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Recap of Chapters 01-06: Becca had strange side effects from her participation in a drug trial. Her breasts swelled from B to more than DD. She began lactating and was horny most of the time. She loved her new body and on re-connecting with Mike after ten years found he was more than willing to service her milk filled breasts and sexual needs. They soon formed a D/s relationship that evolved into a 12 month contract giving Mike full control over Becca’s breasts and milk. He timed her milkings to control her milk production. Most milkings were sexual encounters with both partners enjoying both the foreplay and climaxes. Mike also designed a custom milking machine for Becca and the couple used it to create anonymous photos and videos focused on Becca’s breasts. With the end of the drug trial Becca’s breast size decreased somewhat but her lactation continued. Mike used waist training to maintain Becca’s dramatic figure.


One morning about nine months into their contract Becca confirmed that Mike would be home from work on time and said, “Good. I’m planning a nice dinner. We need to talk about some things.” After a brief hesitation she added, “There’s nothing wrong; we just need to have a talk.”

Mike didn’t press for an explanation but spent the whole day regretting that he hadn’t. The phrase ‘we need to talk,’ was definitely not good news. He wondered what he’d done wrong or what had happened that might upset their idyllic lifestyle.

On arriving home Mike was thrilled to see Becca dressed in a sexy outfit. Her tight top framed deep cleavage. A tight skirt and heels displayed her ass and legs nicely. He enjoyed the view but more importantly felt relief that he was apparently not in trouble.

He hugged Becca and said, “You look great. Do we need to talk now or can I enjoy your body first? I’d love to bury my face between your breasts and ravish you.”

“Talk first; ravishing later. Let’s have some wine.”

After pouring them each a glass of wine Becca directed Mike to sit on the love seat. She sat on the hassock in front of him which placed her chest about two feet in front of his face. Becca sighed and cradled her chest in her two hands saying, “I think I want my obscenely big tits back. I know I still look good. The waist training has done a lot to accentuate my breasts but I’m worried about the period after I stop lactating. I want to investigate getting big implants.”

Mike felt compelled to interrupt with a compliment but she stopped him with a raised hand. She continued, “Our contract has 3 months to go and I accept that you control my breasts for that period. By the terms of the contract I can’t get them enhanced until after the contract ends and of course I assume that medically I couldn’t get them done while I’m lactating. I know you also have the right to extend my contract. That would make a lot of what I’m saying moot for some extra time but sooner or later I’m not going to be swollen with milk. I’m trying to plan ahead. When I stop lactating I don’t want to go back to my old B cups.

“Equally important for the long term, you once told me you loved my natural feel and didn’t think you’d like the feel of implants. Sooo…That’s what I want to discuss.”

“Okay,” replied Mike. “Let’s first talk about your milk. I’m still excited to suck on you regularly and intend to hold you to the full term of the contract. I haven’t given it much thought but now that you’ve brought it up, I might want to exercise my option to extend the contract. I’m more than willing to pay the required monthly fee.”

Becca replied in a sexy whisper, “Oh, you just made my pussy wet. The idea that you’re enjoying my breasts enough to ‘force’ me to continue producing milk for you is very hot.”

“Would continuing be a big imposition? I know you’re the one carrying around the extra weight of the milk and enduring the discomfort when I make you wait.”

“It is a bit of a burden but overall, I love having my tits swollen with milk. I have multiple orgasms every day; how could I call that an imposition? Still, we are going to have to stop at some point. Let’s ignore the renewal issue for now and discuss how we both feel about my breasts after the milk is done.”

“I’ll love your breasts whether they have milk in them or not and at whatever size they may be,” replied Mike.

“Okay,” said Becca, “Let me address things a little differently. This may sound a little odd but where do you see us in 5 years? Are we going to be together?”

