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I suggest you read part 1, but it’s not necessary.

The morning sun flooded the room, encouraging me to keep my eyes closed. But the closeness of the naked woman cuddled to my right, and the warmth of her arm across my chest, brought back the memories of the previous night with the promise of more this morning.

When I shifted slightly, Meryl rolled onto her back without waking up. The blankets had been pulled down, almost folded neatly, exposing her bare chest. I carefully caressed the taut skin where her breasts used to be.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” Mitch’s whisper startled me a bit. I had not realized he was also awake.

“She really is. Been awake long?”

“A few minutes. I woke up hard and knew I wanted to look at her in this amazing sunrise.”

I squinted back at the giant windows which faced southeast. “Are there windows like that in every room?”

Mitch shrugged. “You’ve been in the bathroom, right? Yes. Every room. It’s not like anyone can see in on the 34th floor.” He joined me in running his fingertips across his wife’s chest. “What is the point of money if not to enjoy what life has to offer?”

I studied the patterns of light and dark on her skin. “Almost no scars,” I commented before I realized I probably shouldn’t. Mitch nodded, smiling softly.

“Do you know Cy? Roxanne’s husband?”

I nodded.

“His work. Amazing.” He lightly kissed where her left nipple would be. “Speaking of money, he did it for base pay. Facilities and staff only. He said it was in tribute to Meryl’s courage and strength.”

“And two of the best tits he’d ever kissed.” Meryl added in a sleepy mumble, slowly raising two fingers to make her point. “Though not during the surgery. That would be unprofessional.”

Mitch’s smile widened. “Good morning, Precious. Yes, they were wonderful tits. And you,” he kissed her lips, “are still beautiful.”

“Mmm.” She seemed about to drift off to sleep, but instead turned her head to look at me through lidded eyes. “Oh my. So, it wasn’t a dream, dear. You’re here.”

“I am.”

“And your cock?” She reached under the blanket and found me soft, but thick. “If we’re going to put this to good use, we’ll need it harder. Mitch, sweetheart, will you start the coffee while I brush my teeth?”

“Of course, Precious.” But when he started to get out of bed, she stopped him.

“Wait. You didn’t tell me you were already hard, you naughty boy. Bring that amazing dick back here this minute.”

No sooner had Mitch turned around than Meryl spun sideways, laying on her stomach and swinging her legs over me as she reached for her husband’s proud manhood. “I love this cock.” Her mouth surrounded the long rod, immediately forcing it the full length into her throat. No choking or gagging from this lady. She slurped and licked the entire thing as her fingers danced on his large balls. Like the young male lead in a porn film, Mitch stood straight with his hands on his butt, pushing his hips forward with every stroke.

With all the blankets now off and Meryl’s thin ass laying across me, my cock started to make itself known as well. I reached between her legs, gently stroking myself as I got harder. Their noises were unbelievably arousing; professing their love Taksim escort for each other in the most obscene and delightful ways.

I would not be able to get my dick inside Meryl from this angle, so I let it go, moving my hands to caress her ass. Her mouth full of dick, she wiggled her butt and moaned. Spreading her ass cheeks, I let my fingers creep between them. I found her outer lips swollen and wet. I cupped her mons, my fingers playing in her curly hair, pressing into the hood covering her clit.

Mitch was now grunting with every thrust. But he was also singing softly. “The prairie sky, is wide and high – GRUNT GRUNT GRUNT GRUNT – deep in the heart of Texas”

I looked up to see he was grabbing her hair, pulling her onto him, fucking her face with energy born of passion.

I realized he was close to cumming.

My fingers still teasing Meryl’s pubes, I worked my thumb between the wet lips and into her hot depths. Her hips lurched forward, pressing my thumb deeper. As her sex opened, her overpowering scent filled my nose. Curling my fingers, I found her clit, thick and wanting. Rocking my hand, I shoved my thumb into her again as my fingers stroked her button. Her hips were moving faster now and her grunts were matching Mitch’s.

