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I overheard Mom and a girlfriend talking outside by the pool one Saturday afternoon as I hid behind the curtains in my upstairs bedroom and ogled their bikini clad bodies. They were more than just a little tipsy and her girlfriend giggled while telling Mom that she had been taking some cool pics of herself naked, masturbating and fucking around with her boyfriend. It was heating my brain and making my dick stiff listening to them.

Mom was intrigued, shaking her head at Kira’s boldness and yet kept asking her questions. I immediately schemed to accomplish the impossible – get my hands on some of those pictures and help Mom become even more interested. Kira and Mom don’t look alike at all but both are smoking hot and will punch all your go buttons!

It blew my mind to hear them talking about sex. This was my mom! I was instantly hard as a rock and I spilled in no time at all as I furiously whipped my cock, as I’d done many times to sexual fantasies of the women around me. It was hell, and at the same time heaven, being surrounded by my Mom, my sister, their sexy friends and a swimming pool. I was constantly in a state of lust.

It took college friends I’d bring home to start calling mom an MILF before I looked at mom like that. I’d always thought mom was the most beautiful mother around but she’s mom…..right? When they started commenting on her body and obviously lusting after her I started looking at mama differently. It wasn’t long before I secretly lusted after my mother with every lecherous, little bone in my body…… one of which wasn’t so little at all.

Mom obviously was enjoying all the spicy, risqué talk with Kira. Now while she was hot to trot I needed to entice my Mama to play with a camera. Let’s see….give Mom a camcorder for her birthday and show her how to download her pics on the computer. Easy enough. I’ve seen Mom nude, in the shower, shaving, peeing in the bathroom but what kind of erotic pictures would she conceive and take of herself? Or maybe of her and Kira together?

I was still at home, we were living together for both our sakes. Mom, because the husband that gave her me and my sister, died in a car crash over 5 years ago and the money is tight. Me because in my second year at a local community college if I didn’t stay here I’d be making rent somewhere anyway and not living in as nice a place as this. Working and going to school is never a recipe for lots of extra, available cash.

Obviously I didn’t mind living with Mom. Besides the inadvertent eye candy she provided me she had always been the loving sweet mother every boy should have. Now that I was grown she treated me like the adult I was, while still loving her little boy.

That made it hard for me sometimes, drove me nuts. Her big, little boy, the 23 yr old man living in her home loved her too, truly, but while looking at his mama in a way he shouldn’t have been, I couldn’t help myself. When mom would hug me, her full breasts pressed up against my chest as she bussed me soundly on the lips, my libido wanted more …. more!

More than once I’d had to break gently but firmly away before she felt the dick she had roused from sleep poking into her stomach. Not sure I always made it away in time but she never mentioned it. Of course, I would rather have just stayed close and ground it into her, down on her leg, up onto her stomach and then centering her body on mine I’d pull her ass to me with both hands and rub my boner into her hot little pussy and make her writhe on me wild with passion. Those kind of hot daydreams I maybe shouldn’t be having ….. didn’t matter though …. I was having them. Guess I had a ways to go before that was actually going to happen.

I stole every chance I could without being caught to see Mom, in a bikini, half-nude, nude, any way I could catch a glimpse of her nipples, tight little butt, full breasts, any part of her and not get caught doing it. I’ve been in this house with two gorgeous women for a long time. Just out of the service, going to school, living at home with mom and my sis, and barely able to hide the frustration I felt in the proximity to their luscious bodies. My older sister just went off to college for the first time two months ago. She stayed home with mom while I was in the service and the first year I was back. Now in her third year at school she was staying in the dorm and loving it she said. I thought I knew why she was excited about it. When we were all home together they were used to being half clothed in front of me at home, both my mom and sister. I sure as fuck didn’t mind. They kept me in masturbation fantasies. Fresh ones, all the time.

My sister and I shared a bath between our bedrooms. She is just barely 10 months older than I am so we were close. I admit it, I lusted after her before I noticed Mom was still a hottie. I came back from 2yrs with Uncle Sam a bit more devious than before. I did want to see my sis in the altogether. I did want to see her all of her lovely body, not just the canlı bahis little bit afforded by the revealing clothes she wore at home. So I did something about it. I fixed a hole in the ceramic tile wall of the bath from the closet in my bedroom. Hidden in the joint on the bathroom wall in the dark grout between two dark colored wainscot tiles it was all but invisible and gave me an all encompassing view of the our bathroom.

