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The late evening air is warm and still now, so I leave the balcony doors open as I draw the heavy curtains closed. I turn towards the low couch on which you and she are both waiting, and note with pleasure that, although the room is somewhat darkened, there is light enough to easily make out the nervous excitement in both your eyes. I think that even if it was too dark to see this so clearly, I would still be able to taste the desire that is building in the room, as if the air pressure in this small chamber has condensed and sharpened the desire we feel.

Reaching the couch, I pause, my heart beginning to race as my eyes take in the sight before me. She and you are kneeling, upright, slightly facing each other, slightly facing towards me. My robe, which has already parted, falls around my feet as I pull it from my body, standing naked in front of you both. Not one of us as touched another yet. I allow myself a moment to savour what I see before me: two women, beautifully full of life and strength; mature, but not yet in their middle-aged years. You, plump and full, your generous curves still attractive even after many years of tempting me – you kneel, topless on the bed, your fat, heavy breasts spilling low over your chest, round and thick-nippled, tits to suckle on for delicious minutes on end.

My eyes continue moving down your body, over a soft, warm tummy, with the hint of a delicious roll starting to develop. Beneath, you wear simple black panties, and your ass and slightly parted thighs are as thick and warm as they are white and creamy. I catch your eye, and your tongue flicks quickly out across your lips in brief nervousness, as you nod slightly and give a small smile, which I return.

I look then at her, kneeling in a similar way across from you, almost, but not quite, close enough to touch. A little younger, her body is also more slight: she is trim, but the curve of her hips, the roundness of her thighs and ass, and the size of her breasts – almost as full and wide as yours – mean that she would never be described as slender, nor would she welcome that label. Her body is strong, but generous where it needs to be, and where the light falls on her skin you can see that it is shockingly pale, and kissed by a thousand tiny freckles, which grow denser and crowd together as they climb her bare arms, sweeping over her collarbone and across her shoulders, where her rich, red hair rests.

She wears nothing except the same simple, black panties as you, and she watches as you gaze at her, then, catching your eye and grinning, slides her hands slowly up over her body, cupping her sumptuous tits in her hands, and allowing her fingers to tweak and pull her delicate pink nipples upwards. she releases them after a delicious moment, and they bounce back together, making a heavy slapping noise as they strike together and across the skin of her chest. This is the first time either you or I have seen her naked, have ever shared any intimacy with her, but the invitation is clear, and I move on to the bed, smiling.

Kneeling in front of you both, I run one hand up your leg and hers simultaneously, exploring the way your bodies feel in some way the same and different; I pause as my hands push inside the back of the silky panties you both wear, to cup a plump ass-cheek, yours thick, broad, and firm where hers is softer, and with a more gentle curve. My hands continue up and around, stroking gently and steadily across the swell of your bellies until I make my way to the generous, round breasts above. I let out a low, soft moan as each of my hands grasp and lift one of her tits and yours, and I instinctively lean forward as your thick breast flops forward, sliding my tongue over and around the swiftly thickening nipple. As I suck, I hear your breath quicken; at the same time, the warmth against the skin on the other side of my body tells me that she has moved closer, drawn near us by my fingers pulling and coaxing gently on the softness of her breast and nipple. I let your fat antalya escort tit slip wetly from my mouth, replacing it with my fingers as my head turns to her, and I quickly find another utterly creamy breast for my lips, mouth, and tongue to feast on and love.

Moments passes, moments where my world consists of nothing other than the heavy and richly-fat breasts that I explore with mouth and hands as I alternate between you and her. A moment. and then another, and then, with my mouth pulling more intently now on her nipple, I open my eyes to sneak a glimpse down along her gently curving body, and to my deep delight I see that what had been an obvious and familiar bulge at the front of her panties has grown and swollen further as we played, and the shiny head of her cock has now forced its way past the elastic hem.

Not yet fully hard and erect, my heart pounds as I gaze at its length and solid thickness; my mind spins as I drink in the beauty of this magnificent woman, with as perfect a cock as ever I saw, protruding from the thick copper coloured hair covering her yet to be revealed pussy. Sucking even harder on her nipple now, I turn my head away slightly to see you, and with joy discover that your own hands have been busy even as you watched: with one thumb holding down the waistband of your panties, you have carefully pulled your own cock out from where it has thickened and stiffened in its silk prison, and your other hand is now gently moving in a familiar rhythm, softly sliding up and down the shaft.

