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In chapter one, Louisa meets Michael in a hotel bar. She’s a 38 year old attractive woman who has recently been off sex for a couple of years. Her sexual history is adequate but not adventurous. Michael claims to see a wilder, naughtier woman under Louisa’s surface and asks her if he can help her discover it. Louisa, finding Michael immensely attractive agrees. They go to his hotel room and immediately engage in sexual activity; Michael firstly fingering Louisa to orgasm, then going down on her before shagging her swiftly and effectively. During all three activities, Louisa climaxes hard. After the actual fuck there is a knock at the door – it is Michael’s friend Rob whom Louisa has met. They have clearly arranged this.

I looked at Rob standing in the doorway. He looked hopeful but not presumptuous and most importantly, very attractive. I had overlooked Rob’s attractions earlier in the light of Michael’s good looks but he too was a sexy man. Suddenly, the idea of two gorgeous guys lavishing me with physical attention was too good to pass up. I was still a libidinous mess and Michael knew it as he continued to smile wickedly at me.

“Yes,” I whispered, “He comes in.”

Rob’s face broke out into a huge smile. “Thank you God,” he breathed, comically raising his eyes to heaven and following Michael back into the room. He looked down at me on the bed. “Fuck,” he gasped, “She’s still wearing… Did you do that deliberately?”

“Sure.” Michael winked at Rob. “I saved it specially for you.”

I wondered for a moment what they meant. Then it dawned on me. My bra. I was still wearing it. Michael must have wanted Rob to remove it. I didn’t give a shit. Just as long as the fucking thing came off. I voiced my request.

“Rob,” I asked, “Will you please get this fucking bra off me. It’s uncomfortable, my tits are straining out of it and Michael won’t take it off.”

“Sweetheart,” said Michael before Rob could answer and lying back down on the bed next to me. “Rob is the biggest tit man you will ever meet. And you have the biggest, bounciest tits he has ever seen. When I said I wanted to get into your pants earlier today, Rob said I was welcome to what was in your knickers as long as he got a share of what was under your bra. And he wasn’t joking. He told me he’d kill for a chance at your huge knockers and I knew, deep down, you’d be fine with that. I could sense your latent sexual proclivities. In fact,” he winked at Rob again, “Turns out they weren’t so latent. She’s been coming like a bitch on heat. Three times before you got here.”

“Three,” Rob sounded envious. “You’d only been gone half an hour. You fucked three times?”

“Nah,” Michael dismissed this. “She came three times. We fucked once. The other times I fingered and sucked her to climax. Anyway,” he said changing the subject slightly, “Time for that bra to come off and for you to do the honours. And I mean honours.”

Rob came to the bed and lay down on the other side of me. He looked down at where my breasts were barely contained by the underwired black bra covering them. “Fuck,” he said again staring at my tits. “Fuck, fuck, fucking hell. They’re fucking glorious. I almost don’t want to do this. I want to keep just imagining them for a bit longer.” Rob gazed at my bra-covered boobs as if willing them to become uncovered. “Shit, who am I kidding,” he muttered, “Sit up baby.” I sat up. Rob unclipped my bra from behind. “Hold it in place,” he whispered in my ear. I did as he asked and he slowly drew the straps from my shoulders. “Now,” he breathed almost reverently. I glanced at Michael. He was looking at my tits almost as avidly as Rob was. Rob, inch by inch, peeled away the cotton material of the bra from my enormous breasts. They swung free and proud, standing quite firm considering their massive size. “Holy shit!” breathed Rob.

“Holy fuck,” muttered Michael at the same time.

“I can die a happy man,” Rob declared, “I’ve seen heaven. Mindy Carroll, Belinda Peterson, Helena Sharpe – flat chested, droopy titted bitches. You, Louisa are the massive mammaried goddess.”

“Shut the fuck up,” chuckled Michael. “Massive mammaried goddess my ass. She’s got fantastic, huge, firm, bouncy tits that’s al… Oh fucking shit.” Michael’s voiced tailed off as he stared at what he was describing. “Fuck Rob, get your dick between them and do us all a favour.”

Rob was still mesmerised by my melons but this snapped him out of it. “What?” he asked abruptly.

“You heard,” Michael stated. “Look mate, you want to tit fuck her, I’ll bet she wants you to tit fuck her and I sure as hell want to watch you tit fuck her. So fucking tit fuck her. Now. I’ll push them together round your cock.” Rob looked at me.

“Lou,” he said hesitantly, “Can I…”

“Fuck yes,” I breathed. “Get your fucking dick between my tits Mister.”

