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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters are age 18 or older.

Copyright 2014 by the author.


This is my take on the standard, “Son photographs mom, and incest follows” theme.

Mom Agrees to Pose for Her Son.

Drew always wanted to be a photographer. He got his first camera at 5 years old, and by age 18, he had a large collection of gear, some of which he got as gifts, some of which he bought for himself. He earned decent money mowing lawns and shoveling snow for some of the older ladies in the neighborhood. He even had a small studio with a darkroom in the basement of the home he shared with his mother, but he didn’t use the darkroom much these days. Like most professional photographers, he had gone digital.

Like many young men, Drew had a crush on his mother. Amanda was 39 years old, and was very attractive, although not really model material. She was too petite, only 5 feet tall, and she had a prominent overbite. She was slim, but not too skinny, and she had small b-cup breasts. Drew was taller than her by about ten inches, and still growing.

Drew constantly fantasized about fucking his mom, but all he could ever bring himself to do was look at her. He started taking her picture when she was cooking, or doing dishes.

“Drew! Stop that. You know I don’t like having my picture taken, especially now when I’m a mess from my chores.”

“Sorry, mom. But you’re not a mess, you’re very attractive in a domestic sort of way.”

“That’s nice of you to say, but I wish you wouldn’t do that. I never liked the way I look in pictures.”

“Maybe you never had the right photographer before. I could make you look beautiful if you would model for me sometime.” He snapped another pic.

“Drew! I’m not going to model for you. Stop asking and stop taking my picture.” She said in her most stern voice. It was hard for her to look too mad, as her front teeth were nearly always showing, giving her the appearance of smiling all the time.

“Okay, mom. I’ll stop.” Putting his camera away, he walked dejectedly out of the room.

Later that evening, he was up in his room, jerking it while he looked at his favorite shots of his mom on his computer. He had one where she was bending over to pick up some clothes off the floor, showing her shapely ass, and his favorite, one where she was wearing a tight t-shirt with no bra, and her nipples were poking out. He was getting close to filling yet another tissue with incest inspired cum when he heard a knock on his door.

“Honey, are you decent?”

“One second, mom.” He put his cock back in his pants and zipped up. “What’s up?” he asked as he opened the door.

“Drew, I want to apologize for yelling at you earlier. I know taking pictures is your favorite thing to do, and I know you’re getting very good at it. I’d love it if you became a professional photographer one day, and could make your living doing what you love.”

“Thanks, mom. I’m sorry for taking your picture without your permission. It’s just, you’re so pretty, and you really do photograph well. I know you don’t think so, but I do.”

“It’s Okay, honey. I’ve always been self concious about my overbite. Plus my butt’s too big and my boobs are too small. I don’t know why anyone would want to look at a picture of me. It’s sweet that you do, though.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, mom. You need to try looking at yourself differently. Maybe if you were to…I’m sorry, you told me not to ask you anymore.” he looked down at his feet.

“You might be right, Drew. Tell you what. I’ll make a deal with you. You stop taking my picture around the house, and I’ll agree to model for you. You can use all your photography tricks to make me look good.”

“Really, mom? That’s awesome. When can we start?” His cock was straining against his jeans.

“How about Saturday evening after dinner? We can go to the salon in the afternoon and I’ll have my hair and makeup done however you like.”

“That sounds great, mom. I’ll get some ideas together for your wardrobe, too.”

“Saturday it is. And no more pictures before then, got it?”

“Got it, mom.”


After what seemed to be the longest week ever, Saturday afternoon came around and they went to the mall together. After showing her stylist a few shots of the look he wanted, he left the salon to get a few things for her to wear.

“Wow, mom. You look great.” he said as he came back to the salon.

“Thanks. I really like my new look. You have a great eye for hairstyles. What’s in the bags?” She noyiced he had several bags from different stores.

“Every model needs a wardrobe, mom. You can’t just wear jeans and a t-shirt.”

“But I’m comfortable in jeans.” she said, pouting sweetly.

“I’m going to take you outside of your comfort zone, mom. It’ll do wonders for your self confidence. Trust me.”

“Okay, you’re the photographer. I’ll do whatever you say.”

On canlı bahis the way home, “Mom, I’d like to stop here at the liquor store.”

“What for? You’re not old enough to buy anything there, and you know I rarely drink.”

“I know, mom, but I think a little bit of the grape will help take the edge off your shyness and aversion to the camera. I’ll pay for it, please get whatever you like.” He held out two twenties.

