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I was on cloud nine the next day. Sarah wanted to have sex with me!

There were a few practical challenges though. One, I had no idea where we could do it. I wasn’t entirely sure about how to do it. Sure, I knew a dick went in a pussy. But, that was about it. This was before the days of internet. Now, everyone seems to know everything about sex. And then there was the pregnancy scare. Obviously, I did not want to get Sarah pregnant. I had to do something about getting a condom. They weren’t easily available and there was an anathema around contraception.

Finally, and most importantly, I had to deal with the conflict within me. I wasn’t just fucking a girl before marriage, I was about to fuck my cousin. Could I do that without offending God? Kissing my sister was not a good thing to do and masturbating with her was even worse. I just figured if God was ok with these things, He wouldn’t really mind me fucking Sarah.

Sarah was becoming bolder by the minute. She had resorted to teasing me. The next morning, as I climbed down, she was there with a naughty smile on her face. I couldn’t really figure out why. She came real close to me, grabbed me by my dick and said,

“I’m wearing nothing under this dress. Think of that all day.”

If I wasn’t hard before, I was now. Here was my sister running her hand around my dick over my underwear, teasing me. I wasn’t no shy kid ya know. If she wanted to play, I was gonna.

I grabbed her boobs over her dress, found her nipples and squeezed them lightly. She jumped in surprise but she wasn’t backing away. The pressure on my balls increased all of a sudden. I replied by yanking her dress down exposing her breasts. This did the trick. She was too surprised to reply and I took the opportunity and put my mouth on her boobs. I sucked them with complete reverence. She didn’t say anything. This worried me for a second but I felt her hand push me towards her boobs as a moan escaped her mouth.

“On the nipples Terry, suck on them,” she groaned.

“Uh huh,” I said refusing to let go of her breast just for a reply. She was running her hand through my hair. I reached for the nipple and started tonguing it. Her moaning got louder. Encouraged by sounds emanating, I started nibbling on her nub. She took my hand and placed it on her other breast. This was unprecedented access. I kneaded her breast as I suckled on the other one. Her protruding nipples gave me little bit of an ego boost. I was causing this. This was just incredible. To my utter disappointment-and slight confusion- she pulled my unwilling head away from her breasts. Before she could even say a word, my mind was working out multiple reasons for this. Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt her? Did I somehow bite her?

“Stop… stop,” she said, still moaning. She added:

“I can’t take it anymore quietly. I will scream Terry. Find a place where we can do it without any fear. And since you did make me feel that good, here’s a reward.”

She knelt before me, yanked down my boxers and took my shaft in her hand. I twitched. No one had ever touched my cock before. She then planted a wet, sloppy kiss on my cock. I almost fainted.

“This was your reward. What you’re about to get now is to ensure you get right back on your bed and jack off. Keep me in your thoughts, Terry,” she said beaming at me. This was enough for me to blow my load all over her face. How I managed not to do that is a mystery to this day.

She then started to lick my dick. Not a kiss. But, an actual lick. She licked my pre-cum clean. She kissed my head several times. It did not translate to a blowjob. But, I wasn’t complaining. She stood up, kissed me and whispered

“Bye. You know exactly what to do now.”

She adjusted her dress and began walking away. She stopped near the door and said,

“Find acıbadem escort a place Terry.”

I won’t waste your time by telling you what I did next.

All day she kept teasing me. Flashing her tits when no one was looking, grabbing my dick, twerking her nubs in front of me; she was driving me crazy.

The real torture, though, was during lunch. My father was at work. So, it was just my mother, Sarah and me at the table. Sarah and I were sitting opposite to mother. After we said the prayer, Sarah’s hand lingered on my dick. She started caressing it through my pants. She would squeeze just a little harder time and again making it very difficult to concentrate on the food. Then, there was the inevitable sound that sound that escaped from my mouth.

“Oh…,” I grunted startling my mother.

“What happened?” she enquired.

“Nothing ma, spicy… it’s just a little spicy,” I said with a hint of fear in my voice.

“But you’re eating a pie, dear,” she said, confused.

“Sweet… it’s a little too sweet, ma. What’d I say?” I looked like a complete doofus.

“You seem to be very uncomfortable, Terry,” Sarah chimed in smiling broadly.

I wasn’t letting this go. I reached her skirt and pulled it up. She shot a surprised glance at me. I took no note of it. I explored her thighs. I stroked her smooth skin, massaging her. She squirmed under my touch. I continued upwards until I felt the lips of her pussy. This was uncharted territory now. I hesitated for a second and looked at her.

