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I am a divorcee. My husband left me after five years of marriage. The only thing good about the marriage is that I have a son, Tim. Now that Tim is married and lives in an apartment with his wife, I live alone.

My romantic life has never been very good. Friends tell me I have a very shapely body. Unfortunately, my facial features where never considered pretty. I always had a problem attracting boys when I was younger and that problem continues today.

Recently, I have been dating George. I don’t know why he wants to date me because he is a handsome divorced guy. With his charms and wit, he could entice most any pretty girl to bed. The only reason I think he has been dating me is that I do my best to fulfil his sexual fantasies.

I think George is beginning to tire of me. He mentioned he had met a very pretty girl at work and had taken her to lunch. He hasn’t called me lately, so I expect he is disappearing from my life. I feel so lonesome living by myself.

While I was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, the phone rang.

I answered the phone, “Hello”

“Hi, Mom.”

“Hello Tim, I’m glad you called. I was just sitting here tonight being lonesome.”

“Mom, can I come over? I’ve got a problem.”

“Sure, come on over.”

When Tim came in the front door, he was carrying a suitcase, a hand bag, and his shaving kit.

I said, “What are you doing with that stuff?”

“Sherry and I have split.”

“You’ve only been married a year. What is the matter?”

“I think she has a boyfriend. I’m sure she does. She rarely wants sex with me anymore and she tells me I am too oversexed.”

“What makes you think she has a boyfriend?”

“Sometimes she comes home late from work. Then when we are in bed, she has cum in her vagina. Also, there are several other things that has happened lately.”

I felt so sorry for him. We both prepared for bed and came back to the living room to talk.

I commented, “Tim, I’m having problems with my love life too. George hasn’t called me lately and I expect he may never call again.”

“Why don’t we have a couple of drinks, cry on each other’s shoulders, and go to sleep?”

“Good idea.”

Several drinks were consumed as we began to laugh and joke about anything and everything. I was sitting on one end of the couch while Tim was sitting in a chair facing me. The chair was close enough to the couch that our toes were touching. Our ties were playing together. Tim got up to mix another drink which we didn’t really need. When he gave me the drink, he sat beside me.

He said, “Maybe we don’t need others, maybe we just need the two of us.”

In my drunken voice I said, “Hooray for us. We do have each other. illegal bahis They can’t take that away from us.”

Our glasses clinked together, then I took another sip. Our legs were touching. Tim had on pajama bottoms while my leg was bare since I had on a nighty.

I said, “That isn’t fair, I have a bare leg while yours is covered up.”

Tim quickly pulled his pajama bottoms down and off, then rubbed his leg up against mine. I don’t know if he realized what he was doing, but now he was completely naked. I could see he had a very hard erection.

I quickly responded, “Tim, you are showing.”

“Sorry about that, Mom. You asked me to bare my leg. This is what you asked for.”

“Maybe you should cover up.”

“You asked me to bare my leg and that’s it!”, he loudly remarked

I looked at his cock and before I knew what I was saying, I spoke, “The last time I saw your penis is when you were little and I gave you a bath. It was very small then. Now it is big.”

“Yes, Mom, it is big and it hasn’t been used very much lately.”

“That’s too bad, but don’t look at me because I am your mother.”

I just couldn’t resist touching him so I took it in my hand and playfully jacked it a couple of times.

“Oh, Mom, that feels so good.”

I laughingly said, “You like that, do you? I’ll do it some more.”

I stroked it some more because I thought we were just joking and playing. He became more serious and said, “Do it some more, Mom.”

I could feel his cock was very stiff and knew he needed relief. I have learned this from the men in my life. I knew if I kept jacking him he would cum all over the couch. His cock looked so inviting, I decided to bend down and take it in my mouth. I bobbed up and down a few times and I could feel his cock jerk as he shot the first spurt in my mouth.

I kept jacking him until my mouth was full even though I was swallowing as fast as I could. His body was straining and jerking while he moaned and groaned.

I milked the remainder of his ejaculation in my mouth until he relaxed.

He said, “Oh, Mom, you are so wonderful. Now I am going to take care of you.”

He rolled off the couch on to his knees in front of me. Before I knew what he was doing, he had pulled up my nighty, spread my legs, pulled my butt forward on the couch, and put his face between my legs.

I could feel his tongue searching to spread my pussy lips and seek my hole. I was juicy enough that he had no problem with his tongue going up and down my slit, over my hole and down to my ass, then back up to suck on my clit. This was all happening so fast I didn’t think about telling him to stop.

His tongue felt so exciting and I was beginning to move my butt. I could illegal bahis siteleri feel his finger now sliding in my hole as I began to breath hard and knew I was about to have an orgasm. My body sexually shuddered when my orgasm came on very strong.