“Put that away. I can pay for it. I’ll be right back.” She came back out with two bottles in brown paper bags.

“What did you get?” he asked.

“Well, I heard that models like to drink champagne, so I got a couple bottles of a reasonably priced French brand called ‘Chateau L’amore’. Anything else we need, Mr. Photographer?”

“No, that’s everything. Let’s go have dinner, then we can start.”

He grilled a couple steaks and she made salad and scalloped potatoes. She had a glass of champagne with dinner.

“Ooh, the bubbles tickle my nose.” she giggled.

After clearing the table and loading the dishwasher, he said,”Okay, mom. Go get undressed and put on your robe. I have your wardrobe and a changing screen in the studio. I’ll meet you down there in 5 minutes.

Up in her room, she drank a little more champagne. “What does he mean by undressed? Just my underwear, or nude?” she wondered, feeling a little warm from the bubbly, and a little aroused by all the compliments and attention she had gotten today. “He said he had the wardrobe taken care of. I hope he bought underwear.” she said to herself as she took off her bra and panties. She put on a short flimsy robe and went downstairs.


“Wow, mom. You look beautiful. Go ahead behind the screen. Your first outfit is there.”

She went behind the changing screen and took off her robe, hanging it over the screen. She looked at the clothes, neatly folded on the table. First she put on the white cotton panties, then the plain white bra. There was a plain white button up blouse, and a knee length plaid skirt. There were also a pair of knee high white stockings and black patent leather shoes. “Catholic schoolgirl, huh?” she thought as she looked in the mirror. After checking her hair, she stepped out from behind the screen. “Well?” she asked.

“You look great in that, mom. I knew you would. Come over here, I want to fix your makeup.”

“Drew, isn’t this a catholic schoolgirl outfit? I mean, it’s nice and all, but I feel a little silly dressed up like this.”

He put bright red lipstick on her, “I told you we need to work on your attitude, mom. The first thing I want is for you to remember what it feels like to be a young girl. I want you to pretend you’re still in school and just a bit naughty. Can you do that for me?”

“I’ll try.” she took another drink of champagne. “Drew’s awfully good at hair and makeup, I wonder if he’s gay?” she thought briefly. She quickly dismissed any notion of him being gay when she recalled the way he had been looking at her over the previous months.

“Okay, come over here and stand next to the chair. That’s it. Look at the camera. That’s it. Now, put your hands on the back of the chair and lean forward just a bit. Here, let me show you.” He went over to her and placed her hands on the chair exactly how he wanted them, then he pulled her hips back so she was sticking her ass out rather seductively. “Hold it there. Now put your lips together and pout for me. That’s nice. The camera loves you.” he moved behind her. “Keep your body just like that, and look over your shoulder at me. That’s good. Now take your left hand and put it on your butt. Keep looking at the camera. You’re doing great, mom. Now pull your skirt up just a bit, maybe three inches or so. That’s it. Okay, now pull you skirt up a bit more.”

“I don’t know, Drew. If I pull my skirt up any farther, you’ll see my underwear. I shouldn’t do that.” she was getting more and more aroused and wanted to follow his instructions, but she wasn’t sure.

“I told you I’d be taking you out of your comfort zone. Remember, your not my mom right now, you’re a naughty little school girl. How about if I call you ‘Mandy’ to help you get into character?”

She was often called ‘Mandy’ when she was little, but as an adult she preferred ‘Amanda’. “I’ll try, Mr. Director.” she grinned at him.

“Okay, Mandy. You’re trying to tease the little boy who’s been pulling on your ponytail lately. Go ahead and flash him your panties.”

She pulled her skirt all the way up over her ass while he took several more shots.

“That’s great, Mandy, now pull your panties down a little on one side. That’s it” He was as hard as he’d ever been, staring at his mom’s creamy ass and thighs. “Just a little more. Now, reach back with both hands and pull your panties down to the middle of your thigh.” He could see her pussy as she bent forward a bit more. She was totally hairless, and her moist pussylips glistened under the lights. “Hold it right there, look at the camera. That’s it. Now, go ahead and pull them back up, bahis siteleri I want to try another pose.”

She was so hot, she almost started to argue about pulling her panties back up. She could feel how wet they were. “Where do you want me now?”