Mike replied, “Yes. I see us married- probably living in a small house in suburbia which might very well have a private sex room for some bondage and sex toys that we can’t let anybody else see. As we’ve discussed, I don’t see children in the picture for at least 5 years. I love you. I haven’t proposed marriage to you because it didn’t seem right during our contract. Our life’s a little too kinky. Neither of us should think I can suck on your swollen tits every four hours forever and forever is what marriage is about. I was planning Escort Bayan to propose after the contract. I thought we’d plan a small wedding to coincide with your body being in its natural state. That way we’ll both know I’m marrying you and not just your breasts.”

“Wow. For a non-proposal that was pretty romantic. It actually matches up very well with what was in my head. I didn’t want you to marry me for my tits but I do love you and want to marry you.” Becca paused slightly and then continued, “Okay, so I’m thrilled that you’ll marry me with my natural breasts. Now the question is would you marry me if I get them enhanced? They wouldn’t feel the same but they’ll be bigger like they were a few months ago. Don’t say anything. Let me outline my plan.”

“I’ve done a little surfing on the Internet. There are several kinds of implants- silicon and saline for starters. There are different placements of the implants under muscles or over. There are various surgical procedures and some techniques used to reduce visible scaring. There are different brands, different shapes and, of course, different sizes. I’d like your permission to do some serious research and to visit one or more doctors during the remainder of my contract and I’d like you to participate in that research. We would be fact gathering so we can decide how to proceed. Actually, the doctor might not even be able to give advice on size and shape until after I’m done lactating and have gone back to my natural shape. There’s also choosing which doctor to use. The cost varies widely and some doctors specialize in certain procedures.”

Mike replied, “Okay. That all sounds reasonable.”

Becca then continued, “There’s more to my plan. Any good doctor is going to want to confer with me and determine my choices. You might be present for some of the consultations but he isn’t going to follow your directions. He’s going to want his patient to make all of her own decisions.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Well, that’s not what I want. We’ll need to be subtle around the doctor but I want you to make all of the decisions on my implants. I want you to create my new breasts for your pleasure. If you want them huge or you want them perky, that’s what I want. I want them to be ‘perfect’ as you define it. The shape, size and feel will all be up to you; in fact, I want you to pay for them too so we’ll always remember they’re yours in every way possible. I gave you control over my breasts for a year under the contract; now I want to give you full control over them permanently.”

“Well,” said Mike, “I wasn’t expecting this conversation. I think your kinky side has now fully matured. As you’ve said from time to time, you’re a perv.”

“I guess I should add that in exchange for you making my breasts ‘perfect’ in your eyes I’ll expect you to fondle them and suck on them very often. It might not be every four hours but I will expect them to receive a lot of attention.”

“That sounds fair,” said Mike. “All of this talk about your breasts has made me want to suck on them right now. It’s just about time for your evening milking. Can we stop talking and go into the bedroom?”

“Yes. Talking about my breasts and your control of them has gotten me excited too. Please ravish me- drain every drop with no time limits.”

“Absolutely. I don’t want time limits either.”

The couple moved to their bedroom and shed their clothes. They lay down facing each other which was their usual position for milking. Mike moved up and kissed Becca passionately saying, “I love you. I loved the concept you’ve laid out about my controlling your enhancement.” He then moved down and enveloped Becca’s left nipple in his mouth. She gasped with arousal at the first touch of his lips. As he sucked Mike’s hand cupped Becca’s Venus Mound and the forward portion of her pussy giving her a soft but firm mass against which she could push. Becca was soon grinding against Mike’s hand and building toward her first orgasm as he sucked hard on her distended nipple and drank her milk. She shook through one orgasm and was on the way toward a second when he moved to her other breast. The brief absence of his suction followed by new contact at her other nipple was all a part of their foreplay- sexual couplings that occurred three or four times a day but were never routine. He’d usually switch breasts two or three times and loved to hear her excitement as he latched onto a nipple again.

Becca enjoyed a second and third orgasm as Mike drained her right breast and then played with her nipple to bring her off again. He rolled her onto her back and moved his body between her knees. He buried his mouth in her pussy for their mutual pleasure holding her hips to control her movements. As Becca’s excitement grew again Mike moved his body up and filled her wet pussy with his hard cock.

