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The late night desk clerk I guessed was in her early to late thirties or maybe early forties. We smiled at one another other as she went on about her business to check me in. She had pretty brown eyes, was not slim, but had nice round perky breasts and a perfectly full rounded backside. I got a good glimpse of the latter when she turned around and leaned over the desk behind her to reach for a pen.

“I have you in Room 912, Mr. Jenkins.” Her slim fingers handed me over my hotel room card key.

“Thank you, uh,” I looked down at her gold embossed name tag, “Charlotte.”

“My pleasure, sir.” She replied with a wanton smile.

It was late when I got up to my room. My plane was late coming in and the layover was short to connect another early flight out to my actual business destination. After I got in the room I had intended to take a shower but, after stripping to my briefs, I remembered I needed to still read a paper for work the next day. It would only take a few minutes so I sat down at the desk. Before I could get too far along though, the hotel phone rang. I rose from the desk chair and went over to the nightstand across the room to answer it.

“Hello?” I called into the handset.

“Good evening, sir. This is Charlotte at the front desk.”

“Oh yes, hello Charlotte.” Instantly the image of the night desk clerks womanly figure came to the forefront of my mind.

“I’m calling to make sure you found everything to your satisfaction.” Her soft, almost deep voice came through the receiver.

I just had to say it, “Very fine, but if you need to make a check on the room, you may want to wait a bit as I was just about to take a shower.”

I heard the lighthearted, almost sexy chuckle at my lame crack before she said, “If there is anything, anything at all that I can do to make your stay more comfortable, please do not hesitate to call me.”

I was stunned. Not that I had gotten such a warm welcome, but because I could feel that familiar hardening in my briefs just listening to this woman talk over the phone. My eyes on focused down on the bulge that had grown between my legs.

“Uh, I sure will, uh Charlotte. Thank you very much.” I think I bit my lip after that hoping she didn’t sense a change in my tone of voice.

“Thank you, sir. And again do not hesitate to call if there is anything I can do for you.” I swear this last came with a very breathy tone in her voice.

I heard the line go dead.

I stood there feeling stunned at the thoughts I was having, not to mention the one pleasurable feeling in my snug briefs. As soon as I hung up the hotel phone, I returned to my thought of hopping in the shower. But now it was to do more than just wash off the grime of the trip as I had originally planned. I had a rising condition to take care of.

As I walked into the bathroom and shed my briefs I looked into the bathroom mirror and saw the prominent erection between my legs…

My cock was indeed begging for attention. Deciding I would go ahead and masturbate anyway, I thought I’d relax and enjoy it so I walked back out into the room. I went straight over and shut the drapes to ensure total privacy. And as I was heading back to the bed to have some solo fun, I suddenly had a really naughty idea.

I know more of you are like me than not and walk around your own house nude frequently, at least when no one else is home. But suddenly I imagined a whole hotel full of people walking around in there cozy rooms away from home completely naked. The thought of dozens of nude women in this high rise hotel just on the other side of all those doors had my manhood literally bobbing up and down to my increasing heart beat.

Why not masturbate somewhere more exciting? No one knew me there, or would ever see me again. This hotel stop was just a layover. I’ve jerked off in a hotel room more times than I can ever try to recount. But I’d never been horny enough or brave enough to do it anywhere but in my room. That night I wanted to do something more daring than just lay back on my back Escort Akbatı and jack off that extremely horny cock of mine. I wanted to open that hotel room door I was only a few feet from, walk out into the hallway, and make love to each one of those doors that had had a lovely unsuspecting lady I was suddenly fantasizing about behind it.

I went to my suitcase and pulled out my pair of sleep pants, a thin, black pair of drawstring pants. I pulled them on, forced my hard-on into them and tied them around my waist low and loose. Of course, they did nothing to suppress or hide my nearly full erection, but at least I was covered.

The next thing I knew I was I sticking my head out into the corridor to see if there was any sign of other people on my floor. I focused on the doors I could see from mine and wondered which one of them had the sexiest nude woman on the other side. I could not believe how I felt, how intensely the erotic feelings overwhelmed my thoughts.

I was going crazy within while trying to maintain some sense of composure on the outside. I looked around to see if anyone else was coming down either end of the corridor. That said, in my horny state I don’t think I really gave consideration to getting caught that night in the hotel and wearing nothing but my thin sleep pants and no shirt or shoes, I walked outside my room.

As I walked down the corridor a ways it came to me that it was the middle of the week, plus it was very late at night so the hallways shouldn’t be very active. I didn’t run into anyone right away but the excitement of the possibility was unbelievable. Soon I got that extreme horny feeling thinking of who was naked and what they might be doing behind all those closed doors I was passing. I walked on down the hall by more rooms holding myself under my pants.

I spent the next five minutes wandering around the floor in a horny daze. I was never so excited to walk around in a hotel. When I reached the other end of the corridor and the stairs I headed up to the next floor. I walked the entire tenth floor at a nice leisurely pace still cautiously palming my cock under my sleep pants.

