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“How about you come round tomorrow night – about 8pm – and the address is on my card. I’ve got another friend coming round too, so it could be quite a busy night. And bring that cardy you bought last week – it might get cold later on. Now,” and she rang in the till, “that’ll be £10 for the donation plus £5 for the cleaning – £15 in all, thank you very much.”

I paid her the cash, and she passed me back one of her cards with my till receipt. I glanced at it: ‘Mrs M. Fowler’ was printed in a blue script, with ‘Charity Donations’ in smaller letters under it. Then the address: ’34 Leaside Avenue, Newtown. Tel: 01453 654932′.

“Well I think it’s all here,” I smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Bye now,” she replied, “I’m looking forward to it already, you cheeky thing!”

Not knowing quite what to expect, I turned up at the appointed time. The houses in the road were all 1930s semis – traditionally conservative sorts of places. Number 34 was no different on the outside, but inside…

I went up to the front door, and pressed the bell, hearing a chime go off inside. Then the door opened, and there was Maude. This time she was wearing the dark blue v-knecked cardigan she’d worn when I first saw her, but without any sweater underneath. It clung gorgeously to her well-endowed breasts, and my eyes were drawn to the pink flesh of her cleavage.

“Hello, dear!” she said, awakening my dream. “I’m glad you could make it, come on in. And you have brought your own cardy along, haven’t you?”

I held up the carrier bag, my eyes taking in her hallway and the lounge to the right. She was wearing a dark blue matching knited skirt, and casual shoes.

“Well, would you like a cup of tea? There’s one in the pot because Julie is here already, and she loves a cuppa! Come on into the lounge, and take a seat.”

I followed her in, looking at the traditional furnishings, and then seeing Julie. She was also on her early forties, with short fair hair, and was wearing a thinnish twinset in soft pink wool with a maroon skirt. She stood up to greet me as I went in: she was shorter than Maude and not so well built, but her bosom was nicely rounded all the same, and the wool clung tightly to her body…

“Ahh hello!” she said, “I’m Julie – and I’ve hard so much about you. I’m getting very excited about our party tonight already!”

“Hello,” I said, formally shaking her hand. “I’m Andy – it’s good to meet you.”

“Well do sit down please. How do you take your tea, Andrew?” asked Maude.

“Oh, just as it comes.” I replied, sitting on a chair opposite Julie on the sofa. Maude went out, leaving the two of us.

“Well, Andrew, you do look every bit as good as Maude said,” gushed Julie. “And Maude was telling me that you are very well-endowed too. I do like a man with a good hard knob – especially when it’s been circumcised – and she tells me you have been…” She raised her eyebrow, in a questioning way.

Her words took my breath away, looking as she did such a staid conventional matronly figure.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I surprised you!” said Julie, “But you are circumcised, aren’t you? I’d hate to think I’d got the wrong boy!”

“Oh, yes.” I said, gathering my thoughts. I hadn’t been sure what sort of party this was going to be, but somehow Julie’s direct conversation was not quite what I was expecting. “Do you come to these do’s often?” I asked, lamely.

“Oh yes, as often as I can!” smiled Julie, unbuttoning the pink cardigan of her twinset. “Probably only once a month or so, but Maude and I go back some time. And some of the other girls and boys are old friends too.”

Just then Maude came in with a pot of tea on a tray, and put it down on a small table.

“Now, while that’s brewing, why don’t we get you changed, Andrew. Then we can all enjoy our tea together. Julie, I think you’ve got a spare bra in your bag, haven’t you, and the padding too?”

“Oh yes, of course!” smiled Julie. “I brought just what you said, Maude.” and she rumaged in the large bag next to the sofa, before pulling out a white bra and two rounded boob-like objects.

“These are my special lady fillers!” she smiled at me, “Just two stockings that I’ve filled with foam and tights to make them look and feel just like the real thing.” And reaching forward, she passed them over to Maude.

Maude stood up in front of me. “On your feet then, and let’s have you stripped to the waist.” she began. “There’s only one rule at my parties – and that is you have to do what you’re told. So if I tell you to do something – or even if Julie does – you’ve just got to do it. Understand?”

“Well, yes, I suppose so.” I replied, “Do you want me to take my shirt off now?”

Maude looked briefly at Julie, then back at me: “Of course – stripped to the waist if you please!”

I stood up as she had asked, and unbuttoned my shirt, feeling decidely strange as I took it off. Julie stood up too, and moved towards me, putting her hands on her hips.

