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Once upon a time, you actually went to a theatre to watch an adult, or X-rated movie. Not many exist anymore, certainly not where I live, though there used to be. Long before the advent or introduction of videocassettes even, about the only other way you saw or watched a dirty movie was on your father’s 8mm reels. At least I did anyway.

At the time, there just so happened to be a theatre not too far away from where I lived. I’d been there a couple of times before, both times all by myself. Once in the middle of the day, a matinee as it were, which was a little strange even then. I was practically alone that first time. I remember counting heads, observing. As I recall, there was only one actual couple, sitting way up near the back, no doubt so they wouldn’t be disturbed. She was the only female I could even see. A handful of single men scattered elsewhere, including myself.

The second time I went, I went much later in the evening. The place was considerably busier too with far more couples, though still evenly dispersed within the theatre, hoping for a bit of privacy themselves. Even then though, there always seemed to be a smattering of single guys, some sitting only a few seats over or away from many of these couples.

I hadn’t exactly planned it, but I’d been one of those guys. Three seats off to my right sat just such a couple. I’d glanced at them only briefly when they came in, but had then gotten involved in the movie, as it was a pretty good one. Obviously aroused, I sat with my arousal well hidden within my pants and had no intention of doing anything about it until after I’d returned home again.

Such wasn’t the case beside me, though it took a while for me to realize what was actually going on. When I did, I was torn between watching the movie on screen, and the real-live action taking place only a few seats away. It wasn’t as obvious of course, but it was real…happening as I sat watching. The young woman dressed, or rather almost undressed in a long coat. She’d opened it just enough to reveal to me that she wore absolutely nothing on beneath it. Even then, I only got a partial view of one of her breasts as the man sitting next to her reached over and nonchalantly fondled it. She however, had her hand in his lap, and it was quite obvious by her movements what she was doing to him.

I honestly believe I returned home hornier because of that, than the movie itself. Especially when the woman once actually looked over and smiled at me, and then licked and cleaned off her sticky fingers while I watched. They soon left after that, even before the movie had ended, leaving me with a slick hard prick, one hell of a wet spot, and wishing that I had someone I could have enjoyed doing something like that with myself.

At the time however, I was in between girlfriends, with no real prospects on the horizon.

Four months later I had met someone and had been dating again for several weeks now. It had only been recently however that anything sexual had finally occurred between us. Though Cindy was certainly open-minded, just based on some of the fairly frank conversations we’d had, she wasn’t in any hurry to jump into bed with me either. She preferred taking things slow, which we’d done. Giving me just enough, bits and pieces at a time that promised more as our relationship grew. So far though, my biggest accomplishment had been finally getting to play with her bare tits while sitting out in the front seat of my car. It wasn’t much, but it was a lot more than I’d enjoyed in quite some time with anyone else.

Needless to say, it was because of that that I was quite surprised when just by chance we happened to be driving by that very same movie theatre on our way home from dinner one evening. The movie that was advertised and currently playing was one that for whatever reason, had been given a lot of notoriety and press. As such, the title was a fairly familiar tuzla escort one, even to those that didn’t, or wouldn’t actually go and see it.

I caught Cindy looking over towards it, reading the title as we slowly passed by.

“You ever been in there before?”

Her question surprised me, but I answered her truthfully. “A couple of times…yes.”

My answer didn’t surprise her. “So…what’s it like?”

“What do you mean?” I asked not sure what she was alluding to. “It’s an X-rated movie…you know, people doing it on camera.”

“That’s not quite what I meant,” she laughed still looking back over her shoulder towards the theatre. “I’m not that naïve, I’ve seen a couple of stag films myself you know.”

Her answer had surprised me however. “You have?” Once again she laughed turning back around in her seat.

“What I was wondering about…was inside, you know…I mean is it dirty? Are there weirdoes and freaks all sitting around wearing nothing but trench-coats?” Now it was my turn to laugh.

“I don’t know…maybe, but no one I actually saw…if you don’t count the one woman I did see in there, giving her husband, or boyfriend a hand-job just a few seats away from me the last time I went there,” I shared with her.

“Seriously? You saw that? She really did?”

“Yeah, she did. But it’s only the first time I’ve ever actually seen anything like that either, certainly no guys sitting there jerking off. Or at least if they were, they were a lot better at concealing it than she had been.”