Meryl slammed her face into his pubic hair again and again while she fucked my fingers with selfish abandon. I quickly flipped my hand, plunging three fingers into her convulsing pussy as my thumb flicked at her tortured clit.

Both of them were so close.

“DO IT.” I almost yelled. “Now! Cum with each other. Cum for me. Fuck her face, Mitch. Drive your cum down her throat. Take my fingers, Meryl. Pull them in. Feel my thumb loving your delicious clit. Fuck me! Come on now. FUCK!”

“The coyotes wail along the trail deep in the heart of FUCKING TEXAS ” And they both came, Mitch howling like a coyote. I’m not sure who started, but it was amazing to watch as Mitch forced himself into her one last time, holding his cock deep in her mouth. I saw her throat moving as she swallowed and caressed him. Meryl’s pussy gaped open and my hand was covered in hot, sticky, fluid. I started softly caressing her privates.

It took several minutes for everyone to relax enough to move. Mitch spoke first. “Would you like some coffee, Precious?”

Meryl glanced up at his flaccid penis, shimmering with cum and spit. “I would love some coffee. How about you, dear?”

As she shifted to look at me, she noticed my cock jutting straight up. The head was swollen and purple. Sitting up on the side of the bed, she shook her index finger as she spoke to my dick. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten our promise to you from last night. Be patient. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

Mitch took her hand, helping her stand and clear her head before turning toward the door. She patted his bare ass and walked into the bathroom.

With the bathroom door open, I could hear the hissing stream of girl-piss splashing in the bowl. Taking the moment to catch my breath, I lay back on the pillows and began slowly stroking my cock once again. It was a struggle to not rub out a quick one while waiting, but Meryl had insisted we be patient.

Just as I heard Meryl’s toothbrush, Mitch walked Taksim escort bayan back in, carrying three large mugs of coffee with containers of cream and sugar on a wooden tray. I noticed his dick bob up just a bit as he smiled at me approvingly. “Keeping things perky, I see. Meryl will be pleased.” He set the tray on the nightstand before walking to the bathroom door. “The coffee is ready, Precious.”

The faucet shut off and Meryl came to the door, dabbing her lips with a towel. “The coffee is not all that’s ready, I see. Mitch, sweetheart, is that not the most delectable dick we’ve ever seen?”

I felt myself blush as I reached for a mug.

They both walked toward the bed, looking at me like I was in a shop window. “It is certainly in the running, Precious. Not too big and certainly not small. And the girth…”

She bent down to, once again, speak directly to my dick. “The girth is everything, isn’t you gorgeous fellow?” My cock twitched at the attention. I realized she had something in her hand when she lifted it from behind her back. “Where to start, where to start,” she mused aloud. She waved a familiar pink plastic bottle with a screw-on top in front of her face. (I admit to a fleeting thought, wondering if all the Dallas School Girls used the same brand of lube.) She crawled between my legs from the foot of the bed, stopping to run her tongue around the swollen head of my cock.

“As I recall, my husband verbally wrote you a check that my ass has to cash. Mitch, how about I do him while you prepare me?” She poured a thick dollop of lube onto her palm before reaching back to hand the bottle to her husband. “Probably better than the other way around, hm dear?” She lowered her mouth around my shaft, all the way down, just once. Her eyes never left mine. “At least for the time being.”

Wrapping her hand around my pulsing rod, she began spreading lube along the full length.

Mitch sat on the bed to my right, filling his hand from the bottle and reaching between her butt cheeks. I saw his arm go up and down twice.

“Mmm sweetheart, that is perfect.” Meryl swiveled her ass at her husband. “As much as you think I’ll need for this gorgeous cock. AH. Yes. Maybe even three fingers? Ooooo… there we go.”

My cock was close to bursting from her attention and her words. When I groaned, Meryl got the hint and took her hands away. “Easy, dear.” She kissed the very tip again. “Let me get settled.”