Since he was cumming several times each day Mike’s staying power was substantial. They both knew Mike would fuck her long and hard in several positions before reaching his release. Bayan Escort Mike thrust into Becca in the missionary position and fondled her torso with passion. After a bit he brought her legs up and pushed them up toward her shoulders which allowed him to pound into her. After a few minutes he pulled out and repositioned himself to take her from behind. This allowed him to grab her hips for leverage and gave them both the sense that he was as deep inside as possible. He thrust into her with long powerful strokes using his hands to control all aspects of his penetration. Becca grunted as he plowed in and out. He lifted her hips to change his angle and then lowered her again to enjoy the variations in feeling from one position to the other. As his groin tightened with arousal Becca squeezed her pussy around him to make it better for both of them. They both started breathing harder and each was excited by the other’s arousal. His cock finally erupted and he pressed himself into Becca’s body as his body shuttered with his orgasm.

When they’d recovered somewhat Becca said there was more tof her plan that Mike would probably like to hear. His eyes opened wide inviting her to explain and she responded, “We both know you loved my big tits and so I have no doubt you’d love for me to get big implants. Your only concern probably is how they’ll feel.

“I was talking to my friend Mary at the gym. She’s had implants for about 5 years. She suggested I arrange a “field test” for you. After talking with her that’s a key part of my plan.”

“Field test?”

Becca smiled and continued, “After we acquire the basic information about different kinds of implants, I’m going to set up one or two sessions when you can feel up some women with enhanced tits to determine how the various implants look and feel. Mary has already offered herself and a friend- they’ll be no sex but you can examine their tits and feel them up to your heart’s content.

“Of course, two sets of tits aren’t enough to do a meaningful study of the alternatives. Fortunately, Mary used to live in Las Vegas and roomed with an exotic dancer. They’re still good friends. Mary has spoken with her. She’s sure she can assemble a collection of women with various styles of implants. For a fee she’s sure they’d each be more than willing to show you their tits and have you feel them up. Mary and her friend will be two of the women. I’m thinking we should have about a dozen in total and that we’ll have to pay about $200 per subject. Mary and her friend won’t charge so that’s about $2000 for the group plus some other expenses. I assume that’s okay.”

“The cost is fine. You’re amazing,” said Mike. “I’ll take some credit for loosening you up but you’re inherently much more adventuresome than anyone would ever have guessed.”

Becca replied, “Adventuresome is a bit too vanilla; I’m a perv and I admit it. In this case though, I’m just being practical. I don’t want to get great looking tits that you don’t want to touch. Maybe doctors should offer field testing to all of their pre-surgical patients.

“On a more serious note, not all decisions on the surgery are sexy. There are stories of implants that leak and various medical risks. I’ll expect you to consider those things in your selection of the doctor and of the implants you choose. I should also note that if you decide I shouldn’t get implants I’ll accept your decision. Of course, you’ll have to live with a depressed woman with small tits rather than a sexy big busted one but it’s your decision.”

Over the next month the couple researched the alternative products and techniques. They also did some due diligence work on the area’s doctors who seemed to perform most of the surgeries. They settled on two who seemed worth an in person consultation and made appointments with them on successive days. Becca told Mike he should refer to him as her husband; otherwise the doctor’s office might be concerned about privacy laws. While he’d make all of the decisions she suggested that for the consults he should let her do most of the talking.

Mike accompanied Becca to the first doctor who escorted them into his private office for an initial conference. Becca explained her desire to have DDs or larger but called attention to her lactation which she thought might be an issue. The doctor responded that he’d never had a lactating woman ask about implants. Becca gave him a short explanation of how her breasts had increased dramatically in size as an unexpected side effect of a drug trial and that lactation had followed. She hadn’t been pregnant and didn’t have a child. She was embarrassed but explained that Mike and she enjoyed his sucking on her breasts and hence the milk had continued after the drug trial ended. Her breasts had decreased in size a little but were still significantly larger than her original B cups. She added that she assumed she couldn’t have the augmentation done while she was lactating but wanted to get her research done now so there wouldn’t be a delay when the time Escort came.

