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Big Tits

My name is Christine, I’m a law professor at a university in Boston and I have quite a reputation professionally and intimately. What I mean is I have a habit for and take quite a lot of pleasure in seducing younger, attractive men and women and teaching them a thing or two. Some may call me a milf, yet I have no kids of my own, and my ex husband told his children to not speak to me which of course was a big blow for me.

So here I am at the end of a long week sitting in an uptown bar, dressed in a black cocktail dress, and stiletto peep toe heels, underneath is just a simple matching lace bra and thong. My date never showed so I start analyzing my glass of wine, adjusting my curly blonde hair to fall behind my shoulder, and out of the corner of my eye I watch a younger man try to quickly break his eye contact from me but he was to slow. Smiling, I knew I had my prey, now to reel him in. I motioned for him to come over and join me and to my delight he did.

“I didn’t mean to stare.” He started.

“Yes you did,” I smiled, “you just didn’t plan to get caught.” Watching his face, and eyeing him and his drink of choice, “take a seat.” I said to him. Closer inspection revealed he was better looking than the fifty yard glance I had before, tall, well built, short dirty blonde hair, slate gray eyes, decent suit, suggesting for his age he does well for himself.

“I’m Brian.” He said. “Are you here alone?” He asked.

“Well,” looking at the time in my phone, “not anymore. My date never showed.” Watching his eyes trace my curves under my dress, trying hard to envision what was underneath, leaving plenty to the imagination. “But you can fill his seat.” I said.

We had small talk and had a few more drinks, telling him I’m divorced and no kids of my own, he’s a recent college grad working for a financial firm, and recently became single.

“So,” He started, some what slurring his words, “what’s sex like for an older, experienced woman like yourself?” I knew it was going to down that path so I entertained him. “Wouldn’t you like to know”, taking a sip of his scotch. “I bet you wouldn’t know what to do if you had an opportunity with me.” I said proudly.

Watching his face change from cockiness to embarrassed and at a lack of words.

“You have a shot.” I said, paying our tabs. “Wanna come find out what an older woman can teach you.”

Driving back to my apartment, he followed me in his own car, before getting out of my car I readjusted my thong and bra and met him at the door.

Locking the door behind us, I slipped my heels off and put my purse aside and told him, “Take a seat, I’ll be right back.” Freshening up in the bathroom, I slinked back to him at the couch, soft music played from the Bluetooth speaker, I swayed my hips lightly and watched him with hunger in his eye he captivated by my movements.

“Are you here for just a fuck, or are you here for an unforgettable experience?” Asking sternly and seductively.

“The second one.” He said unsure what he was getting himself into.

Sitting next to him, I pulled him in for a kiss, pressing my dark red bostancı escort lips against his slowly parting his lips and dipped my tongue in his mouth and he did the same, as I slid his jacket off his shoulders and tossed it aside.

“Good, you haven’t forgotten how to kiss a woman.” I giggled. “But who do you think should cum first?” “Ladies cum first.” He grinned. Running his hand over my smooth legs up my calves and over my thighs, his touch running the length of my inner thigh, he found the lace fabric and ran his fingers over it. Finding my slit underneath he focused his fingers there, small gasps left my mouth, as we continued to lock lips and he started to make my panties wet. Feeling him pull my panties to the side, revealing my wet and shaved pussy, I stopped him, “take them off”, I moaned. Spreading my legs sliding my dress up, he reached up and pulled my thong off with one swift motion, and flung it on the coffee table. Dropping to his knees and uniting his tie he pressed his face towards my pussy, running his fingers over my clit and slowly easing two thick fingers into my waiting pussy massaging my g-spot like a pro.

My moans weren’t fake, he genuinely knew how to finger a woman, but would he get me off? That’s the question. My moans filled my living room, squeezing his hair, and the sod cushion the minute I felt his tongue flick over my soaking cunt, sucking my clit and flicking at the same time, eating my pussy like it was the last meal, wrapping my legs around his shoulders, I pulled him closer, squeezing and tweaking my nipples watching eat my pussy with such skill, occasionally running his fingers around my tight asshole, he started to lock eyes with me and thrust his fingers faster and deeper into my cunt, hooking them and rubbing my g-spot with more pressure. I could feel myself about to cum but I wanted o enjoy the waves of pleasure I was already riding.

Arching my back I screamed “oh fuck” over and over again making my toes curl tight and my body sized up convulsing through a massive orgasm as he got my pussy to squirt for the first time ever, still he continued, his face covered in my juices, he licked me clean and stopped for a moment smiling at me before getting up off his knees, running his hand softly over my soaked cunt while I unbuttoned his shirt and pants. “It’s ok,” Brian said in a reassuring voice, my body weak and startled of such immense orgasm, sitting back down he took my feet and ran them over his boxers, his hard, long thick cock, poked behind his boxer leg, shiny with precum, before he started to massage my feet and suck my toes to calm me down a little while my free foot prodded and rubbed his cock. I pulled my feet back and it was my turn to please.

Unzipping my dress, I stepped out of it, completely naked infront of him, he could see ever inch of my body, my double d breasts, the freckles that kissed my body, everything. Watching his eyes absorb everything I sank to my knees and started to get my first load of cum for the night. Kissing and sucking every inch of his shaft leaving lipstick marks all over him, I started to jerk his cock playfully ümraniye escort bayan while I licked his balls and taint, sucking his balls, each individually and together sucking and pulling them with my mouth. His moans of pleasure made my clit pulse. Watching him squirm I thought he was going to erupt right there all over my face and hair but he managed to hold back. Flicking my tongue over his head I stared in his eyes and slowly my mouth enveloped every inch of his throbbing, thick cock.