Sitting with her knees on either side of my hips, Meryl scooted up until her pubic hair brushed against mine. She sensually ran her hands over her chest, hips, and stomach, then down between her legs. Leaning forward, she extended her tongue to meet mine. We kissed for a moment until her fingers slipped between our mouths. The taste to her pussy dripped from them.

“Are you ready, my dear?”

“Oh yes.”

Meryl chuckled at my enthusiasm. She pushed off my chest with both hands as she sat back up, yet I felt a third hand on my cock. The hand stroked up and down several times, slowly but firmly before adjusting me straight up. Meryl settled back. I felt her lubed pucker rest at my tip. “Yes, sweetheart. Hold him right there.” Mitch stroked me once more, teasing the head with his Escort taksim thumb. “Careful now. We don’t want to set him off.” The hand slid down to the base, keeping me upright as Meryl let herself settle back.

“Oh yes. Don’t move, dear. Let me … ah.”

Her weight came down gradually and I felt my dick start to bend until her rectum popped over the head. We both let out a cry of surprise. She froze on her haunches.

“There we are. Ooo, so big. Now, easy.” She slid down a bit more.

“Oh Meryl, you’re so tight. God.”

She smiled at me, but said, “Very nice lube work, sweetheart.”

“Thank you, Precious.” Mitch had moved to the side chair and was stroking his dick with a lube-covered hand.

“He’s just … perfect. THERE.”

She had hit bottom. Or I had. Our pubes mingled once again as she sat on my full, thick length.

I reached up to caress her flat chest. “You are one of the sexiest women I have even known.”

She almost giggled. “Thank you, dear. Now, shall we see what trouble we can get into?”

“It will be my pleasure.”

Meryl raised herself on her knees, slowly gliding up my dick. As she reached the top, she started back down. I arched my hips up to meet her, then down as she started up again. This time, I slid my fingers into her snatch as she came down, letting her clit grind on my knuckles as I pressed deeper.

“Oh my dear Lord. Keep doing that.”

And I did. Again and again as she sped up to match her comfort zone and building arousal.

I heard raspy gasps and, from the corner of my eye, I saw Mitch pumping his dick with one hand while jamming fingers into his ass. The sight made my balls boil. I started shoving upward, pumping my cock further into my lover’s most private hole.

“Oh, Mitch. He’s going to cum. I can feel him getting bigger. Stretching me. Oh baby. So full. Oh dear heart. I’m cumming.”

I knew I would not last long myself. Suddenly, there was Mitch, standing next to us, jacking his big dick for all he was worth.


My cock exploded in Meryl’s ass. She shrieked and hot fluid poured from her pussy, covering my hand and stomach. Then, another shout from the side and my chest was covered in sperm. Mitch kept pumping himself, turning to spray his wife, then back to me. Meryl dove forward, her mouth open as she sucked along my body, pulling in her husband’s seed. She flung my cock free of her ass, but I kept coming. Mitch looked at my dick then at me with a wild look. He fell at the foot of the bed, taking my cock into his mouth, sucking me hard. I was at the mercy of a never-ending orgasm, firing into his throat. Meryl kissed me, deep and furious so Mitch’s cum poured into my mouth. Overcome by lust and passion for these two people, I swallowed it gladly.

Meryl watched my throat bob, then fell into a tight hug. “Oh, sweet man. So fucking sexy. To share so much with us. I love you.” She gave into a laugh. “Mitch loves you, too. He’d tell you, but he’s busy drinking the cum from ass hole.”

It was my turn to laugh. “I wondered why he had stopped sucking my dick. Didn’t know if my feelings should be hurt.”

That got a hearty laugh from both my partners.

Meryl finally rolled off as Mitch stood up, wiping the tainted goo from his face.

“I suppose I should wash up before I start breakfast.”

“There is no rush, sweetheart. We have coffee and each other. Come and lay with us. And bring your cock. Once I catch my breath, I have a pussy that still needs attention.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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