Rob needed no further encouragement. He straddled my middle and flopped his big, hard cock between my breasts. “Put some of this on your cock,” Michael handed Rob a bottle of something. ankara rus escort “It’s almond oil,” he explained, “You use it for massages. His cock’ll slide between your tits easier.” Rob slathered the slippery oil over his hard shaft then replaced it. I gasped in anticipation then Michael gripped a breast in each hand and pushed them up and around Rob’s dick. Both Rob and I moaned then Rob began to move his dick backwards and forwards. Michael meanwhile was squeezing and pawing at my tits whist pushing them around Rob’s shaft.

“Fuck, this is the best feeling in the world,” Rob groaned as he continued to slide his cock between my enormous mammary glands. “She’s got the best tits ever.” Michael grunted his agreement as he squeezed my boobs roughly, pushing them as tightly as they would go around Rob’s pulsing penis. Meanwhile, I was again approaching ecstasy. But a different ecstasy this time. A feeling connected with the sensations that both Rob and Michael were producing in my tits was pulsing through to my vagina. I began to pant and moan, increasing in volume as Rob picked up pace. A strange, intense sensation was building deep in my pussy. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but it felt like I might wet myself. I murmured my concern.

“Michael, I think I might wet myself.”

“What the f…?” Michael glanced down at my pussy, soaking wet and dripping fluid again. “Oh fucking flip…”

“What?” Both Rob and I asked the question, Rob curiously while still concentrating on his own orgasm, me fearfully, thinking “Oh shit, I really am going to wet myself.”

“You’re not going to wet yourself baby,” Michael sounded almost gleeful. “You’re going to come. Real, real hard. And all you’ve had is a titwank. And me squeezing your puppies. Oh babe you’re something else. You can do that too.”

“What, what can she do?” Rob’s voice was strained, his climax was close.

“Well, first, she can come just from you jerking off between her tits and me squeezing them,” Michael’s voice indicated though that this was just the tip of the iceberg. “Second, oh fuck man. Spurt your jizz on her boobs then you can see what she’s gonna do.” Obediently it seemed, Rob’s dick went into spasms and Michael let my tits fall as Rob’s spunk fountained out on to them.

“Fuck that’s hot,” groaned Rob as his climax subsided and he surveyed my sperm covered breasts. “If I had a photo of that, I could jerk off to it a dozen times a day. I’d never get tired of looking at it. It’s so fucking hot.”

“This is hotter,” Michael said with urgency, “Look at this.” Rob looked down at my pussy as Michael got in for a closer look. I still wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen other than, as Michael said, I was going to come hard. That didn’t mean I wasn’t going to wet myself though although Michael had said I wouldn’t. I’d have to trust him – I couldn’t deny this orgasm much longer. “Go for it baby,” Michael coaxed, “Let it happen – just come baby, come. Just go for it.” And I came. I came harder than I ever had. It was by far the most intense climax of my life. And as I came I felt it. I felt my vagina spurt fluid. Not gush or pulse or drip like it had before. Spurt. Like Rob’s cock had all over my tits. Three, four, five huge spurts of fluid. Several feet on one occasion. It hit the TV screen. I’d no idea what was going on. Just that I was coming so hard it was almost painful. But fabulous. I jerked and shuddered and twitched on the bed trying to recover.

“Holy shit,” muttered Rob staring at me.

“She squirted,” Michael said in delight. “She’s a fucking squirter. And we didn’t even touch her cunt.”

I was spent. A spent force of post-orgasmic ecstasy on the bed. Except I wasn’t. I knew, even as I lay, still shuddering with the aftermath of my massive climax, that things weren’t over. And I didn’t want them to be. I was still horny. While I tried to recover, I sensed Rob moving down the bed. I opened my eyes to find him between my legs. Michael was reclining next to me, smiling down benevolently, even proudly. “This won’t take it out of you too much,” he whispered. “Just keep you ticking over so to speak. Before the next round.”

Rob’s tongue settled on my swollen clitoris. I moaned again. I’d spent the evening moaning with sexual pleasure and it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. “Just a quick one,” Michael assured me. I nodded with drowsy arousal. Rob carried on licking. And sucking. I was soon groaning my ecstasy again. “Fuck, I don’t believe it,” I uttered as Rob’s tongue swirled around my flooded sex. “I’m going to come agai…” And I did. Less than ten minutes after my mind-blowing squirting orgasm, I was gasping another climax to the sex-scented room.

“Oh Jesus,” I heard Rob mutter into my twitching cunt. “Does she ever frigging stop the horny bitch?”

