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This was Ireland in the 70’s and nobody talked about sex. Sex didn’t exist! Ask the Protestant clergy or the Catholic priests. They would tell you, “all in good time, when you are married.” Condoms were unavailable anywhere in Ireland and certainly not in the country district of Northern Ireland where I lived for a time.

Mind you, for the poor girl who did get herself pregnant it was a mortal sin and the girl and, to a lesser extent, the boy, went through hell. Such was the degree of ignorance from the Church and from schoolteachers.

So, at the age of eighteen, when I arrived from England I was a little taken aback with what I found. It was like going back in time. I was employed by a British company with branches in Ireland and I had been seconded to one of their offices in a country district of Northern Ireland.

I had been found some lodgings in a house in a village near the town of Dungarry. I remember arriving at the house and knocking at the door. A pretty girl opened the door and I said, “hello, my Name is Steve Howe.” A voice from inside said, “let him in then. Let him in.” It was the girl’s mother.

She introduced herself as Mrs Carey and her daughter as Miss Carey. You have got to be joking I thought, if you think for one moment that I am going to call your daughter Miss Carey!

“Maureen, take him up,” ordered mother. “This way,” said Maureen and I followed her up the stairs. My bedroom door was opened and I gratefully sat on the bed. “It’s been a long day,” I said. “So you are Maureen! Are you going to show me the nightlife around here”? “You have got to be joking said Maureen. This place is dead. Dead, dead, dead!”

“All we have is a cinema in the local town and a weekly “hop” at the village hall. Anyway my mother keeps a close eye on me and she wouldn’t allow me to be seen with you.”

“Why, what have I done,” I said? “You are a boy and that is quite enough for her!”

“Sorry, but I can’t help that,” I said. Maureen smiled and then her mother called her again. “Yes – see what you mean.”

“Keeps a very close reign on you doesn’t she”? But Maureen was afraid of her mother and had already disappeared.

I took a bath and eventually went down to see if any supper was on offer. “Not for another hour,” said Mrs Carey, so he went upstairs once more. Someone was in the bathroom and I heard the bath running. Then the door closed and I realised that it was Maureen and she had returned to her room. I decided to go down again and when I opened his door something white was on the floor. I picked it up and it was a pair of Maureen’s knickers.

I smiled to myself. This was a great opportunity to “break the ice!” I knocked on her door and she opened it only to find me standing there holding her knickers up with both hands by the waistband so that it was quite obvious what they were. Maureen blushed crimson and snatched them from him and slammed the door.

The three of us sat and had supper and Maureen cast me an occasional glance and blushed at the same time. I just grinned at her and was careful that mother didn’t see that we had already established some sort of relationship, however hostile!

When Mrs Carey left the room to get the dessert I leaned over to Maureen and whispered, “I’ve heard of ladies dropping a handkerchief in the street for someone they fancy, but this is ridiculous!”

“I will never speak to you again,” she hissed. I grinned again and Maureen was secretly thrilled at having a fun loving boy in the house.

Although she was herself eighteen, her sex life so far had been just about what one might expect in a narrow-minded community in rural Ireland. A fleeting kiss at the weekly dance in the village hall by a boy who had no idea how to treat a girl and the odd quick “grope” round the back of the cycle sheds!

Maureen went upstairs to bed and got undressed in front of the mirror. Quite a nice body she thought! A bit overweight but really nice boobs and a very pretty face. She had lovely hair which was slightly auburn. She looked up at the poster of James Dean that her mother had surprisingly allowed her to pin up in her room.

Often she would leave her light on and allow James to make love to her. She would tease him by undressing in front of him! Then, once in bed busy little fingers would skilfully arouse her and alone in the bed she would achieve her orgasm. All the time James Dean would be watching her.

She looked up at him again. “Not tonight darling,” she said and the light was put out. Maureen was fantasising about Steve and although they had only just met, she was imagining him doing the most exciting things to her.

Next day I reported for work and returned in the evening in a company owned car that had been made available to me. “I suppose you will have to leave it outside the house,” said Mrs Carey, with little enthusiasm. Maureen was impressed with the car but knew that even if Steve did fancy her, that her mother would not approve. I knew that I would have to tread warily and was careful to speak to Maureen only demetevler escort when we were alone together.

