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Double Penetration

The Red Square lights up, her name next to it indicating that she has sent me a photo.

The last few days we had texted and chatted, and although it was flirty I wasnt quite sure if it would lead to anything serious. As my thumb let up on the screen her big green eyes stare into me so deeply. Her curly dirty blonde hair frames her cute dimpled cheeks perfectly and it flows down her body where the ends of the curly locks tease at the edge of a lacey purple bra. It lifts her round and perky 36DDD breasts in just the right way leaving a fair amount of cleavage. And shes written a note “Bra Shopping, I think this one’s a winner”.

Even you I can understand that clue, and I can feel my adrenaline pump as the idea of meeting her is suddenly very real.

The texts continue late into the night, flirting and teasing and enjoying each other, we had talked about meeting but could never find a time, “when can we meet?”

“I get off at 3:00 tomorrow

could it be? Could I finally get to kiss, to touch and let my hands explore her like we’ve been imagining in the nights before?

At 3:00 am the conversation in full swing she gives me her address and a time for the following day.

Even with the lack of sleep from being awake so late, when my alarm goes off I am wide awake, the excitement of going on a date with her seems to be a mind consuming thought

The nerves seem try to steal my thoughts, worried she might cancel, but Every time I feel that fear, she reassures me that we will get to finally embrace tonight.

It seems like the longest and slowest day of my life, the work day seems like a blur as I can think of nothing but her. I decide to take off work early to get my haircut, before stopping home to pick up a few things and shower so that I am nice and fresh.

Even the drive over seems to take longer than it should, the anticipation building with every passing mile, every passing block.

I send a text as I pull up to her house letting her know I am here, and before I can even get out of my car, I recognize that cute smile and all of my nerves wash away, instantly replaced with excitement. As I gather my things from my car I cant help but take glances, she is everything I had hoped and more. I love the way her curves fit her so perfectly, her leggings sticking tightly to her body showing off her nice big booty. And the only worry I have as I am welcomed into her house is that I wont be able to stop smiling so wide.

We enter her house and I can already see the curl in her lip, as she refrains from biting it, our attraction to each other very apparently now that we are in a room alone together. And before I can even think about taking my coat off, I slide my fingers along her jaw line and we both pull each other in hard as our lips meet. Her lips are so soft, so lush, they feel so good as our passionate kiss drags on for a few seconds before she pushes me away with a giggle and grabs my drinks, taking them to the fridge for me. Sivas Escort I take off my coat and shoes and get settled in on the couch as I wait for her to return. The taste of her lips still lingering on my own.

She returns with a glass of wine for herself a beer for me, wiggling her hips and with her flirty giggle teasing me as she sits down beside me, offering me the drink she brought me.

Everything still feels so surreal, her eyes are so mesmerizing that I cant stop gazing into them as she talks and flirts with me. Our drinks slowly disappearing at the same rate the space between us.

When my drink gets a little over half gone I cant take it anymore, and I set my drink down, she is on a mini ramble about a topic that my mind cant seem to remember as I reach up and let my hand slide along her jawline quickly followed by my kiss, sliding myself on top of her and straddling her as we kiss deeply and passionately, our tongues dancing together as our heartbeats become more rapid.

She breaks the kiss, and with my hand in her own she jumps up.

“lets take this to the bedroom” she says with a big smile.

I don’t hesitate to follow, the door closing behind me as she resumes right where we left off, kissing me deeply, my hands start to explore, gently tracing all of her curves with my fingertips before I push her back on the bed.

Before she lays back she grabs her shirt and pulls it over her head, throwing it to start the pile on the floor that we both know will continue to grow.

I jump on the bed on top of her, my eyes taking their time to admire the new bra, which looks so much better in person than in the picture she sent me. I massage her breasts, enjoying the lacey texture that separates our skin, my fingers tracing back and forth along the edges.

Our lips continue to caress each other as she lets out her first couple moans.

Slightly higher pitched than her normal voice, and in such a drawn out and sensual way that it sends a jolt of excitement through me and I let my lips find their way along her jaw line and then her neck as my ears crave more of her sexy moans.

I can feel my cock starting to throb against my boxers, pressing against her leg, wondering if she can feel it to, but my kisses continue moving down, kissing along her lacey bra, teasing each breast before continuing down along the soft skin of her stomach, then to the edge of her leggings. They explore softly and slowly, noting mentally where each sensitive spot is.

Over the past few days of chatting I had always told her that I had good oral skills, and I cant wait to show them off. Her now bare legs slide along my shoulders as I kiss down them, then along her thighs, my fingertips following and teasing her soft legs. The kisses move closer and closer, teasing her even harder, I can hear her breathing growing uneven as I kiss the matching purple fabric to her bra.

I can feel her moisture even through the panties, my Sivas Escort Bayan tongue starts to crave her taste and I cant wait any longer, quickly pulling her panties off, and returning her legs to my shoulders as my breath washes over her swollen pussy.

