me and I leaned over him resting my head on his lap while watching the movie. He then had his hand up my miniskirt caressing my pussy lips over my panties, while his other hand opened his fly and took his penis out of his underwear. It was already erect with some strong smelling precum leaking from the top. I was looking at it and intoxicated by it’s pungent masculine smell I gently gave it quick licks timing them to his fingers caressing me. By then the movie had progressed to a 69 position with both women licking each other’s asses and pussies, pretty soon after the lick scene ended, we could hear some moans coming down the hall, and they were not from the porno. We both smiled at each other and decided to investigate the sounds coming from my parents’ bedroom. The door was slightly ajar and I gently pushed it open to reveal a most erotic scene in front of my eyes.

My mother, Kathy, is a large breasted sexually open minded woman of 40 years with natural 36d breasts also pear shaped but showing a little more sag than mine with long protruding nipples, long flowing curly dark brown hair, an hourglass figure. She was on all fours on the bed sheet with my father’s face under her pussy obviously licking her cunt bakırköy masöz escort but he was also at the same time inserting a lubed glass dildo in her asshole, proudly sporting a very hard inclined erection. Standing in the darkness of the corridor, peering inside their room we could smell their juiced pussy and cock but also my mother’s brownish ass juices on the dildo.

Mike whispered in my ear:

”God Nancy, I can smell your mother’s cunt and ass from here it’s fucking great!”

I looked down and I noticed he hadn’t even bothered zipping up his pants; his dick was still pointing out of his zipper, straight up and leaking precum all along its length. I was intoxicated and aroused by the smells and views in front of me I couldn’t contain myself I had to taste some cock. I turned around facing Mike, in the process entering my parents room backwards, then crouching on my parted legs, my skirt riding up exposing my smelly wet panties, I slowly took his cock head in my mouth and starting bobbing up and down on his penis. My nipples hurting poking through my clothes, I slowly raised my arms and taking a break from his cock head I took off my halter top and bra, dropping them to the floor. My tits bobbing up and down I proceeded to suck and lick his leaking dick until he quickly came in my mouth with a loud groan. Fearing my parents would see us in the doorframe of their room; I quickly swallowed his spunk and pushed him back into the hall and headed in my room which was facing my parents.

We both fell on the bed, while Mike got naked I took off my skirt and panties, I sat on the bed, legs opened showing my swollen lips smelling the room up with my arousal, he climbed on top of me, his cock head resting on my opened pussy opening. He started caressing and sucking my nipples, I was wetting his mushroom head with my acrid secretions, awaiting my impending orgasm. But to my horror he fell asleep on my breasts suckling on my nipple.

I woke up, startled because the bed was rocking back and forth, I also noticed that both my hands and feet were tied to the bed with nylon ropes. I heard some slurping noises to my left and I was shocked but also kinkily aroused at seeing my mother sitting on Mike’s face, have her asshole eaten out.

”Ohhhhh, yessss! Nancy, I came in to see you this morning and I noticed you and Mike naked on your bed. Mike woke up and started caressing his cock while looking at me. Clearly he wanted to fuck me. So I took matters in my own hands, so to speak…”

”Oh Mom, what have you done to him, his balls are huge and his cock is bulging purple! Why am I tied up to the bed!”

”I just slapped his balls a few times, to teach him not to fuck me while he clearly hasn’t satisfied you yet. I need to teach this young man how to satisfy a woman. I tied you up so that you wouldn’t interrupt us, you need to watch and learn, you stinky slut!”

I could smell her pussy odor all over the room, and clearly I could see with Mike’s growing erection that he enjoyed sucking on my mother’s anus. I could see his head moving up and down, while my mother gently lowered her face to his cock head while raising her ass in the air so that I could clearly see him now running his tongue bakırköy otele gelen escort all the length of her engorged opened pussy. He was moaning in pleasure and turned to look at my puffed up breasts while she sucked him totally in her mouth. He then placed his hand on my opened wet pussy and started to caress my hardening clitoris, while I watched my mother insert an index finger inside his anus and jerking him off. He cried out in ecstasy, she aimed his penis at me while his cum erupted all over my body

She calmly said: ”Mike, you see for people to understand that you’re fucking this girl, they must smell your scent on her, otherwise they’ll think she isn’t fucking anyone and they’ll want to give her their cock! Her daddy always sprays my tits every day so that people can smell that my tits belong to him.”

I looked at her in a daze, amazed that my dad’s cum was covering her breasts, I asked her: ”Could I smell your breasts mommy, I’d like to know what daddy’s sperm smells like!”

She gently got off Mike, turned around and lowered her breasts over my mouth and nose. She started swinging them side to side, while the tips and nipples hardened when they hit my nose and mouth. I could smell and see the caked layer of cum on her hanging mounds; they had a sweet but very pungent musky scent. I could see she wanted me to taste her nipples; I gently sucked one in my mouth while I heard Mike entering her pussy from behind.

