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All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.

It is certainly worth reading the first three chapters first, to understand her character. However, you might be able to read this last chapter as a stand-alone story if you wish, although you will not understand how I got into this position.

As in previous chapters, this is the background to the time and place.

This story is based on real happenings that took place in the mid 1980’s in the United Kingdom when the internet was barely an infant and not available to the majority of individuals. As for mobile phones, they were huge, solid, brick-like blocks weighing over two pounds and were owned by only the very wealthy. This meant that knowledge of sex was gleaned mostly by looking at adult magazines aka Playboy, Hustler and so on which were often bought by older brothers or sisters. Certain books like ‘Tropic of Cancer’ that were ‘borrowed’ from someone’s father’s collection also worked a treat. Hearing playground chat amongst more or less ‘informed’ friends, proved popular too.

Finding out officially what ‘sex’ was all about was mainly limited to the teachings of the Biology teacher who, if he/she was confident, would talk you through the reproductive cycle of humans or if not, would tell you how frogs and newts reproduced (not very useful and definitely not very sexy!). Boys and girls were nowhere near as mature or knowledgeable about sex at age 18 compared to many of today’s 14 or 15 year olds, thanks mainly to the multitude of internet ‘information’ that can now be accessed by anyone that can type ‘sex’ into a search engine.

All of this is to set the scene for you, to make you aware that in the late 1970s, early 1980s, unlike the present, many boys and girls at age 18 were considerably naïve when it came to real sexual encounters and in the UK (as is now) anyone over the age of 18 could buy and consume alcohol.


Cass had been back to babysit another few times since, and when she said ‘Yes please’ to the euphemism of ‘would you like a drink before you go home?’, (which she always did), I knew she wanted me to initiate some foreplay and help her expand her knowledge of sex.

She wanted to see and try things, that she had only heard her friends discussing, with someone she trusted, to find out how they really felt before she found herself in that situation with a future boyfriend.

After being initially unsure, she sucked my cock, becoming very proficient and letting me cum in her mouth, eventually swallowing it all.

I ate her out several times and her orgasms blew her mind.

She wanted to try different sexual positions, but she I found she liked the deep penetration ones best.

We attempted anal sex, but she found that too painful and we didn’t pursue it, although inserting a well lubricated finger into her little rosebud just before she climaxed, always sent her over the edge.

Whatever we did, she became really aroused and the evening always ended with euphoric fucking and usually cumming together.

Even after all these occasions, due to her strict upbringing, she was still somewhat shy and liked me to initiate things. She was also still a bit reluctant to use words like ‘cock’, ‘fuck’, ‘pussy,’ ‘cum,’ ‘masturbation’, etc. unless she was really turned on, and latterly had started to use them to express herself just as her orgasm approached, which often triggered me too.

I knew that in a few days she was going off to college some distance away, so she wouldn’t be able to babysit. On the one hand I thought it might be for the best as, if we carried on, it was only a matter of time before someone found out and all hell would break loose. On the other hand, I had enjoyed our secret, we had fun, no one had got hurt, but I would miss the sexy evenings with this nubile young girl.

It was the Friday evening before she was leaving on Sunday, that my wife booked her to cover for us, and although I felt a tinge of sadness, I still felt anticipation for one last evening with her.

I arrived home about a half hour earlier than normal, things had been quiet at work and I was told I could go early, which was a pleasant surprise.

As I opened the front door and stepped inside, I heard frantic whispering and some shuffling from the lounge, where I knew Cass would be. I assumed it was probably something on the TV she was watching, so I hung up my coat and washed my hands in the downstairs bathroom.

On entering the dimly lit lounge, my nostrils faintly picked up an unusual smell, but more of a surprise was that the TV wasn’t on, but there were two people on the sofa. The sofa is further into the lounge and when you enter through the door, you are behind it, so I could only see the back of their heads from where I was standing. I could see Cass with her blond hair at one end, but I had no idea who the other person was.

In the few milliseconds I stood there, my guilty conscience kicked in and presented a doom scenario Anadolu Yakası Escort that it was her mother, who had discovered what had been going on, and had come with her to confront me. The second lightening thought was that she had a new boyfriend here with her, despite what she had said last time.