I watched my older sister naked, doing everything. Showering, peeing, masturbating sometimes. When I thought about what I was doing I had to laugh. I felt like a kid looking in the window watching his sister getting dressed. Hiding, watching, masturbating…..thing was ….she was a voluptuous woman that entranced me even as she teased me in the kitchen or living room or in her bikini in the pool.

As I watched her shaving her legs with a leg raised up on the edge of the tub her pussy would just naturally display itself, flowering open. I first thought that sometimes the lips of her beautiful pussy seemed almost engorged. Then found out that ….yeah…sometimes they were bulging and moist …. and it was when she was lost in lust. She would toy with her dripping slit with gentle probing fingers, or she would pound hard on her clit and wet cunt with her palm and fingertips when she was lost in heat. My little sister had a strong, sexual drive. I guess we both did. Maybe we got it from our mother.

It was captivating to live with a gorgeous older sister like that. Seeing what I saw, experiencing the raw emotion, the lust that was created just about overwhelmed me as we were mere feet apart, me in my closet, her alone in the bathroom ( she thought ) and both naked, masturbating and climaxing. I made love to my sister many times, lovingly, long before she ever knew anything about it. She eventually found out ….. but that’s another tale for later on I think.

I’m surprised I could hold back and not grab her in her bath one day and just fuck the shit out of her. Oh God no, I couldn’t do that. It would be incest …. as well as the fact I didn’t have the balls to just proposition her no matter how close we were. I knew she loved sex, with herself at least, but she would probably freak out on me. Well shit, so I just watched and spanked the monkey.

Now sis is staying away from home in the dorm her third year in college, mom and I are here alone, and mom is having to use our shower right now because the one in her and dad’s room needed work done to it we couldn’t afford it. I still had the hole. And with the growing realization that mom was every bit as sexual as my sister ….. I used it. Getting more sophisticated I bought a hi-res pinhole camera to use at the closet hole. Now on the computer I could do close-ups, stills, whatever.

I’ve been watching mom completely naked now ever since sis left and she started using this bathroom. I am about to go nuts. Wanking my throbbing, cumming dick is fine, truly great, …….and definitely not enough. I want to get in mom’s pants and she has no idea. I hoped that would change before long.

Back to where we started with this story. Mom, Kira, erotic photography and a present for an unsuspecting Mother. Mom opened the pretty wrapped box with a big smile on her face. It was her birthday but she knows she can expect just about anything out of her big boy. She looked at me mischievously and said, ” What did you get me Leo? Something to make you happy?”

“Ah mom,” I said, looking at her and winking. “This one is for your fun, your pleasure. I really hope you use it and enjoy it.”

That stumped her. She smiled, shook her head, gave me with a quizzical look and opened the box. The camera was nestled in foam cut outs and looked impressive.

“Oh you shouldn’t have, ” mom cried. But she reached in and gently pulled it out to examine it.

I could tell the wheels were turning, she liked it. She had never used the camcorder to make sexy pictures and maybe didn’t know you could single out pics to print. The camera would give her the chance I hoped. I wondered how long it would be before I had a picture of my mother on her bed with a monster dildo up her pussy, plunging away. Or like in the bathroom of a wet, juicy pussy filled with plunging fingers but with Kira in the pic too, maybe helping out. I was pretty sure now that the subject was up and out in the open, it would happen. Mama had a new toy and they would make pics together. They just had too. I couldn’t wait. But guess I was going to have to.

I had to get out of the room for a minute and get this hardon under control. I shuddered as if a chill went thru me.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong,” mom said as she looked up still thinking about the camera.

“Mom, I’m going to pee, I’ll be right back”, I told her after I started off my hardon leading the way, keeping my body slightly turned on the side where mom couldn’t see it.

I hit the bathroom, shut the door and dropped my pants to free this throbbing pole bahis siteleri I had. It only took about 5 good pulls and I was coming into the toilet bowl, spurting hard, sinking on suddenly weak knees.

