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Another episode of the fantasy. Hope you enjoy.

My eyes blinked several times before adjusting to the brightness of a new day streaming in through the bedroom window. Craning my head on a stiff neck, I glanced toward the window and saw the blinds had been opened enough for the morning sunlight to enter. My whole body felt sore, as if I’d been rode hard and put away wet. I was puzzled as to why, until I remembered last night’s activities. Oh yeah. I had been ridden hard, and yes, I was wet when I went to sleep. I remember being sandwiched between Mom and Grandma on the big bed when we finally decided to get some sleep. Both women had snuggled into my arms and quickly fell into a contented sleep with their heads resting on my shoulders. I remember the warmth of their breast pressed into the sides of my chest each with one of their legs thrown over one of mine. I must have fallen asleep in that position which explained at least some of my stiffness.

Sitting up I looked around the room. The dining chair was gone but I noticed my pajama bottoms were lying neatly at the foot of the bed. Mom must have brought them from the office I thought, as I slipped into them and headed to the kitchen without bothering with a shirt. Strong coffee and maybe a handful of aspirin was what I needed right now.

Both women were at the dining table sipping coffee and looked in my direction as I approached them. Grandma was wearing a plain white slip that showed an abundance of cleavage and Mom was in the clothes she had arrived in yesterday. Neither of them said anything to me until I had a cup of coffee in my hands and was leaning against the counter near the sink.

“You sleep okay,” Mom asked.

“Yeah, but I’m a little stiff,” I answered, before asking, “Why are you all dressed Mom?”

“I’m sorry sweetie, but your Dad called and I’m needed at home.”

“When are you leaving,” I hated asking.

“Now. I was just waiting for you to get up so I could give you a goodbye kiss.” With that she rose, walked over and put her tongue down my throat before I knew what was happening.

“If it’s alright with you, Grandma wants to stay a while longer,” she told me when her lips finally left mine.

“Sure, no problem,” I managed to say, still reeling from her passionate kiss.

“Great. I’m off then,” she said, then turned toward the front door were I saw her bag was waiting.

“Is everything at home okay,” I asked.

“Oh sure. Your Dad just needs my help with something is all. I’ll call you,” she said smiling before going out the door and shutting it behind her.

Slightly stunned I ambled over and sat opposite of Grandma Elsie who hadn’t uttered a single word since I got up. Looking across the table my eyes were drawn to her chest. She was holding her cup in both hands with her elbows propped on the table; her upper arms were squeezing her large breast together and up, enough that a hint of dark-brown areolas peeked out the top of her slip. She just gazed over the rim of her cup at me with a soft smile on her face.

“Do you know what’s going on Grandma?”

“Well boy, apparently you’re not the only one who likes that your Mother shaved her bush,” she snickered.


“Your Mom said your father has taken a healthy interest in oral sex since she shaved,” she said amused.

A tinge of jealousy raised its ugly head but I shook it off immediately. I know that Mom really does love Dad, and if he wants to please her then I was all for it. Good for them I thought, as I blatantly stared at the tops of Grandma’s snow-white tits silently hoping that one, or both of her pointy nipples would slip out and say hi.

“Are you sure it’s okay that I didn’t go with Doris,” Grandma asked breaking my concentration.

“Positive. Stay as long as you want Grandma,” I answered, then reached over and gently ran my fingertips up and down one of her forearms. Her nipples started to harden when I touched her.

“Good. And boy…”

“Yeah Grandma?”

“Considering that you fucked me half silly last night, maybe you should call me Elsie from now on.”

“Okay. Elsie it is, but you can call me anything you want,” I said with a wink.

Her laughter was like music and I couldn’t help but join in. She told me that Mom had explained the cooking oil incident and how things got started between us. What she was more curious about was why I had slipped her the tongue while she was on the couch in the first place. She seemed to understand after I let her know that I had thought it was Mom sleeping there. Maybe it was her thinking about my tongue on her pussy, or something else I don’t know, but her nipples pushed the fabric of her slip out even further. The old tingle was back in full force. I didn’t try to hide the tent in my pajamas as I took our cups and refilled them, and judging by the big smile on her face when I brought them back she liked what she saw.

“Grandma…I mean Elsie. I understand you’re fine with what you caught Mom and I doing. But I really would like to know why you canlı bahis let me make love to you,” I said a little hesitantly.