As those thoughts shot through my brain, my eyes became more used to the dimness and I realised the other person had a smallish head with long dark hair and was in fact another girl.

“Hi, Cass,” I said, my heart still thumping with the adrenalin from my wrong reading of the scene, “have the children been ok? I see you have a friend here?”

“Yes, they are fine Pete, fast asleep. You are much earlier tonight; I didn’t expect you yet. Oh, this is Natalie or Nat, she is my best friend and is keeping me company tonight, I hope you don’t mind?”

“Err no, of course not, I just ….emm, I mean, I wasn’t expecting to see anyone else here, but hello Natalie, or should I call you Nat?”

“Hello Mr Phillips, nice to meet you, I have heard a lot about you, and everyone calls me ‘Nat’ so that’s fine.”

“Call me Pete please, we are all adults here and I hope what you have heard is all good,” I said laughingly, looking at Cass with a ‘what have you been saying’ sort of look.

Nat giggled, “Oh yes, all good Mr…emm, sorry, Pete.”

“I’ll just go look in on the children,” I said, and left the room to climb the stairs. The door to the lounge wasn’t closed fully and I could hear the two girls whispering behind me, as I made my way up.

On re-entering the lounge, having seen all was well upstairs, I was feeling a little disappointed that Cass wasn’t alone, so we wouldn’t be having a ‘last night’ together as I had hoped, but more of a worry was wondering what she had told her friend.

“As you said Cass, they are sound asleep. Thank you for looking after them, and I hope you will soon settle-in at college. I am sure you will do really well.” I said, stopping behind the sofa. “Now that I am here a bit early, you can have an early night too.”

“Well…emm..” Cass started, “as its early, I wondered if we might have a drink and chat a little before we have to go? We had a juice earlier, but I didn’t like to take anything else without asking you first.”

“Yea, that’s.. uhmm… ok, I’ll go and get us all a lager if that’s what you would like, Cass? Nat?”

Both girls nodded, so I went in search of three glasses of lager.

While I was preparing the drinks, I had time to try to work out what was happening here. The shuffling and whispering when I got through the front door earlier; the whispering when I went upstairs, and now wanting to stay for ‘a drink’. I was nervous that some bombshell or revelation was about to happen, she had never had a friend round with her before (with the exception of that stupid boyfriend the one time), so why now ….hmmm, I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of it, but perhaps she just wanted to chat before she left for college at the weekend.

Returning with the drinks I gave each of them their glass of cold lager. As it had been a warm day, I was only wearing shorts and tee shirt as I sat down in one of the armchairs facing them. I could now see them both face on; Cass with her usual nicely styled, blond hair, a tight green cropped top (must be all the fashion), and short blue denim skirt halfway up her thighs. Nat who I’d never seen before, had long, straight, dark hair, some of it running down her back and some flowing each side of her head, down to her breasts. These I noticed looked bigger than Cass’, but then Nat was a slimmer girl, so maybe they just looked bigger on her. She too had a tight, no-sleeves, top on, but hers was black, and a little red miniskirt. They both had about the same amount of leg showing so I guessed they were probably about the same height.

They were both sipping their drinks slowly and there was a palpable silence that it seemed no one wanted to break. I thought I had better break the ice.

“Have you known each other long?” I asked lamely.

“Oh yea,” Cass said, “we have known each other almost forever. We don’t live far apart, and we have been friends since we first started school, so oh, how many years Nat?”

“Must be nearly 14 years, it seems longer when you put a number to it,” Nat replied.

“You must know each other really well then by now,”

“I guess so,” Cass said, looking at her friend, “we tend to confide in each other about everything.”

I could almost see them communicating with their eyes. I realised that they had spent so much time together, that they almost knew what the other was thinking….scary.

What had she said, ‘we tend to confide in each other about everything’. Ohh, did that include her babysitting nights? Or what? I had the feeling that Nat knew everything, but what were they doing here tonight? I was trying to work this out when…

“In fact,” Cass said, “we are going to college together, Kartal Escort even doing the same courses.”

Hmmm, was that weird, or just two good friends with similar ideas of the future who had talked it all through? Cass had never mentioned her before. I thought I knew quite a lot about her after all we had done together, but I felt a bit like an outsider to what they must have shared over time.