Taking him to the base, I pulled back swirling my tongue around his shaft, changing how hard I suck and blow his beautiful cock, my right hand pulling and playing with his balls my left hand rubbing my pussy while I sat on my soles sucking his cock like a little college cockslut. He pulled my hair back and tied it for me in a ponytail. Watching him toss his head back in pleasure and listen to his grunts and moans, along with the soft sexual sucking sounds filled the lower level of my apartment entirely. “Are you going to cum for me babe? Do you wanna cum all over my pretty little face?” Bobbing my head faster down his cock, gagging, and throating his cock as far as I could take him, feeling him tense and tighten up, I slapped my tongue softly under his head as he erupted ropes of cum down my mouth and over my face, practically painting me in cum. Licking his shaft clean, I grabbed my phone and took a selfie of my cum covered face and breasts.

Sucking my nipples clean and my face, I tugged at his still erect cock, “Cum with me…” leading him to the sliding door to the balcony, I sat him down in the chair, and straddled his lap. The tip of his cock pressed against my lips, eager to tease and twice as much to cum all over such a great cock, I ran his head along the length of my slit, letting my wet pussy drip over his shaft. I looked over my shoulder and slid myself down his shaft, gasping as every inch filled me up. Bouncing on and down as I managed to take his entire length and coat his cock in my cum while eye-fucking him. His hands worked over my breasts and he played with my nipples as he thrusted himself into me and forcing me into his lap. Our grunts and moans over the city streets likely turned heads below which made me even more frantic to get my first load of cum into my pussy. Fucking him back as he thrusted deep into my pussy I felt my walls tighten and grip his cock more, I was destined to milk every drop of cum out of those balls and into my needy cunt.

“Fuck me harder!” I moaned trying to get my feet on his knees and slam back down hard and fast but he wouldn’t let me, taking me to the balcony with his cock still inside me, he bent me over the railing and thrusted harder. The cold metal of the railing felt amazing against my tits and pushed me over the edge cumming hard over his cock. Yet he continued to fuck me as I moaned and shook through my orgasm. I felt his cock tighten up and he got two more thrusts into my cunt before he erupted again, shooting ropes of his hot, sweet, potent cum deep into me. Holding himself in me for a minute while our juices dripped down his shaft and my thighs, kartal escort he pulled out of my sopping, cum filled cunt and his cock went limp slightly. “We can take break if you’d like.” I said to him, pointing at his cock, that was going down like a deflated balloon.

Leading him back inside the apartment, I handed him a drink and said, “You are more than welcome to spend the night.” Smiling at him as I slipped into a sheer purple nightie joining his naked body on the couch. We talked about work, desires, both sexual and personal while we flipped through the channels, I tugged playfully at his cock just to tease him before I said “Come with me to bed. I’ll make it worth your while.”

I was fried for the night, my pussy sore and full of cum. I felt his hands cup my breasts as he cuddled me the entire night, his cock pressed between my ass cheeks. Waking up before him, I lifted my leg forward exposing my wet hole and I fumbled for his penis in my hand before sliding him along my thigh and positioning him at my hole. Slowly, I eased myself down and took his cock inside me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, I’ve never had someone stay a weekend, let alone me being the one to try to stealthy fuck myself with their cock. I tried to be quiet but the sheer thought of fucking my still half asleep guest made my pussy soaked, and my fluids ran down his shaft and my thigh like a little stream. I couldn’t hold my moans any more and one left my lips.

I pulled his cock out of my pussy, looking at how wet I coated him I got to my knees and started to suck him off. Much to my delight he woke up to the sight of me throating his cock, I pulled back and locked eyes with him, stroking him with my hands. “Oh good your up!” I teased, “want to shower with me?” I got up and took my nightie off. Showing him my soaked pussy. He quickly followed me in the shower and waisted no time putting me on my knees to continue worshipping cock. He did his best to keep the water out of my face but I didn’t mind, sucking him off as he washed my hair. I rubbed my pussy while I sucked him off and I sensed we bother we’re close to cumming, and I got up and turned around spreading my legs as I pressed my tits against the wet tile wall, “Ruin me!” I screamed in delight that turned into a squeal as he eased his thick cock into my asshole using his other hand to finger and rub my clit.

I’ve never been one to like anal, but with such a young, hung and well trained cock, his thickness filled me up completely, and expertly fucked me through not just one, but three orgasms before we were done in the shower. By the time we were done, my legs were shaking, and bucking underneath me, and his cum filled my stomach, dropped down my pussy, and slowly leaked out of my asshole. He picked me up in my towel and laid my weak body on the bed, leaving to return with a drink a food. Inside I thought, “I can’t let him not return. A man this good must be kept happy and around.”

Getting dressed he indicated he weekend chores to complete but if the opportunity rose, he’d love to see me again. “I agree.” I smiled at him. Giving him my phone number we agreed to meet early this week for a formal introduction.

I liked writing this story, I think more can come from it, any feedback, criticism is appreciated. Even story ideas as well. Again, all feedback and constructive criticism is reviewed and valued. Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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