I was pulling on the nipple in my mouth while my boyfriend was fucking her horny leaky cunt. She looked up in my eyes in between moans and said: ”See honey now that I lovingly sucked him and slapped his balls around a bit and lowered my smelly pussy on his face he can’t resist fucking it.” She yelled out and then collapsed over my face, I was buried between her breasts in the scent of my daddy’s cum, while a gentle hand was fingering my pussy. I couldn’t tell if it was my mother or Mike’s hand pinching my clit and fingering my pussy up to my unbroken hymen.

I heard my mother lovingly say: ”Oh Nancy, I’m so proud of you, you’re still a virgin”

Then she moved her fingers up and started caressing my clitoris while she rocked back and forth with Mike pumping her vagina. He quickly jerked and from the pleasure look on my mother’s face I deduced he was cumming inside her.

”Ohhhhh”, I heard her yell.

He then collapsed next to me, his now limp and wet penis leaking over my thigh.

My mother then slowly turned around, lowered her vagina over my breast, pushing Mike’s sperm out of her onto my chest and lowered her ass over me and rubbed it all over my breasts.

”There you go Hon, you’re man’s sperm is all over you now”

She then got off me and lay on top of Mike, gently kissing him.

She then looked up in Mike’s eyes and said:

”How come you haven’t pierced her hungry pussy yet”

He looked at my mother, then lowered her face so that she could lick his sweaty empty testacies just like he enjoys after cumming a lot. He keeps saying it helps to produce sperm after he’s all empty.

Looking at her licking his balls with a smile he replied:

”Well Kathy, she sucks me and lets me fuck her anus bakırköy rus escort once in a while, I guess that’s enough for me for now, I don’t want her getting pregnant.”

My mother raised her head from his hairy balls so that she could reply:

”Obviously it’s not enough for the both of you, since you have to creep into our bedroom to watch us fuck at night. You obviously enjoyed it since you came so quickly in her mouth”

I quickly replied: ”Oh Mom! You saw us! Did Dad see us too? Please don’t tell him I’ve been sucking his dick and letting him put it in my asshole. I promise I won’t tell him you enjoyed Mike. Please I’ll even let you enjoy Mike as much as you want”

Then I saw my father at the door, holding my halter top and bra that I dropped on his bedroom floor. He was naked sporting a quite handsome erection between all the hair he had on his balls and penis. He was looking at my spread opened pussy and asshole. They were both quivering in fear and excitement, my pussy lips slowly puffing up and my anus puckering and opening with a steady rhythm. He then bent low and picked up the panties I had discarded in my passion of the previous night. He brought them to his nose, while at the same time pumping his cock in and out of his hands, I had started to leak by that time and my nipples were hardened into hard rocks.

Kathy my mother had stopped licking Mike’s balls and was now licking his asshole while Mike was masturbating clearly enjoying the sight of my dad jacking off.

I was now squirming in my ropes embarrassed at the naked display of my attraction to my father jacking off to my naked body.

Jules, my father, then climbed on the bed, and lowered his penis to my face. His penis smelled of dried sperm just like the smell on my mother’s tits, but also of urine. He looked into my eyes for approval then slowly lowered his cock head to my lips. He smelled so strong that I changed my mind at that point about sucking him, but then he strongly twisted my nipples and when I opened my mouth to scream he inserted his penis in it. Despite the strong masculine smell I found that I really enjoyed the taste and I started running my tongue all over his round mushroom head, making sure I got all the taste from it and could savor it fully.

Mike then pushed my mother off his anus, mounted me and proceeded in licking my dad’s ass, all the while gently inserting his cock inside my vagina. I felt my hymen stretching and then tearing. The pain was so intense I almost bit down on my dad’s cock at the same time. My dad’s cock slowly deflating under my tongue retreated from my mouth. He then rubbed it all over my face, still enjoying mike’s tongue on his hairy asshole. Mike quickly started pumping my torn and bruised cunt, Kathy disappointed in not having his lovely ass to lick, started caressing and squeezing his balls, leaning over his shoulder to watch him penetrate me. He quickly took his penis out of my cunt, spraying sperm and leaking blood over my navel. My father then slowly got off me, Mike also got out of the way and Kathy took position between my legs, licking my bleeding pussy and swollen clitoris peeking out of it’s hood. I was thrashing in the throes of a wild orgasm; I raised my bum off the bed pushing my pussy in my mother’s face covering her mouth with all my orgasmic fluids.

”Congratulations Nancy, now that you’ve been fucked and shown your talents at sucking you’re now a true woman” I heard my father say while I was still quivering from pleasure.

I smiled in complete wanton lust and pleasure, and closed my eyes while they gently untied me from the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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