Tim got up off the floor to sit beside me. I began to feel remorseful and said, “We shouldn’t have done that. We had too many drinks to make us forget that I am your mother.”

“Mom, please don’t say that. It was wonderful. Two lonely people trying to console each other with our problems.”

I responded, “Well, it was very exciting and maybe it wasn’t so bad. I think I need a another small drink.”

Tim fixed us another drink to sip while we sat side by side. We both were doing a lot of thinking because we didn’t talk too much.

“Mom, what’s done is done. Don’t feel bad. We needed each other and we still need each other.”

I didn’t know exactly what he meant, but then I saw his cock starting to revive again. I knew he couldn’t fuck me, but I could give him another blow job.

His cock kept getting bigger and soon was hard while we continued to talk. I was confused and didn’t know what to do.

Tim got down on his knees again in front of me to spread my legs. I assumed he would lick my pussy again, but this time he pulled my butt forward and aimed his cock at my hole. I could feel the head entering me. I tried to back away from him, but I couldn’t move my butt back into the couch. He lunged forward allowing his cock to penetrate me to it’s fullest.

I protested, “Tim, you know you should pull out.”

He ignored my warnings and started back and forth movements. It felt so good I started moving my butt with his movements. I was on the pill and didn’t have to worry about pregnancy. I was now cooperating with his movements.

He stopped to say, “The bed would be much more comfortable for us. Let’s go in the master bedroom.”

He pulled out, then pulled me to my feet. We walked hand in hand in the bedroom where he lifted my nighty up over my head before we got on the bed.

“Mom, get on top and ride me.”

I did as he asked. As I squatted over his body, I aimed his cock at my hole. I slowly eased down on his cock until our pubic hair was entwined. Before I started riding him, I leaned forward for him to take my nipples in his mouth. Then I started riding his cock to give us both pleasure.

I slowed down so that he wouldn’t cum too soon. I wanted his hard cock in me for a long time. We pleasured each other in this position for a long time until I knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. Several times I had been close to an orgasm, but we slowed down to make it last. Now that he was about to explode, I easily had canlı bahis siteleri an orgasm while he was cumming in my pussy.

We sat up in bed to talk.

I said, “So Sherry wants to sleep around. Do you two still love each other?”

“Yes, I love her, and I think she still loves me. She was very distraught and didn’t want me to leave tonight. She said she loved me and only me. The other men didn’t mean anything to her. I guess I’m too jealous.”

“Son, I may have a solution for your marriage. She wants sex on the side and maybe you might like a little too. Have you every thought about swinging with another couple?”

“Well, I know what swingers do, but I never thought we would do it.”

I commented, “Instead of her doing it behind your back, why don’t you two do it together. Then there will be no secrets. She may tire of it someday and want sex only with you again. I expect you would like to sink your cock in a strange pussy now and then, too.”

“That’s a great idea, Mom, I’ll talk to Sherry about it tomorrow night.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, “Tim, I’m very sleepy and I know I’ll have a hangover in the morning. I need to go to bed. Go in the other bedroom and let me get some sleep.”

“Alright, Mom, I love you and thanks for the advice.”

I went sound asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow. The next morning before my alarm went off, Tim came into my room and crawled in bed with me. I was about half awake when I felt him feel for my pussy. I knew what he wanted.

“Son, isn’t it a little early and didn’t I satisfy you last night?”

“Yes, Mom, but I’ll be going to my own apartment tonight to reconcile with Sherry and won’t see you for awhile. I thought it would be nice for us to have one more pleasing experience before I leave.”

I didn’t say anything and I spread my legs when he crawled on top of me. I aimed his cock at my hole and he pushed forward. I was still juicy with the cum he deposited in me last night. His cock easily slipped all the way in.

I said, “Let’s make it a quickie because I have to get up and go to work. So do you.”

He started to slowly fuck me with long back and forth strokes. I said, “Give me a chance to have an orgasm too.”

“OK, mom, I’ll hold back the best I can. Let me know when you are ready.”

His cock felt so good and was rubbing against my clit. I could feel an orgasm building as I began to moan a little.

I grunted, “OK, Tim, let’s do it.”

Our bodies strained and jerked together as he flooded my pussy with cum. My orgasm was very satisfying.

We quickly dressed, ate breakfast, and were ready to leave.

He gave me a light kiss and said, “Mom, you have been wonderful. I love you so very much. I like the advice you gave me last night and hope Sherry and I can come to an agreement. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Also, I hope George calls you or that you find another boyfriend.”

We both left for our jobs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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