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Disclaimer all characters are over the age of 18 and entirely fictitious.

I closed down my computer, stood, stretched and after gathering my stuff headed for the door after another day at the coalface. The sun had long since set as I stepped out into the cold early evening air for the short walk home. Pulling my coat tight around me I strode purposefully along, woollen hat keeping my head warm against the winter’s chill.

Before I go any further, I best introduce myself. My name is Max, early 40’s, fair hair, blue eyes, athletic in build with a tattoo or 2. I work in the office of a small company selling, servicing and repairing photocopiers, not exactly exciting, but it pays the bills. Having been made redundant from my last job, I had a decent pay off so the office job just keeps me ticking over having bought a house with my lump sum.

I live on a small housing estate in a lovely market town on the edge of the Cotswolds, having moved here following the breakdown of my marriage shortly after my redundancy. There was no one to blame for the breakdown of my marriage, we just grew apart and amicably split after almost 10 years.

Since the split just over 18 months ago, my love life had been non existent, if I’m honest I wasn’t too fussed with the opposite sex as it stood. I have my urges, as we all do, but the hassle of a relationship wasn’t something I could be bothered with at present.

A couple of the ladies in the office where I work were easy on the eye, but both are married and off limits, last thing I want is an angry husband knocking only door for an indiscretion with one of them. So my love life was quiet to say the least, little did I know that within a few months that was going to change.

Back in the present, I used the pedestrian crossing to avoid the traffic and headed on, homeward bound, head bowed against the wind. Glancing up I noticed a lady coming down the road towards me, as we met she smiled at me, I returned the smile as we passed and kept walking.

Home I got my coat off, ran upstairs and quickly changed into my running gear and headed out for a 6 mile run before I sat down and changed my mind about going. Just under an hour later I was home, sweating with the exertion of my run, glowing red and feeling smug with myself for having the motivation to get out and run.

Showered and changed into my chilling gear I ate in front of the TV and settled in for a night of channel surfing.

And that is my life! I have very little social life, at least I don’t during the week anyway. At the weekend I usually head out to the local hostelry and have chat and drink with a few people I have got to know since moving here, otherwise I live a fairly solitary lifestyle.

A few days later I was again heading home and once more I crossed paths with the same lady I had seen days before. Once again we made eye contact briefly as we passed each other and we both continued our journeys on.

Over the next month this lady and I crossed paths numerous times as I walked home alone, we continued to greet each other with a smile and nothing more. I admit I paid her little attention each time, as I was just eager to get home as soon as I could after a day at work.

Then one day things changed. It was just after Christmas and New Year, I’d been back at work for a week and I was heading home on a Friday night looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. I’d had the foresight to take an umbrella with me, as the forecast was for rain later in the day.

As I got to the pedestrian crossing I noticed a familiar figure waiting to cross, going in my direction this time and getting wetter by the second as the rain poured down. Stepping alongside her I instinctively moved my umbrella over her head as well as mine, her head turned towards me as she noticed the rain was no longer beating down on her.

“It’s seems like chivalry isn’t dead after all” my companion exclaimed, rain dripping off the end of her nose.

“Maybe not” I chuckled, “going my way?”

“Yes indeed, bloody weather caught me out ” she muttered as the lights changed and we set off. I did my level best to keep us both out of the torrential rain pummelling the umbrella above us both as we headed home, but I ended up getting wetter and wetter in my efforts to keep my companion as dry as possible.

As we reached a cut through not far from home, she paused to step through, expecting me to step aside. “I’m up this way” she said. “Me too, come on” I replied, as again we moved off. The cut through was quite narrow and I felt her arm move through mine, holding us both closer together as the rain kept up it’s steady rhythm above us.

At the end of the alleyway we moved onto a wider path, where I expected us to part, but she kept her arm through mine and looking ahead she said, “I’m up here, then right”. “Me too”, I replied once more. We swung right at the top of the small cul de sac and carried on walking. We were both now on my road and I smiled inwardly at the thought that we had yalova escort clearly been close neighbours all this time, but never knew it.

Passing a couple of houses, my companion slowed and came to a halt outside a neat semi-detached house identical to mine, but 5 doors away. “This is me”, she declared, “thanks for your help, I’d have been a drowned rat if you hadn’t come along.”