“That sounds great,” I said, trying to be nonchalant, “so do you emm.. discuss everything?” I asked pontedly, looking directly at Cass.

Nat swivelled her head to look at Cass, then at me, “Pretty much everything yes.” she said timidly, then had the decency to blush bright red.

“And when I came home, what was all the scuffling and whispering about that I heard. I thought it was the TV, but it wasn’t on?”

They looked at one another again, it was quite disconcerting.

“Well,” Cass said, blushing wildly too, “you know when I said I had tried some things, you know, to make me ‘feel good’.” Pausing, she let out a breath, “the truth is…errmm.. me and Nat often stay at each other’s houses, our parents are ok with that, and we share the same bedroom ‘cos we are friends. You understand?”

“Yes, I think I am beginning to, go on.”

“For a while now, we like err… tried out a few things on each another, just like I told you, but not alone.”

“I see,” I murmured.

Nat butted in quietly, looking down into her glass, “and after Cass had been babysitting here for a while, she seemed to know more stuff, so eventually I got her to tell me,” then buried her nose in her glass and had a long drink.

I understood now that Nat probably knew everything we had done, Cass hadn’t kept our secret and I was very worried and getting angry.

“Cass, you said you wouldn’t tell anyone because of what might happen if people found out.” I said sternly, controlling my anger at being deceived.

“It’s ok Pete,” she said, picking up on my rising anger, “Nat isn’t just ‘anyone’, we are best friends, as I said, for almost all our lives, she won’t say anything.”

“She’s right Mr….I mean Pete, I wouldn’t want to get Cass or yourself into any trouble I promise.” Nat said.

“You still haven’t told me what all the activity was when I got home.”

“To be honest Pete,” Cass said, also now looking into her glass, “we were fooling around a bit, not expecting you home so soon.”

“Fooling around?”

“Yes… you know, like touching and stuff.”

Now I could put it all together; the faint smell, it was their arousal, they had been touching each other, they had probably been masturbating each other, or at least doing it together. Wow. No wonder they were flustered when I got home early. I wondered if they were still turned-on.

I waited to see if either of them was going to fill the silence that had descended.

“I am sorry Pete, I didn’t mean to upset you,” Cass eventually said.

“It was my fault,” Nat chimed in, “I pestered her to tell me, Cass got to find out stuff and I just wanted to know about things a bit better too.”

My anger was diminishing, and my mind was whizzing with lots of impure thoughts. Here were now two young girls who liked finding out about sex, and we were almost talking about it.

“Nat, have you never fooled about with boys then?” I asked.

She didn’t look at me, “Only kissing and a bit of over clothes stuff, I didn’t know what to expect, so I didn’t allow much and anyway, like Cass’ my parents are also quite strict when it comes to boys.”

“I see,” I said, wondering if I should just send them home or were they both here for a reason?

Suddenly Cass seemed to make up her mind, “Pete, I’m just going to say this and then you can decide,” she took a deep breath, “would you show Nat your cock? Like me, before I was here with you, she has never got up close to one? There I’ve said it,” she said, her face burning.

Nat put her drink down and covered her face with her hands to hide her embarrassment. “Cass!!” she said.

“Well you do don’t you Nat, that’s what you told me.”

“I did , but…”

“But what? I’m here, I trust Pete, we can just do as little as you want.” Cass said.

“Hrrrm,” I cleared my throat, “I am here too you know girls.”

“Yes, sorry Pete.”

I looked at Natalie, she was almost squirming with embarrassment. But not just embarrassment, I looked from one girl to the other, both of their nipples were now tenting their tops, obviously neither of them were wearing a bra, and whatever they had been doing earlier and then discussing it with me, had them aroused.

My cock had begun to react to the view and the conversation, and to the thoughts that were going through my head.

Cass was a sexy, shy girl in an English rose sort of way, and Nat was sexy too, but in a more ‘Italian’ way, with her dark hair, slim legs and tanned skin. I knew what Cass looked and felt like naked, but I was mentally undressing Nat and wondering Maltepe Escort what was under those clothes. The sensible part of my brain was telling me that I would never find out, she wouldn’t be like Cass, she was too shy and timid to want to go further. Anyway, she was embarrassed Cass had said anything, so maybe it was just all girl talk.