“You’re certainly right about him being a fit young man, antalya escort Maude,” she said, “I can’t wait to see his privates!”

“Well you’ll have to be patient, Julie, we’ve got to get him dressed up first. Now, can you just do this bra up behind him please?”

And as they put the bra on, so my cock began to harden, despite the strangeness of the situation. Carefully Maude took the boob-fillers, and pushed them into the cups. They looked very good – softly rounded and well shaped. Her fingers against my skin as she manouvered them about felt gorgeous, and she paid special attention to the nipple areas, shaping the filling the bra between her finger and thumb until it stuck out realistically.

Julie was watching closely. “You do that so well, Maude, I can feel my own nips hardening when you do it.” and she stroked her hands over her own breasts, pulling the cardigan open and smoothing down the tight wool over her sweater. I could see her nipples showing through and felt my cock stiffen more.

“Right, now let’s have your cardy, young man.” said Maude, so I reached into my bag and passed it to her. It was the white cardigan I’d bought from Maude’s shop, ribbed wool with a v-kneck. Maude held it out, open for me to slip my arm in, so I did. It felt gorgeously soft and warm, yet wildly outrageous to be dressing up in a lady’s cardigan in front of these two women. I turned to put in the other arm, then Maude carefully pulled the two sides together and buttoned it up, starting at the bottom and leaving the top button undone.

“There.” she said, pulling it down tight. How does that look Julie?”

“Well the top half certainly looks like one of us now, Maude. Very nice indeed! Has he bought a skirt round too?”

“No,” I said, “I didn’t buy a skirt, just the cardigan.”

“In that case it will have to be panties only,” continued Julie. “and that means us too, Maude. We’re going to have to strip to our panties as well. Isn’t this just so exciting! I’ll take my skirt off first – then yours Maude – and lastly we’ll have a look at our new visitor.”

Before anyone else could say anything, Julie was slipping off her skirt, revealing her tight white panties. They looked like cotton, with a lacy panel at the font, and they clung provocatively to her womanly curves, dipping beautifully between her legs.

“I think he likes them Maude,” smiled Julie, “Just look at his eyes! I hope he’s getting nicely stiff too! Come on Maude – off with your skirt! Here, I’ll help you!”

And with that Julie moved forward, and slipped her hands around Maude’s waist before slipping her skirt to the floor so that Maude could step out of it. Maude’s body was deliciously large, and her soft white cotton panties clung to her generous curves, the elastic digging in slightly at the legs. The panties themselves had little lacy holes all over them, revealing tiny pink dots of flesh. She pulled them up tight, pulling her cardigan down over them to try to hide herself a little, and as I looked I saw the beautiful roundness of her mons, with darker dots beneath the lacy holes. My cock was now rigid, and twitched in ecstacy.

“Now it must be his turn!” smiled Julie. “Shall we both take his trousers off together?”

So they just reached for my belt before undoing it, unbuttoning the trousers, undoing the zip, and letting them drop to the floor. Julie knelt down to pick them up, turning round to stare at my groin.

“Oooh it does look big allright – you weren’t exagerating were you Maude. And he’s circumcised too? I can’t wait to see him perform!”

“Well you must, Julie.” said Maude, asserting control. “We can’t just toss him off yet – we’ve got to wait and do it politely. Besides, the tea is getting cold. Now let’s all sit down for a minute while we think about what’s next. You know anticipation is such an arousing time!”

So Maude moved to the table and began pouring the teas, while Julie and I sat down in the seats we’d been in before. I couldn’t take my eyes off the two of them, in their tight white panties and cardigans, and felt myself squirming in the seat as my cock throbbed gently. It was this mixture of their wonderful and exposed bodies – or rather half-exposed bodies – coupled with my strange lady’s clothing.

“Milk and sugar?” asked Maude, turning towards me.

“Just milk, thanks.” I replied.

“He’s sweet enough already, aren’t you my pet?” smiled Julie. “I can’t wait to taste him, you know!” she added, looking round to Maude.

“Well, let’s just drink our teas, shall we?” she replied, passing them round then sitting down on the sofa next to Julie.

Julie was in no mood to slow down. “Nonsense. I’m sure a fine young man like this can manage lots of times in one night – we don’t have to wait for just once. I vote we just give him a quicky now, then enjoy the next few times later. What do you think, Andrew? You are going to be able to cum for us more than once, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t think what to say or how to say it.

