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As I withdrew my penis from his beautiful ass sperm was still dripping from my cock. The exceptional orgasm I was having still continued. Sperm and semen were leaking from him so I positioned myself to lap up every drop. I started from behind, licking my seed from his cock and balls. Then I started eating that delicious ass of his.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune meeting a guy like Ted. We physically mirrored each other. Fit, five-eight, one hundred forty-five pounds with six inch by five inch shaved cocks, balls and bodies.

Oddly enough we met at a car dealership when we each had a car in for service. With the pandemic on-going we were six feet apart and wearing masks. We chatted while waiting for our cars to be serviced. We chatted about nothing really, but clearly there was an attraction. Ted’s car was done first. After paying for the service he walked over, handed me his business card, after writing a different phone number on the back. He said he’d like to meet again sometime.

A few days later I called the number Ted had written on his card. He seemed genuinely pleased that I called. We live in the same suburb and agreed to meet on our local walking trail. We are both married with grown children.

He was first to mention sex. He, like me no longer have sex with our wives. Neither wife is interested nor willing to have sex. I was first to mention being bisexual. I told him about my experience with men. I thought, why am I telling a stranger such intimate details of my life? Ted mentioned that he too had some experience with men. Ted said now he actually preferred sex with men. NSA sex with men is something I enjoy as well. I’ve been looking for a regular partner, without success Beşiktaş escort for some time. Could Ted be the one?

After walking we stopped for a coffee at Starbucks. We grabbed an outside table far away from others people. I couldn’t believe myself telling Ted intimate details of my sex life with men. I told him how much I enjoy giving and receiving blow jobs. Telling him how much I love having a man come in my mouth and how I love coming in a man’s mouth as well. Ted was very attentive listening to me. Then I told him how much I love bareback anal. I told him I’m a “top” but I’m always willing to be a “bottom”. I further said there have been only a few men in my life and I frankly said I’m looking for a partner for regular gay sex.

Ted after I was done talking, opened up about his sex life with men. It was similar to mine, but he’s never engaged in bareback anal sex. He’s had anal with a condom. He was a bottom saying the man he’d been with was too rough. To my surprise we continued to give very intimate details of our sex lives. Time passed quickly and we decided to meet again soon for another walk and talk.

A week passed before we met again. It was a warm day. I had on shorts and a tight tank top. Ted was also wearing shorts and a tee shirt. As we walked the trail Ted said he wanted to get some sun. He pulled off his tee shirt revealing his very attractive chest and abdomen. I too joined in removing my shirt. We looked at each other clearly liking what we were seeing.

Stopping for coffee we again choose a distant table we again spoke intimately. Ted said he’d like to have man to man sex with me. I said I was willing but now all we needed was a place. “No problem” Beşiktaş escort bayan said Ted. Ted owns and operates a local injection mounding plastic business. The business is blocks from my house. He said his factory closes at five in the afternoon, but there is no production on weekends. Ted mentioned he has a folding bed should an employee need it to rest if they were ill.

We agreed that this coming Saturday we’d meet early at his factory. Ted often works on Saturday so his wife will not miss him.

Saturday morning arrived cool and sunny. I left a note for my sleeping wife that I’d be out walking and getting coffee, back in an hour or two. Arriving at Ted’s factory the front door was open. Walking in I closed the door behind me, the smell of coffee filled the air.

I had an extremely hard cock. Once inside I greeted Ted and removed all my clothes. Ted smiling offered coffee. Ted was wearing a thong with a huge bulge in front. I walked over to Ted, put my arms around him and kissed him. Ted kissed back our tongues met and a fire of desire began to roar.

Using his hand to remove his thong we were both naked and hard. Our hands began to explore each other. I quickly got on my knees and began to kiss and lick his very hard cock. I had to have that cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked his cut cock head. I sucked in his entire cock sucking like never before. Making eye contact I could see Ted was enjoying this blow job very much. I wanted his cum, so badly I sucked harder massaging his balls until finally he exploded in my mouth.

The warm, white wet cum filled my mouth as his body shook with each eruption of semen. I swallowed until he was done. We Escort beşiktaş collapsed on the day bed, warm with sweat and fire red skin. Ted now slipped down on me and returned the favor giving me a phenomenal blow job. Cum racing out of me as he lapped up every drop.

Rested and hard again, I told him I’d be a top should he wished to bottom. I said I only do bareback explaining that If we blew each other and ate our sperm that going bareback was no more or less intimate, or dangerous. Ted agreed to try barebacking with me.

Without lube bareback is a slower process. Ted agreed to bottom, said he likes the feeling of a cock within him. He positioned himself so that I could eat his beautiful ass. Slowly licking and probing his ass with my tongue I felt him beginning to relax. Now I positioned myself over him and slowly I began to slip my cock into Ted.

Slowly I entered him, first my cock head, then the shaft. Reaching the prostate made him shiver. More slippery now as Ted’s ass was yielding it’s own natural lubricant. Ted said, “Dan, harder and faster” and I was happy to pound his ass harder, faster and with great excitement building in both of us.

Sweat was pouring off both of us. Our skin was flushed and rosy red. I asked Ted to change position so we could face each other. Now me on my back, with my cock reinserted into Ted, who placed his hands on my solid pecs as he rode me hard. His erect penis was on my lower abdomen. Ted’s pleasure was building as he pumped harder, he squirmed and moaned with pleasure.

I could wait no longer my orgasm hit hard, my brain was tumbling in my head. I felt my semen flow into Ted with each pumping motion. We made orgasmic eye contact as sperm was flowing out of both of us. Ted’s sperm was all over my hard abs. I reached down to taste more of his sperm. Then Ted turned so I could eat my sperm from his ass, cock and balls.

As we stood we kissed exchanging the taste of the fluid that gives life. “Coffee anyone” said Ted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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