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Chapter 4

by craigp@protonmail


Author’s Notes:

Thanks to all of you who took time to respond to the first three chapters.   Please accept my apologies for not cranking these out faster.  I know it is frustrating to find a decent story and then have to wait days or weeks for it to continue. (I have another story I am working on that is quite long and I’ve held off publishing it so far for that very reason.)

FYI – I have replaced the original Chapter 3.  I have added a bit more detail and made the encounter between Max and Craig at the restaurant bathroom a little more subtle.  I felt they were both a little too forward to be realistic.   You may or may not want to reread it if you had read that previously.  The gist of what happened did not change.

This is the fictional account of a relationship that develops between a man and a teenage boy.  It might involve some sex at some point, so if that sort of thing offends you, then be gone.

If you like my writing, links to my other stories on are at the end of the chapter.

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Chapter 4

Three weeks had passed since Max and I stole glances at each other at the restaurant urinals.   Nobody had called to accuse me of being a pervert and I still took Max to gymnastics practice on Thursdays, so I assume Max had stuck to his word that he wasn’t going to tell anyone about the incident.  I had all but convinced myself that I was letting my paranoia run wild and that I was overplaying the importance of the whole thing.   Neither of us had said a thing about it after that night and I assumed Max had likely forgotten all about it.

The vision of his delectable cock was still burned into my brain of course.   And I’d squeezed out few loads thinking about wrapping my mouth around that beautiful rod.  In my mind I could taste how sweaty and salty it would be after a gymnastics practice.  Hmmm.   In my imagination he would ejaculate with a force commensurate to how hard his urine had splattered against the urinal.  I could just envision watery boy cum spraying across his chest as he jerked off.  This of course was all just fantasy – I had no intentions of ever doing such things with Max.   But, a guy can dream, right?

We did see a movie that weekend after our first dinner, which was great fun.   Let me tell you, there are advantages to taking a dedicated athlete to the movies.   It was the first time in a while that nobody wanted me to buy them $15 worth of junk food from the concession stand.   It was the cheapest trip to the movies I’d had in a long time!

When we were together, we talked about lots of different things but we never got into anything very personal.   We talked about the NFL play-offs (we were both disgusted that the Patriots were going to the super bowl again, and were even more disgusted when they won…. again).   Max told me more about school –  about some of his friends there and about some of his teachers.   But mostly we joked around with each and laughed a lot and just enjoyed each other’s company.  While we were enjoying our time together, I didn’t particularly feel us growing closer.   Our conversations lacked the depth of our very first one back on New Year’s and that disappointed me to some degree.

Over a month had passed since our neighbor’s party.  Max and I had been alone together multiple times and the subject of his sexuality had not come up again, which was perfectly ok of course.   By not bringing it up, Max is hopefully getting a subtle message that the fact that he likes boys is not relevant to our friendship – just like it wouldn’t be if he happened to liked girls instead.   That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t LIKE to talk to Max more about his desires and sexuality, and especially any experiences of course.   But there was something to be said for not dwelling on it either.   Still, if an opportunity presented itself, I knew I would love to steer the conversation to those more intriguing subjects.


Finally, a month into my shuttling him to practice, the floodgates would open and we’d finally have another deep conversation…. and boy was it a doozy!  My young friend is full of interesting secrets.   When I picked him up from practice that week, he asked if we could go to the same restaurant that we did on that first night – the ones with side-by-side urinals in the men’s room with no dividers.  I always let him choose the restaurant, so of course I agreed.

It had been a long day at work, so I gave into temptation and ordered the pulled pork nachos with a very large beer this time while he had the same steak and vegetables as last time.   He did sneak more than a few nachos before reluctantly cutting himself off.   Dinner, for the sake of this story was forgettable.   Everything that happened after dinner was not.

Having downed a large beer I naturally needed to piss before we left.   And no, I didn’t order the large beer just so that I would have to use the restroom and maybe get to see Max’s dick again.  (Or maybe subconsciously I planned just that?)  As it turned out, Max said he had to go also.   Oh boy, here we go again I thought as I followed him to the bathroom, just a few steps behind.  I couldn’t help but to wonder if he was trying to show off his dick to me, or perhaps try to look at mine again.   I quickly told myself not to be an idiot – the boy probably just has to pee!

