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A short-short story…but then again masturbation is up to the individual.


“Hmm…” I said as I continued to look at the lovely body on the computer screen.

Slowly I licked my lips and stroked my manhood through my jeans.

With each stroke my arousal increased as I longed to hold that body close to mine.

What was it I thought to myself for the hundredth time as I continued to stare at every inch of the lady-boys picture on the computer screen?

Was it the size of the cock on the lovely body that intoxicated me or was it for the fact that it was on a lovely she-male that held my attention and made me want to masturbate.

I had to admit that no matter the Why? It felt good to stare and dream of riding the cock that was displayed on the goddess on the screen and to dream what it would be like to take it into my mouth and suck and lick it until it erupted in a fountain of sperm, to cascade down my throat and into my stomach.

Passing over my taste buds and savoring the saltiness of the liquid and the canlı bahis warmth it provided as it rolled down my throat and clung to the sides of my mouth and coated my throat.

I increased the pressure of my hand over my crotch and could feel the hardness as I stroked up and down along my penis.

I looked down and undid my belt and stood up slightly to pull down my jeans and underpants.

My erection sprang out as it was released from the confines of my clothes.

Slowly I stroked it and could feel the weight of it within my hand.

“Hmm…” It felt good.

Sitting back down I went back to staring at the computer screen and raised my hand to my mouth, so that I could lick my palm, so that I would have some liquid to reduce the friction between my penis and my hand.

The saltiness of my sweat already coated my hand and I marveled at the taste.

I closed my eyes and leaned back into the chair as I imagined fucking that lovely lady-boy.

I smiled as I felt my arousal increase and started to grind my bum into bahis siteleri the chair trying to push my arse hole as deep into the fabric as was humanly possible.

I increased my gyrations and caress’s of my cock as I imagined getting my butt hole rammed with her cock.

I knew that what I was doing could be looked on as being perverted in some circles, but who cared, this was my house and what I did I did for myself and besides…it felt good.

As I ground my butt into the chair my hand moved the cup from the side of the computer table and I raised my left leg to rest along side the keyboard.

My hand went back to stroking my penis while my other hand went to my lips and I licked the tips and sucked the fingers, knowing that the taste would soon change and I would love their new smell.

My hand went down to my arse cheeks and I caressed them as I tried to raise my bum further off the chair.

The saliva was doing it’s job, both on my cock and on the fingers that now were feeling around the outside of my anus.

My bahis şirketleri eye’s closed tightly as I savored the feeling and once again I put my right hand to his lips. The taste on my fingers was nice and it inflamed my feelings further and I longed to plunge one or two fingers into my back passage and bring myself to an orgasm.

My left hand increased its ministrations on my cock and I could feel the slipperiness as it was coated with the start of my own pre-cum and the left over saliva from my mouth.

I pushed a finger into my anus and increased the speed of my hand on my cock.

I bucked on the chair, trying to push my finger in deep and rubbing the flat of my palm over my cheeks.

My speed increased and I felt my pleasure rise as I ejaculated over my hand and onto the floor to coat my jeans as I rode my finger and pushed it in deeper into my rear passage.

I sagged back into the chair feeling sated and exhausted and covered in sweat as I kept slowly rubbing my cock.

I pulled the finger out of my hole and bought it to my nose and inhaled its smell.

I looked back at the lovely face on the screen and smiled.

And just for a moment, I thought that “Mia”, the lady-boy on the screen, smiled back at me with that knowing smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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