Laughing I escorted her down the path to her front door, “It was my pleasure, always happy to help a damsel in distress!” I smiled. “Besides as it turns out, I’m only 5 doors down, so it was on my way anyway.”

After a brief fumble in her bag, she located her keys, unlocked the front door and stepped inside. Turning towards me, she smiled again, said “thank you” and closed the door.

A minute later I shook my umbrella off and turned the key in my own front door, stepping in I recalled my encounter with my neighbour and realised that I still didn’t know her name. Smiling wryly to myself, I stripped off, readying myself for a run, trying to recall all I could about her.

Minutes later I stepped back into the rain and headed off for my run. An hour later I was home again, soaked through but pleased to have made the effort to run anyway. I went through the usual routine of a shower, then food and settled down to watch TV.

Nothing in particular caught my attention on the TV and I settled for an old documentary about the USA. Ten minutes later I was bored stiff and my mind wandered to my newly found neighbour. From memory, I guessed she was in her 60’s, slim, usually wore tight black jeans, had auburn hair and that was it! Oh well I thought, maybe we’ll meet again soon and I’ll find out more about her?

The next month or so work continued as normal and my neighbour and I crossed paths a few more times, always going in the opposite direction. We smiled, said hi and that was it.

About the middle of February, the Six Nations Rugby began and instead of sitting on my own at home, I decided to go to the local pub to watch it. Plus they did good food, so I could eat while watching the game, win, win in my eyes.

I ordered a drink and food at the bar and settled into a quiet booth to watch the game, happy in my own little world.

We, England that is, were just about beating the Welsh and I was animatedly shouting at the TV, having eaten my fish and chips. Quite happy in my own little world and thoroughly engrossed in the rugby, I was disturbed by a female voice beside me.

“Hello, mind if we join you?” it was my neighbour and a friend who immediately made themselves comfortable in my little booth. My neighbour squeezing in next to me and her friend scooting in across from me.

“Er, hi, no, not at all”, I blurted out as the Welsh almost scored on the TV.

“Ooh, I do like a burly rugby player” exclaimed my neighbours friend, giggling as she looked up at the screen. “Stop it Sheila” my neighbour laughed, as she too took in the sight of the game. “You’re just as bad Jean”, came the reply from a lady I now knew was Shelia, “I’ve seen you drooling over those hunky players!”

I now had two new names, as my companions made themselves well and truly comfortable at the table with me.

“I suppose I should introduce myself properly” came a voice, “I’m Jean, as you just heard and this is my friend Sheila”.

Tearing myself away from the screen, I took in the two ladies properly and said “Hi, lovely to meet you both and to put a name to the face”.

Looking quizzically at her friend, Sheila asked, “you know each other?” “Yep”, came the reply, “this young man stopped me getting soaked the other month, he’s a neighbour.”

“Oh right”, Sheila intoned, “and what’s his name?” “I actually don’t know” Jean giggled. Then turning to me asked, “what is your name?”

Smiling, I replied, “Max, nice to meet you ladies.”

I turned back to the TV just in time to see the ref blow the whistle for the end of the game, England had won, just!

Noticing that the game had finished, Jean and Shelia, turned their full attention on me. Shelia grilling Jean on why she didn’t know my name and how we’d initially met. Jean quickly filled her in on the details and satisfied that she’d got the full story from Jean, she rose and asked if I wanted another drink? I protested that I should get them in, but was told that a drink was the least that she could do for her friends knight in shining armour!

Once she was out of earshot, I turnrd to Jean and asked, “Is she always like that?” “Only when she’s had a few” Jean snorted. She’d obviously had a few too!

Sheila returned to the table with our drinks and I took the opportunity to appraise my new friends.

Shelia was probably early 60’s like Jean, but she was definitely the curvier of the two ladies. Her blouse was pushed out by her breasts, with a slight hint of freckled cleavage on show. She had deep brown eyes, with the odd crows foot at the edges, a small button nose and thin lips accentuated by a bright pink lipstick. yalova escort bayan She was an attractive lady and in her time must have had her fair share of suitors lining up to take her out.