My thighs were gripping the sides and I was hunched over the bowl with my dick in my hand and come spurting strongly out of the tip when mom opened the door I hadn’t taken the time to lock and came in.

“Honey, when you come back…….oh, shit I’m sorry baby,” mom’s hand went to the side of her mouth in mock dismay but her eyes lit up and a wicked grin split her lips. “Sweetie I’m so sorry,” mom gushed as she made no move to leave but continued to look at me, staring straight at my enormous hard on.

“Mom, do you mind?” I might have said that louder, more strongly but lord help me I was enjoying this. I half turned to her still holding on to my stiffy, cum still dripping off the end, shooing her away with my left hand. My long, thick dick had clearly gotten Mom’s attention but she tore her eyes away and scampered from the room.

I had to chuckle. I think my mama was horny. Kira kept lighting her fires regaling her with sex on the hoof then leaving. At least I don’t think it ever went any further than that. I wasn’t always here and sometimes she was here alone with Mom. But it was pretty clear just now Mom was horny. I liked that!

I came back into the living room still with half a hardon. It just didn’t want to go down and I didn’t try very hard to hide it. My Mom is hot and god knows I was hot to trot. I was totally enthralled. My body wasn’t at all relaxed as I came back into the living room but I tried to seem so when I saw Mom.

“Hey Mom, I’m sorry you saw that,” I said.

“No, no it’s okay,” she said, “everybody masturbates, Leo. I’ve known you did every since you started years ago.”

My ears burned as I thought about that. And I also had the thought that not everybody jacks off because they have a sexy, steaming mama to deal with on a daily basis, or fantasies of the sister you’ve been fucking with your mind for a couple of years now. Well maybe she hasn’t been physically screwing you but you’ve been violating her every way you could think of and while in actual close proximity to her sexually aroused, cumming cunt, even if that was through a wall.

But I wanted flesh to flesh contact. I needed it. Had to feel a naked female form molded to me, writhing with my desires as I played with her. I wanted to get laid and do my best to drive my amore wild with lust. I’ve been with other girls, other bodies, but I was fixated on my mother. I wanted my pole to erupt in her and fill her with my seed while she came hard for me.

I was shy, even though a good looking guy if I do say so myself, I’d always been shy. And too ….. as I grew up I kept holding the girls available to me up against the females in my family and finding them wanting.

Now my mother was the focus of my mind’s eye, though she didn’t yet know the power my lusting after her would let her wield over me. I had no time for other girls. I wanted more. I wanted the creature I was birthed by, that I loved so much and lusted after so intensely. I wanted my mama. I set about making that a reality with a vengeance.

“Okay Mom, we all masturbate. Do you?” I looked her right in the eye like I really wanted to know. (I already knew, masturbating with her when she was in the bathroom)

“Masturbation is normal baby, don’t worry about it,” she said dismissively. “What I came to see you about was the camera. I want you to help me figure out how to use it and let me take some pictures of you to get started.”

My heart flopped over. ‘Kay, I thought. I can do this. We got the camera out and our heads together and started unlocking it’s secrets. It was easy to get the basics just playing with it. There was probably special stuff you could do with it we could find out later with the books but for now I’d get her started clicking. As I showed Mom the buttons and thought about where I wanted this to lead whilst standing next to her, brushing up against her breasts, her legs and once touching her butt I became fully hard again. Oh well the shirt tail was out maybe she wouldn’t see it. But it ached …… I either wanted to go to the bathroom and jerk off again or plunge it into her pussy. Ahhh shit, I stifled a groan and stayed….. close to Mom…..shivering almost with the illicit knowledge I had of this mother of mine’s body.

“Are you okay baby?,” mom asked. I could swear she was suppressing a grin.

“Yeah, I’m good,” I managed.

“Okay, sweetie,” she said. “Model for me. Stand over there.”

“No Mom,” I said. “That’s not gonna work. You’ve got me in front of the picture window with the light coming at you straight into the camera’s lens from behind me.”

“Oh gosh yes,” she said. ” I knew that. I wasn’t thinking. Stand over there by the staircase and put that shirttail in.”

Oh shit. Well, maybe she wouldn’t notice. I tucked bahis şirketleri the tails in and my bulging hardon stood straight out there, very noticeable.