She was blushing! My girl was blushing!

I hadn’t felt this happy, ever. I looked her in the eye and pushed my fingers against her pussy. She looked down. I still did not know if I could proceed. She didn’t say anything, but just opened her legs wider. I took that as a yes.

I started to slowly caress her pussy. She was wet. I could feel her juices oozing out. I found her entrance and slowly started pushing a finger in it. She squeaked and closed her thighs. Now, it was her turn to look like a doofus.

“The pie isn’t that bad, surely,” my mother broke in.

“A hiccup, aunt Jane. That’s all. The pie is delicious. I’ll sleep for a while. I’m feeling a little tired,” Sarah said, almost panting.

She gulped down some water and left the table. My exit wasn’t that simple given that I had an enormous erection to hide.

After I got up, I headed straight to our room well aware of what she would be doing. I barged in, unable to contain myself. And there she was, fingering herself, naked. I had never seen her like this before. I just stood there, transfixed. She was lying with her legs open, two fingers in her while the other hand played with her tits. She saw me and questioned,

“Aren’t you going to kiss me?”

I did not waste a second and ran to her. Being the naïve idiot that I was, I tried to kiss her on her mouth.

“Not these lips Terry,” she grinned as I realized what she meant.

Embarrassed, but undeterred, I headed south tracing her figure with my tongue. Her skin tasted like lilies. As I went lower, she welcomed me by opening her legs wider. I massaged her slick pussy with my tongue.

“Here…,” she guided me to her clit in-between moans.

Her fragrance was irresistible. I was hungry for all that she had to offer. I circled her clit as she surrendered to me. I wanted to be in her. But, that would have to wait. I did the next best thing. I put a finger in her. She responded by raising her hips shoving them in my face. She was getting louder. This was simply too dangerous. I looked up at her and said

“Mother will hear, Sarah”

“I don’t care. Don’t stop now” she pleaded.

As much as I did not want to stop, I knew if ma walked in, all this would be over – forever. I had no intention ataşehir escort of letting that happen. I walked to the other end of the room as Sarah growled,

“What the fuck are you doing. Get back here”

I took a small towel and returned back to her.

“I am going to gag you. Is that ok?” I asked.

“Alright. Not too tight though” she said apprehensively.

I tied the cloth around her mouth with care, not wanting to hurt her. I asked

“Is it ok?”

She just nodded her head. Seeing her vulnerable, in my mercy, drove me mad.

I bent down and resumed my campaign. She groaned, but all that escaped her mouth was a meek


I plundered the most private of her parts with my tongue, inserting two fingers in her. She buckled and threw herself at me with all the strength she could muster. I reached out to her tit with my other hand. She tightened her grip on my face, closing her thighs and almost choking me. Her juices filled me as I tongued her harder and started flicking her clit. She climaxed, quivering and trembling against my face.

I fervently lapped up her cum. I saw her covered in sweat and awash with pleasure. I untied her gag and kissed her. It was a long, sublime and meaningful kiss. I had just made my sister come. I like to think that we became a couple that day, though we hadn’t had sex yet.

As we kissed, she took out my cock and started stroking it. She pulled away from my mouth and knelt in front of me. She took my full length in her slowly. Her tongue rolled around my dick sending shockwaves through me. It was magical. I groaned in pleasure. I held the back of her head and pushed her harder towards my cock. It won’t come as a surprise to you that I did not last long. She drank every drop of my load.

She stood up and gave me a peck on my lips and said,

“Go out now. We don’t want your mom to wonder where her son is, do we?”

I dressed myself and went out, satisfied and generally pleased about my life.

I was hunting for a place where I could fuck my sister. The lake area was out of question as I wasn’t sure enough that no one would come there. Sure, it was not crowded; but I had seen people there and I wasn’t risking getting caught. I had managed to secure a few condoms though. I friend had helped me. He wanted to know who the girl was. I just lied that I’d tell him once I had actually fucked her.

It was dinner time and my dad was talking about how his day had gone. I wasn’t paying much attention. But, my ears perked up when he said,

“Jane, we have to go to town tomorrow. The Jones’ are having a 20 year anniversary party. I’ve borrowed Mike’s car. We can stay and Mary’s tomorrow night. We’ll come back the day after.”