“Wow, girls.” I said, “I don’t make a habit of showing young girls my cock or anything else, me and you Cass… well.. things just sort of happened.”

It looked like Cass was doing all the talking for them both, “I know that Pete, but Nat was really up for it earlier, I think she is just shy now you are actually here, couldn’t you just let her see? Please?”

My cock had grown to full erection now as I looked again at Natalie and imagined running my hands over her breasts and sliding my hands up her short skirt. Stop it Pete! I thought, it’s not going to happen. Think real. Think! This is a girl you don’t know, what if she isn’t even as discrete as Cass, and even she had told this friend. Despite my own arousal and hard cock, I was thinking this was a bad idea and I should not get myself into any more potential trouble.

Nat, always the quieter one, looked up and said, “It’s ok Pete, me and Cass were just chatting, and although she described things, I was just really curious.”

“Pete, emmm, how about if I do this first?” Cass said, and without warning, stood up, took hold of the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head. She dropped it on the floor, revealing the firm breasts I already knew so well, topped with those large erect nipples. With hardly a pause, she flipped the button on her skirt, whipped down the zip and shimmied out of her skirt. She stood there now in just a pair of light green, lacy panties; the shadow of her pubic hair just visible through the sheer material.

“Cass what on earth are you doing? I asked slightly panicky, but with my eyes transfixed on her almost naked body, my cock twitching in my shorts. “We are not alone,” I added, flicking my gaze to Natalie briefly.

Cass said, “I remember from an earlier time that sometimes it feels awkward if one person is dressed and the other isn’t,” she giggled self-consciously, “so I thought that maybe you might not feel too much ‘on show’ if you weren’t the only one showing something.”

I looked at Natalie, she didn’t seem phased with Cass half naked, but was looking across at my bulge.

My cock was really hard now. I was still trying to decide what to do and Cass was pushing the buttons.

“Is this what you want to do Nat?” I asked quietly,” You don’t have to.”

She was playing with her long hair that hung over her breasts, wrapping it round one of her fingers, “I wouldn’t mind, if you don’t.” she said, “I would sort of…..well….like to know more of what Cass knows,” she finished, but that blush was back .

So, one girl is standing in just her panties, the other is asking to see my cock that is straining to get out, what is a guy to do? My logical brain shut down again!

I got up out of the chair and walked over to stand in front of Natalie, my shorts pushed out in front by my erection. Cass had sat back down but was watching closely.

“Nat,” I said, “so that I am sure you are ok with this, if you want to, you are going to have to unzip me.”

She looked at Cass who nodded almost imperceptibly.

Her hand tentatively rose up and her small fingers gripped the zip fastener and pulled downwards, opening the front of my shorts.

“Now the button,” I said.

Using both hands, she carefully undid the button. When she let go, my shorts fell to the floor leaving my cock tenting my boxers on a level with her eyes. She could see the shape of it through the material and just reached out a finger to touch it.

When it jumped at her touch, she pulled back, “Ohhh,” she said, and looked up at me.

“It’s ok, now take my boxers off.”

Looking back down, she put her hands on either side of the waistband and tugged. My cock was pulled down with them until suddenly, it broke free, and shot back up to vertical with a smack on my stomach.

“Shit,” she said involuntarily, “sorry…ohhh,.. it’s much bigger than I thought it would be, bigger than things we tried. Goodness, Cass, did you actually manage to…you know… get…all of it…like”

It seemed Natalie did have a voice after all.

I looked at Cass, who, was slowly rubbing her finger between her legs over her panties, “I didn’t think I could either, but feel it Nat, it’s different to those hard objects we experimented with.”

Nat looked up at me, the tip of her tongue just protruding from her lips with concentration. I nodded and shuffled forwards. As Natalie’s legs were in the way, without thinking she spread her knees to let me get closer, until the front of my legs were against the sofa and the inner side of her knees were against my legs

Shaking slightly, she tried to wrap her fingers right round my cock, but she couldn’t make them meet. I instructed her, as I had Cass, to slide the skin back, so that the purple head came into view. As I expected, a few drops of pre-cum was collecting around the exit hole.

“That’s pre-cum isn’t it?” she stated, “Cass told me.”

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