“Well I’m sure I could fethiye escort get very excited with you two ladies around.” I said, my eyes taking in their wool-clad bosoms and panty-covered hips. My cock was now dribbling, leaving damp patches on my pants.

“There you are!” said Julie, “and you’ve had him twice more than me, remember? Please let me have a look at him now, Maude. I won’t touch till you say so.”

“Oh alright, you win,” smiled Maude, “you can take his pants off if you want to!”

So Julie got up from the sofa, and moved over to stand in front of me. “Up you get, please, young man.” she smiled, putting her hands on her hips. This somehow emphasised her rounded breasts under the tight pink wool of her twinset and my eyes darted from them to the tight cotton of the panties between her legs – just a few feet in front of me. Carefully I stood up, with my arms at my sides, knowing my erection would be obvious to them both.

“That looks nice, doesn’t it Maude?” said Julie, moving closer and staring at my pants. “It’s a lovely bulge at the front here, isn’t it!” and she reached forward to cup her right hand under my balls, sliding it up my cock. It felt ecstatic.

Then with both hands she grabbed the waistband of my pants, before pulling it out towards her to liberate my fully-erect cock. She just stared when she saw it.

“Oh it’s gorgeous, isn’t it. So smooth and hard on its beautiful circumcised head – and so big too. And its got that slight bend to the left you mentioned, Maude. I can’t wait to get it inside me! I’m feeling quite juicy already! What were you thinking Maude, fancy just tossing him when you could have slipped him inside you! I must take these pants right off to get a better view.”

Julie moved closer and then lowered my pants to the floor, hardly taking her eyes of my cock while she did so, now just inches from my groin. I stepped out of them, feeling deliciously aroused: stark naked from the waist down yet dressed as a lady from the waist up.

“You can go first too if you like,” said Maude, still sipping her tea while she looking at her friend. “I’ll just watch to see you don’t go too far.”

“Oh thanks!” said Julie, glancing back to Maude. “Just fingers for this one, OK? I’ll save my mouth and fanny for later on, unles you think I could…”

“No!” aid Maude abruptly. “Just fingers – we’re just getting rid of his excess semen this time, so that we can both enjoy more later. My vagina’s getting very juicy too – you’re not the only one that wants his cock inside. And if you finger him now, it will be my vagina first, thank you very much!”

The way they talked continued to amaze me. It was as if I wasn’t a person and they were just using my cock to satisfy themselves. And their open descriptions of their bodies was startling.

“OK, Maude, you win! I’ll toss him now, then it’s your fanny first. I’ll play with you too, so you can get the first coming… Now then, let me get my hands on this knob.”

“Careful, Julie – not on the carpet. You must make sure you catch all his cum – and he can get very splashy so you’ll have to use your cardy or sweater to catch him. He’s had the snip so there’s not a lot of cum, but it’s sticky and goes everywhere!”

Julie looked me straight in the eye, her blue eyes contrasting with the pink of her cardigan and sweater. Then I felt the ecstacy of her fingers on my cock, lightly touching then tightly gripping. Exploring my balls and all the way up my shaft. She was moving her hips from side to side too.

“God he’s gorgeous, Maude. He must be a good six inches, and a really thick head too. And such a lovely girl above the waist – he’s quite one of us! Now come on,” she looked at me, “pull your cardy straight and put your hands on your hips, tummy in and your bosom out.”

I did as I was told, feeling both assertive as I stood up straight and entirely submissive as I let Julie feel me – with Maude watching.

Maude was folding her arms, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, and stroking her breasts gently at the same time. Julie was now starting to pump my cock, and her breasts wobbled beautifully under her pink sweater, framed by the open cardigan as her wool-clad arms moved rhythmically.

“Before you finish him,” started Maude, “I think you should measure him for our files. Here, there’s a tape measure just in the top drawer over there.”

So Julie moved to the cupboard and quickly opened the drawer before finding the tape. She came back and stood in front of me again, then held one end of the tape into my body, at the base of my cock, and draped the tape over the end. She held my cock out at right angles.

“Is this straight?” she asked Maude, who smiled and nodded a ‘yes’.

“Well, he’s exactly 6 inches on top. Can you write this down please, so we don’t forget!” Then she put the tape around my cock, near the base. “Let me see, its 5 inches around at the base, so it is a nice thick one alright. Now I’ll measure the head – my favourite bit!” And kaş escort she carefully placed the tape around the head of my cock, holding my shaft firm at the base.