“Doesn’t look like it,” Michael grinned. “But we’re not finished yet. Get up the bed and lie back.” I thought at first he was talking to me but Michael’s instructions ankara türbanlı escort were to his friend who did as he was told. Rob moved back up the bed and lay supine, waiting for further orders.

Michael grabbed me by the hips and lifted me onto Rob’s torso. I was positioned on his chest, my knees straddling his upper body. It felt good. Rob’s muscular body was directly in contact with my throbbing pussy. Involuntarily, I rubbed myself against him and felt his nipple brush my clit. Oh God yes. That was good. I rubbed again, harder, more obviously. “Oh fucking shit,” Rob groaned beneath me. “What?” Michael asked. “She’s fucking rubbing herself on my nipples. She’s trying to get herself off by rubbing her clit on my nipple.”

“You naughty girl,” Michael chuckled. “That’s what you want is it? You want to get yourself off by wanking your cunt on Rob’s nipple? Well fucking do it then. Let us watch you wank your clit you shameless slut.” I couldn’t deny him. I couldn’t deny anything. I did want to get myself off on Rob’s nipple and I was going to do it. Without thinking, my hands went down to my vulva and pulled my lips apart to give my clit and the surrounding area better access to Rob’s hard, erect nipple. “That’s right babe,” breathed Michael. “Pull your lips apart. Rub as much of that horny cunt on Rob’s nipple as you can. We want to see you come again. And hear you. You’re a noisy bitch aren’t you. The couple next to me aren’t going to be sleeping tonight with you yelling your climaxes at them. Not that it’s a bad thing. They could probably do with their relationship spicing up. Your loud porno noises have probably been the sexiest thing that’s happened to them in ages.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Rob said as I picked up the pace and rubbed myself faster on his chest. “Get yourself off sweetheart. I want you coming all over me.”

“I’m not going to…” I stopped. I wasn’t sure how I was going to put this.

“You’re not going to what?” Rob questioned. “Come? Well that’s crap. You so are. And soon.”

“No,” I protested. “I didn’t mean that, I…”

Michael came to my rescue. “She means she’s not going to squirt again,” he explained. “No baby, you’re not,” he whispered in my ear. “Not yet.” This exchange put me over the edge again. I cried out as I came, rubbing my cunt furiously against Rob’s nipple and surrounding chest area. My pussy gushed juice onto him and I panted and shook above him with the force of yet another orgasm. My sixth of the evening. How long had I been in this room? I had no idea but I doubted it had yet been an hour. Less than an hour and I was coming for the sixth time. Fuck. Generally I was lucky if I managed a couple of climaxes in the same session. I hadn’t known I was capable of such wantonness. But Michael had.

Without giving me much time for recovery, Michael chucked a condom to Rob who slid it over his dick expertly. Michael grabbed me by the hips again and in one swift movement, lifted me up and onto Rob’s dick. I felt Rob fill my love tunnel and moaned my appreciation. “That feel good?” Rob smiled up at me. I nodded. “Good,” he continued, “Come here you sexy lady.” He pulled me forwards so that my huge tits hung towards him. “Oh God yes,” he murmured, “Yes, yes, yes. Gimme those tits.” He opened his mouth to get as much breast into it as possible. Which wasn’t that much with tits my size. He suckled on my erect nipples and surrounding breast pillows like a hungry baby. Except that I doubt a hungry baby would be licking and slavering and drooling over your tits as it sucked. And I don’t think it would feel as good as Rob was making me feel.

I had momentarily forgotten Michael but I was made suddenly aware of him again rubbing something on his own penis behind me. I should have realised what was coming but at this stage I still had a little naivety left. Rob pulled me closer to him. I thought it was so that he could suck at my tits more easily but it was actually to give Michael better access. Access to the one area no guy had ever even really gone near. My bottom was in the air now as I lay forwards on Rob, my tits hanging low towards his mouth and my pussy firmly embedded on his cock. Uncomprehending at first, I felt Michael pull my bottom cheeks apart and then with a little shock felt his tongue on my anus. “Beautiful,” he growled. “Just beautiful. You have a gorgeous ass babe.” He didn’t spend too long licking my arse. Not long enough for me to get my still kind of innocent head around what was going to happen next. I felt a nudge at my anus and realised that Michael was pushing his fingers against it. One, then two, I felt his index and middle finger push into my arse, just as they had pushed into my vagina earlier. He got them in as far as they would go then began manipulating them, turning them left and right in my tightest orifice.

