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G my one and only, may the games never end


“Hey you.”

We both typed at the same time, two words said to many but only holding that one special place, strange, but so true for me, a flush coming to my face, that almost cute feeling you get when someone you care so very much about is close by if not in body but in mind.

“How is the sexiest woman on earth today?” you asked.

I replied in the way I had done for over the past four years.

“I will ask her if I see her.”

We laughed.

We then went through the catch up chat, what we were doing and where our lives were taking us, our relationship so sound, nothing was a taboo subject, boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers all treated with 100% open honesty. We got talking about who I had written anything for, a habit I had formed some years ago, just letting my mind play games with a guy or girl that was fun, sexy, interesting, smart, intriguing, hell any one or all of the afore mentioned attributes, the feeling of want doing so much for a persons ego and well in my mind that’s not a bad thing, is it?

I said that I had written a short tease for someone and when you asked to see it I showed you the following and said I would be back in five with a coffee, I pressed send then left my study.

Walking out of the door, I smiled, slipping a cigarette in my mouth and cupping the light to block out the wind, my mind went on a wander. Why do you ask me to do these things? Do you get that much pleasure from knowing that when we say bye I still have you on my mind? Is it that you can go about your day with the thought popping into your head did she or didn’t she? I still smiled.

Leaning against the wall, I lifted my left leg so that my foot was resting against it, pushing myself against the wall with my right. Relaxing, I let my raised leg slowly sway, feeling the fabric of my shorts tighten then loosen over my pussy. Having been sat chatting to you it was tucked nicely into my slit and it was damp.

I closed my eyes as I took the last few drags of the cig, still my leg swayed, my clit beginning to tingle. Throwing the cig into the sand I kept my leg open then slid my hand down over the front of my shorts and pressed gently. As soft moan left my lips as I felt the wetness and I pressed my shorts against me harder, rubbing my finger slowly up and down, moulding them in between my lips.

Slowly I rubbed my hips moving forward then back, pressing my finger hard against my clit, my breath getting deeper, wanting more. I slide my hand from my lips and up then slowly unbuttoned my shorts, my fingers sliding against my stomach, popping each button as my hand slowly made its was down to my pussy.

Bending my right leg, I moved my hips and pushed my hand deep inside my shorts, three fingers brushing over my mound, then over my lips then pressing down onto my clit. Slow, big circles, round and round my clit then down, letting my fingers dip just into my pussy, rubbing them together, covering the tips of them in my juice then back up to my clit. More circles, getting smaller, tighter, making my clit throb, letting my nails brush over it, like the tip of a tongue. Sinop Escort Flicking it soft then hard, fast then slow, moaning quietly each time the tingle shot through my body.

Moving my fingers I held my clit and rubbed it, winking it, slow so slowly, moaning loader, my mind still wandering, picturing different things. Felling my body start to tense, pulling my fingers off my clit, wanting the feeling to go on and on. Pushing them down, teasing my lips, dipping my fingers in and out of my pussy, coating myself in my juices, loving the feel of soft smooth flesh all slick under my touch. Breathing so hard, wanting to pinch and pull my hard nipples but unable to trust myself so keeping my hand pressed hard against the wall.

Close so fucking close, getting to that unable to stop point, that not wanting to stop point, the need flooding over me. Back to my clit, rubbing it hard, groaning now, knowing I could be heard, not caring, faster faster fasterrrrrrrrrrr until I gasped, my eyes flying open, my fingers pressed hard against my clit, then I came, breathing out hard, moaning, gasping, everything at once. My clit throbbing, my fingers slipping into my pussy to feel it pulse around them.

In my mind you were sat, feet away from me, watching me wank as you held your throbbing cock. I could see the tip coated in your pre-cum, glistening as you rubbed your fingers up and down the shaft, your thumb rubbing through your pre-cum then smearing it down then slowly back up your length. Faster and faster you had wanked, your eyes fixed onto my fingers watching them work my pussy, hearing you moan as I slipped them in and out of me.

As we got closer I would have moved over to you, I would have stood, my legs each side of yours so that your cock was pointing towards my sweet wet hole. Faster and faster we wanked until you came, hot thick cum pumping from your cock, coating my fingers that were deep in my pussy.

You would have grabbed my arse to pull me closer, I would have moved back, my fingers slipping from my pussies grip to play with your cum, to slide my fingers through it, mixing it with my cum before sliding my fingers back into my pussy, you watching as your cum was finger fucked into me.

Closing my eyes again as every breath left my body and I slumped against the wall, my right leg juddering as the nerves tingled, knowing I felt dizzy from how hard I had cum, not from the cig, not from a drink, just pure orgasm.

It felt like hours but could have only been minutes until I opened my eyes and slowly slid my hand out of my shorts. Grinning I opened and closed my fingers, watching them glisten in the light, then I tasted, all three, pushing them into my mouth and just licking them, I could almost taste you. Then I giggled, I bit my lip knowing that I did this because you asked me to, not because I wanted to or was going to do it anyhow, just for you, why?


I typed as I sat back down, it flashed up in the little message box on my screen, the view web cam msg showing so I clicked, your smile making me melt,

“So he got the Kelly wanket hu?” you typed, “tell me his reaction”.

You always Sinop Escort Bayan asked this, the want to know how others felt, how they reacted yet all the time knowing I was yours making you almost smug.

