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Another night, another date and another disaster; Melissa wondered why she bothered any more. It was three years since her husband left and she had not managed to make it past the second date with a new guy. Tonight was like most others. It seemed fine at first. He was attractive enough, clean without being polished and he even managed clever conversation over dinner.

As they drove back to his apartment, where she had met him for the date, Melissa was feeling good. More than willing to see him again, she thought (smiling a bit, on the inside, as she did). That is, until he pulled into the parking lot next to her car. It could not have been two seconds between the engine stopping and both of his hands finding their way to her breasts. No kiss, no deep hug or caress, just a rough, physical groping and a clumsy one at that.

Disappointed, rather than startled or angry, she left his car, slipped into her own and drove off. A few miles down the highway though, she did start to get angry. Not at her date oddly enough, but at herself. What was she doing wrong? Why was this so hard?

Finding a date was not hard. Melissa had always been attractive. Before she was married she had her pick of the boys and after she was married she still had to shoo them away. Of course, she was not twenty anymore, but the twenty years since had not done her wrong. Even if she was two dress sizes larger, all of her curves were still in the right places. She kept her black hair, long and wavy and men would not let her forget that her chest was still worth more then a passing glance. They were always looking.

Keeping them around seemed to be the trouble, or in most cases, wanting to keep them around. She either found them depressingly dull, or like tonight, only interested in sex. Not that she was a prude, far from it, but the intimacy never seemed to be there first.

Now that she had time to think about it though, a solid and sweaty thrashing was just what she wanted. Intimacy or not she wanted that release and she had missed her chance. Sure, he was a clumsy jerk, but he was a handsome and fit clumsy jerk. She could have enjoyed that body.

It had been a long time and she was more then missing even the pure physicality of it; the clawing and thrusting, the slipping apart and slapping together, the stretching of her sex and its gripping, squeezing response. She was making herself dizzy just thinking about it. More then dizzy she realized as she slipped her hand between her legs and cupped her slightly swollen mound. She could feel the heat through her thin slacks and had to resist the urge to give in right there. That would have been a lovely tale for the insurance company. “I lost control of the car when I reached orgasm.”

By the time her German made sports sedan found her driveway, Melissa was more then ready to dash into the house, grab one of her toys and grind her way to what was sure to be a mind numbing climax. She could feel it throbbing there already. Deep within her loins the heat was coming in waves. She was already aching for release and she had yet to touch her bare skin.

Inside the house she headed straight to her bedroom, but stopped short of going in. Instead she crossed the hall into the bathroom and closed the door. She wanted to see herself in the full length mirror that hung there. She took a moment to fluff out her hair and then took a good look. She was pretty with a small nose, full lips and large dark eyes that were almost as black as her hair. But, what she really wanted to see was her breasts. She was showing them off tonight, she knew. Perhaps that is why she did not slap her date before she stormed off. In her push up bra and fitted turtleneck her curves could not have been more exposed while still being covered. The top fit so well you could even see the curve of her breasts at the sides. Caressing lightly, she moved her hands to the tops of her breasts and then down the front of her chest, brushing over her nipples then shifting underneath before moving forward again so she could squeeze her excited nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Moving her hands down to her waist she smiled at the curve of her breasts, tummy and hips. She was still an hourglass, perhaps not perfect, but she had a women’s body. A sexual body and she was going to put it to use.

A loud thump from the second floor broke her suadiye escort out of her sexual examination. She did not remember seeing her son’s car outside when she got home, but considering her state of mind, that was hardly surprising. She walked out into the hall and over to the stairs with the intention of calling up to him to see what was happening. It was not like him to be in on the weekend and she was a little worried that something might be wrong.

As Melissa climbed the stairs she began to realize that there was nothing wrong at all, at least not from Alexander’s perspective. As she came closer, the sounds coming from his room were unmistakable. Melissa stood in the hall for a moment, not sure of what to do. She never said “don’t have sex in the house”, she just thought it was a given. She didn’t want to make a large scene, but she did want to put an end to this. The panting and grunting was getting a bit distracting. Melissa moved closer to the door and prepared to knock when she realized that the door was slightly ajar. Instinctively she stepped back afraid that she would be seen by her son or the girl he was with. She quickly recovered and realized that even if it wasn’t almost completely dark in the hall, what light there was in Alexander’s room would have kept either him or his partner from seeing much beyond the threshold.

Moving forward to knock on the door frame this time, so as not to push the door open wider, she stopped again. But, this time her pause came at the sound of the girl’s voice.

“Oh, Alex, slow down please. It’s too big, you’re hurting me.”

She knew it was wrong to spy, but that thought did not even cross her mind. After hearing those words Melissa got as close to the opening as she dared and looked inside. What she saw made her bite her lower lip to keep from gasping.