“Right there. Face me and get down on your knees. That’s it. Lean back and spread your knees. Wider. That’s it. Fix your skirt so it’s laying flat between your knees. Now put your right index finger on your lower lip. Pull your lip down and give me a sexy pout. That’s great, Mandy, just great.” He went over to her and unbuttoned her blouse halfway, pulling the collar open wide. “Hold it right there. More pout. That’s it. Go ahead and unbutton your shirt the rest of the way. That’s nice.” he could see her bra. “Mandy, that bra just isn’t working with this shot. Can you take it off and leave the shirt on?”

“Sure thing.” she reached back to unclasp her bra, and slipped her arms out of the straps while keeping her shirt on. “Is that better?” Her small breasts were exposed to the cool air, and her nipples were achingly hard..

“A little better, Mandy. Let me get your shirt set right.” He leaned down and made sure her shirt hung off her shoulders just the way he wanted. “You need a little more color in your aereolas and nipples. Here.” He sucked each nipple for about five seconds.

“Ohhh, Mmmmm.” she moaned quietly.

“There, that’s better. Now, put your left hand behind you and lean back a little. Take your right hand and grasp your skirt in the middle between your knees. That’s it, Mandy. You’re doing great. Pull the skirt up and show me your panties again. That’s nice. Go ahead and tuck the hem of your skirt into the waistband so it doesn’t fall down. That’s good. Now, grab the crotch of your panties and pull them to the side. That’s it, Mandy. Flash your pretty little pussy. You’re driving the schoolboys wild. Take two fingers and spread your pussylips. Here, like this.” He went over and got on his knees between her legs. “Make a peace sign with your right hand.” He spread her lips with both his hands. “Put one finger on each side. Hold it tight so it stays open.” He got back up and continued shooting. “You’ve got a nice pink pussy, Mandy. Arch your back a little, now go ahead and put two fingers on your clit. That’s it. Now pretend you’re having an orgasm. Look at the camera. Rub your clit a little. That’s it.”

She rubbed her clit and didn’t have to pretend she was cumming, she actually was. “Oh God.” she whispered as she came.

“That’s good, Mandy. Very hot. You’re the sexiest little girl in the whole school.” He could tell that she had an orgasm, so he just watched as she came down.

“Ohhhh.” she whimpered.

“Okay, mom. That was great. I got all the shots I need for that set-up. Let’s take five before the next one.”

“Oh, Drew. I don’t know what came over me. I hope I didn’t embarrass you, or myself for that matter.”

“You were great, mom. You really got into the character. How do you feel?”

“I feel wonderful right now. What do you want me to do next?” she stood up and didn’t bother to close her shirt, or pull her skirt down.

“Why don’t you get another glass of champagne, and I’ll get your next outfit ready.”

“Okay, Mister photographer.”

As soon as she left, Drew went into his darkroom and jerked off. It only took about ten seconds for him to cum, he was so hot from watching his mom masturbate. He quickly set up the props and her outfit for the next set.

“Are you ready, Mr. Photographer?” she asked. Her shirt was still hanging open, and her panties were still pulled to one side. She took the shirt off. “Where’s my next outfit?” she unzipped the skirt and stepped out of it, then pulled her panties off.

Drew tried to act casual even though his mom was standing nude in front of him. “Your wardrobe is over there behind the screen. I had to move the screen because it’s a prop for this set.”

She went behind the screen and saw the next outfit was all black. Black seamed nylons and a black lace garter belt. She put these on, but couldn’t find any panties. “Drew, where are the panties for this outfit?” she asked as she stepped out from behind the screen, wearing only the stockings and garter belt.

“There aren’t any with this one, mom. No bra either. You’re playing a sexy burlesque dancer from the early 20th century. Go ahead and get dressed. Don’t forget the gloves.”

“Sounds naughty.” she said as she put one foot on the chair and adjusted her stockings, deliberately exposing herself to him, before going back behind the screen. She put on the dress. It was covered in sequins and came down to mid thigh. There was also a black bowler hat, black elbow length satin gloves, black pumps and a black cane that had a thick handle and a silver ball on top. “It almost looks like a cock” she thought.

She put the hat on slightly askew and stepped out. “Ta Da!” She held her arms straight out to the side.

“Wow, mom. You look even better in that than I imagined.”

“I bahis şirketleri feel sexy, too. It’s amazing how different clothes can make you feel.”

“Now, mom, for this scene your name is Peggy, and you dance at a high end burlesque show in New York City during prohibition. I need to fix your makeup real quick.” He put some extra eyeliner on her, and a bit more lipstick. He also adjusted her hat to the exact angle he wanted. “Ready, Peggy?”

“Ready Mr. Director.”