“The reason I’m okay with you and Doris is that her happiness means the world to me. If having you please her makes her happy, then it’s better than her going to a stranger,” she replied.

“As for why I let you do me, its because after you gave me that wonderful tonguing and I saw your Mother gobbling that lovely cock of yours, well, I just got caught up in the heat of it all,” she continued, then added, “Besides I know what I like, and that’s to fuck, so sue me.”

“Wow Elsie, you’re a fantastic woman,” I said sincerely.

“Bet you didn’t know your granny was such a nasty old slut did you,” she laughed.

“You’re no slut. But you are definitely one nasty granny,” I also laughed.

She leaned back in her chair smiling, her large braless breast jiggled provocatively as her rock hard nipples stared me down. The longer I stared at her tits the more I could feel Mister Woody trying to make a new hole in my pajama bottoms. It wasn’t until Grandma stood up that I saw how short her slip was. Aside from the ample amount of boob it showed, the hem only came down low enough to barely cover the cheeks of her ass. She had my undivided attention when she walked over to the step stool still against the counter. I started to worry as she climbed up the first two rungs.

“Careful Elsie, I don’t know how steady that thing is,” I warned.

“Then be a dear and come hold me so I don’t fall,” she replied without looking at me.

Mister Woody pointed the way as I walked up behind her and placed both hands on her hips. The silkiness of the slip made me think twice about holding on to the outside of it so I moved them inside and up on her ripe flesh. With my hands under the slip it rode up and over her ass and had me staring directly at her crack. She appeared to be reaching for something on one of the shelves and leaned forward, slightly pushing her round buns back toward my face. I could smell the scented aroma of her bath soap as her ass got closer to my nose. With a groan, and absolutely no self-control on my part, I buried my face into her crack and started licking. She let out a little squeal when my tongue danced over her anus and a loader moan as it found the beginning of her furry crevice. I was amazed by her agility as she turned on the stool, slid to the side and sat on the countertop. She scooted back and lifting her feet onto the countertop spread her legs as far as she could. Her meaty inner lips coated in her secretions parted and I could see the opening into her hot tunnel.

“Oh my. I forgot you haven’t had breakfast yet. Well by all means dig in boy,” she purred.

Instantly my tongue burrowed into her slick cleft, starting at the bottom and working its way up toward her enormous clit. By the time my tongue reached it her clit had expanded and grew until it was almost an inch in length. I have only seen one this big on some porn stars and often wondered what it would be like to nibble on one this size. My lips closed around it and I swirled my tongue in circles around the tip. My saliva coated the entire length and width of her clit before running down into her already wet slit. Her hands came up and gently grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face down harder onto her hot soaked cunt.

“That’s it boy! Eat granny’s pussy,” she encouraged.

Spurred on by her words I sucked that clit into my mouth and batted it back and forth with my tongue, before lowering my mouth and capturing her fleshy pussy lips and sucking them outward. Her ass lifted off the countertop and she smashed her fur-lined slit against my hungry mouth. Faster and faster she moved her ass up and down on my mouth, her breathing ragged, and I could feel her body start to tense up.

“You’re gonna make me cum boy,” she whimpered.

“OH GOD! I’M CUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG!” she screamed as soon as my tongue snaked its way deep into her smoldering hole.

Fluids gushed past my tongue and coated my face and chin with her slickness. Pulling my face from her cunt I stood and mashed my lips to hers. My tongue darted into her mouth to play with hers as I smeared her juice from my face to hers. She raised her arms above her head as I pulled the slip up and off her body, freeing those wonderful white tits to my grasping hands. Lowering my head and pushing her breast together I was able to suck both nipples into my mouth at the same time.

“Ahhhh shit boy! I need you to fuck me now,” she panted.

She threw her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as I lifted her off the counter. With my hands under her full round ass I carried her to the dining table and laid her on her back. Dropping my pajamas I pushed her spread legs gently towards her chest and guided the head of my cock to her dripping center. Not wanting to rush, I watched as her puffy outer lips circled my bulbous head, before it disappeared into her scorching hot tunnel. Fascinated, I stared as more and more bahis siteleri of my stiff cock was swallowed inside her velvet smoothness until our pubic hairs were touching. I stayed unmoving for fear I would blow my load if I didn’t calm down first.

