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Author’s Notes:

‘Melody for a Long Weekend’ is my contribution to the ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ event.

It was also meant to be a quick little story to help me cleanse my palette, freshen my mind, and tickle my fancy (Oops! Overshared there a bit). Instead, it’s a beefy tome which will have a sequel.

It’s a little sexier than my normal fare as well. Be warned! ?

Special thanks to norafares and Bebop3 for creating this event.

Big thanks to blackrandl1958 for enduring the ordeal of editing this beast.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


Chapter 1

“What do you mean you’re off? Where are you going?” Melody gasped as her husband looked back at her in surprise.

“I told you last week I was joining Gerry and the gang for a golf weekend. I won’t be back until Monday night,” he said with an annoyed frown.

“But… the long weekend! I had plans for us–“

“You’ll just have to reschedule. I gave you a heads up–“

“When?” she blurted.

He sighed as he turned to walk to the front door while speaking over his shoulder. “Wednesday. I told you on Wednesday. Listen, I have to go, or I’ll miss my flight.”

Today was Friday. He hadn’t spoken to her at all on Wednesday as it had been another day of grunts.

Melody’s jaw dropped. Wait! He was flying? He refused to fly anywhere with her. “Where are you going?”

“Scottsdale, Arizona! You really should pay attention when I’m speaking. Then you wouldn’t make silly plans that conflict with my calendar.”

“I’d like to visit Scottsdale with you,” she said softly. She watched his shoulder slump.

He looked back at her. “Some other time. I have to go.”

He picked up his suitcase and golf clubs and left the house. She felt herself drifting after him, lost and powerless to stop his escape.

Because that’s what this was. She had to be honest with herself. He was running away from her. Eighteen years of marriage and she’d become something he didn’t want to face.

She’d tried to rekindle the spark that brought them together, but every year he grew more distant until he’d built up a wall around himself, and her only contact with him was through the services she provided as a housewife.

Cleaning service for his home. Food services to cook his meals. Laundry service, with ironing! She hated ironing!

Escort service to warm his bed? She was kidding herself on that last one. The man had completely lost interest in sex. She paused for a second as she thought of Scottsdale and what he might be doing there other than playing golf. She immediately dismissed the idea that he was looking for a little sexual excitement. The man no longer got erections. His golf clubs would be the only stiff shaft he’d be holding in his hands this weekend.

She’d spent hours watching him sleep over multiple nights. She’d done her research. Men experienced nocturnal penile tumescence several times a night, but her husband didn’t. She’d tried mentioning it to him gently, how she never got to see his morning wood any more, and he’d given her the dirtiest look.

He hadn’t talked to her for days for mentioning it.

The biggest problem was that while his sex drive dried up, hers was racing down the runway for take-off. It took very little to start her engine, but all she was getting these days was frustration.

As her husband loaded his golf clubs and suitcase in the trunk, she looked down at herself. She had an attractive body that she kept in shape with regular visits to the gym. It was tight and pretty firm as she was only thirty-six years old, firmer than anything her forty-year-old husband had shown her lately.

She’d kept her hair long as she liked it that way. Her friends were all going with shorter cuts for the convenience of them, but she loved the look and feel of her long mahogany wavy locks. It reached mid-back, and she was keeping it! When she went to the stylist and spa, they had standing orders to leave her hair length alone. She didn’t mind their adding bold colors to her nails, which were currently painted a dark chocolate brown to match her eyes.

Her inner circle all said she had beautiful features with soulful eyes. She knew she was no fashion model and took her friend’s compliments with a grain of salt, but she accepted she wasn’t unattractive. She certainly received her share of attention at the fitness club but always turned them down. That was a recipe for disaster, and besides, the men she’d met there were bottom feeders.

She’d envied some of the ladies at the gym for their perfect breasts in their spandex until she saw them in the showers with their ripples and stiffness and realized they were fake. Hers, while not large, were nicely round and high, more than a good handful in a C cup, with minimal sag. She liked to put her girls on display, showing off her cleavage, but her husband showed no interest anymore.

She cebeci escort kept her body toned though she did have a little softness in her tummy and ass. Her legs weren’t heavy or chunky.

All in all, she was a damn nice 5′ 8″, 130 lb package.