Releasing her nipple from my mouth I straighten, and turn my head from you to her, and back again, my eyes again appraising and noting the detail and differences between you and her, Her cock is the length of my own, but thicker, easily half again as wide around the base of the shaft; yours is shorter than both mine and hers, but immensely thick where it emerges from your short, dark pubic hair: I know from vivid memory that when fully swollen and engorged I cannot enclose its base with the fingers of one hand alone, and have often sent you over the edge by running my two hands in tandem up and down its length.

A wordless decision is swiftly made, and you and she quickly shift your bodies, removing the panties which have proven less than effective at concealing your desire. As you lift your legs, and reach and stoop to discard the simple pieces of clothing, I am mesmerised by the lewd sight of your voluptuous bodies before me: heavy breasts spilling and swinging; plump rolls and creases appearing and shifting as your bodies twist; and massive, firm cocks pointing away and upwards from what I can now glimpse are slickly wet pussies at the join of your warm round thighs. Mirroring you now, her hand seeks out her cock, squeezing the head between a circled thumb and forefinger before beginning a long, slow tugging movement.

I reach out towards her, fingers snaking between her thighs, running my crooked forefinger along the outer lips of her pussy, to collect a slick pool of her wetness which I bring quickly to my mouth, savouring its rich taste and fragrance. I reach out with my other hand towards you, fingers again moving swiftly been fat thighs: while your hand slides its way over and around the massive girth of your cock, below, my thumb gently circles against your thick clitoris, while my fingers slip easily inside the spread lips of your pussy. I reach again to her, the movements of my hand between her thighs an echo of how I pleasure you.

Watching your face closely, I see your eyes close as your head lifts backwards: arching your back slightly, your fabulous tits jiggle and slap against your plump belly as my fingers keeps pace with your hand as it quickens its stroke. I watch, then slide my fingers out of your pussy, and placing my hand around your hips, gently push you forward, narrowing the gap between her body and yours. You open your eyes to watch again, your strokes slowing slightly; I hear you gasp a little as my wet fingers slip from her antalya rus escort pussy, and my hand slips down to her ass, again pushing her body forwards. I watch the distance between you narrow, until with a sudden duet of delicious moans, your cock and hers are each sliding against the other. My fingers, still dripping and sticky from the flow of juice from your bodies, now grasp the heads of your cocks: tugging gently on yours, sliding it over and back, up and down the length of hers, rubbing them together between fingers and palms while your hands reach out and grasp the soft roundness of her ass, and she leans forward to suck your nipples slowly, one after another.

Still working both your cocks, I watch as you slowly run your hands up her naked, pale body, two hands lifting and squeezing her breasts together, creating endless inches of warm, soft cleavage. Your hands continue upwards, and come to rest lightly on her neck as you pull her mouth away from your heavy tit and you kiss her deeply on the mouth. The kiss continues, and grows more forceful and passionate as my hands quicken their pace on her cock and yours. They are almost fully erect now, yours massively heavy in my hand, hers firm, long, and beautiful.

Abruptly, I stop the movement of my hands: she breaks her mouth from yours, and looks at me quizzically – I grin, and, removing my hands, I gently push you back down on the pillows of the couch, until you are lying on your side. In this position, the generous curve of your hip swells further; your fat breasts, still wet from my mouth and hers, tumble down and rest on the fabric of the couch; your belly compresses, and hangs free in soft rolls. Slowly, I push one of your knees away from me, seeing in delight the heavy dampness of your pussy, and your impossible cock thrusting clear above your swollen clit – your tits rest so low over your chest that, with a little persuasion, you can pull a nipple between your fingers, and rub it against the head of your cock, which I pause to watch you do now. Showoff, I think, as I see that she is watching this also, entranced.

She gazes at the sight, then eagerly leans down until her lips are just barely grazing the tip of your cock. Her tongue flicks out, now sliding over the head of your cock, now pirouetting around and over the thick nipple you still squeeze and pull on. Growing eager now, she quickly settles her body on the couch beside you, her head resting against an ample thigh, wraps her two hands around your swollen dick and begins slowly pumping your cock over her over her soft tongue and allowing the thick head push into her open mouth.