As I pushed the door to the restroom open, Max was stepping up to the urinal on the right – the same one he had used before.  It was then I made a bold decision.  I walked right past Max and the empty urinal into the open stall and closed the door.   As I started pissing, a scene from movie Animal House popped into my mind.  You remember the one where Pinto is alone with a girl and he can’t decide whether to mess around with her?   An angel appears on his shoulder and chastises him for wanting to do something with an innocent girl.  Then a devil appears on his other shoulder and is like “Fuck her! Fuck her brains out!”   In my case, my angel side was congratulating me on not giving into temptation to ogle Max’s cock again.  My inner devil was asking why I was blowing a chance to look at a hot boy’s dick.  The thought of the scene made me laugh to myself.

“I’ll wait outside,” Max yelled over the stall wall as I was shaking the last drops of urine from my dick.   Now I am a firm believer in karma.   If you do the right thing, I totally think it comes back to you.   In this case, passing on the chance to ogle at Max’s cock ended up rewarding me with a fantastic conversation.


It was a bitter cold February night in Minnesota, so Max was waiting on a bench just inside the door.   “Let’s go,” I said as approached him.   I could tell he had just sat down and gotten his phone out.

“Wow, that was fast,” he said as he put his phone away and stood.

“Huh?” I asked.  “Was I supposed to take a long time washing my hands or something?” I asked as I held the outside door open for him.

“No, I just thought you were taking a dump.  Since you used the stall.”

“Nope, just number one,” I replied.

We walked towards my car in a brief silence before Max asked, “You didn’t just use the stall because you were afraid I’d look at your dick again did you?”

His bluntness caught me off guard.   Clearly the incident from our first night wasn’t forgotten as I had surmised.   Like many people, I have a tendency to use humor to deflect when I get into situations where I don’t know what to say.  “Yes, Max, exactly.   I was afraid if you saw my penis you’d maybe grow up never feeling like a real man.”

“Huh,” he said as he walked around my car to the passenger door.  My attempt at humor had gone over escort his head.

“Never mind,” I said shaking my head as I opened my door.  “I was just trying to make a joke.  A dumb one.”

I pushed the button to start the car.  “Oooo-kay.  Sooo explain the joke Craig,” Max demanded.

I breathed a heavy sigh.  “Ok, well, it was really kind of inappropriate to be honest, so first, I am sorry.  I shouldn’t have said that.   I tend to talk to and treat kids like adults and sometimes I forget to filter things, like jokes”

“I know you do.  I like that you don’t talk down to me like a dumb kid, Craig.  So explain the joke.”

“Ok,” I said, releasing another sigh.   It was weird that I was anxious when I longed to talk about these kinds of things, but I was.  “Well you know how guys always brag and joke about how big their dicks are?  I mean maybe guys your age don’t… yet, but – “

“Shiiittt!   Uh, trust me, they do.  Locker room talk and all.  Go on.”

“Well, I was just making a joke that if you looked at mine too much, you might never feel like a man because yours couldn’t possibly ever get as big as mine.  It was basically one of those my dick is so big brags.  Understand.”

He let out a muted chuckle before turning serious.  “Yeah, I get it now.  Only the real jokes on you,” he said with a slight giggle.  “Cause the funny thing is your dick isn’t even that big.” 

“Hey!” I responded sharply looking at him.

 “Well, it isn’t.  Well I don’t think it was anyway.  Sorry,” he said before bursting into a fit of laughter.  

It was then I realize the clever little shit had thrown my joke right back at me, though there did seem to be an assessment of my endowment that seemed quite sincerre.   “Ok.  Zing!  You got me there.  I guess were even.   What makes you such an expert on the topic anyway?   Have you been looking at porn or something Max?”  I inquired.   I truly suspected he had been looking at porn, which as everyone knows leaves one with an exaggerated sense of ‘average’.

“No!  I swear! I haven’t.   I mean I tried to once but my mom has one of those blocker things on our wi-fi.   I’ve seen porn one time for like two minutes at a friend’s house and that’s all.   I swear! We had to close it because he mom was coming.”   I immediately wondered if that was at my neighbor Noah’s house perhaps.

We still hadn’t moved from the parking lot at the restaurant.  “Ok, well that’s good actually.  Looking at porn can give you lots of misconceptions about sex.  So then how come you’re such an apparent expert on what’s big and what isn’t?”   Who was he comparing my cock to?  Had he perhaps seen his dad naked?  (By the way for the record, my cock is a very average 6”.  And I’m probably rounding up a little.)