Why was she in this situation? Why was she trapped in a loveless and frustratingly, sexless marriage with a man who’d become a eunuch, both physically and emotionally?

When he opened the car door, he gave her the briefest of looks before getting in and pulling out of the driveway.

The morning sun had only risen an hour earlier, but its rays warmed her skin. A shiver ran down her spine as his car drove out of sight, and her warmth was gone.

That lost feeling sunk in a little deeper.


She turned her head to see her neighbor standing next to the family station wagon

“Hi, Jackie,” she replied.

Her friend’s expression showed her concern. “Is everything all right? You seem a little blue.”

Melody forced a smile onto her lips. “No, it’s good. Just a little tired.”


A tall and slim man rushed from the house towards Jackie, who stepped back while rolling her eyes. He put the suitcases down next to the rear door then looked at his neighbor over the row of low hedges between their driveways. “Hi, Melody!” he called out with a silly grin.

She couldn’t help but smile back. “Hi, Keith. Getting ready for your annual camping trip?

“Yes! Gotta load the car!” He looked to his wife. “We’re on the road in ten minutes!”

Jackie patted his arm with a smirk as he rushed back inside.

“How many years in a row is this now?” Melody asked.

Jackie smiled as she did the math in her head. “This is… trip number ten! The last few have been extra special as we’ve gone to the same campsite in a theme park upstate. Several other families also get the same campsites, so we meet them every year. It’s a lot of fun! The whole family loves it!”

Melody’s son was in the army and… never called. He’d picked up his father’s self-sufficiency, she supposed. Of course, he’d never been an overly affectionate child. Too much energy and too restless to sit still and just talk. The army was good for him as he now had an outlet to burn off that energy. She’d wanted more than one child, but her husband vetoed that idea. Frustrated and at her wit’s end, she’d stopped taking her birth control without telling him. But with no sex, there’d be no baby. Now, the house felt as empty as her life was becoming.

“There’s that sad look again. Are you sure you’re all right?” Jackie asked.

“Yes. So, your kids enjoy camping?” she asked to change the subject and saw Jackie’s face light up.

“They do! Even my oldest, but this year he’d not coming with us,” she answered with a frown.

Melody looked at her in question. “Does he not want to go?”

“Oh, he definitely wants to go and is very upset we told him he can’t. He got into this fight at school, earned him a one-day suspension. Because of that, he missed an exam. He’s staying home this weekend to study so he can write the make-up exam on Tuesday. Could I ask you to keep an eye on him this weekend to ensure he doesn’t bring his friends over to the house?” Jackie explained.

Melody wasn’t exactly keen on policing someone else’s children, so she just nodded absently. She hadn’t paid too much attention to the comings and goings of Jackie’s kids. It reminded her too much of how she no longer had one at home. She tried to recall their names. David? Right, it was coming back to her! David was the oldest. Ricky was the middle child, and Suzanne the youngest. Now, if only she could recall their ages.

The two youngest came running out of the house with their luggage held above their heads. Both surprised Melody as she wasn’t expecting them to be so tall. All arms and legs. “I’m embarrassed to say they’ve grown up so much since the last time I saw them!”

Jackie waved it off. “They’re all growing like crazy! I think it’s something in the water,” she grinned. “David is a grown man now. He’s 18 and as tall as his father but wider in the shoulders. Ricky is fourteen and going through a growth spurt, as is Suzie, who’s thirteen. But girls mature sooner.”

Melody nodded with a smile as she watched the kids tease each other next to the car. They waved to her. Ricky had red hair like his mother, but Suzie was as blond as could be. Melody’s heart yearned for a little girl of her own.

She caught the motion of someone else exiting the house, and her eyes widened in surprise. Wearing a tight plain white t-shirt, red board shorts, and leather sandals, the tall blonde man had muscles that threatened to tear through his shirt. “David?” she gasped.

Jackie smiled proudly at her oldest child as he walked out to join her. She pulled him into a hug, and he wrapped his thick arms around her. “This one has been costing us an absolute fortune for cebeci escort bayan the last two years as he grows out of his clothes so quickly. There’s the food bill, too, of course. Football has stolen my small baby boy and replaced him with this big beefy man!”