There, on her son’s bed was a young girl, probably one of the many Alexander mentioned meeting at the local college he attended. She was lying on her back with her legs up against Alex’s chest and her ankles at his neck. For his part, Alex was standing, squat above her and was thrusting a marvelously large penis between her smooth, blood engorged lips.

Before she had a chance to think about what she was doing, Melissa had her slacks open, her right hand inside of her thong and three fingers pushing into her sex. The heat from her desire was everywhere now. She could feel it in her limbs, the muscles of her back and thighs and her face flushed so heavily she felt as if her skin must be glowing in the dark of the hall.

She watched intently now as Alexander, her baby, eased his large, thick, shiny member into this girl’s body, seemingly splitting her open with each thrust. She could feel the lips of her own mouth flexing as she watched this nubile cunt grip and pull at her son’s girth. Melissa marveled at the girl’s sex. Smooth and hairless, slick with her natural lubrication and engorged with desire, Melissa watched as it stretched and quivered around her son’s cock.. She felt little shocks shooting out from the nub of her clitoris every time the young girl moaned with pleasure or grunted in pain at Alexander’s penetration.

She couldn’t believe she was standing here watching this. It was so wrong to be spying on her son this way. But, the more she thought about what she was doing, the more she wanted to stay. She wanted to watch him moving inside of this little girl. She wanted to see how hard and thick and powerful he was. She wanted to keep thrusting furiously into herself as she moved her hips in time with his.

“I want it.” She said to herself. her lips moving with barest sound.. “I want to cum from watching… “She was breathing heavier now. “I want to cum watching them… “She could feel her wetness running off of her fingers and dripping onto the floor. Her legs were getting week. “Fucking…” she said aloud to herself. Melissa placed her left hand on the door frame to steady herself and allowed her pants to fall to the floor. “I want to watch them fucking…” Stepping out of the little puddle of cloth she spread her feet further apart, careful not to let her heels click too loudly on the wooden floor.

“Him.” She said it with a little whimper as a jolt of electricity shook every muscle in her body from the navel down. Now sure it was what she wanted. “I want taksim escort to watch him fucking…” she breathed again. Hard at work now, slipping between her folds, dipping in and out of her swollen nether Melissa continued to drive into her sex, never taking her eyes off of the pair inside.

She was so close now and so were they. Their grunting and panting was growing more fevered, more erratic. Alexander’s thrusting became wild, his rhythm unpredictable as his body started to loose control. All the little blonde could do was hang on for the ride. Though what she could not do physically because of her position, she did with her voice. Her grunts and moans were building, each louder and more insistant then the last. The louder she became the faster and harder Alex drove against her and the faster Melissa’s hand flew at her dripping little mouth.

“Oh god, I can’t believe I am even thinking this, but I want it.” Melissa admitted. “I want that cock… I want that massive cock.” Closing her eyes “I want my son’s massive cock… I want my son’s massive, steel pipe of a cock” Her orgasm broke with those words and she drove home the aftershocks of her tremendous climax mumbling “I want… I want to fuck him… I want to be fucked by him…by my baby… by his cock… I want to fuck my baby’s cock.”

With a shaking hand she reached to the floor and snatched up her slacks before quickly making her way down the hall, then the stairs and finally to the safety of her room. Quickly shedding the remainder of her clothes she crawled under the covers and let herself drift off to slip, trying not to think about what just happened.

Melissa spent the following morning convincing herself that what transpired last night was not that big of a deal. “It was a one time thing.” She thought to herself as she climbed out of bed. “An accident of circumstance.” She whispered to herself as she covered up in a blue, silk robe. “It’s not like anything would ever happen.” She mused, getting into the shower. “I am his mother for Christ’s sake. On top of that I am twenty years older then him.”

“Take a look at yourself Melissa. You don’t look anything like that tight, young blonde with her flat tummy, and perfectly supple, B cup breasts.” She continued her silent conversation with herself. “Your breasts are too large, your hips are too wide and you are carrying a bit more padding then you would care to admit.”

Thinking of the girl now, Melissa began to feel inadequate. She pictured the girl’s sex. Smooth and hairless, it glistened with her moisture. In her frenzy of desire she did not think of it at the time, but remembering it now Melissa pictured it again, enjoying the image and how erotic it was. Swollen and exposed the normally pink lips engorged with blood and flushed red with need. She frowned as her fingers reached for the folds of her own sex and she felt the thick tangle of hair that covered and surrounded it.

