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I tell you as I leave in the morning that you are not to express any milk while I am at work, none at all, I want you nice and full when I get home. You look at me and agree and I smile softly, trust me my pet it will be worth I assure you as I leave.

I arrive home at about 5:30, you meet me at the door with your shirt unbuttoned, waiting for what I have in mind. I kiss you lips and gently rub your nipples as I go and sit down. I open my briefcase and pull out two plastic water bottles and about 4 feet of satin rope. I smile and tell you to lean forward for me. You place your hands on the arms of my chair and I wrap the rope around each of your very full tits. Then I squeeze one of the bottles nearly flat and put the opening over your nipple. I then do the same to the other and watch as your nipples swell in the bottles and you begin to drip milk into the bottles. As the bottles begin to fill they grow heavier and start to pull and stretch your tender nipples. I smile as I squeeze your breasts, forcing the milk to spray even faster.

After a few minutes the flow slows to only a trickle and I pull off each bottle, pulling down to stretch your nipples before the pop free. As they come loose droplets of warm sweet milk spray on my chest. Your nipples are very large and hard and I suck each of them into my mouth, sucking hard to taste your milk I bite down just a bit on each one. I then hold up the two bottles and pour one of them into the other, giving me about 2 cups of milk.

I stand up and take you by the hand and guide you into the bedroom. I tell you to lay back for me and I lift your legs up and out, opening your wet, smoothly shaved lips for me to see.

I slide then end of the bottle into your open pussy and tilt it up, filling your body with your own milk until it begins to run down your lips. I then pour the few ounces left into my open mouth as you watch. I tell you not to move and then I undress as you watch me, my cock hard and leaking precum as I look down at you.

Your nipples are starting to leak droplets of milk, both from being tightly tied and from your excitement as you wonder what I will do next. I stand in front of you and slowly stroke my cock, reach down to play with your milky nipples, Escort Bayan rubbing the white fluid into my stretched skin until precum begins to almost drip from my cock.

I then move down and slide up the bed until the head of my cock is against your milk filled pussy. I smile as I push in, feeling the milk squirt around my cock, running down my shaft and dripping from my balls as I push slowly deeper inside you. The feel of the milk and your wetness around me is incredible. I don’t even try to hold back and begin to move fast and hard inside you. The feel of your warm milk and wet pussy around me is incredible and I cum quickly, filling you even more and feeling that coating my spasming cock as well. I begin to move slower loving the feel of you around me. I reach down and run my fingers along my wet cock, scooping up the mix of milk and cum on my fingers I bring them up to your lips and watch as you lick the taste of us from the tips of my fingers.

I ask if you want more and you smile as I slide my cock out and move up your body and watch as you begin to lick me clean, not missing a single drop of the results of our liquid pleasure. I slide my fingers back into your pussy as you do, tasting us myself and noticing how slippery it is I rub a little into your tight ass, but that story is for another day.

As I relax and lay down beside you, you snuggle against my side, your still tied tits firm against my chest as you kiss my cheek. I smile and reach down and begin to play with your nipples. I comment that you still feel rather full.

You nod your head and raise up a bit where I can reach down to take your nipple into my mouth. As I start to suck on your still hard nipple I slowly remove the silky rope and smile as I hear you softly moan from the sudden rush of hot blood into your flesh. I squeeze your breast to encourage a little more milk for me to taste as I pull you further on top of me. The taste of your warm sweet milk as always causes my cock to stir.

You pull back and I remove the other rope as well as you sit up on top of me. I am still not quite hard enough to enter your body, but that is soon becoming less true. You begin to play with your nipples for me, knowing I love to watch.

You Bayan Escort start by tugging on them, stretching them in front of you as droplets of milk begin to fall from your nipples. You slide down and squeeze your nipples to coat my growing cock in warm white milk. As soon as I am covered you take the head of me in your mouth and hold your lovely tits around me. Then as I begin to move my hips your squeeze your nipples and spray milk as I slide up and down. You begin to pull harder on your nipples as I watch, bouncing them around my cock as you do. I love the feel of your wet skin against me. As you feel me getting me getting closer to cumming you move your wonderful mouth away and begin to squeeze your tits and nipples to coat me even more with milk.

As I become soaked you start to smile and slide up my body again, you now sit up on top of me and smile. My hard cock rests between the soft white cheeks of your ass as you lean back and play with your still cum and milk filled pussy. As I watch you slide your fingers in and out I move my hips up and down to slide my slippery cock back and forth.

You reach behind your and brace your hand on my thigh and lift yourself up. I reach down and rub the head of my cock against your wet lips, you shake your head at me as I try to push up and you scoot forward a little. I touch the head of my cock at the opening to your tight ass and you smile and start to push down. The milk and precum on the head of my cock let me slide in easily.

As you settle down I slide my hands away and watch as you take me into your body. You settle down on me and start to move up and down just a bit, reaching down you slide your fingers back into your pussy and rub them against my cock through the thin flesh deep inside your pussy. The sight of your cum covered fingers sliding in and out is incredible. I feel you tighten down and cum hard on my cock. As you do I join you, spraying my warm cum deep into your body as you push down as hard as you can to take all of me in your body. I watch as you cum again from the feeling of my cum flooding your body. I watch as you begin to relax again and pull you into my arms to sleep safely in my embrace.

As the dawn approaches we slowly Escort wake up. I feel you nice and warm against me as you start to stir. Stretching you roll over and I kiss your lips softly. Your eyes open and you smile and tell me it is time for us to shower. We get up and head for the shower together. It is a nice sized shower, with one of the overheard rainstorm type shower heads ( I have one of those and love it, get one for yourself it is great ) As we stand with the water pouring over us you take a washcloth and soap and hand them to me. I smile at the (subtle) hint and kneel down, starting with your feet and slowly scrub each inch of your skin until it is almost glowing.

I take great care to wash all of you, but not to excite you too much, just to get your nice and clean and relaxed. After I guide the water over your skin to rinse you clean you take the soap and cloth from me and tell me to stand still. I watch as you cover your lovely milk filled tits with soap again, not sure what you have in mind, but enjoying the show anyway.

You push me gently against the wall and begin to wash my chest with your soap covered nipples as a scrubby. This feels heavenly and I see milk leaking out to mix with the soap and water as you rub my skin. You turn me around and have me kneel down and start now with my shoulders, making sure they are scrubbed and covered with soap and milk and water. You tell me to stand up and as I do you kneel behind me, rubbing your milky nipples all over my ass, squirting a little milk to run between my cheeks. The feel is very exciting, but you laugh and rub me clean and tell me to behave.

You rub your hands down my calves and feet, then tell me to turn around. I am very hard from your touch and you kiss the tip of me and tell me I still have to wait, hard or not. I smile and you keep moving up,, making sure my entire body has been scrubbed and cleaned,, and coated in a thin layer of milk. You stand and move me under the water and rinse me clean, using your soft hands to make sure not a trace of soap is left. To my surprise you then pull me back out of the water and tell me to stand still. You begin squeezing your nipples as I watch, spraying my wet skin with the warm white liquid. You then slowly rub it into my skin, mixing it with the water to coat my skin, telling me that it will make me nice and soft for later. I love the feel on my skin as you turn off the water and gently dry me with a soft towel. It is so very nice to feel loved and cared for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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