Max was silent for several seconds. When he spoke again it was with much less confidence.  “If I tell you something …um…you promise you won’t tell anyone. I mean my mom would KILL me if she knew I told you about this.”

My mind quickly ran through some possibilities.  If he had truly seen lots of adult men naked, does his mom perhaps have a stash of playgirls that he might not consider porn?  Had Max been abused by men?  Multiple men?  Oh crap! Perhaps there were connections to his dad’s digressions?  That all seemed quite far-fetched, but I had to admit my imagination went crazy with the possibilities.  I was almost afraid to hear what he was going to tell me.   “Max,” I said, placing my hand on his knee.  “Yes, I promise.  I think you know you can trust me, right?”

“Well,” he said, pausing – still speaking softly as if he were slightly embarrassed. “Have you ever been to a nude beach?”  Whew.  So that’s it?  I was relieved the explanation was much more innocent than the scenarios I had begun to conjure up.

“Well, no, I can’t say that I have.”   But damn I had thought about it.  It was on my bucket list.

“Well, I have,” he said, looking up to me.  You could tell he was afraid of what my reaction would be.

I didn’t react outwardly.  “I see,” I answered solemnly.  “And so you saw your share of naked dudes there?”  

He nodded.  “Tons.”

“Well, that certainly explains a few things.  Were you you know, naked there too?”

“Yeah of course, everyone is.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed sinking back into my seat.  I was jealous of all the people who got to see my friend in his birthday suit.   “Where was this at?”  I was truly curious.

“St. Martin,” he answered.  “Like three summers, when I was almost 11.   We did a cruise and stopped there and my dad took us to this beach.   My dad heard there was a clothing optional section of the beach and we walked down there.   We ended up swimming in the water naked and stuff and then met some people and talked to them.   They told us about the resort right there on the beach and then the next summer we just went to St. Martin and stayed there for a week and a half.  It’s called Club Orient.”

“Wait,” I interrupted.  “So kids are allowed there? On the nude beach? And at this resort?”

“Uh huh.  There’s actually quite a few kids at the resort.  But most of them were from places in Europe though, like France or Germany.  Not many Americans.”

“Dang.  I had no idea anything like that existed.”  (That was a bit of a white lie of course – I’d heard of some places like that, but in France and Croatia, not so close to the US.)  “Were you …like…ok with all that? I mean wasn’t it weird?”

“It was at first.  But you get used to it really fast and then I dunno, I kind of liked it actually.   I made a few friends there that were really cool. Here I’ll show you,” he said as he unlocked his phone and opened Instagram.  “We were supposed to go back last summer but the whole place got wiped out by a hurricane,” he said as he navigated through Instagram.

“Here,” he said, showing me a picture on his phone.  “This is me and Benjamin.  He’s French and he’s really cool.”  The picture was of a younger Max standing beside a boy the same age with dark curly hair.   They had their arms around each other and their faces and torsos were done up with body paint in multiple colors.  Both boys had huge smiles on their faces.   The photo was cut off at the waist of both boys, but it went just low enough you could tell they had nothing on.   “We won a contest for best body art.   We painted each other like that.  Do you like it?” 

I wasn’t sure what to say to him.   I immediately had a mountain of questions racing through my mind.  The first conclusion that I jumped to was that perhaps his dad took them there so he could perv on naked little girls.  

“Yeah it’s cool.  Really cool.  Damn Max,” I continued, “I suddenly have like a kazillion questions I want to ask you about this, but I’m kind of afraid I’ll embarrass you,” I told him.

“Go ahead and ask.   I don’t mind really.”

“Ok,” I said.  I started with innocent question.   “What kind of things do they do at the resort?  Is it like the normal things we do at resorts in Mexico – play volleyball, swim in the pools, build sand castles, swim in the ocean?  I mean there’s not like naughty things going on all over the beach right?”

“You mean like sex stuff?  In front of everyone?  Nah, that stuff isn’t allowed.  It’s not like that at all.  We just play in the ocean and pool and play volley ball and soccer on the beach.   Normal stuff.  Just that most everyone’s naked.”

“So, did you ever get sunburned in interesting places?” I asked, grinning.

“Just once and I never forgot sunscreen again.”

“For real? You really did?”

“Yes!  I had to sleep on my back that night.” 

“Interesting.  OK, next question.   Did people wear clothes to go eat or were the restaurants naked too?”

“Naked mostly, unless it was a cold night.   You just have to bring your towel to sit gebze escort on at the restaurant.”