“Come on, push out for me!” she encouraged. “I’ll measure right around his helmet, and it is… a magnificent five and three quarters. God that will be good later on – nice and tight in my pussy!”

“Now let’s just see this semen come out, Andrew. Come on, I’ll hold my cardy out for you..” and she pumped me faster. “Give it to me, you big boy, come and splash up my cardy!” she said, looking at me directly again.

“I want to feel you spurt and see your semen.” And she pulled out the loose edge of her cardigan – the button side – towards my cock, wrapping it round the end as she kept up her tossing movements. “Come on, splash for me, whenever you are ready – just let it out. You know you are a really good knob boy! Maude, would you like to come over and watch as he comes?”

My eyes took in everything as I felt my cum about to explode. Maude walking towards us, her right hand now inside her cardigan as she fondled herself. Julie standing in front of me, her breasts wobbling under her sweater as her hands kept up their rhythmic thrusting, her wool clad arms reaching out to me, pulling the side of her cardigan under my cock, and wrapping it round my shaft. The head of my cock was now poking out of its woollen shroud, and I could see the drops of my first coming dribbling out.

“Come on, Andrew, let’s see your cum – quick Maude, come and watch too, he’s nearly there now!”

And as Maude came to stand next to us to watch I could feel Julie’s fingers achieve their ambition as my cock spurted out its semen all over her cardigan.

“Oooh, look, Maude, he’s coming – and it’s going everywhere! And he’s got so much too.” she cried as she kept on pumping me. “I hope he can make some more for later on!”

And she carried on her tossing action as my cock slowly deflated. I was breathing hard now, feeling so good about coming yet somehow apprehensive – what would they want next? What if I couldn’t do it to their satisfaction?

Julie took her cardigan off, wiping her sticky fingers on the wool and wrapping up my cum so that it was surrounded by the wool. She smiled at Maude:

“Well you were right about him, my dear, he was certainly too full of semen! Now what about you? Would you like his cock inside you?”

Maude smiled back, almost blushing at the question, but Julie continued: “How would you like to sit for us while we excite you? On the chair or the sofa? Or maybe lie down upstairs? You choose, and we’ll just look after you, won’t we Andrew my sweet.”

“Oh, yes,” I muttered, “yes of course we’ll do just what you want.”

“Well…” began Maude, pulling her cardigan down more tightly, and showing off her nippples pushing out through the dark blue wool. “I fancy a bit of a lie down, actually – I’ve been on my feet all day.”

“Well let’s go upstairs, then!” smiled Julie. “Off you go, we’ll follow you up.”

So we went upstairs, me following Maude and Julie behind me. As we were walking up the stairs Julie kept up her chatter.

“Oh what a nice bottom.” she said, then I felt her fingers stroking me. “I can’t keep my hands of him you know!”

I was entranced with Maude’s bottom, her tight white panties beautifully rounded beneath the blue wool of her cardigan. At the top of the stairs Maude paused to look round.

“No playing on the stairs!” she said, “Besides, it’s my turn now.”

We followed into the front bedroom. The dark maroon curtains were already drawn and the lights on. The double bed was covered in a dark red flowery quilt, picking out the colour of the carpet, with light pink walls completing the picture. There was a fitted wardrobe with mirrored doors opposite as we went in, so we saw ourselves – the odd threesome from downstairs.

Maude pretended to be tired, rubbing her eyes and yawning. “I’m just going to have a lie down and shut my eyes for a while.” she smiled, “but I will welcome some gentle attention to help me to sleep – a little gentle massage with all your fingers maybe…” and she lay back on the bed, positioning herself in the centre before throwing her arms back and closing her eyes.

“Well, Andrew, you heard what she said,” whispered Julie, keeping up the charade of Maude sleeping. “She wants a little finger massage – so would you like to finger her first, or shall I? I know, why don’t we both do her together – I’ll go round the other side in front of the mirror and you stay and get to her from this side.”

So we both climbed onto the bed, in a sort of kneeling position each side of Maude’s sleeping body.

“Doesn’t she look nice and relaxed!” whispered Julie, pulling the sleeves of her sweater up. “Why don’t you gently stroke her breasts – I know she likes that – while I run my fingers over her panties.”

My first touch of Maude’s wool-covered breasts will remain with me for ever. The wool felt so soft and yet her breasts below were softer still, in a different sort of way. They were huge too, as my hands tried to encircle them. I stroked and teased gently, sometimes with two hands on one breast, sometimes one on each. I could fell my cock hardening again – and the stiffness ached after my first cumming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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