I savor the moment, moving so slowly and deliberately, my soft tongue finds its way into the folds of her big lips, her clit hiding well beneath it. But I take my time, wanting to please her as best I can, wanting to learn everything about how to please her. I can tell that her lips are more sensitive than most and take my time teasing them. Her moans grow louder, destroying any silence that existed. My tongue swirls around her labia softly, my hands exploring her body, dragging my nails along her skin eventually finding their way to her breasts again, massaging them and letting my hands enjoy how they firm they feel contained in her bra.

Taking all of her swollen labia into my mouth, I let it bounce back and forth, my tongue teasing it as I breathe in deeply, pulling it further into my mouth, my hands begin working their way back down, and eventually I let my fingertips part her lips, and paying close attention, searching for that little gem I know is hiding. Finding it eventually, I use both hands to keep her pussy parted just right to expose it, and I let my tongue flick across it softly. Her moans now turning to screams that could easily wake the neighbors. I let one hand keep her inner lips spread just enough to allow my tongue to continue washing back and forth across her clit. Tracing letters with my tongue to tease from every angle, varying speed and pressure as I go. My other hand and curling two fingers back, lets the other two scoop up all over the juices that are dripping out of her and I begin to tease the opening of her vagina. I can feel it throbbing and pulsing already from the intense clitoral stimulation she is undergoing. I can feel her tighten around my fingers as they push slowly, sliding past the opening as she finally relaxes. My fingers explore for a moment before curling themselves, finding the sensitive g-spot, I let them slowly massage, matching the pace of the swirling of her clit, pushing against both. Her hips start lifting off the ground and her hands are desperately clawing at my freshly cut hair.

I cant stand it any longer, and I push her legs off of my shoulders, standing up off the end of the bed, I grab a condom from my pocket, and then let the pants fall the ground joining the ever-growing pile. I push my boxers down, my cock spring up quickly as it throbs, showing its excitement. Keira watches in excitement as I roll the condom of the head, and before I jump back on the bed she removes her bra. She is massaging her own breast as I grab her ankles, pulling her legs onto my shoulders again. I lean my hips into her, my cock starting to glisten with her pussy juices as our throbbing seems to be in unison. She reaches down to guide me as I push past the tight Escort Sivas opening, sliding slowing until I am as deep inside of her as I can go. Our hips stay locked as I lean down and kiss you again, I love knowing that you enjoy tasting your own pussy on my lips.

Finally after teasing her long enough I start to fuck her, my cock slides in and out of her wet pussy as our lips continue to intertwine, our hips rocking back and forth together in perfect unison, my arms holding tightly to her thighs as her moans still continue even into my lips.

I lean back away from the kiss, looking into her eyes and still getting mesmerized, I can feel myself throb a little harder inside her tight hole as I can think of nothing but her And how good each purposeful thrust feels. We continue like this as working together to hit every sweet and sensitive spot, but as she nears her orgasm I am worried that the screams are too loud. Even though its turning me on, I stil lay on the bed next to her, my fingertips teasing her, my cock still throbbing as I guide her head down.

She seems to glow with excitement as she doesn’t hesitate to take the head of my cock in her mouth twirling her tongue around it a way feels like magic. Even though I like the idea of having my dick sucked, ive never truly enjoyed a blowjob, but already I can tell she has a rare talent. She lets herself build up enough saliva in her mouth, those combine with her own pussy juices as she slides all the way down my cock. She returns back to the tip as her tongue continues to massage all the best spots of my sensitive cock.

I slide my fingers into her hair, holding it out of her face for her, as well as guiding her up and down my shaft. I tilt her head up so that she will look at me and I let the imagine of her smiling eyes looking back at me as my cock is buried in her throat forever. I can feel myself near the edge a few times, my toes starting to curl ever so slightly. She switches from her mouth to her hand, and back and forth as the sounds of how wet she is keeping me is apparent when she slides my cock deep in her throat and leaves it there.

I cant stand it any longer and I my desire to make her cum kicks in. I pull her off of my cock, grabbing her hips I direct her to sit on my face, and she starts grinding into me. My hands reach up and play with her hard nipples and push against them a little, making her arch her back and dig her pussy deeper into my face.

I love how wet I can feel my beard getting, her aroma starting to invade every one of my senses and it has me in such a pure state of bliss. My tongue continue to tease her sensitive lips and clit. I can feel her thigh shaking near my cheeks, her hands gripping against the wall and the bed as I feel her cum, all of her moisture soaking deeper into my tongue and beard. I savor the taste for a minute before she crawls off of me.

I hold her tight, wrapping my arms around her and letting her enjoy the aftershock and her orgasm. And it seems to release in small waves and she slowly catches her breathe and her muscles start to relax. My grip around her loosens slight, enough for me to kiss her forehead and run my fingers through her hair. Still feeling the weakness in her muscles as she hasn’t recovered fully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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