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At 22, something wonderful happens between twins.

It was the moment of truth. That one sparkling moment when things changed—forever. Ellen lay naked on her bed, legs wide and bent at the knees, the balls of her feet pressing into the mattress as her bottom raised in feverish anticipation.

Above her smiled a face she loved more than any. Her twin brother Chris. She felt his own nakedness as a smooth, fleshy warmth against the insides of her thighs, but now, at this point, another fleshy part of him was pushing.


Ellen shuddered uncontrollably. The swollen head of her brother’s cock pressed gently between her equally swollen pussy lips. She held her breath. Another inch and he would be in her. And though she had already had the whole length of his gorgeous rod in her mouth and partway down the back of her throat, this was different.

Chris paused at the gateway to this other reality. He had always considered his twin the most beautiful person in the world. His best friend. They had been together through the years and now, as they lived and breathed in their 22nd year, it seemed that the unknown far outweighed the known.

He had never, before this wonderfully strange night, thought of his sister as a sexual being. Someone with carnal appetites. But their playful wrestling had taken a bahçelievler escort pause at one point an hour or two before, and it was then, then that he saw her as a vital, beautiful, desirable being.

Or perhaps it was the fact that somehow her focus, her own thoughts, had turned to him in like manner and there had been a long-unused connection; something that had remained dormant and hidden. In that moment, the that one single moment before they both began to strip off their clothes, there had been that connection, that unspoken agreement and understanding between them.

And they had touched and kissed in those first moments, touching places where brother and sister normally never touch. Their kisses quickly became much more than their normal sibling cheek kissing, and their lips had pressed and smeared in a passion that seemed to go completely out of control.

And their reaching, exploring hands had soon been followed up by reaching, exploring lips and tongues and they had found themselves in the deepest throes of sixty-nine. He had almost spurt in Ellen’s mouth several times, but he managed not to, and instead continued using his own mouth, his lips and tongue and his fingers to bring her off to satisfaction over and over again.

Then another pause; the world—the universe—seeming bahçeşehir escort to draw a breath and hold it deeply. They had sat up facing each other, Chris wiping fresh smears of his sister’s pussy juice from his chin and she licking her lips at the fresh taste of his own precum, and then she had slowly turned, laid back and brought her knees up and spread them.

And now this.

Crouched over her, he paused another moment and reached one hand back to run it slowly up the back of her thigh, up her calf. He kept trying to tell himself that this was all real, that this was really happening, but things were so dreamlike that he remained in between. Even the feel of his sister’s silky skin against his palm seemed part of the same dream. He brought his gaze and his attention back to the moment and looked down at her.

Ellen smiled up, wanting the completion of this. Wanting it more than anything else. She wondered if things would ever arrive at this point again. She hoped they would. She hoped it more than she could even fathom at this point. She thought of how it would be to have Chris ejaculate in her mouth. She wanted to feel that, to taste it. She wondered what it would feel like to have him in her ass instead of where he would hopefully soon be. She wondered what bakırköy anal yapan escort it would be like to—

“Fuck me, brother,” she breathed. “It’s okay. I want it as much as you do….”

And then there was pressure, slick but firm, and she felt the length of her brother’s prick enter her. It stopped again only halfway in.

Chris shivered. He felt his supporting shoulders shudder in excitement. A tingle raced down his back and made his ass-cheeks squeeze and tighten. He drew a breath. He was in her. In his own beautiful sister!

Then the universe seemed to exhale and time resumed its course. Chris pushed all the way in and Ellen let out a breathy moan. She then felt the penis withdraw and shove in again. Twice more. She shivered. Her orgasm built and seemed to explode beyond her control. And she did not want to control it!

In all, their first attempt at intercourse lasted only ten minutes, though because of their slow and thrilling foreplay, their love-making had taken nearly three hours. Chris came in her, deeply, emptying everything he had and grew soft even as he kept pounding and thrusting. Ellen came four times in quick succession and was satisfied.

But five minutes after that wonderful lingering moment, that joining, twin sister reached a hand absently over twin brother’s crotch and found a stiff and ready shaft. She rose on one elbow, smiling.

“You can’t sleep with that thing sticking up like that,” she grinned, and proceeded to curl herself toward it. Moment’s later the twins returned to their sixty-nine, mindless but for each other.

It was a second moment in what turned out to be many.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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