This was a step beyond anything I had allowed myself to envisage. One guy below me with his cock buried deep in my slippery, wet cunt while he sucked and licked my massive bahçelievler escort tits and one guy behind me with his fingers buried in my arsehole. Like I said, I should have guessed what was going to happen but I was too busy savouring new sensations. Like Michael’s fingers deep inside my bottom while his friend fucked my pussy. From somewhere far away, I felt Michael pull his fingers out of my tight hole and without realising what this meant, I moaned my displeasure. I wanted my arse full again. Unbeknown to me, this was the start of my journey down a road that would lead me to becoming a massive anal slut. At the time I just knew I’d fucking loved the sensation of having something in my arse and wanted it back. I needn’t have worried.

Michael parted my arse cheeks again. I was pleased. I was rocking gently back and forth on Rob’s cock while Rob himself was still slavering at my tits like a man possessed. I thought he might suffocate in them. I don’t think he’d have minded. Meantime, Michael positioned himself behind me and pushed home. At first I was still kind of unaware exactly what was happening, then I realised. I’m being arse fucked I thought, simultaneously shocked and immensely aroused. Michael’s fucking my tight arse. While Rob fucks my slippery cunt. The lubrication Michael had put on his dick did the trick. As did his prior digital penetration. Despite my inexperience, it didn’t take long for Michael to push his cock right up my tight, round arse so that it was in up to the hilt. I felt his balls at my bottom cheeks. I felt so aroused again I could hardly breathe. “Feel good?” Michael asked me, quietly in my ear. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. “I think you’re a secret anal whore don’t you? You fucking love the feel of my cock up your ass.” I nodded again, more urgently. I did love it. I didn’t know why but having felt a cock in my arse, I knew I wouldn’t be able to return to just straight sex without the promise of more. I made myself concentrate on feeling Michael penetrating my tightest hole. Oh shit. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. After everything I’d done, everything that had been done to me that evening, this was just the best. And it was better because Rob was inside my cunt too. I could feel both cocks separated only by my perineal wall.

“Rob,” Michael spoke sharply. “Get your mouth off her tits and fuck her pussy. We’re all gonna try and come together.” His words surprised me. Not the content but the urgency of tone. Rob responded. He moved his mouth from my pillowy breasts and began to thrust up into me with more purpose. Oh yes. Oh fuck yes. I felt my orgasm building from a long way away. Again, I was also aware of that different sensation and at the back of my mind, I knew what was going to happen. I was dimly aware of Michael thrusting purposefully into my arse behind me. The feelings began to connect. Rob’s cock thrusting into my cunt, Michael moving in and out of my arsehole. I heard a strange crying sound, kind of like a highly aroused scream and realised it was me. Shit. Cocks thrusting in and out of my cunt and arse. Sandwiched between two guys intent on fucking me to climax. I hadn’t known it was possible to be more aroused than I’d already been that night but I was. “Oh fuck, let’s come,” Michael urged. “Shoot your load Rob, do it. Empty yourself into that condom while I spill my balls up her ass. And you, you horny slut. Come on Rob’s dick. Come baby. Let it all out. All of it.” I knew what he meant. I was going to ejaculate again. Just like the guys, I was going to spurt my orgasm everywhere. And this time I was going to know exactly what was happening and I was going to fucking love it. “We ready?” Michael asked.

“Yeah mate,” Rob gasped beneath me.

“Let’s do it,” Michael instructed. Within seconds I felt Rob’s cock twitching inside my vagina as he unloaded into the condom. Almost simultaneously I felt Michael shooting his spunk deep into my bowels. This sent me over the top. With the loudest scream I could give, not caring if the whole hotel heard my orgasm I came. I came, squirting, shooting buckets of fluid all over Rob’s dick. I writhed and wriggled with utter delight as I sprayed my climax everywhere. Rob’s pelvis was soaked. So was the bed sheet. I couldn’t stop coming. As I thought I was finished, another spasm would overwhelm me and another spurt of juice would shoot from my spasming cunt. It felt like an eternity of bliss. In reality it was probably about five minutes. Five minutes of the most intense orgasmic experience of my life. I defy anyone to have come any harder than I just had. Now I really was spent. Or so I thought.

For the second time that evening there was a knock at the door. It brought me to my senses somewhat. “Who the fuck?” I asked.

“I think we may have alerted someone to our presence,” Michael laughed. Rob smiled too. “What?” I asked again. “Well darling,” Michael continued, “If you’re going to scream like you’re being murdered when you come, you’re gonna attract attention. But it doesn’t mean the attention won’t be welcome.” I didn’t know what he meant as he pulled his dick out of my bottom and went to the door. A low exchange followed. I didn’t catch any of it. Then Michael’s voice became louder. “No honestly officer she’s fine. I swear. She’s not been attacked.” He paused. “She’s just been fucked. Want to see?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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