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Chrissy was in the ninth month of her three year sentence. Her sentence stated that she could be paroled after eighteen months on her conviction for Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance, so she was hoping that she was halfway through her time. Since the day she’d arrived, she had been in Cell 8 of Cellblock 3 as Inmate 7671285. She’d had the cell to herself for only a couple of hours, as a guard had predicted, as another new inmate had been assigned as her cellmate.

Despite being locked down with a cellmate for several hours a day for nine months, going “gay for the stay,” and getting into a lesbian relationship rarely crossed her mind. She was arrow straight, or “strictly dickly,” as she liked to say. She had little interest in any pussy but her own. It was dick that she missed and craved. Specifically, her husband Derek’s dick. Her pussy ached to be filled by it and by his cum again. But being locked up with only females for a long period of time can start to cause certain thoughts, and sometimes, her mind did start to stray a bit, if only from the total lack of sex.

Before being locked up, she and Derek made love at least 3 times a week. She had a pretty voracious sexual appetite, especially for a woman who’d had three kids, and Derek always kept her satisfied. Her curvy body, with her 38C breasts and big, round ass on her compact 5′ 2″ frame were addictive for him, not to mention her luscious, tight pussy. Her pussy always made him cum and cum hard, and he couldn’t get enough of it. He didn’t need drugs, he had her pussy to be addicted to. If she hadn’t gotten her tubes tied after their third child, it’s very likely they would’ve gotten pregnant several more times with how often they had sex.

But since her incarceration, she’d been completely celibate, and it was really starting to get to her. Masturbation, as with any kind of sexual activity, was against the rules. If you were caught, you would receive a reprimand that could potentially affect your chances at early parole, as well as costing you a week in solitary confinement. She’d been on her best behavior with everything, but even with that, it takes almost a full year before an inmate becomes eligible for a conjugal visit, so any relief in that form was still at least 3 months away, if she could get approved for it.

For someone with a sex drive like Chrissy’s, the celebacy was driving her mad! Even the slightest touch of her breasts or pussy when she was showering with the other inmates sent a chill and tingles throughout her body that she had to try to ignore. Being in on a drug related charge, even though minor and only distribution related, she regularly had to go through strip searches. Having to spread her legs and pull back her pussy lips, or having to lift and cup her tits during the search would make her super horny. Sometimes, even just the simple act of wiping after taking a piss would cause her to get a little wet. With the deprivation of any kind of sexual contact for months now, every sensation was heightened.

Chrissy’s cellmate would sometimes masturbate in the bunk above her at night, and that certainly didn’t help with the lust, even though her cellmate tried to do it quietly. Obviously, Chrissy couldn’t get dick from her husband right now, so she didn’t just want to be touching herself, she needed to!

But the thought of getting caught, the possibility bursa eskort of it costing her early parole, making it longer before she could get out and be back with her husband and kids always stopped her. On top of that, she wasn’t very comfortable about the idea of masturbating with someone right above her, let alone in the same room.

Usually, when her cellmate was masturbating, Chrissy would try to just roll over and ignore it, or mentally block it out. But there were times when, as she laid there listening as her cellmate brought herself to orgasm on the bunk above, that lust would almost overcome her, and she would get those tingling feelings in her nipples and her pussy again. Chrissy would be tempted to climb up and join in on the fun, or reach down and start touching herself. But she always held herself back.

Things were about to change though. In the middle of the ninth month of Chrissy’s sentence, her cellmate was released on early parole, and as it turned out, it would be a couple of days before another cellmate was assigned. Chrissy had an idea that this could happen from the conversations with her cellmate, but it was never guaranteed. But now that it had happened, Chrissy already had a plan in motion to finally get herself off.

For the last few weeks, Chrissy had been monitoring when the guards did bed checks after lights out as the parole hearing date for her cellmate approached. If there was even a chance she’d get a night or two alone she just had to try, because this lack of orgasm was just too much!

Chrissy had noted that after the guards checked her cellblock, that they would move on to check other blocks, and it usually took them over an hour before they came back through. With how sex deprived she had been these last nine months, she knew she probably wouldn’t need that much time. Probably not even half of that.

Finally, the night she had waited for had arrived! With her cellmate’s departure on parole earlier that afternoon, Chrissy now had the cell to herself after lights out. Within an hour of lights out, here came the guards doing their bed checks. “Right on schedule,” she thought. The guards made their way through Cellblock, checking to make sure every inmate was accounted for and in their bunk. Chrissy laid quietly under the covers, pretending to be sleeping. She heard the guards outside her cell, and felt the heat of the light beam shine on her face as the guards quickly scanned her cell.

Finding nothing out of the ordinary, the guards moved on, checking the other eight cells of Cellblock 3. Apparently finding no unusual activity, Chrissy heard the guards wrap up their sweep of her cellblock, and get buzzed into the next block to continue their bed checks.

“Almost time,” Chrissy thought to herself. She was so excited about masturbating that her whole body was tingling in anticipation, and she was already a little wet just thinking about it. It had been a very long time since she had been this excited to masturbate, and she was ready.

She listened carefully as she heard the voices of the guards fade further away as they checked the next cellblock. Once Chrissy could no longer hear them, she knew she had just enough time before the guards came back through on their nightly rounds.

Quickly and quietly, she slipped out of the cover of her thin prison blanket and folded it up, placing it on the floor next bursa escort to her prison moccasins. Then, she began unbuttoning her orange jumpsuit. Once it was unbuttoned, Chrissy slipped the top part off her shoulders, and it fell down to her waist. She then hooked her thumbs into it at the waistline, and it fell down around her ankles. She stepped out of it and laid with her blanket on the ground.