We met upstairs and I said, “I wouldn’t mind seeing the film in Dungarry,” the local town. “What is it,” said Maureen? “Haven’t a clue,” I said, “but I thought it would be nice if you showed me the way and I could treat you.”

“Mother would never approve,” said Maureen. “I’m not asking your Mother,” I said and Maureen started to giggle.

I collected Maureen in my car from a pre-arranged place a couple of blocks away and we arrived at the cinema. I paid for the tickets and took Maureen by the hand to find our seats in the dark. We continued to hold her hands after we were seated and she allowed me to do so.

The film was boring but they were together and both of us were secretly pleased to be alone with the other. We left before the film was finished and I suggested a short walk in the park. Once more I held her hand and she didn’t object. When we arrived at a dark corner I made a move on her and held her by the waist. She struggled to release herself. This, after all was Ireland and casual sex, even kissing on the first date, was considered to be too daring!

I sighed and released her. “OK,” I said, “play it the hard way but in the end you won’t be able to resist me.”

“How arrogant you are,” she said and demanded to be taken home. Before she got out of the car I squeezed her breasts playfully and she was duly shocked! I dropped her off before they reached the house. We didn’t want to get found out before we had really started to get to know each other.

Later on we briefly met on the landing upstairs before going to our respective rooms. Maureen was fearful that she would lose him and he received a fleeting kiss before she darted into her room. I knew then that I was going to enjoy seducing this gorgeous girl.

I knew that Maureen did like me and I certainly adored her. Like many Irish girls she was very pretty with lovely red hair and gorgeous breasts and I really felt so lucky that she fancied me. Anyway, I felt sure that in the end she would give in to me!

We were often in the car together without her mother’s knowledge and my hand would wander every time And every time Maureen would say that she was “a nice girl” and would I please behave! Each time my hand was allowed to be on her knee or on her breast just that little bit longer before she objected. Maureen was weakening!

Then one day she lost her resolve to be “a nice girl” and she did it in style!

The car wasn’t very big but it did allow us to sit comfortably in the dry and indulge in heavy petting. We would “French kiss,” (very daring). This time when I put my hand on her knee she kissed me instead of objecting.

My hand started on its journey but still Maureen’s legs were tightly together. But this time I was allowed to reach the tops of her stockings. The poor girl was clearly excited because she put her cheek against mine and instead of blocking my way with her hands she put both her arms around my neck. I could hear and feel her hot breath on my ear.

My hand reached its destination and her knickers were positively wet and I knew that she was very aroused. I rubbed her pussy through her panties with the back of my fingers.

At this point Maureen had no more fight left in her and she surrendered!

She parted her legs and began to put hot little kisses over my mouth and face.

Her knickers would not allow my fingers through, which I was desperate to do and Maureen lifted her bottom slightly so that I could pull them down a little. My busy fingers were inside her hot little vagina but her knickers were now down to her knees and not letting her part her legs, as she was eager to do.

I made to pull her panties right down and she eagerly helped me. They were around her ankles. She lifted her legs and made it obvious that she wanted me to take them right off.

All this time nothing was said but it was obvious that Maureen was not going to be “a good girl” this time! Her face was flushed as we sat down in the car again and she put her cheek against mine and held me tightly. Her arms were around my neck and her legs were wide apart and Maureen just “let go.”

I could feel and hear her heavy breathing against my ear as she gave in to the wonderful sensation of being masturbated by a boy friend for the first time

Her hot breath on my ear was enough in itself to make me totally aroused. Then her vagina quivered and her arms tightened around my neck and she shuddered and shuddered. Afterwards she covered my face with hot little kisses once more and said that I had made her “come.”

“How would you like it if I did the same to you,” said Maureen trying to appear cross. I was so aroused that I simply got hold of her hand and placed it on my jeans where I had the most urgent erection. “You can massage your own muscle,” she said, knowingly, but I unzipped my jeans and she couldn’t resist putting her hand in to feel my penis through my underpants. escort demetevler

“Its ever so hard,” she said, with a horrified expression on her face. I freed him from his prison and he sprang out in front of her. She was fascinated by now and couldn’t resist putting her hand around it.