I was shaking my head, shocked at so many things.   I would love this place!   And Max had gotten to go there and now was talking about it so non-chalantly.  “So…um… did you find yourself checking out people when you’d meet them?  I mean, you know, checking out their bodies?”

“Sorta.  I mean a lot of the people were old and blech so you didn’t really want to look too closely.”

“Gee thanks.  I’m kinda old too you know.”

“No you’re not!  I mean they were really old.  And wrinkly!   They were fatter mostly too, not in shape like you.  But it’s hard to explain.   You’d meet someone and yeah, you’d just look real quick and be like ‘oh, that man’s dick is tiny’ or ‘ oh, he shaves all his pubes off’ or ‘she shaves hers into a design’ or ‘wow, her tits are huge’, but then you’d just forget about it after that.    When we stayed at the resort,” he went on, glancing over to me with his voice trailing off, “that’s when I first knew I was …you know… liked boys.”

I loved that he was sharing something personal with me again.  I probed.  “So you found that you looked at the boys and men more than women or girls you mean?”

“Exactly.   Boy’s were just always more interesting,” he said with a shrug.  “There’s nothing to look at on a girl.   Boy’s parts are all different sizes and some have skin still, some don’t, some guys balls hang way down, some don’t.  I can’t explain it.  It’s just more interesting. I was always curious about boys but didn’t really care about girls so much.”   Damn I thought.  I couldn’t have explained my own curiosity with the male anatomy any better.   He paused for a moment and then looked over at me.  “Do you think I’m weird?”

“No, Max I don’t.  I have a confession.  Well two confessions actually.”

“Yeah?” he said, sitting up with sudden interest.

“Yeah.  Well, first – I’ve never been to a nude beach but it’s something I want to do sometime.  I’m all about traveling and experiencing new things and that is one thing that has intrigued me.  I just didn’t know there was someplace like that except in Europe, and I didn’t know it was a place where people took their kids.   But if I ever went to one, I’d want it to be someplace like that, not some place full of swingers.  Wait, you know what a swinger is right?”

“Yesssss!,” he answered with an eye roll.  “You should really go to one sometime then.”

“Well, that’s going to be tough.  I don’t know who would go with me.  No way in hell my wife would ever do that and I think I’d be freaked out to go with either of my kids.”

“I’d go with you,” Max said, smiling at me. 

“Yeah, well, thanks, but I don’t think your mom would approve.  And besides, you said the place was destroyed anyway, right?

“Yeah, but you don’t even have to go there.  There’s a naturist group here in town that has gatherings.   They do a private swim one night a month at this health club.  I went a couple times with my dad but it was boring.  The pool was small and there weren’t any kids to play with or anything.”

“So your mom was ok with all this?   It seems like it was kind of all your dad’s idea.”

“Yeah sorta anyway.  I don’t think she really ever liked as much as my dad.   And then, well after everything with my dad happened, you know last summer, she was mad about having done it because now she thinks he was just doing it to look at little girls.  So we don’t do any of that stuff anymore.  Mostly.”


He looked at me sheepishly.  “Well, I still sleep naked most of the time. I got used to it.   And sometimes when I’m home alone I hang out naked and play x-box.  Or I’ll lock my door and just hang out naked in my room.  I got used to not having clothes on and sometimes it’s just, I dunno, nice.”

I looked down at the clock and realized we’d been sitting in the parking lot talking for over 15 minutes with the car running.   I knew I needed to be getting Max home, so I started to back out.  As I put the car in drive, Max asked, “You really think I’m strange now, huh?”

“Not at all Max.  I don’t find anything you’ve told me to be strange at all.”

“You don’t?”

“Not really.  This might be a case of TMI Max, but I don’t even own pajamas and I sleep naked sometimes too.   LOTS of people do.   Do you know my oldest daughter, Rachel?  She sleeps naked every night and has since high school.  She says she can’t stand having anything on in bed.   I mostly do it in the summer when it’s hot.  There’s just something nice about slipping into bed between nice cool sheets on a hot day.”

Max looked at me with a surprised look of mutual understanding.  “Yes!  Exactly!”

We drove down the highway in silence for a few minutes, listening to a song on the radio.  Then Max asked, “What was your other thing?”

“My other thing?”

“Yeah, you said you had two confessions earlier.  And then you said you wouldn’t mind going to a nude beach.  What was the other one?”