“Get back behind the screen, Peggy. The first shot will just be your sexy leg sticking out. That’s it. Point your toes straight out. Bend your knee around the screen. That’s great. Now step out and stand in front of the chair. Put your feet together and put the cane on the floor about two feet in front of you. Hold the cane with both hands and stick your butt out. That’s it, very sexy Peggy. Now turn around and do the same pose with your sweet ass pointing this way. Look over your shoulder at the camera. That’s so hot Peggy. Now sit down on the chair, hold your knees together and raise up on your toes. That’s it. Hold the cane in front of your knees with both hands. Nice. Now put the cane up to your lips and give me that sexy pout. Very nice, Peggy. Spread your knees wide and put the cane on the floor in front of you. Now lift your dress up and hold the cane just in front of your pussy. Hold the cane tight. Press it between your lips.” he went to her and got between her legs. “Hold the cane close, I want it to be between your lips.” he pulled her lips apart and pushed the cane between them. He got up and kept shooting. “So hot, Peggy. The crowd is on it’s feet watching you.”

She nearly came as soon as she touched herself with the cane.

“Okay Peggy, spread your pussy with your left hand and put the top of the cane against your opening. Hold it right there. Now put about one inch inside. That’s so hot, Peggy. Move the cane in as deep as you can. Yeah, hold it there. Now grasp the cane with both hands and move it in and out for a few strokes.”

“Ohhh.” She climaxed as soon as she moved the cane. “MMMMmfffff” She bit her lip.

“That’s very sexy. Now take the cane out and put it up to your mouth. Tilt your head back and hold the cane straight up over your mouth. Just like that. Now put the cane in your mouth sowly. That’s good.”

“Mmmmm.” she moaned as she tasted her juice on the cane.

“Okay, go ahead and stand up. Take off the dress, but leave everything else on. Put the cane between your boobs and hug your tits together. Look at the camera and lick the top of the cane. You’re so hot, Peggy. Go ahead and put one foot on the chair. Turn this way a little. Grab the cane in one hand and the hat in the other and hold your hands out wide. Smile. Yes, That’s it. Put the hat back on and sit down. Hold your thighs together and raise your legs up high. Point your toes straight up. Move your legs to the side so the camera can see your pretty face. That’s good. Now keep your legs together and put the cane up to your pussy again. Nice. Put your legs on the floor and spread them wide. So hot, Peggy. Ready for the big finish?”

“Anything you want, Mr. Director.”

“Okay, Peggy, fuck yourself with the cane as deep and hard as you can. The audience wants to hear you screaming in extasy. Go ahead. Talk it out.”

“Oh Fuck that’s good! OH FUCK!” she plunged the cane in and out of her dripping wet snatch . “OH GOD! YES! FUCK YES! YESSSSSS! FUCK ME! GOD DAMN I’M CUMMING! OHHHHH!” she screamed out as she came. “Oh God! Oh God! Yes.” She began to calm down and held the cane inside her while she held her legs together. Finally she opened her legs slightly and gently pulled the cane out, letting it fall to the floor. “Oh wow that felt good. Whew!”

“That was great, mom. You really surprised me with the depth of your acting skills. I loved it, how do you feel?”

“Tired, but a good tired. Can we take five? I need to go to the little girls room.” she stood up and streched. “Whew.”

“Sure, mom. I need to change batteries anyway. I’ll see you in a few for the next set up.”

She didn’t bother getting dressed, she went to the bathroom wearing only the garter belt, nylons, gloves, and hat. She came back with another glass of champagne. “Ok, Mr Director, what’s next?”

“You’re going to like this one, I hope. Go ahead and strip down, I’ll go get the next outfit.”

She stripped down and waited, drinking her champagne. She was no longer self concious about being nude in front of her son. He was such a professional, she felt like a real model.

“Okay, mom. Here it is.” He held out a large, flat jewelry box. He opened it to show her a beautiful pearl necklace.

“Oh, my…” She had to catch her breath. “That’s gorgeous. Where did you get the money… That can’t be real.”

“It’s real, mom, but as much as I’d like to give you a ten thousand dollar necklace, this is only on loan from Mrs. Thomas, one of my yardwork clients. I’m sorry, but it has to go back tomorrow. You can wear it tonight, though. Go ahead, put it on.”

“Oh, my. It’s so beautiful, Drew. Here, help me with the clasp.” she turned around and held her hair out of the way. “I want to look in the mirror. Oh, Drew, it’s stunning. Where’s the rest of the outfit?”

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