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Big Tits

Fair warning: this story is very much a gay one 🙂 it’s also my first story, so please hold the destructive comments. Thanks!

This is the story of how, against all odds, a long-distance relationship between two boys who had never met actually worked out. My name is Max, and I’m from a shitty little town in even shittier Massachusetts. My lover is named Trenton (that’s a cute ass name, ain’t it?). Sadly for me, Trent lives all the way the fuck in Oklahoma! It drove me absolutely crazy! Trent and I met on a small social networking site… and I don’t know about him, but I fell for him right away! He has the sweetest personality of anyone I’ve ever met, in person or online or otherwise. His personality made me fall for him hard… and his body sure didn’t help me resist! In addition to being the nicest boy ever, he’s also the hottest! 5’9, 120lbs, silky smooooth skin… a perfect twink! He pretty much has a girl’s hair too, which I think is pretty awesome 
Now I guess I otta describe myself. I’m 5’11, 160lbs mostly muscle, and a bear haha which is good because Trent loves bears!
Very early on, we discovered that we are both bisexual… and proud! I was a virgin (at least until I met Trent face to face), but I found out that Trent had made himself into quite a little cock slut, which I thought was pretty awesome, not to mention pretty quirky, because a lot of the cock that he got was from his daddy and his big brother! Same thing with pussy; apart from being a major cock slut he also got all the pussy he wanted, mostly from his hot-as-hell sister! (maybe more on her later). Sort of against my gut instinct, I asked Trent to be my boyfriend… I was skeptical about whether the relationship would work, but hey, I loved him dearly. However, with my permission (we were, and still are, in an open relationship) he still continued to take other dicks and bone lots of pussy, and I spilled a shitload of sperm to his stories about his slutty adventures.
That summer, a year after we started izmit rus escort officially going out, I decided that I couldn’t last any longer without seeing my baby, face to face. By some act of providence, when I told my parents about Trent (leaving out some of the more lascivious details) they agreed to let me fly over and spend 10 days with my baby and his family! That was the absolute best moment of my life… well, for then anyway.
So I made the 9 hour or so two-stop flight to Tulsa International Airport. There, waiting for me at the gate in Tulsa, was Trent and his parents… don’t get me wrong, Trent’s pictures online were smoking hot, but in person, he was fucking unbelievable! He really was the hottest person I had ever seen! And before I knew it, he was in my arms and kissing me! “Ohh fuck Max, ohh I fucking love you so much!” He sounded surprisingly girly… I liked it 
On the way out of the airport we made out at least two dozen times and each of us cupped our fair share of feels. After getting my baggage Trent dragged me to the bathrooms. There, waiting for us, was one of those one-room handicapped bathrooms. Perfect.
We went in there, flipped the lights, and locked the door. Instantly I had my baby pinned to the wall and we kissed for what seemed like forever! Before I could even really comprehend what was happening, he had pried his shirt off and quickly tore mine off too! Then went my pants and my little slut’s mouth was engulfing my dick! I had only ever given a guy head before, never gotten it, and lemme tell ya, it’s unbelievable!
“mmmmmmm YEAH! Trent, you’re so good at this!” I managed to say despite my sheer ecstasy. It was about that time that one of those security guards that had nothing better to do started knocking on the door. Apparently I was moaning louder than I thought! We got away without getting picked up for PDA, fortunately, but it interrupted our lovemaking >.<
We managed to make our way through the airport without anyone trying izmit escort to act on homophobia and rush us, but Trent and I did get quite a few dirty looks, mostly because at all times he had either at least one hand on my ass, or his lips pressed to mine (he’s the best kisser in the world, by the way!). We got to Trent’s car, and he started kissing me! And he climbed on top of me, and would not stop kissing me until we were on the highway, 20 minutes later (not that im complaining!) 
By then, his shirt was off and he was pulling off mine, pressing our stomachs together! By then both of us had raging hard ons, and Trent pulled my pants off and started to finish what he started in the handicapped bathroom. He took my rod in his cute lil mouth of his and started bobbing up and down, suckin really really well.
“Ohh Max! How you like this?”
“Shit Trent, you’re the best! Keep going!”
He kept bobbing, deepthroating my dick and lightly massaging my balls.
That was when we discovered the absolute quickest way to get me off. He took just the head of my dick in his mouth, and swirled his tongue around it.
“OHH SHIT! Im gonna cum, Trent!”
Of course, then he stopped. “This load belongs in my lil boypussy!” He launched himself on me and kissed me for a looong time.
He actually kissed me so much I got bored 😛 I decided to be a man and REALLY make Trent my bitch! I manhandled him so that he was doggystyle on the car bench. Then I spread his cheeks and started to make out with his hole, and dayyum did it taste good!
“Ohhhh Max ohh yeah ohhhh fuck yeah…”
I stopped making out with his asshole and stuck my tongue all the way up it, and started to fuck him with it! He moaned even more when I did that and so, to make my sluts lil pussy happy, I added a finger, then another, then a third!
At this point he was squealing like a schoolgirl… he really REALLY liked things up his ass! But it was time to do the important thing… time to finally lose my virginity! Bout time kocaeli escort too… by now he was screaming “Ohh God Max, just FUCK ME!!!”
Ohh of course I did just that! Most bottoms like to have the dick that’s gona fuck em eased in… not Trent! The cockslut really likes it rough. So, of course I RAMMMED it in! I thought that getting a blowjob was good, but his tight ass was just unfuckingbelievable!
“Ohh yeah Max ohhh fuck yeah fuck your little bitches ass ohhh yeah ohh fuck fuck FUCK ME!”
Trent’s mom was driving, and his dad was looking back with a pretty satisfied look on his face  his parents liked me and knew that their little boy was a lil slut, so it was all good that we fucked right in front of them…. His dad enjoyed the show!
But anyway, I was hell bent on giving it to Trent just the way he likes it: HARD! I was ramming him mercilessly, my 7incher going all the way in and all the way out of his boipussy. He was pretty much screaming now, I was ramming his ass as hard as I could and moving his hips to meet my thrusts. By then, my inexperienced dick was getting pretty close!
“Ohhh Trent baby im gona shoot my load!”
After he said that, his little ass squeezed on my rod and milked me for my cum.
“Ohhhh fuck im shoottting Trent! Ohh fuck I love you Trent ohhh fuck yeah!”
I pulled out with a squish and when I came out, my cum was running like a fountain out of his boypussy. So I, still horny, sucked and slurped up all of my cum and snowballed with him, dumping my cum into his mouth so he could slurp it up! (we liked doing this so much that I nicknames my baby Snowball!!!) After this, i finished off Trent by giving him a quick blowjob, and I used the same tongue technique to get him off, and shit his cum tasted good!
The rest of the ride home was just us getting our clothes on and making out uncontrollably in the back… we must’ve spent a good two hours with our lips locked  when we got home, there was quite a sight to see… Trent’s 14 year old sister was sitting in the living room, totally naked, with her legs spread and her fingers up her snatch…

How’d you like it? Good reviews =sequel

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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