With that explanation the doctor nodded to indicate his understanding. Becca produced what she jokingly referred to as ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. She had two photos from several years before showing her B cup breasts in a bikini at the beach. The ‘after’ shots were nude shots that Mike had taken when her breasts were at their largest during the drug trial and filled with milk. She explained that she’d enjoyed looking the way she did in the ‘after’ pictures; they represented her goal. Conversely, after having those breasts she couldn’t imagine going back to the body in the ‘before’ photos. She noted her concerns about maintaining a ‘natural feel’ for Mike and wondered if there was a risk of losing sensitivity in her nipples.

The doctor noted the obvious: lactation distends the breasts. He said he wouldn’t be able to assess which implants might be best for her until she stopped lactating. He observed that he used a computerized modeling program that could show her body as it might look with several alternative implants but even this would be better left until after the breasts had returned to their natural size and shape. They had a brief discussion of which brand of implants he used and whether he favored saline or silicone. The doctor’s description of silicone as generally believed to give a more natural feel was consistent with the couple’s prior research. He said losing sensitivity was very rare. Becca thanked the doctor and they left without her even taking off her blouse.

On the drive home Becca expressed her disappointment at what she viewed as their lack of progress. They hadn’t learned anything more than they already knew or expected. Mike agreed but reminded Becca that she looked great. “It’s not as if you need anything done right now,” he said. “Everything is fine as it is.”

They went to the scheduled consult with the second doctor the next day. Becca decided she’d be more assertive than she’d been with the first doctor. She immediately explained her unusual lactation and her desire to have her breasts augmented without delay when she stopped lactating. She spread her ‘before and after’ photos out for the doctor noting that her waist was now smaller so that her breasts might not need to be quite as large as those in the ‘after’ photo. She said, “I thought you could examine me and give me some preliminary advice.”

The doctor studied the pictures and said, “You were at least an “E” when those pictures were taken. Let’s go into the exam room and let me see how you look now. The size of your overall upper body has a lot to do with how your breasts are carried and how they look.

In a few minutes Becca was in the exam room wearing only a paper gown with the opening in the front. The doctor rejoined the couple and had Becca stand on a small platform surrounded by lights. He instructed her to hold the gown open while he examined her breasts. He then asked her to remove the gown and he moved slowly around her. He asked when she’d last emptied her breasts and Becca was pleased to say it had been only a half hour before the appointment.

The doctor handled Becca’s breasts gently- lifting them and pressing on them in various spots with two extended fingers. He was totally professional but Becca felt her pussy moistening. It was hot to have a stranger studying your tits so intimately- especially since he was thinking how he could make them look even better than they already were.

The doctor said, “Obviously I can get a sense of your breast shape since you’re not carrying too much milk but your glands are still swollen and active. You appear to have very well shaped breasts. I can certainly work with them for what you want. It’ll take at least a month after you stop lactating for your breasts to return to their stable size and shape. You shouldn’t assume they’ll return to their previous “B” cup size. They’ll probably be a little larger and a bit more pendulous. Your areolas will be darker and your nipples more prominent. We really can’t predict these things. You have a very small waist and a slim build. Breasts of the DD size will look extremely large. When you’re done lactating we’ll do some computer modeling so you can confirm what size you want to be. I know some people think bigger is always better but there is the potential for future back pain from carrying so much weight. I’m told that buying clothes can also be a life- long challenge. Ready to wear clothes aren’t cut to fit true hour glass bodies. Those are all issues that only you can assess.”

Becca mentioned Mike’s and her concern about how natural implants would feel and which kinds might be the most natural. She outlined the field test she was planning and said “Could you give me a list of the typical implant variables I might want to screen for so I assemble a group of women that represent all or most of the key variables. “

The doctor smiled and said, “I guess ‘feel’ is especially important to you and Mike. It doesn’t help with that but I assume you’ve seen the websites that show lots of before and after pictures. They list the implant styles and surgical placements. They should give you some idea of the visual differences.” Becca said they’d seen those sites.

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