Jean though similarly aged was a different lady entirely. She was taller for a start, at least 5’6″ in comparison to Sheila who was probably 5’2″ at most. Jean’s hair was cut in a fashionable bob, dark brunette with the odd fleck of grey. Slim in stature, Jean looked good for her age, the most noticeable thing about her was her bust. Her breasts were almost outsized for her slight build, her buttoned up blouse struggling to contain her bountiful chest. With the top two buttons undone I had a great view of her cleavage from where I was sat and caught a glimpse of a lacy black bra encasing her ample bosom. I could see that Jean just like Sheila had small crows feet at the corner of her sparkling green eyes, her skin was smooth, her nose small and full kissable lips covered in a dark red shade of lipstick.

I counted myself lucky to have such attractive table mates, both of them would have no doubt been stunners in their time.

We nattered away amiably, time slipping by easily as we found out about one another. Sheila was divorced and very much on the market for a ‘hot, young, stud’ if she could find one. Jean on the other hand was widowed and wasn’t interested in a man to fill the void left by her deceased husband, or was she? As one drink turned into two, then three and four, her leg rubbed up against me, I dismissed it as a happy accident as her leg moved away, only to feel it rub against me again. This time she didn’t move away from me and rubbed it into me, more firmly this time.

My cock lurched in my jeans at the touch of Jeans leg on mine, I was now positive that she was rubbing against me on purpose. I rubbed my leg back into her and earned a smile from Jean as she pushed even firmer into me. I was now straining at my jeans I was that hard! I’d never considered an older lady as a possible sexual partner before, but I found myself now contemplating such a thing with Jean.

Unfortunately I was now very uncomfortable in my jeans and tried to surreptitiously adjust myself, obviously I wasn’t discrete enough as Jean’s hand found my thigh and gave me a squeeze. I really needed to move as the discomfort was now very real, so I excused myself and headed for the toilet as I did actually need to relieve myself.

Trying to pee with a hard on is nigh on impossible as any man will attest, thankfully I eventually finished the task at hand and headed back to the table and my two, now rather tiddly friends. As I passed the bar I noticed Jean stood getting another round in and stopped to help her carry the drinks back. Drinks in hand I followed her back to the table, taking in the sight of her legs and bum as I did so. Jean had a skirt on that came to just above her knee, deep black stockings or tights and wore small heels that did her firm calves the power of good. Jean was most definitely an attractive lady and I again began to see her in a different light.

Sheila was absent from the table as we reached it, ‘She popped to the ladies” Jean explained as she slid in opposite me this time. Two minutes later Sheila reappeared back at the table and instead of sliding in next to Jean, she budged me up and cosied up next to me.

Burbling out that she should probably slow down or maybe eat, Sheila, almost fell against me, her head resting on my shoulder. Jean just chuckled and rolled her eyes, causing Sheila to try and sit up straight and act like she was sober.

I’d now been in the pub for the best part of 4 hours and I either had to head home or get something to eat before the booze really kicked in.

Grabbing a couple of menus I handed Jean and Shelia one each and picked up one for myself. “Shall we have a bite to eat, soak up a little of the booze?” I asked. “I think that’s a good idea” Jean smiled, “Sheila definitely needs something to soak up the booze!”

“I do not!” slurred Sheila, “I’m jusshh fine.”

I burst out laughing, Jean joined me and in no time at all Sheila realised how silly she sounded and laughed at the good hearted ribbing she was getting! “Ok, ok, I thinksss I can eat something, but you have to promise to look after me Max”, Sheila was now very much tiddly at least!

I took the lady’s orders, placed them at the bar and sat again, Sheila immediately cosied up to me, still a little worse for wear, head on my shoulder again. Rolling her eyes, Jean said “Sheila, will you stop propping yourself up against him, you’ll embarrass the poor man.”

Sheila, straightened herself up, “You don’t mind me leaning against you do you Max?”

A hand coming to rest on my thigh, as I stammered “Er, no it’s fine Sheila.” Childishly Sheila stuck her tongue out at Jean and then within 30 seconds was actually snoozing! She’d fallen asleep on me and was contentedly sleeping in the middle of the pub of all places.

I looked at Jean who mouthed, “Sorry.” I just escort yalova smiled before whispering, “maybe the food will help.” With Sheila dozing contentedly Jean and I got to know each other a bit better, she was as I already knew a widow, wasn’t overly keen on men at all and had become a member of the local Women’s Institute.