Now wearing only her prison tank undershirt and white granny panties, she could really feel the cool, damp air of the cell. Her nipples started to get hard not just from the air, but from how horny she was. They ached to be sucked on and pinched. She crossed her arms, pulled the tank over head, then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her granny panties, and slid them off of her hips and her plump ass until they fell around her ankles. She quickly grabbed them up and placed them with her jumpsuit and blanket next to the bunk, and laid back down, carefully listening in case the guards should make an early reappearance.

Chrissy laid there for a moment anticipating what she was about to do. She thought about her husband, wishing he was there to tear up her wanting pussy. One of their kinks was pregnancy, or the thought of getting pregnant. Even after she’d had her tubes tied, they liked to talk like they were trying to get pregnant when they had sex, partially because in their minds, the hottest sex they ever had was when they were trying to get pregnant with their kids. Her pussy ached at the thought of being cummed in.

Chrissy couldn’t wait anymore, it was time. As she laid there spreadeagle on the bunk, she closed her eyes, and slipped her right hand down between her legs. As she reached for her muff, she felt the thin, soft patch of dark pubic hair that had been growing there since her incarceration. She normally kept it shaved completely, and had been doing that for years. But in lockup, shower time was limited and only shaving of legs and armpits was permitted, so she had a bush down there for the first time in a very long time.

Chrissy started out by gently rubbing her clit, and almost immediately felt herself starting to get really wet. Imagining her husband Derek was fucking her, she kept rubbing it, starting to moan quietly while still keeping an ear out for the guards. She slipped one finger into the beef curtains of her now-soaking wet cunt, and then a second, and her pussy was loving it. It had been so long since she’d felt any pleasurable touch down there, and the feeling was incredible, almost like losing her virginity again.

With her right hand busy rubbing and penetrating her pussy, with her left hand she now started groping her 38C breasts, and pinching her erect nipples, trying to simulate the feeling she got when Derek sucked her nipples when they fucked. The sensation of touching herself after months of being celebate was incredible. While she could only imagine getting her pussy filled with Derek’s dick and cum right now, her fingers and imagination would have to do, and that was just fine.

Chrissy now slipped a third finger into her cunt, which was now as wet as she could ever remember. The combined feeling of groping herself, pinching her nipples, and fingering herself was making her moan louder and louder, as her pleasure level was now almost off the charts. She’d reached the point where she didn’t care bursa escort bayan if she got caught anymore, she just needed to get herself off.

Her hips began to buck at her penetrations as she got closer to orgasm. Chrissy pulled her right hand back up towards her nosey67, and smelled the muskiness of the scent of her womanhood on her fingers. The smell of her sex just got her that much more aroused, and she quickly slipped her fingers back into her honey pot, stirring them around, penetrating as deep as she could.

“Oh baby, fuck me! Fuck a baby into me!” Chrissy quietly moaned as she continued finger fucking her sopping wet pussy, imagining Derek trying to get her pregnant again. “Knock me up Derek, plant your seed in me!” Chrissy whimpered. Her fingers felt so good that he could almost feel Derek’s 7 inch cock inside her, like she was back home in their bed, being bred by her man.

The musky scent of her sex was starting to fill the cell as she approached the moment she had waited all these months for. Her hips began bucking hard against the penetrations of her fingers as they stretched her tight, wet snatch. In her mind, Chrissy pictured Derek getting ready to make a final thrust before blowing his load inside her. Her box was about to explode as she writhed on the tiny bunk.

Chrissy was about to cum. She didn’t even care if the guards came back and caught her now. Nine months of sexual frustration was about to come out on her fingers. She slipped her fingers out of her pussy one more time, then jammed them back in as deep as she could. “Cum inside me, knock me up Derek! I’m cumming with you,” Chrissy moaned as she imagined her husband releasing his seed inside her. That finally did it. Chrissy had crossed the threshold. She finally got her release. As her fingers probed deep into her soaking cunt that last time, she came.

Her pussy exploded in orgasm as she let out a moan of pleasure. Chrissy’s pussy juices were all over her hand and her pubic hair. She almost couldn’t believe how hard she came. Thinking about getting pregnant always got her rocks off, and that combined with months of celibacy in prison had almost driven her mad with pleasure.

She laid there on her bunk for a few moments, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, until she got her wits about her and realized the guards would be coming back soon. She got up, then quietly grabbed a towel from her locker to wipe herself off. She had to dry her pussy extensively, as she was still dripping juices from her orgasm. Then, s

Chrissy then quickly walked back towards her bunk and grabbed her uniform and undergarments off the floor. She pulled on the prison granny panties, pulled the tank undershirt over her head, and pulled her jumpsuit back on, sliding it up her hips and over her bubble butt to her waist, then pulling the top part over her shoulders and sliding her arms into the sleeves, and then buttoned it up and quietly slid back under the covers.

Just as she did, she heard the guards in the distance, coming back for the next bed check. Chrissy couldn’t believe that she had actually been able to get away with it! She didn’t know when she’d be able to get off again, but she savored the moments she’d had. The guards checked her cell again, and she acted as if she was asleep. But after they passed by, the slipped her hand out from under the covers and up to her nose again, sniffing the musk of her sex that still lingered on her fingers. And then she drifted off to sleep, dreaming erotic dreams of conjugal visits with her husband in her tiny cell. She could only hope that those dreams would come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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