“Oh my God Elsie, your pussy feels like it’s on fire around my cock,” I said.

“That dick of yours feels great too, Tom. Why don’t you go slow and see if we can cum together,” she replied. I was stunned that she had used my name.

“Thanks for calling me Tom,” I told her, locking my eyes to hers.

“I sure can’t call you “boy” while that cock of yours is stuffing me so full, now can I,” she said her eyes staring into mine.

With my hands on the backs of her thighs, our eyes locked, as I slowly pushed and pulled my cock in and out of her. I wanted her to feel each stroke so I pulled almost out, then gently pushed all the way back in. The position of her thighs pressing down and flattening her luscious white globes caused her ass to rise slightly off the table, allowing my heavy balls to slap against her pucker hole with each inward stroke. Her wetness and muscle contractions increased on my rock hard cock with each plunge I made into her. We were two lovers gazing at each other as the gradual increase of my stroking soon turned into a frenzy of pure pounding. My cock began to ram into her molten heat while my balls bounced off her soft ass. Her wide brown eyes held mine in a steady gaze as her lips formed a small circle and fought for air. Groans from the table had me worried that it would collapse as sweat broke out on my straining body.

“Tom! Tom! TOMMMM!!” she repeated my name as our fucking reached a fever pitch.

“FUCK ME GRANDMA!!” I couldn’t help shouting.

She pushed my hands from her thighs and spread her legs wider. Then using stomach muscles I didn’t know she had, began slamming her cunt up against my thrusting rod.

The wet sloshing sounds coming from our joined union increased. Then I felt a flood of her juices wash over the sensitive head of my cock and run out into the crack of her ass, where my swinging balls splashed the sticky liquid all over her rippling butt cheeks. Load after load of my own spunk shot into her steaming cunt, then joined the fluids already oozing into her ass crack.

“AAAAHHHHHH SHHIIITTTTT!!” she hollered in ecstasy, as her convulsing pussy clamped around my squirting cock.

“ELLLLSSSSIIIIEEE!” I shouted as her pussy sucked me dry.

I stayed buried to the root in the sloppy wet mess of her saturated cunt as I tried to catch my breath. Sweat poured from my face and dripped onto her as I held her twitching legs in my hands and smiled down at her. Her chest heaved as she smiled back and placed one hand on my chest and gently rubbed. Occasionally her pussy would contract around my softening shaft and send a jolt of pleasure coursing into me. With a sucking sound I pulled from her pussy and watched as a flood of white sticky goo ran out between the hairy folds of her cleft. After I helped her off the table we could hear globs of spunk plop onto the floor before she placed a hand over her pussy and headed for the bathroom. I just sank down in one of the dining chairs and tried to regain my composure.

Grandma finished her shower then came into the kitchen wrapped in just a towel. She walked over to me and kissed my sweaty forehead.

“Thank you young Tom. That was the best fuck I’ve had in a long time,” she said.

“You’re welcome Elsie…Anytime,” I told her.

“Mmmm… salty,” she said while licking her lips. “Why don’t you clean up while I make you some breakfast. Food that is.”

Breakfast consisted of eggs, toast and sausage. I was famished and barely tasted the food as I wolfed it down. Grandma ate hers daintily, still wearing only the towel. Sipping my coffee I gazed over at her and felt strong emotions for a woman I hardly ever saw.

“I have to tell you Grandma. I mean Elsie. You are hotter than all the girls I’ve been with,” I said.


“It’s just that you have more fire and passion than I’m used to,” I told her.

“You haven’t been with an older woman before, have you,” she asked.

“Just you and Mom,” I sheepishly answered.

She fixed her eyes on me and seemed to ponder something for a short time before asking, “How did you feel when you fucked your Mom for the first time?”

Her question caught me off guard. I told her that I felt disgusted with myself at even getting aroused by Mom at first. But when the accident happened and Mom’s heat wrapped around me I felt such an animal lust that I lost all control. After that all I wanted to do was make love to her. She sat there and listened without criticizing or judging me as I told her my newfound feelings about having sex with family. When I was done she informed me that Mom and her had discussed the situation. She told me that Mom was actually glad that we had become lovers. Mom was becoming desperate enough to contemplate screwing one of the neighbors. This information actually bahis şirketleri made some of my own guilt fade. We talked for what seemed like hours before going into the bedroom to get dressed. I watched with rapt attention as Grandma changed into her beige swimsuit, her pendulous breast swinging as she bent to put on the bottoms. I slid out of the pajamas I had put back on after my shower and threw on a tank top and baggy swim trunks. I didn’t bother with underwear.