“Ah, all jam and Jerusalem then?” I teased her. Anyone who knows anything about the British WI, will know they’re very much associated with a stereotypical view of singing Jerusalem and making jam. Although they had recently brought themselves up to date with a risqué naked calendar, all in the name of charity of course. Their efforts had even inspired a film starring Dame Helen Mirren.

I chuckled to myself at the thought of Jean posing for a nude calendar and earned a quizzical look from my table mate. “Come on, spill the beans, why were you chuckling? Is the WI funny then?” Jean enquired.

“I was just thinking about the Calendar Girls film, Helen Mirren starkers is never a bad thing!” I answered, smiling.

“Oh, so you like a naked lady then? Even if she’s older enough to be your Mother!” Jean practically laughed, teasing me back.

I flushed red with embarrassment, but Jean just smiled back at me blithely.

I was about to open my mouth to say something witty, when the food arrived, plates laid on the table, I gently roused our sleeping friend, who groggily came around and eyed the food in front of her.

“Ooh, goodie, I’m famished!” Sheila exclaimed and tucked in with abandon. I was stuck for words! Not a minute earlier Sheila was spark out, seemingly drunk and now she was wide awake and stuffing her face, I shook my head incredulous at the sight in front of me!

30 minutes later our bellies full and we were heading towards home with Sheila somewhat unsteadily leaning into me to stop herself from falling as we went. What is usually a 10 minute walk at most, took double that as Jean and me tried to keep Sheila upright, but finally we were at Jeans front door.

Propping Sheila up by her waist, I waited as Jean got her keys out, then we got her in the house and up the stairs to the spare room. I laid her on the bed, took her shoes off and tried not to stare as her skirt rode up exposing her stockings high enough for me to see her creamy thighs above them.

Back downstairs I asked Jean if Sheila would be ok and made to leave, but was stopped by a hand on my arm. “Please don’t go just yet” Jean pleaded with me softly, “it’s lovely to have a mans company”

I smiled down at the soft features of Jean, “You best put the kettle on then, I’m parched.”

Jean turned back into the house, I followed closely behind, noticing that she actually had quite a nice backside. Again I thought to myself, why am I having these thoughts about a lady that’s probably old enough to be my mother? Still here I was all the same.

I settled myself on the sofa and expected Jean to take a seat in one of the arm chairs opposite me, but she perched herself next to me instead, right next to me. Our thighs were touching, so I moved away slightly, but Jean followed until we were touching once more.

“Will Sheila be ok?” I asked Jean. “She’ll be fine after she’s slept off the booze” chuckled Jean, “she does get a bit tiddly from time to time. I hope she didn’t embarrass you too much Max.”

“Not at all, she knows how to enjoy herself” I chuckled, ” It takes lots to turn me red.”

“Is that so?” Jean enquired, her hand running along my thigh. What the fuck was going on?

I immediately turned a shade of crimson, making Jean chuckle, “I thought you didn’t embarrass easily Max!”

“Well, err, I erm” I stuttered as her hand continued to rub along my thigh.

Laughing once more, Jean squeezed my knee, then looked me in the eye and got up and walked away.

I shifted in my seat, I was now sporting another erection because of this lady and was quite uncomfortable as it pressed against the inside of my jeans.

A couple of minutes passed before I heard anything, then I heard Jean ask, “Can you come up here a minute please Max?” I rose from the sofa and followed Jeans voice upstairs, “where are you Jean?” I asked as I reached the landing at the top of the stairs. “In here Max” I heard her reply. I pushed Jeans bedroom door aside and peered in.

Jean was stood with her back to me looking out the bedroom window, hands resting on the sill. As I entered she turned towards me, looked down at the floor and then spoke.

“I have something to ask you Max, but I’m a bit embarrassed to do so. So please listen to what I have to say and then answer me honestly, ok?” I nodded and sat on the edge of the bed while I waited for Jean to speak.

Clearing her throat she began, “My husband passed away almost 7 years ago and since then I haven’t been in the slightest bit interested in the opposite sex, in any way, shape or form. He was the only man I ever slept with. Ever had sex with and he was the love of my life.”

Jean shifted uncomfortably by the window and continued to speak. “I never thought that at my time of life I would be considering spending time with another man, let alone wanting to invite him into my bed, yet here I am doing just that!”

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