I whispered confidentially in her ear, “make it feel as if it is sliding in and out of you.” She let go immediately. “You mustn’t say that” she gasped, but then promptly put her hand around it again and began to masturbate me slowly at first and then vigorously.

I had been aroused for so long that there is no way that I could stand much of this and I soon spurted out. Some of it landed on Maureen’s sweater and we were both scared stiff that her mother would want to know what it was.

Maureen once more covered my mouth and face with her hot little kisses and we held each other for what seemed like an age. We cleaned up best we could and cuddled and kissed each other!

Maureen afterwards told me that she didn’t mind what we did to each other but she wasn’t “going the whole way.” A friend of my older brother had made his girl friend pregnant and I knew the consequences so I entirely agreed with Maureen. Anyway for many teenagers in Ireland in the 70’s, heavy petting was all that most boys and girls indulged in.

I was a bit surprised that a girl of eighteen should wear such unsophisticated underwear. Her knickers were just like she would have had on as a schoolgirl (and all the sexier for that). But she wore no bra and often wore a vest. I was used to girls with matching sexy undies.

One day her blouse took on a different appearance and I asked her why. She said that her married sister had gone to England for a couple of weeks because her new husband had to work there for a while. Maureen had the keys to their house and had tried on her sister’s bra.

“Are you telling me that we can use your sister’s house,” I asked her excitedly?

The next day after work we made our way to her sister’s house. I remember that we held each other and were not quite sure what to do next. Normally when we were in the car it was impossible to do much more than heavy petting with nearly all our clothes on.

Now, suddenly we were alone and could not be disturbed and Maureen suddenly came over all shy. She said, “do you think we should be doing this”? I was so hot for her and in the past few days she had become so hot for sex and I couldn’t understand why she hesitated. Then she said, “sorry darling, just undress me.”

With that we went upstairs to her sister’s bedroom. I finished undoing her blouse buttons and unfastened her skirt, which just fell on the floor around her ankles. All she had on was her open blouse and her cotton “schoolgirl” knickers with a great damp patch on the front of them.

I knelt down and she put her hands on my shoulders and we both shuddered with the sexual thrill it gave us when I pulled her knickers down and I looked right at her pussy. I then put my hands on her bottom and pulled her to me and kissed her there. “Oh! don’t do that, it’s dirty,” she said, shocked. “Sorry,” I said, “but I just had to do it.”

“You are still fully dressed,” she said and it was my turn to submit to her. Once my shirt was off she knelt and undid the belt of my trousers. She pulled them down and pushed me on the bed so that she could take them off completely. “Stand up,” she ordered and then it was her turn to pull my pants down.

My manhood, which I was starting to become quite proud of, sprang out and she held it in her hand and started playing with it. “Oh no, you will regret that if I come all over your face,” I said. She stood up and grinned at me and we kissed. At the age of 18 she was sexually mature and from being a shy girl she had suddenly emerged as a hot teenager who was obsessed with sex.

My penis was dangerously close to her vagina as I put my hand on her bottom and pulled us together. “We must be careful,” warned Maureen as we both got on to the bed.

She lay there so invitingly and still had her wide-open blouse on. She parted her legs and I knelt between them. How easy it would have been to have slipped into her right there and then. Honestly, we were both so excited that I don’t believe we would have been able to stop ourselves.

Maureen must have been thinking the same thoughts as myself when she said, “that’s why I thought we shouldn’t get undressed when we first arrived.”

“What do you mean,” I said and she replied that both of us were getting so adventurous that we were capable of “almost anything.” She was so right. At that moment when her legs were open and her vagina glistened with wetness in such an inviting way I almost couldn’t stop sliding right into her.

I deliberately placed my knee against her pussy and leaned forward to kiss her. My kisses went down her body from there and I wet kissed her nipples. “Oh yes, pleeese,” she said, so I kissed them again and this time gave them both a playful little nip demetevler escort bayan with my teeth.

Maureen pulled my face towards her and whispered confidentially in my ear, “Kiss me there again,” so I kissed her breasts again but she said. “No, kiss me where you did before.”

“You said I was being dirty.”

“Yes, but just do it once more because it felt as though it could be wonderful,” she said.

