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“Mom, I’m home!”

My mother, a beautiful statuesque woman with long straight blonde hair just like mine, came into the kitchen, smiling at me. Her smile seemed to be reserved for me alone. It bored deeply into my soul, warming me, making me happy. I, in turn, smiled back at her. I love her more than anything or anybody in the world. To be honest, she is my world.

Taking me into her arms for a wonderful hug, she kissed me lightly on my lips before she pressed her cheek to mine. “How was your day, dearest?”

She released me so I could drop my book bag on the table. “It was good, mom. I got a 93 on my Sociology exam.”

She put on a mock stern face. “Only 93, why not 94 or 95?”

I swatted her cute butt and she giggled. “That’s really good, dear. I’m always so proud of you, you know.”

“I know, mom. I love you so much.”

“Your father called from work. He’s going to a meeting in town and he won’t be home until 9:00 or 10:00.”

I pulled her closer and held the cheeks of her butt as I kissed her. I whispered in her ear, “Wanna fool around?”

“Is your homework done?”

I began to kiss her face, her lips and cheeks. “Finished it at school.”

She moaned slightly as I held her tightly against me, our breasts almost directly against each other’s. Mom is six feet tall and I’m just five feet ten. Her figure has always been slim, with just the right amount of curvature that nobody ever mistook her for anything but a gorgeous woman. I’m a skinnier version of her. My breasts never grew beyond an A cup and my hips are so slim I can buy my clothes in the boys’ department.

Mom says I look like the girl next door, but I wish I had a bit more here and there. Despite my long hair, I’ve been mistaken for a boy way too many times. That can bruise a young girl’s ego. The only one who has been able to convince me of my femininity is my mom. She did that in the nicest way possible. She seduced me.

We’ve been having sex with each other since I graduated from high school (yes, I’d turned eighteen by then). I’m not sure why she decided to seduce me, but the knowledge I’m attractive to such an amazing woman as my mom and that I can please her and give her something back she needs is sufficient to convince me I’m somebody special, too.

The boys I’ve dated have not been very supportive nor have any resulted in more than a brief relationship. When they figured out I wasn’t going to jump in bed with them right away, they faded away in search of easier conquests, I suppose. I’ve given up on dating boys altogether for now. I’m concentrating on school. I’m lucky enough to live with my parents, rent-free, meals and medical paid, come to think of it. I have a cute little economy car to commute to the campus of the University and I have a lover at home. My life is amazingly good.

Among the advantages of all this, I don’t have to stress about anything but getting the grades to keep a high GPA so I can get into the graduate program I want. If I’m accepted into that program, I can continue to live at home, with my dearest lover avcılar elit escort and concentrate on becoming a good Psychologist.

I’m not sure I’m strictly a lesbian. My mom definitely isn’t. She and dad cheerfully make lots of noise when they make love and I know she loves having sex with him. She once told me she gives him as much sex as he wants. It’s just that as time goes on, his sex drive seems to be fading and hers is growing. She needs more than he does, so I’m making my father a cuck. That’s weird. I love dad and will never hurt him. We just make sure to keep our activities as a deeply held secret. He doesn’t think it’s in any way weird for a mom and her daughter to do a girls’ weekend or just to cuddle on the couch.

Anyway, all my sexual activity now is homosexual and most of my fantasies are, too. The porn I like is pretty much all girl-girl. Yes, I still enjoy solo sex. I have some very nice toys in my headboard of my bed. I still keep up on my contraceptive shots, though. If a guy I like comes along to take my V card, I’ll be ready for him. Mom has made sure my hymen is long gone. She loves using her strap-on in me and I love how it feels to be filled up with a cock. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when I find the right guy. I just think I’m always going to be a momma’s girl, too. Anytime she wants me, I’m hers.

I’ve had a few girls at school hit on me. Maybe I light up their gaydar or something. I don’t know if I believe in that much. Every time I’ve tried to guess somebody’s sexual orientation, I end up getting embarrassed. Mom has encouraged me to date other girls if I want to. I might try it with a girl I like. She’s funny and really pretty, too.

For now, though, I just propositioned my own mother and she seems interested in a bit of incest with me.

I took her hand and lightly kissed her fingers, looking her in the eyes. Her smile only grew and her amazing blue eyes twinkled at me. Leading her to my bedroom, I closed the door behind us and turned to kiss her properly. We wrapped ourselves in each other’s arms and kissed each other romantically, our tongues caressing each other as we do.

I pushed my knee between my mom’s thighs. She parted them happily as we kissed. I slowly hiked up the back of her dress to the point I could feel her panties. Teasing her butt crack with my fingers, I continued to rub her pussy with my thigh. Insinuating my hand between us, I caressed her breasts, feeling her nipples begin to grow.

She hiked up the back of my little skirt. She found the back string of my thong and toyed with it, tugging it to put pressure on my pussy. I love when she does that.

We didn’t have a lot of time, but we did have enough to make love. I reached behind her, grasping the tab of her zipper, I slowly began to pull it down to the point at her butt it wouldn’t go any further. I put my hands on her bare back and her cute ass, making her needy for more of me. I pulled back just enough to pull her dress forward and to pull if from her arms.