You groan, long and slow, and even though I am reluctant to pull my attention away from the sight before my eyes, I know that you will not need a second invitation to enjoy what is being presented to you. I move to the other side of the couch, my gaze running along her delicious skin, to where her soft tummy leads down to the flare of her hips – and sure enough, you have echoed her movement, your hands spreading her thighs wide apart as she rhythmically rolls her gorgeous ass and fucks your wet mouth with long, deep strokes. Plumply spread across the couch, your thick tits rest across the warm folds of her belly, as inch after inch of her beautiful dick disappear between your lips.

I lie on the couch, and position my body so that my face is close to yours, but on the other side of her body: From this angle, I can fully enjoy the view of her sex: wide-open, dripping, I run my fingers gently from the base of her stiff cock, over her delicate clit, parting the dripping, wet lips even further, and tracing the rich red curls of her pubic hair all the way down to her asshole. Her hips have continued their slow rhythm, sliding more and more of her cock inside your mouth with each stroke; but as my fingers continue to explore, first pushing into her tight pussy, before slipping out and pushing into her even tighter ass, her rhythm starts antalya ucuz escort to change, growing steadily faster as she allows the pleasure take over. Her quickened pace transfers to you, and you and she moan together as your enormous cock tries to bury itself in her mouth.

I watch as she shifts her weight, and pushing herself up on one arm – while not for one moment allowing her cock to slip from your hungry mouth – she positions herself on all fours above you. Your head willingly follows her movement, and you twist your body until you are lying flat on your back, your head tilted back, pretty little chin pointed high: from this new vantage point, her strong hips drive her massive cock with greater force, and she thrusts down without restraint, the head and shaft throbbing as your mouth, tongue, and lips suck and swallow her down.

Watching you, and marvelling, I can see the pleasure you are taking from this: your hands are in constant motion – now squeezing, cupping, and pinching at your heavy breasts as they spill from your chest and down into the hollow of your armpit; now running up her thighs, meeting in the middle as you slide your two thumbs into her pussy and two fingers into her ass. I glance down your body, and cannot stop myself crying out in excitement – the intense pleasure has spread throughout your body, and your cock has swollen to its full size – I’d swear bigger than I have ever seen it before. It is so thickly massive, that, despite her best efforts, she cannot get more than a few centimetres of the tip into her mouth, and laughing in amazement and anticipation, she quickly abandons this course.

I move once more on the couch, positioning myself so that I am now part kneeling on the floor between your knees, bowing down before your immense, upright dick. I put my hands under your knees and push them up and apart, entirely exposing the chubby folds of your pussy, its thick pubic hair slicked down by the floods of juice flowing from you. She leans her body forward, and rests her arms on your widespread thighs: her hands now being free, she squeezes her soft tits together, creating a tunnel into which your great cock swiftly disappears, the fat head standing proud above her cleavage.

Inclining her head, she allows the tip of your cock slide over the flat of her tongue – meanwhile, not wanting to leave an open invitation standing, I gently, and slowly, start licking your pussy. Spread this wide, the pussy mouth is slightly open, and I can see the second opening just beyond – with tiny movements I watch it open and close, tightening and loosening in matched rhythm with the cock that is fucking your mouth – I see this and know that you will soon arrive at the peak of your pleasure. Concentrating my kisses on your clit, I quickly slide first one, and then another finger into your willing ass, and pump them in and out. I lift my eyes, and watch her: her hands pinch and pull on her nipples, as your fingers slide into her ass; her soft, pillowy tits slide up and down the length of your cock, as your mouth fills with her pounding dick; and her delicious mouth hovers over your madly straining cock, and I am overwhelmed by an urge to kiss her.

Not breaking the rhythm of my fingers as they fill your ass, I kneel upright: my free hand rests at the base of your dick, thumb describing a tight circle on your clit as I find the beat of your pleasure – my mouth finds hers, and our tongues swirl together, over, around, and together again as your cock pushes incessantly against our lips, until, with a straining, bursting heave you explode into our willing mouths… The thick, hot streams fill my mouth and hers, as my awareness notices the fierce tightening as the muscles of your ass spasm and clutch at my fingers buried deep in you, and I hear a cry of wonder work its way from deep inside your throat, partially dulled by her thick, slippery cock which has, I hope, just temporarily paused. I kiss her again, and your cum leaks from our mouths, dripping hotly onto her cleavage – her tits are already sticky from the wave after wave of cum which erupted from you but missed our lips. I lean forward and cup her beautiful breasts, lifting them to my mouth to lick the last of your cum from her gleaming white skin.

Well, I think; now who’s turn is it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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