I had to stop and think for a minute before realizing what my other one was.  “Well, Max,” I said breathing in deep.   “I think when you were talking about always checking people out, I was just going to admit that I used to do that too, especially when I was your age.”  

“You did?” he replied, seemingly surprised.

“Max, now it’s my turn to tell you something.   And you have to promise not to laugh at me, ok?”

“Sure,” he said staring.  I could tell he was excited that the tables were turning and it was me revealing something to him for a change.

“Well, when I was your age, I was a late bloomer.  You know what I mean by that, right?”

“You mean you didn’t start puberty very fast?”

“Right.   And back then, in gym class we had to wear jock straps and take showers after class sometimes, so there was no way to get around people seeing you butt naked.   Well, I know this sounds stupid since you can’t do anything about it, but it was super embarrassing to be like one of the last kids to sprout pubes.  I was almost to the end of 8th grade before I got any.   And by then there were guys with full beards and what seemed to me at the time, massive schlongs.”

 “Schlongs,” he repeated with a giggle.

“So I guess what I was getting at is that I was constantly comparing myself to them and being embarrassed.  I was curious what I might look like – eventually- and I was always hoping there were still other boys that were just as hairless and with little dicks like mine that hadn’t grown yet so I wouldn’t feel like the only hairless one in the locker room.  So I kind of developed a habit of checking out other boys in the locker room, just to compare sort of.”

“Ok, that doesn’t seem strange.”

“Right, I still do it some.  I honestly think all men do it, they just don’t admit it.   It became a curiosity thing, just to compare and see how you stack up.   In my college dorm I had some real eye opening experiences in the showers.”


“Well, for one I’d never ever seen an uncircumcised penis. You know with the skin on still?  Nobody my age in junior high was uncircumcised.”

“Nobody?  None?”

“Nope.  It was pretty much automatic back when I was born to snip the skin off before baby boys even left the hospital.”

“Most of the people at Club Orient had skin still,” commented Max.

“Well, I’m sure.  They don’t do that in Europe and it’s happening less here all the time.  And I am going to guess most people even from the US who are nudists would be the type to leave a boy in his…um… natural state.”

“That makes sense.   What else did you see in the showers at college?”

“Well, that was my first time seeing black guys naked.  I had a black roommate and four huge basketball players gölcük escort on my floor.   I had heard all the jokes in high school about how black guys were supposed to have huge ones and stuff, but I didn’t really think it was true, but oh my god!”

“That’s funny.   There were a few black men at Club Orient.  You’re right, they were all pretty big.”

“Max, while we’re talking about this, can I offer you some free advice?”

“Yeah,” he said questioningly.

“I get that you might want check out other boys at school and stuff, in the bathrooms or whatever.  But do me a favor, please be careful and not be so obvious.  I didn’t tell you before but I could tell you were looking at me a few weeks ago.  I really didn’t care, but some guys would freak out.   I don’t want you getting beat up or people knowing your little secret before you’re ready to share it.”

“Ok,” he said sheepishly.  “You really knew I looked.”

“Yeah, it’s fine though Max, really.  I told you I used to do it too.  And one more thing.”


“You might try to at least make it look like your trying to hide yourself when you are using a urinal.    You’ve apparently gotten used to being naked in front of people and you don’t get that some people might think you are weird for just letting it hang out in the open like you did with me.”

“So you did look then huh,” he said, turning to me with a grin.

“I wasn’t trying to.  I was talking back to you because you had said something, I don’t even remember what, and then it was just like damn, Max isn’t shy I guess.   I mean I guess it would be one way to see who might be into you, but in general I think most boys at school would think you’re strange.”

“Craig… I’m more careful at school, ok?  Don’t worry.”  What was he saying?  That he was trying to show off to me?  Or did he just not care?

“Ok, good,” I answered.

We had pulled off the highway by then and were only a few minutes away from Max’s house.   “Does it really matter how big it is?  You know, your dick?”  He must have been stuck back on my tales of the black guys from college.

“Ah, that’s a conversation we’ll have to save for another day,” I told him. “We’re almost to your house so I’ll give you the short answer.  No, I don’t think it really matters much – unless you’re super tiny or incredibly huge, anyway.   You’re not worrying about yours are you Max?  I really don’t think you have anything to worry about in that department.”  Having seen his dick, there was no way he should be fretting about the size of his dick.  You’d think he would have already figured that out for himself from his time at the nudist resort, but guys DO have a way of being unnecessarily self-conscious.