Kneeling, I held her dress avcılar escort so she could step out of it, steadying herself on my shoulders. I draped her dress over the back of my chair and stood to hug her again. She, in turn, tugged my tee up and over my head and arms, laying it aside. Reaching behind me, she unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I hooked it with my foot and put it on my chair, too.

“Darling, you look amazing in a thong.”

“Thanks, mom. You just look amazing to me, whatever you wear.”

“I love you so much, darling girl. I could make love with you every day and still want more.”

“Mom? Why is it that something so beautiful is so forbidden? When I think of being a motherfucker, I’m happy and I just want more. Am I weird or something?”

She caressed my face, smoothing my hair back behind my ears and then kissing me. Lightly running her hands up and down my body, she sighed.

“My dearest love, I can’t explain it. I just know I’m in love with you, too. I’m still in love with your dad. There’s lots of room in my heart. If you find a girl you want to live with forever, I’ll probably feel the same about her, too. I trust your judgement. All I know is that I always wanted you. I never did anything about it until you turned eighteen and could make an adult decision. Do you have any regrets? I have none.”

By answer, I began to kiss her all over her face and neck and I reached behind her to unclasp her bra and take if off of her.

She smiled and sighed as she undid my bra as well. We took turns taking each other’s panties off. I gave her a sly smile as I looked into the gusset of hers and sniffed them. “Yummm.”

“Naughty girl!” She balled my wet thong up in her hand and sniffed it in turn. She tucked mine into the pocket of her dress before we continued our loving.

I hooked my heel behind her knee and pushed her backwards to fall onto my bed and then I fell onto her. We commenced kissing madly as I began to hump my mommy. She kept kissing me and I her. I managed to hump my mom until I began to have that wonderful feeling deep in my pelvis. In a few moments, my breathing sped and mom laughed as she humped me back, trying to give me an orgasm.

Her thigh was getting quite wet as I fucked it and it didn’t take me long to have a delicious orgasm. After my spasms quieted down, I slid down her body to get my mouth and tongue between her thighs, right at her vulva. I could see she was quite wet and she smelled like sex incarnate.

I began by licking her inner upper thighs and swapping sides frequently. Her moans signaled her appreciation for my exertions. I worked my tongue between her labia to the outside of her clitoral hood, then running circles around her clit, indirectly.

It didn’t take much time for her to begin to moan more loudly and breathe more rapidly. She put her hands on my forehead, pushing me away. “Honey, stop for a second. I want you to put on a strappie and fuck me good. Will you do that for me, darling?”

I didn’t avcılar eve gelen escort waste a moment. I pulled out my favorite dildo and harness and buckled them on. Crawling up between her legs, I hastened to shove my hard cock into her. Deeply in and out, I shoved my cock into her cunt as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I proceeded to fuck her hard as she likes it.

I’ve heard her beg dad often enough to know she likes it hard and deep. I did my best to give her as good a fucking as she’s ever had. I kept pistoning in and out of her until she began to scream and cry.

When she begged me to stop, I looked up to check the clock. It was still short of 6:00. We had lots of time.

“Mom, let’s shower and soak in the hot tub. I want to cuddle with you for a little bit before I fuck your again.”

She chuckled and tried to get out of bed. I guess I must have screwed her to it. I helped pull her out of my bed and I ran the shower for us, taking my cock off to wash in the shower. I snagged bath towels and bath robes and we went out to the gazebo and into the water in the hot tub.

I sat next to her, my arm around her shoulder. She dropped her hand to my lap, gently caressing my thighs, slowly working her way up to my pussy. I opened my legs for her and just kissed her face gently and lovingly.

We got well boiled and got out to cool off. I inspected my mother. “You have such a beautiful body, mom. I hope I look half as good when I’m your age.”

She examined me and smiled gently. “Thank you, darling. You’ve always been such a lovely girl. I’m embarrassed to say how many times I saw you naked or in your undies, wanting so much to kiss you. In truth, I’ve always wanted to make love to you. I’m so glad you enjoy being my lover.”

“Mom, enjoy isn’t the word. I’m so in love with you, I could be yours forever and be happy. Do you know at least half of my sexual fantasies are of you? The rest are miscellaneous other girls and even a guy on occasion, but I’m sure I could live as a lesbian for the rest of my life.”

She looked at my feet and then at my face. “Honey, I think of you all the time. You’re my living obsession.”

I hugged her closely. At first, it was just a mom-and-daughter hug, but I began to need more. I started to touch her everywhere on her body I could reach.

I could see her nipples begin to perk up again. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up. “C’mon, let’s go commit incest again. I’m a needy girl. I need my mommy.”

She laughed and ran with me into the house to my bedroom. She fell backwards onto the bed again and I dropped next to her, but reversing head for foot. “Oh, love, my favorite number.”

We ate each other’s pussy lovingly and energetically until we hit the tipping point. I shoved two fingers inside her and she invaded my cunt in the same way. Licking and fucking each other, we managed to achieve another lovely orgasm and rested for a moment.

“It’s time to get up and make supper for my family. I’m wondering if your father wants a good fuck when he gets home, too. I’d like to get a load of his sperm into me to cap the day. Maybe we should get him to fuck you, too, dearest. He’s good and he might like a young girl like you for a change.”

“Mom! You wouldn’t!”

She laughed again. “No, dearest, but one of my fantasies is seeing him fucking you. Maybe some day…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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