“Moooom!” David groaned in embarrassment. He looked over to Melody and gave her a shy smile and nod.

Melody returned the smile as she took in his powerful muscles. His biceps alone looked like they were the size of her thighs! Were he to flex, she was sure that poor t-shirt would explode! His board shorts were a little baggy for her taste. He was at least 6′ and had to weigh in at 230lbs, but it was all hard muscle. He had a strong jaw, piercing blue eyes, and light blonde hair and brows. The hair was short on the sides of his head and only a little longer on top with a series of waves. She spotted a bruise on his chin and one on his cheekbone. Evidence of the fight? She caught herself staring.

Mom wasn’t finished with her son. “You’re going to behave yourself this weekend. Study–“

“I-I was hoping you’d change your mind about not taking me,” he begged.

“You know that’s not going to happen. You’re writing a make-up exam. You’ve already lost points, so this test is critical. You’ll stay home and study.”

“I can bring my books and study on the way there and back–“

“No, end of discussion,” Jackie said firmly, holding his eyes.

“Davy just wants to do kissy stuff with Cindy Parsons!” Ricky teased.

“Shut up, twerp!” David snapped as his face and neck flushed red. Jackie had her hands on his chest to prevent him from lunging at his brother, but Melody could tell it wasn’t her strength holding him back. His love and respect for his mother were far more powerful. She had to be a foot shorter than her son. He obviously got his height from his dad, and the blonde hair. Jackie’s hair, tied back in a thick ponytail reaching to mid-back, was as red as a ripe tomato, but nature might have been getting a little assist there.

“Rick,” Jackie growled, and the younger boy jumped into the back seat with a final glare at his brother. Suzie waved at Melody once more before following Rick into the car.

Melody watched David struggle to hide his disappointment as his father returned with a final load from the house. The older man glanced at the upset on his son’s face as he passed to load the items into the back of the car and close it up. He walked back to press his forehead against his son’s as he looked into his eyes. They really were the same height, Melody noted, but David was… much bigger. The father rested his hands on the younger man’s broad shoulders and whispered something to him.

David frowned but nodded slightly. Keith smiled and threw an arm around his son’s neck in a wrestler’s move, pretending to overpower him. Melody caught David’s eyes, glancing over to her in embarrassment as he easily broke the hold and gave his father a gentle push towards the driver’s door.

Keith tucked his smile away as he looked back at his son. “Follow your mother’s advice! You know she’s right, and I stand behind all her decisions. Study hard so you’ll ace the make-up exam as you need the points. Don’t forget your chores, as well. I left a list on the kitchen counter. And most importantly, no parties this weekend!”

David rolled his eyes. “Dad! I’m not going to have anyone over.”

“No girls in the house!” Jackie added, and David’s embarrassment grew, his eyes darting to Melody occasionally as she watched the interplay with delight.

“Moooom!” he groaned.

“Loser doesn’t have a girlfriend anyway!” Rick yelled out his window.

“I swear I’m gonna pound you into paste!” David growled.

“David! That temper of yours is what got you in this mess in the first place. Rick, you just lost ride privileges in the theme park for day one.” When the boy began to whine, she shut him up quick. “You want to lose them for the weekend? If not, apologize to your brother.”

Rick begrudgingly apologized, then rolled up his window to sulk.

Melody watched David breathing slowly to calm himself. She was impressed. Jackie walked up to her son and pulled his face down to give him a kiss on the cheek. “I’m sorry, but you have to do this.” He dropped his eyes and nodded to her. Jackie got in the car and waved as Keith skillfully backed the car and tent trailer out of the driveway. David and Melody waved as they drove off down the road. Once it was gone, they looked at each other.

David broke the gaze first as his face heated up again. “Ha-have a good day,” he mumbled quickly and moved back into the house. She watched him go, wishing the shorts were a little tighter so she could observe the powerful muscles in his ass shift as he moved. She broke her gaze with a start as she realized what she was doing. This was Jackie’s child!

No, she couldn’t use the term child for such a big man. Jackie’s son was more escort cebeci appropriate.