“Uh Mom, I don’t think I can do this,” I mumbled.

“What are you talking about?,” she asked. “Do you need to leave, go somewhere? What?”

“No Mom,” I said. ” It’s a little more involved than that.” Throwing caution to the winds, thinking maybe I’ll just shock the shit out of her, I pulled off my shirt and turned around.

“Oh my,” Mom actually giggled. ” You still have a problem don’t you? Did I do that to you?” her eyes twinkling Mom took a step toward me. “Honey, it’s too bad you’re my son, you’ve got a wonderful looking erection bulging out of those jeans there. Baby you shouldn’t be embarrassed. You’re young and your hormones will keep you that way for a long time. Enjoy it!”

“Mom, you did do this to me,” I said reaching out a cupping her cheek. I slid my hand down her neck and around her shoulders pulling her close. She looked up at me in exasperation but I moved closer. Now she could feel that wonderful erection against her belly just above her needy muff.

“Leo, no,” she said as she squirmed against me. The squirming wasn’t entirely in an effort to get away, she was getting a good feel and she lifted her face to me. “Baby, I love you, you know that. But as good as this feels this just isn’t right.” She moaned a little in a mix of emotions and I took advantage of her need.

“Mama,” I looked down into her eyes and kissed her gently on the lips. She responded naturally at first then my tongue slipped in and she stiffened slightly until she succumbed, melting into my kiss and circling my body with her arms. ” I just love you more than I should,” I growled.

She tightened her arms, hugging me hard then stepped away. “I know how you feel. I’ve had the same feelings for you watching you develop into the strapping young man you are. You need to get a girlfriend to help you with your desires. With no man of my own to relieve those sexual tensions I’m guilty too of thinking things I shouldn’t.”

“What if I don’t want someone else. Why not Mother? If we love each other?” I pleaded with her, my body was tense with desire, my organ throbbing for her to see.

“You know we can’t,” Mom looked at me longingly then firming her resolve she turned and went into her bedroom.

I decided then and there, knowing she did desire me, I would make it hard for her to resist me. I wore less around the house than I normally did. I tried not to be obvious, just to give mama peeks at the body her son had for her. I timed my exit from the bath naked one day when I knew she was coming down the hall.

“Ahh shit, sorry,” I blurted. “I’m out of towels.”

Mom gazed appreciatively at me, gave me a small smile, a smack on the butt as she went by and said, “Well, go get one.”

That was fun but not enough. I arranged for my trunks to come off in the pool diving in right next to Mom. She just handed them to me grinning, then reached down and tweaked my dick. That caused it to start hardening and she watched a moment before saying, “You better get them on.”

We went on like this, me dying, her too I think. Then the pictures started coming. Mom would masturbate in her room with a dildo not quite as large as I was and snap pictures with a lead from the camera positioned to get a good view. She shared these with Kira and one day they played together and I received a full tutorial on their lusty bodies and libidinous desires. If I couldn’t be in the same room with them this was the next best thing. I had closeups of their seductive loins, wet, hungry and passionate, a front row seat to their ravenous intensity. It only made it worse for me.

I began a more seductive campaign. Just teasing her with my body wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to go, deep in my mother’s pussy. I had to fuck my mother. I needed her. I started watching closer and found out when she was masturbating and taking pictures. Whenever she knew I wouldn’t be home. She and Kira were now emailing their adventures to each other. I got them all …. and they got to me.

Mom played with her kitty on the nights I would leave for any reason. So I told Mom one day I had to go the the campus library for research one night. I told her not to wait up on me, I would be late. It was winter and getting dark early and I left just before dark.

I’d intentionally been keeping Mom from relieving herself by always being around. I’d taken care of the classes I was carrying with projected studies and call in homework as I faked a bad knee and stayed home …. enjoying the frustration I could sense Mom’s inability to be alone. I kept her from going out …. but gosh I couldn’t help that I needed her help.

By the time the night I had arranged came around mama was on pins and needles. She had been used to having a somewhat satisfactory steady diet …. although it was a solitary sex life…. it was still a physical relief. For a while now she hadn’t been able to do anything but quickies in the bathroom. I knew about those and interrupted them as much as I could too. My mama was twitchy she was needing a good hard fucking so bad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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