Suddenly, I was all ears. I did not have to find a place. I was at the place. I saw Sarah and she was smiling. I knew exactly what that look meant. It meant sex. That night, we did nothing. We wanted to save ourselves. But, sleep eluded both of us. We ended up talking about having sex all night.

At the dawn of the next day, my parents left and as I closed the door, I pulled Sarah towards me. We hadn’t brushed or bathed yet but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that we weren’t sure how this was going to go. I kissed her and slipped my hand in her blouse. She undressed herself and we were on the couch in the living area. I kicked off my pants. Here we were, naked and with unlimited time.

“I want to look at you” I said.

She stood up and posed for me. She looked like a sculpture of some exotic goddess. Her delicious breasts that I had suckled on yesterday, looked even more beautiful as sunlight hit her through the windows. Her hips swayed effortlessly as she shifted from one pose to another. The wetness between her legs glistened içerenköy escort whenever the sun hit her. Her lush pubes were more inviting than any garden I’d ever been to. She turned around reveling her generous ass. Each cup flawlessly merged with her long legs. I wanted her more than ever. I moved towards her when she was facing the other way, showing off her ass. I kissed her on the back of her neck drawing moans from her. She turned round facing me, offering all that she had, to me. I sat her down on the couch and rasped,

“I want to register every inch of you in my mind; every crevice, nook and corner of your body.”

She half-sat and half-laid on the couch, squirming as I devoured her elegant figure. I kissed her neck and nibbled on her heaving tits. I relished her erect nubs. I followed the contour of her body with my mouth. I massaged and caressed her midriff even as the scent from her core invited me. To her dismay, I skipped her wet crotch and headed to her knees. When she tried to pleasure herself, I stopped her

“Wait for it. I’ll make sure it’s worth it.”

She relented. I tortured her thighs, kneading them between my fingers. She screamed as I increased the pressure and whimpered as I kissed them. I could see her juices dripping to the couch as I moved closer to the core of her fragrance. She jumped when I encircled her lips and pinched them. I nuzzled her pussy. I ran my hand up to her face tracing her figure. She yanked my finger into her mouth, sucking on it. With my other hand, I opened her pussy and inserted a finger in it. I lapped her and gently stroked her clit. This pushed her over the edge as she rocked her hips with vigor and flooded my mouth. I drank every last drop of it.

She had come and it was now my turn. She was still recovering from her orgasm when I lifted her from the couch. I did not bother going to the room. She kissed my chest as I laid her on the carpet. She opened up for me as I positioned my cock in-between her legs.

“Be slow, Terry,” she implored.

“Of course I will. I am not going to hurt you Sarah,” I said as I slowly pushed my cock into her. My head glided into her as she withered. She pulled me towards her, kissing me with force. I took this as an indication to proceed further. I pushed carefully, only to find resistance. I had expected this to happen.

“I know it’s going to hurt. Don’t worry. Just go slow,” she encouraged me.

I did not want to hurt her. I pushed steadily into her. I felt her hymen tearing. One deep thrust and it broke away completely. Sarah screamed, dug her nails into my back clasping her legs against mine. She opened her eyes and I asked,

“It’s over. Does it hurt?”

“Not too much. You feel so good inside me, I can’t think of the pain. Fuck me, Terry” she said.

Now that I knew she wasn’t in pain, I fucked her. Slowly at first. The walls of her pussy embraced me. Her juices lubricating my cock, I pound into her.

“Faster,” she groaned. “It doesn’t pain Terry, just don’t stop… god,” she said, her breath muffled.

Small pearls of sweat formed on her face. She was breathing heavily, matching my thrusts with hers. I wanted more of her. I wanted to be in her, every single minute. Seeing her like this, squirming and withering and moaning at my mercy made me feel empowered.

“You’re mine. You belong to me,” I seethed.

Pulling my face towards her, she whispered in my ear,

“I’m all yours Terry. Take me. Come with me, now”

I climaxed with her, both of us jerking to a halt. I collapsed beside her and looked at the clock.

“It’s just 7 Terry. We have a whole lot of time. And I want you to spend every minute fucking me,” she said lovingly. I kissed her.

“That is exactly what I will do, my dear sister” I teased her.

She looked shocked at me mentioning the word sister. But, I think she liked the fact that we were related.

“Thank you, baby brother” she approved my choice of words by giving a gentle kiss to my cock.

I was in love. I was in love with every bit of my sister. And I had 2 full days to prove it to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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