“When was that anyway?” She now asked. So I told her of the two times I had actually gone. That time in the afternoon when the place was all but deserted, and then the much later show, when for whatever reason, more people seemed to turn out. “The witching hour perhaps,” I’d jokingly stated.

She was quiet after that for a few minutes, obviously thinking about it, though at the time I’d just assumed she was satisfied with my answer, satisfying her curiosity, and left it at that.

“You ever seen that one?” she suddenly asked.

“That one what?” I asked looking out through the car window, wondering what she meant. I’d honestly forgotten all about the conversation we’d been having a while ago, especially as it had been a while since we’d even spoken.

“You know what I mean. That movie.”

“Oh, no…I haven’t,” I said easily enough, though I had in fact given some thought to actually seeing it a few days ago, but hadn’t as yet found the time to do so, nor really had the inclination to actually go off and do it either.

“Would you take me?” She then asked. “I’d like to see what it’s like…actually going into a theatre to see a dirty movie,” she said blushing just a little.

“Ok, if you really want to, I will. When?”

“Tomorrow? I think I’d feel better about going to the matinee too,” she told me.

“Ok, sounds like a plan…might be easier for you anyway, less chance of some ‘weirdo’ as you call them sitting down too closely next to us. And even if someone does, there’s usually plenty enough room we can get up and relocate.”

She smiled at that, obviously still thinking. “So…tell me about that couple again?” She asked, and then began unbuttoning her blouse. Thank god we were only a few streets away from reaching her place.

But even better than that, we ended up having sex for the first time that very night.


Admittedly, I was more than a bit aroused myself, especially after the night before. The sex we’d enjoyed had been wonderful, passionate, if not a little reserved. But I thought that was mainly due to the nervousness of it being our very first time together. Like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” and after last night, I hoped we’d be putting in quite a bit of practice. Especially as Cindy it seemed, was just as ucuz escort turned on, as I was to actually be going off to see an X-rated movie together.

“How do I look?” She asked as I met her at the door. It was hard to tell, she was wearing a long trench coat for one thing, but she was also wearing what appeared to be a blonde wig and a bit more makeup that I was used to seeing her wear. She looked totally different to me, so I asked her why.

“Why the disguise? If you’re that nervous about going…”

“Not nervous about going, it’s just that should anyone I work with see me, and realize I took the day off to actually go and watch a dirty movie with someone, let’s just say, it would be a bit hard to explain, especially as most of the people I work with, probably fuck in the dark,” she added. “Anyway…you never answered my question.”

“You look great!” I told her. Though I still hadn’t seen what she actually had on, and then she opened her coat for me.

No…she wasn’t naked, but she looked damn fucking hot nevertheless. Dressed in an almost too short black miniskirt, and fishnet stockings, which were the style at the time, along with a very tight fitting red blouse with the top three buttons undone, that gave hint at a very lacy red bra she was wearing beneath it not to mention tons of cleavage from her more than ample breasts.

“And now?”

“Sexy as hell,” I answered taking her in, almost wishing we weren’t going now… heading back into her bedroom instead.

“Thank you,” she said leaning over to kiss me. “For that…you just might get something special during the movie,” she said winking at me. “Provided no one is sitting next to us,” she then added.

I made a mental note to myself to try and find us a row where no one else was sitting when we walked in, though being a matinee, and remembering the last time, I was fairly confident we’d be able to manage to do that too.

Not too surprisingly, it wasn’t much different than the time before when I’d gone there in the afternoon, except the only couple there, happened to be us. Once again only a handful of people were scattered throughout the theatre, though there was one surprise, two men seated together on the last row where I’d have preferred going with Cindy. She however led us both down towards the middle, though choosing an aisle seat on the right side section rather than actually in the middle. And though the angle in which to watch the movie wasn’t my first choice, I wasn’t about to argue with her over it either.

I almost laughed when she hunched down in her seat, more or less shielding her face, though taking sneak-peeks about looking around. The lights were low even, as they generally always were. But still she seemed a bit anxious and nervous as she hurriedly scanned anyone new coming in.

As I’d hoped, no one even came near us, nor sat behind us either as we patiently waited for the first feature to start.