“I dunno.  Not really, I guess. I was just wondering.”  He paused.  “So you did look then,” he said grinning at me again.

“Not looked.  More like noticed.  And well, if you had something to worry about  I probably wouldn’t have noticed now would I?  OK? So don’t even be worrying about that.  You’ve got plenty of other things to worry about that are truly important.”  I was turning down his street at this point.  “The first being getting your homework finished and getting to bed so your mom isn’t pissed at me for getting you home so late tonight.”

“I will Craig, promise.   Thanks.  I liked this talk.   A lot.”

“Me too buddy.”

As he was gathering his bag from the back seat, I said to him.  “Um, Max, this was kind of a personal conversation, right?  I mean I told you things I really haven’t told many other people.  Not that anything I told you was bad or anything, but, still, um…this conversation was just between us, right?”

He looked at me and rolled his eyes.  “Don’t be stupid.  I know.” He draped himself over me and gave me a half hug.  “Goodnight Craig, thanks.”   And out of the car he went.


I couldn’t wait to get home and get on my computer and look up this “Club Orient”.   I had said the name of the place in my head several times to make sure I didn’t forget it.   I also wanted to get another look at Max and his French friend, if I could find the Instagram post again.

My google search of Club Orient came up with a plethora of material.  There were trip advisor reviews of the nudist resort and of the related ‘orient beach’ – part of which, obviously, is ‘clothing optional’.   A lot of the recent articles had to do with the destruction of the resort from Hurricane Irma and the resorts subsequent failed attempt to rebuild.   It seems, sadly, that the resort is gone for good.   The beach still exists as a naturist destination, but the resort remains leveled with no plans to rebuild.

The resort might be finished, but their old website was still up.   It was interesting to peruse – they had a photo gallery showing naturists enjoying the beach, with nothing censored.  There were several pictures with full frontal nudity.   A few pics even had younger children, though mostly photographed from behind or with them sitting so as to be tasteful.   One of the odder pictures (to me anyway) showed a family sitting down to a nice dinner – table clothes, fine china and glassware…but still completely nude!  I was sad that the place was gone.  As I looked through the pictures I couldn’t help but to imagine a younger Max doing the many things featured in their photo gallery:  playing in the sand, biking, lounging by the pool, playing volleyball.  

Next, I went to Instragram to see if I could find the body paint picture of Max and Benjamin.  I remembered his screen name started with ‘Benj’, so it didn’t take long to find his name in the list of people that follow Max.   Benjamin’s profile only contained a few posts, so it was easy to find the picture I was looking for.   It was an even more amazing picture to look at on a nice desktop monitor.   As I studied it again, I cursed the fact that it didn’t go a few inches lower (though if it had, the picture would have been deleted).   I had to use my imagination to visualize their boy cocks, possibly painted as well, and as I did, I could feel my cock stiffen against the confinement of my jeans.   It had filled slightly looking over the Club Orient website, but now it was almost fully hard.

I nosed around through Benjamin’s profile long enough to find his mom’s Instagram, which was surprisingly public and contained a lot of pictures of Benjamin, his little sister, and his parents.  None were blatantly nude of course, but with the knowledge they were naturists, you could tell from the way they were shot that they were indeed naked just beyond the picture edges.  I thumbed through many of them.  Benjamin wasn’t a bad looking boy, but he was no Max.  The fact that he had a little sister didn’t surprise me at all.  It was probably part of the reason they managed to meet.

I eventually found my way back to Benjamin’s profile and the amazing picture of him and Max.   I hadn’t noticed the comments below the picture before.  Benjamin had commented “Hey Max, look at us!”    Max had responded: “Great times.  Miss you B!  Can’t wait til next summer.”    Benjamin’s response back had me blushing.  It read: “Miss you too.  je t’aime.”

Perhaps I was reading more into it than there was, but in my imagination it sure seemed that Max and Benjamin’s friendship might be a little more than just friends?  I knew the French throw out ‘Je t’aime’ rather haphazardly, but that combined with the picture of them with their arms around each other… it made me wonder.

It was just another thing to add to the list of many things I would like to ask Max.



Continued feedback and ideas appreciated ail).

Note: It might be several days before Chapter 5 is out, apologies in advance.   In the upcoming chapters were going to learn more about some of max’s friends.  Also, just to save you the wasted search, Club Orient (which was totally a real place), took their website down a few days ago.


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