So I told you, how he had his cam on as he read it, how he had pursed his lips and closed his eyes for a second at the part where I rubbed his cum into my pussy, how I had made him hard and that he wanked in the shower thinking about my little story.

You smiled and just typed back,

“He would have enjoyed you so much”

I laughed and said, “And how do you know I would not have enjoyed him?”

The tease in me working you to make you bite, and you did, with perfection, the reply being,

“No one is me Kelly!” Point to you my sexy man.

We continued to tease, each planting those subliminal words and messages in each other minds, knowing full well when the time came to switch off we would both have to play THE game. we chatted some more then called time on the typing game and said our goodbye’s, some how these never every got easier even though we were in contact most every day.

I watched the computer screen until it went black then I undressed, it would have been so easy to play in the shower, my cunt wet for you, your teasing working me as it does every time, but I wanted to wait, I wanted just a little more tonight.

I lay on my bed, naked, the window open, the breeze blowing in, the sheet just covering the tops of my thighs. I closed my eyes as I slid my hand over my tits, teasing each nipple between my finger and my thumb, pulling them gently, twisting one then the other, biting my lip so I did not moan as I pulled them harder, arching my back up as thought to push them into your mouth. Smiling I let each one go, the tingle warming my tits, sending shivers down my stomach which I traced with my fingers. Tiny circles drawn on my flesh, my mind thinking of you stood at the side of the bed, watching me, your eyes following each tiny movement of my fingers, your breath matching mine, your cock hard in your hand as you wanked it slowly.

My fingers reaching my mound, lifting them until the very tips of my nails floated over me I opened my legs, the sheet slipping off me as I pushed my hands down between my already wet thighs. Wider I opened my legs as if to give you a great view of what I was about to do. Pressing one finger hard against my lips it sank in to find my clit, I moaned, feeling how hard it was, how much I wanted you to suck it, to take it into your lips and flick it hard with your tongue, but you had to watch.

Lifting my hips, pressing harder, moving my finger up and down, round and round, rubbing my clit, my eyes never leaving yours, a smile on my face. I could wait no longer and just moved my hand down and let two fingers sink into my wet cunt. Deep and hard, no messing about I pushed them in and out of me, slow then fast, twisting and turning, my juices starting to coat them, so wet, so wet thinking of you stood, wanking, wanting, watching.

I snapped out of your mind control for just long enough to reach down to the side of my bed and take hold of my favourite Escort Sinop toy, so life like, so real, not too thick, not too long, just perfect, so ‘your’ cock like that it cold have been made from a model of you.

Then back, slipping so easily into your mind hold over me so I let my mind go as I rolled over, my hand almost crushed under me as I buried my face into the pillow. I felt you, felt your legs on either side of mine, holding my legs tight together, your teasing spanking almost stinging my arse. I could hear your words, mocking me with each slap,

“Want him do you?”

“Like him do you?”

“Your MINE, ALL mine sluttttttttttt”

“You love that I make you pay this way”

I bit my pillow, knowing that my moans could be heard through the open window. My mind in your total control, your words and actions so real. My fingers now moving slow and deep in and out of my wet cunt as I lifted my hips off the bed, lifting them for you, my mind now just a wash of pure lust.

You slapped me hard then bent and kissed the stinging redness on my arse, your tongue teasing down my crack, your fingers pushing my cheeks open, you moved so that your tongue flicked over my fingers as I finger fucked myself.

Then I stopped, I reached back with my other hand, gripping my toy, letting it slap against my arse, I slid my fingers out of me and up from under me so that I trailed my juices up and spread them over my tight arse, I could see your face as I pressed my toy hard against my arse hole, it would have been your cock about to enter me, I pushed down with my hand as I pushed up with my hips. I gasped as I felt the head push in, almost a pain but too close to pleasure.

My hand became you, my toy became you.

You thrust, gently, your cock slipping into me, my muscles gripping you, pulling you deeper and deeper until you were in me, your cock buried so deep in my tight hot arse. slowly you fucked me, nice teasing thrusts, almost out then nice and deep, you pushed so hard that you could grind your balls against me then that little extra push you so love to do, the one that makes me give in to you, the make me groan wanting it over and over, the one that pushes the very life air from me.

My fingers pressing against that thin wall of flesh, feeling your cock, almost stroking you as you fucked me, slowly building, getting faster, getting harder, Harder, I begged you, I panted and gasped for breath, wanting your cum, wanting it deep in me. Faster, faster I fingered myself, trying to hold back, wanting to cum, about to give in. I thrust them deep as your cock thrust deep into my arse, your hands would have been gripping my hips, pulling me back, I was telling you, asking you, begging you cum, cum, cum, cum and I lost control, we came, so fucking hard, my cunt gripping my fingers just as my arse would have gripped your cock, milking you like a good whores arse should do, I swear I could feel your cock twitching inside me.

I giggled, slowly opening my eyes I smiled, my mind is a wicked, wicked thing I am so glad you like it as a play ground, feel free to test my attractions any time sexy I though as I curled myself into a snug little ball, my fingers just slipping from my cunt and now resting wet against my lips, my toy, your cock, still deep in my arse, a warm glow sending me off to a happy sleep.

Until tomorrow my one and only when we shall play the mind games again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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