Excitedly I kissed her pussy but I was at entirely the wrong angle so I knelt on the floor at the end of the bed and got hold of her ankles and pulled her towards my mouth. “No, no, better not,” she gasped but she had given me my chance and she was defenceless as I opened her legs wide and kissed the wet lips of her vagina. My tongue started to dart in and out of her and it found her clitoris. I knew that teasing her clitoris was the “ultimate” as far as she was concerned.

I looked up. “Shall I stop,” I said mischievously? “No don’t stop, please don’t stop now,” she managed to pant. My Maureen couldn’t stand much of this and soon I could feel her vagina twitching against my tongue. I knew from experience that she was climaxing and she held my head firmly there as she shuddered in sexual ecstasy. I got back on to the bed and Maureen smothered me with hot little kisses as she often did when she was very aroused.

“I’ve got feelings as well,” I said. “Yes, I know said Maureen,” but no way was she going to kiss my manhood! I was very aroused and she started to masturbate me as I lay on my back on the bed. She pulled herself up on one elbow and was enthusiastically getting on with the job that she loved to do.

She had been in the habit of wrapping her panties around my penis to avoid making a mess. How much more exciting could sex be? Her most intimate underwear caressing my manhood as I spurted into them.

“Where are your panties,” I said, She gave no answer but just increased the pace of her soft hand around my throbbing penis. In the end I just had to let go and it spurted in the air. Maureen was well in the line of fire and her breasts and face were covered. This didn’t seem to worry her at all and she bent over and kissed me passionately.

“I just love to have complete control over you and that’s why I love to “bring you off” she said. Maureen’s sister’s house was a godsend but a dangerous place for two hot teenagers to be alone in.

All too soon her sister arrived back and our secret rendezvous was no more. Our petting sessions were getting more and more frustrating and I knew very well that Maureen was dying for me to fuck her properly. One evening we were in my car in the corner of our remote field that we had found. As usual I soon had Maureen’s knickers off and she had stripped my pants off.

My car was quite small and perhaps fortunately, we would have had to be very inventive to have proper sex. Then suddenly Maureen sat astride me on my lap and was facing me. She made no attempt to stop me and in truth I believe she was asking me to fuck her as I impetuously decided to slip my cock into that hot, wet vagina of hers.

She began to slide up and down my shaft and soon lost all control as she began to quicken her pace. Maureen was on the point of having her orgasm and nothing would induce her to stop. I began to panic as I realised that Maureen was entirely in control and my well developed manhood was deep inside her.

I was unable to pull out as Maureen began to shudder and I could feel her vagina twitching as she climaxed. “Get off, oh get off quickly!” It was too late and she sat firmly down on me as I pumped into her. Maureen just didn’t care and was kissing me passionately. “You know what we have done,” I told her and eventually she came to her senses. “Oh Steve,” she said, “but that was so wonderful!”

We both waited petrified as the days went by and Maureen’s period didn’t happen. Then she knocked quietly on my door one morning and told me that all was OK.

We were both upset when I broke the news to Maureen that my Company had recalled me to London for a few days. “Your mother will be pleased,” I said, “but I hope to be back in a few days time.”

Sure enough I turned up at Mrs Carey’s house less than a week later. “Oh, so you are back,” said Mrs Carey, who had her suspicions about me and just how involved she suspected I was with her daughter. “Don’t sound so pleased to see me,” I said!

Maureen was delighted and I was soon picking her up in the Company car at our usual place so that Mrs Carey didn’t know we were together. “Shall we just go for a drive,” said Maureen who, like me, was desperate to have one of our “petting” sessions.

I stopped the car in a remote field that we had found before and quickly embraced each other. Maureen’s legs were apart and she was eagerly giving in to my expert fingers when I said, “I have got a little surprise for you. Just look in my top pocket.” She gasped as she pulled out a packet of condoms. “Oh Steve,” was all she said!

Condoms were not available in this Catholic Country and she had never seen one before. Nevertheless she tore the top of the packet with her teeth and I couldn’t help chuckling to myself as I remembered the shy little girl that had first opened the door of her mother’s house. She had that condom out of its packet and rolled on to my erection with the skill of a seasoned prostitute!

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