It was a rather hot one when it did. Not long afterwards either, I felt Cindy reaching over, giving the very noticeable bulge in my slacks a little caress. She then surprised me, unzipping my fly reaching in. Luckily for me, I’d had the foresight, or the hope perhaps that something like this might happen, so I’d not worn any underwear beneath them. She giggled quietly upon discovering that.

“Don’t put it away…I’ll be right back, though it might be a little while,” she told me secretively.

When we’d first entered, she’d made a point of locating the women’s toilet before we’d gone inside, inspecting it even. We’d soon after taken our seats, but now she found the need to go by the looks of it. Though it felt odd sitting there with my hard cock sticking out, though no one was anywhere’s nearby who’d have been able to see it. I found myself sitting there stroking it a little too, keeping it hard ümraniye escort as I got somewhat absorbed in the movie, almost jumping when I felt a presence enter the isle, looking up as Cindy slid in next to me taking her seat. Almost immediately she leaned over however and before I knew it, her mouth drew me in. I glanced around, but no one seemed to be looking in our direction, like me moments ago, too focused on the action taking place on the big screen. I’d been expecting a hand job of course by now, after the way she’d left me. But I certainly hadn’t been expecting this. Not only that, as I glanced down, I also saw her coat was wide open. She was naked beneath it! Reaching over, I wrapped my hand around one of her breasts, caressing it, enjoying the sensation of her hard little nipple as I palmed it, pinching it a little. She mewled pleasurably around my cock, sucking it harder in fact. I groaned, not really meaning to be quite so loud, once again worriedly glancing about. But the only person that appeared to have maybe heard anything was a couple of rows further down in front of us. He did look off to one side and behind him, but not directly behind where we were before turning around again. I decided I needed to be a bit more quiet, though it was damn fucking hard as good as Cindy was working my cock. And the way she was working it left no doubt in my mind either, she wanted me to come. Wanted me to spunk in her mouth, as there was no other place it was obviously going to go by the looks of it either.

I was still kneading one of those gorgeous tits when I felt the sperm in my balls release, seconds later filling Cindy’s mouth with a rather copious load of my jisim. She took what she could, sucking me down, but it became quickly obvious that there was a hell of a lot more of it than she’d been expecting. Suddenly she stood once again, slipping past me heading back up the aisle towards the restrooms. I wondered briefly if I shouldn’t follow, make sure she was ok. But the truth of the matter was, I was still a bit weak in the knees, still trying to collect myself, just managing to put my slowly dwindling, slightly still hard cock away.

And then suddenly she was back, sliding into her seat again.

Once again she opened her coat showing me she was still naked beneath it.


“That’s putting it mildly,” I told her, once again reaching over to fondle her breast.

“Oh…you put it away!” She whispered quietly, obviously disappointed. “I thought you’d leave it out for me, unless you’d rather I didn’t jerk you off,” she said still sounding a bit surprised that I had. The moment she said that however, she quickly drew her coat back together, effectively hiding her nudity, and forcing my still groping hand away. And then I felt it…someone passing by us pausing for a moment, and then continuing on forward. Once again, the same guy I’d seen earlier turned, looking over.

There was a blonde standing next to him in the aisle, wearing a long, very similar looking coat to the one Cindy had on. She stopped, looking back up towards us. We locked eyes, she looked down, and then back, and then laughed.

I noticed by his profile, he too was wearing a short-cropped beard similar to my own, our hair styles likewise the same.

“What?” Cindy said sounding confused, noticing the woman laughing, looking back towards us, which by now had garnered a few other people’s attentions.

“I think maybe we should go,” I said urging Cindy to follow, standing up.

“Why?” she said worriedly, following.

“Because I think I sort of know that woman, and under the circumstances, it might be a good idea if we were to leave.”

Seconds later we had left the movie, hurrying towards the car.

“Well, that was certainly an interesting experience wasn’t it?” Cindy said still sounding a bit confused by our sudden departure.

“Yeah, you might could say that,” I said grinning at her. “Now…why don’t we go back to your place and see if we can’t pick up where we left off,” I suggested.

Only then did she smile.

“Yeah…I’d like that. But even more importantly, I’ll like taking off this wig too, becoming myself once again.”

I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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