Melody walked back into her house, struggling with the impulses rushing through her mind. She had to push the images of David out. She gave herself a shake. He was half her age, and she needed to act her own! She must be experiencing some kind of emotional backlash from the neglect she got from her cold fish of a husband.

Taking a deep breath, she moved into the kitchen to clean up the breakfast dishes.

Once she finished, she looked around at the neat and tidy room. While she enjoyed the benefits of a clean workspace, she needed more satisfaction than this. Thinking of the chores still waiting for her, she decided they could wait. Instead, she’d go sunbathe on the patio.

She went upstairs to her bedroom and looked in the bureau drawer for her swimsuits. She pulled out a one-piece she usually wore and held it up. Pursing her lips in disappointment, she frowned as the suit was about as appealing as a bowl of cold porridge. She needed… more. She needed excitement! She needed to feel sexy and desired!

Back into the drawer went the one-piece, and she dug further back and found what she was after. She’d picked up a two-piece bikini a couple of years ago when she thought they might fly down to Barbados for a vacation, just the two of them. The trip never happened as he’d made excuses. She’d never worn the bikini except for a brief time in the fitting room.

It was dark red with shiny gold ring accents. The bra had minimal padding, so her nipples became apparent when they stiffened, and wearing such a sexy suit made her very excited indeed.

More scandalous, was the g-string bottoms which clung so snugly to her pussy and ass. She was sure the tight pucker of her asshole would be visible behind the string if she bent forward.

She felt so sexy when she wore this, but she knew her husband would turn away in disgust.

She looked at the beautiful swimsuit in her hands. Fuck him!

She quickly undressed and faced her full-length mirror, eyeing her body critically. She lifted her tits, ran her hands over the slight softness of her tummy, then turned to look over her shoulder at her ass. She sighed in relief as, while it wasn’t tiny, it didn’t look as massive as she imagined it did. She reached back and squeezed the fleshy orbs. There was definitely muscle under that soft layer of fat.

An image of David’s big hands squeezing her ass flashed through her mind, and she actually squeaked. She released her grip as a shiver ran down her spine, sending tingles through her nether regions.

She slipped the bikini top on and frowned as it was just a little tighter than she recalled. Had she gotten bigger? Once she had the ties all in place, she looked in the mirror again, and her tits were straining slightly against the triangles of fabric. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but not the best fit.

The tugged on the g-string bottoms, and again, the fabric was… clinging more than she expected. The delicious tightness across her ass fired up her excitement, and she began to feel a heat deep in her pussy.

Once more, she confirmed her look in the mirror and smiled to herself. Now this was sexy!

To finish the look, she collected from her closet a sexy pair of high heels she’d bought for this outfit; red leather with a tiny gold buckle, strappy, and tall!

Examining the full ensemble in the mirror, she allowed herself a smile. She felt sexy as hell! Her smile slipped as she realized she had no one to share this with.

Disheartened, she walked downstairs to the living room and poured herself a stiff shot of rum and tossed it back. As it burned on the way down her throat, she shuddered and realized to truly enjoy this outfit, she should be drinking Piña Coladas.

She brought the rum into the kitchen and found the drink mix bottle on the door of the fridge. Tossing lots of ice into the blender, she generously poured in the mix and rum before sealing it up. The noise was terrible, but after a short time, she had the large pitcher of the frozen drink in hand. This went onto a serving tray with a tall glass with a straw. Her sunglasses and her steamy romance novel went on next. Finally, she grabbed the suntan lotion and a beach towel from under the bathroom cabinet. She headed outside, carrying the loaded tray.

The sun was higher in the sky and just beginning to touch the lounge chairs. She set the tray on the small table between the chairs and set the towel down across the lounger. She looked out across their gorgeously landscaped back yard. With the tall privacy hedges running along three sides, no one would be spying on her. The patio had additional privacy from a pergola, so she could have been completely naked, showing off all of her skin, lightly tanned courtesy of some random ancestor, and no one would know. That was a little depressing to think about, so she pushed it from her mind.

Their home didn’t have a pool like Keith’s and Jackie’s did as her husband wouldn’t spend money on something he wouldn’t use. She did manage to get him to pay for the lovely patio area she was about to enjoy.

Sitting on the edge of a lounge chair, she slipped her shoes off and began to put on her lotion.

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