Well, that was something she could definitely change right away. Stepping out of the shower thirty minutes later, Melissa marveled at the smooth and slick feeling between her legs. Reaching down she allowed her fingers to glide along the newly exposed flesh, teasing her folds as well as the tight nub of flesh no longer hidden there. Slipping her robe back on, Melissa was not at all surprised to find her hardened nipples making a clear showing though the thin, silk fabric.

Smiling to herself, her sexual confidence restored, she opened the bathroom door and found her self face to face with her son. All of the images and emotions of last night came crashing down on her mind and body in that instant. The heat that had been simmering between her legs from her erotic shave was suddenly boiling. Her chest heaved as her breathing deepened and quickened its pace. The exaggerated lifting of her chest caused her erect nipples to slide back and forth against the blue silk, Melissa’s sudden flush and this new stimulation pushing them to their greatest length and stiffness. She felt her tongue push between her lips, parting them as her mouth opened, releasing her sexually heated breath.

Melissa’s feet were frozen in place. She knew she had to do something, but her mind was in such turmoil amid images of her rutting son and his wonderfully thick cock, that there wasn’t room for anything else.

Just tuzla escort then, something broke through her panic and excitement. Alexander had not moved either. She did not know how long it had been since she came through the bathroom door, but it was certainly long enough for one of them to move.

Looking into his face and not meeting his gaze, she followed the angle of his eyes and looked down at her chest. She saw the rise and fall of her breasts and watched, as Alexander must have been, the definite outline of her fully distended nipples as they slid along beneath her robe.

In that instant, instinct took over. Not sexual instinct, but something related. She stepped up next to him, placing her right hand on his hip, while sliding the left up the back of his neck and into his hair at the back of his head. Lifting up onto the balls of her feet she kissed him squarely on the forehead. As she dropped back down, she leaned in slightly, letting the weight of her breasts slide down his chest.

“Did you sleep well baby?” She asked in a high, playful, voice. Before sliped by him and headed to her room.

“Um…sure, yeah mom.” She heard him say as she disappeared behind her bedroom door.

As soon as she heard the door click closed behind her, Melissa dropped her robe to the floor and sprang into bed. She lay there for a moment listening. After just a few seconds she heard the sound she was waiting for. The water was running. Alexander was getting into the shower.

Spreading her legs, she bent her knees and brought the soles of her feet together opening herself wide between her thighs. She giggled a little, proud of herself as she pinched her still erect nipples in recognition of what they had just done for her. Her son saw her as a sexual creature. Perhaps not so far gone that he would consider sleeping with her, but she excited him all the same. That much was clear.

Those were thoughts for another time though. Melissa had other things to think about now. Reaching between her legs she cupped her outer lips in her hand and pressed her palm against them. Full and warm with lust as she knew they would be. One after another she slipped her fingers in and out, gathering her natural lubrication and spreading across the lovely, newly smooth skin.

In her mind she pictured her baby. She could see him standing there, letting the heat of the shower penetrate his body. She imagined the heavy, well developed muscles of his chest and back, the young skin, so smooth on his tight stomach and tighter buns.

She had turned him on, there by the bathroom door. She wondered if he had gotten hard. She was sure he was hard now. Her mind’s eye saw him there, leaning against the shower wall with his right hand, while his left griped firmly at the base of his cock. She fantasized that he was thinking of her as he stroked himself. She imagined a squeezing grip as he worked up the length of his shaft, pushing more blood to the tip, forcing it to grow obscenely large and heavy.

“God, I want to know that lovely cock.” She whispered aloud.

With three fingers she began to fuck herself. Her fantasy had changed. Her son and the shower were gone. Only his cock remained. She conceived all of its detail. Its size, both length and girth, its heat, the thickness of its blood fused veins. She thought of how it would feel in her hands, between her lips and on her tongue. She thought of her cunt and how it would need to stretch to accommodate it.

Her orgasm was close, but her fingers were not enough, she need more, more size, more stimulation. Melissa slipped her free hand between her legs and passed the feverish thrusting of her fingers. Finding her anus she drove her middle finger inside as far as she could go in a single thrust. The pain caused her to cry out and that release pushed her passed the breaking point. A tremendous orgasm rifled through her body, shooting to the tips of her limbs. Planting her feet on the bed she drove her ass into the air, ramming the fingers of both hands further into her depths. Driving her hips in wide circles, grinding on her fingers, Melissa fucked herself through a tremendous multiple orgasm before finally collapsing back onto the bed.

By the time she was ready to move again, she could no longer hear the shower. She laid there resting a while, still covered in the sweat of her release. Resting and thinking. She had made up her mind. She was going to seduce her son. This would be no simple task. She wasn’t going to try and get him drunk or trick him in some other way. She wanted him to want her, to lust for her, to need her. She needed him to want her so badly that Melissa would be in complete control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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