With supplies tucked securely into the canvas tote, towels, suntan lotion, two bottles of wine and paper cups, Elsie and I headed to the beach. I felt bogged down carrying the tote and the comforter but didn’t let that sour my mood. It was my last day off from work, and spending the day with Grandma sunning on the beach, seemed like an excellent way to cap the weekend. Our spot was open and after spreading out the comforter we made ourselves comfortable and watched the mass of people wandering about while sipping on our first glass of wine.

“Stretch out on your tummy and I’ll put some lotion on your back,” Grandma told me.

Doing as she asked I soon felt her strong hands working the lotion into my skin. After finishing my back she moved down and forced my legs apart and started rubbing the lotion onto them. Each time her hands rubbed the insides of my thighs she let her fingers sneak into the leg openings and tickled my ball sack teasingly.

“You’re evil Elsie,” I told her with a big smile on my face.

“You have no idea,” she retorted.

It was while one of her hands was up my pants leg and she was fondling my sack that a shadow blocked the sun from my face. Glancing up my eyes followed the path of two slender legs, past the prominent mound covered by a patch of green material and up over a set of scantily clad enormous boobs. When I reached her face, shoulder length dirty blonde hair swirling around it, I realized that it was the same girl I had seen before. Her blue eyes sparkled as she smiled warmly at us.

“I don’t mean to intrude, but I just had to come and tell you how much I love your hair,” she said looking at Grandma.

“Why thank you dear. Would you care to join us for a little wine,” Grandma shocked me by asking her.

Saying she would, she sat down near my head and crossed her long legs before accepting the cup of wine offered.

“I’m afraid we don’t have an extra cup, but you wouldn’t mind sharing mine would you,” Grandma told the girl.

She told us her name was Amanda, but everyone called her Mandy, and that she lived only three doors down from my place. Imagine that I thought. I’ve been here two years and never knew she existed until now. I really must get out of the house more often I told myself. We also learned that she went to the local university, was twenty-one years old and her parents owned the house she lived in. Grandma and her bantered back and forth and seemed to have forgotten that I was even there. Trying not to be obvious I turned onto my side, propped my head on my hand, and studied this Vixen that Grandma appeared to be enchanted with.

It was plain to see by her dark eyebrows that she wasn’t a true blonde. She did have a wonderfully even tan covering her flawless skin and when she leaned over to take the cup, I found out I had been wrong. Those enormous tits, easily 38DD, jiggled and bounced enough to let me know they were the real deal. How she packed them around on what I guessed to be a slim, five-foot seven-inch frame, without having major back problems was beyond me. It was all I could do to not start drooling. The green bikini just barely covered her nipples. When my eyes wandered down to her crotch I saw that one of her outer lips had slipped from the material and was as smooth as a baby’s butt. I could swear, but I’m not positive, that a string of drool did fall from my mouth.

“We’re going to go play in the water,” Grandma said as both of them sprang up and ran toward the waves.

Rolling back on my stomach I watched the two splash and jump around at the waters edge. It was like watching two kids play except for the lovely bouncing their boobs were doing. If I were keeping score on whose bounced better I would have to give the win to Mandy, based on sheer size alone. When she started running in spurts along the shore I worried that they would fly up and knock her blonde ass out. Fortunately that didn’t happen. I sat up and watched in lecherous splendor as twenty minutes later they walked slowly back to where I was.

“Tom, you don’t mind if I leave do you? Mandy has something she wants to show me,” Grandma said as soon as they reached me.

“That’s fine with me Elsie. Why don’t you take that unopened bottle with you,” I told her trying to keep the disappointment from my voice.

Wrapping the wine in her towel, they took off arm in arm giggling like little schoolgirls. As for me, I rolled back onto my stomach trying to hide the hard-on their jiggling buttocks created as they walked away. I stayed there for about an hour, drank some more wine and waded in the surf a bit before heading home. As I passed what I now knew was Mandy’s place I wondered what the two were doing. What I’d learned of my Grandmother lately, there was no telling, I reminded myself with a chuckle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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