Then I heard a door open behind me.

I looked back and a young woman poked her head out. I caught my breath as she first looked the opposite way down the corridor before finally looking in my direction. We made eye contact. I smiled at her and she returned the gesture. She looked for a few more seconds then ducked back into her room. I was certain I would cum right in front of her my hands pressed so hard into my hard-on under my pants. My heart was pounding and I was flush with excitement. But I also knew I’d just die if someone were to get a glimpse of me in all my glory.

Even so I ratcheted up my excitement I went on down the hall and got in the elevator. I got really daring and pulled my pants down just after the doors closed. I started jacking myself off in earnest. It felt so good and the tickling in my cockhead was so intense. The mirrored elevator afforded many different views and it made me feel as if others were watching me. But I was alone and suddenly hoped no one would surprise me in this elevator halfway to the top floor.

I almost blew my load right there with the excitement of the possibility of the elevator doors opening and a woman stepping in only to see me playing with myself. Of course, what happened then? The elevator stopped. It had stopped only three more floors up. It was a few seconds before the elevator doors opened but it was enough time for me to pull up my pants. I quickly tucked my cock back into my pants as the realization of the seriousness of getting caught in public came racing back to my rationale mind.

About then the doors opened and an older woman was standing there. I got a long stare and I should not have been surprised. Here was a guy, in an elevator, with no shirt on, only a pair of sleep pants that he was conspicuously holding his hands in front of, smiling. She hesitated but still stepped on in. She did stay in the far Aksaray escort corner away from me.

I stood there almost holding my breath until we reached the next floor up and the door opened again. This time a much older man got on. I felt too awkward by then and had had enough already, so just before the doors closed I stuck my hand between them and forced them open again.

I looked over at the woman and smiled at her.

“I forgot this is actually my floor.” I said before I literally jumped out and stood with my back to the elevator until the doors closed again. I think it was only then I started breathing normally. I turned and walked toward the end of the corridor all the while a bit scared from that encounter on the elevator. Only I was still very sexually aroused. I knew this because when I looked down I saw my hard-on leading the way.

I walked on still faster until I final hit the crash bar on the stairway door. As soon as I was in the stairwell I grabbed myself and started making my way down the few floors I had come up in my horniness. I needed to get back to my room and enjoy some fierce jacking off until I could cum all over everything in the room and myself.

I got to my floor and opened the door out onto the bright light of the quiet corridor. I looked to see if anyone was coming from their rooms or the elevator. But as I took a few more steps out into the hall and around a corner, I stopped short. I looked up to see a surveillance camera pointed right down at me. It was then I realized all the floors had them. That was when I had the naughtiest thought of the night.

After making one last check down the corridor I took the few steps backward into the stairwell. There were no cameras to be seen anywhere. So I proceeded to pull my manhood out. I had pre-cum all over palm when I did. I pushed my sleep pants down until they just barely hung on my knees.

Mostly exposed like that, there would be no doubt if someone saw me as to what I was doing there in the hallway. At first all I wanted to do was get it over with quickly and cum. But since no one was around I allowed myself to keep a nice rhythm going stroking my fist up and down slick hard cock.

It was then that I saw myself in the mirror on the wall across the hall. I was naked, well, mostly naked and it suddenly felt natural. As I watched myself in the mirror I began stroking faster. Every nerve in my body seemed to tingle as I enjoyed the feeling of being naked and exposed. I even reached up and pinched my nipple with one hand while I slid my fingers up and down my shaft. I was literally dripping pre-cum. I stood there with my eyes on the mirror my naked image looking back at me. This time my face was flushed. I could feel that tingling in my balls as I watched my reflection.

I was getting close to climaxing by then, but my fear of ejaculating out in the open held me up. I was so excited and yet something was stopping me from going over the edge. I thought about trying to make a mad dash for my room but my desire for release was strong and it was difficult to slow down. By now I was panting pretty good and squirming around more and more. Since I had a hard time slowing down I stroked shallowly but eventually my desire to cum became so strong that my fear of ejaculating subsided and I began to stroke the full length of my shaft in the hope of triggering my orgasm.

I was deep into it and nearly oblivious to anything else, until…

I heard the elevator doors open.

I was so close to cumming I couldn’t move and just stood there holding my hard cock. I looked up and saw someone walk from the elevator. It was a woman. Luckily she turned and walked the other way. She quickly came to a stop a little ways down the corridor. Still holding my erect manhood I leaned further into the hallway to get a better view.

I alternated between looking at her and looking into the mirror at my hand masturbating my hard shaft. I only kept getting hotter and hotter. I saw a clear drop of pre-cum slowly build Ankara escort bayan in my slit and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I reached orgasm. This kind of frightened me for some reason. I’m not sure why but by my ejaculating there and then would be proof positive that I had brought myself to orgasm in public. I had never caused myself to cum anywhere that could possibly be in front of anyone and the idea made me feel more exposed than I already was.

I stood there checking this woman out as my hand slipped up and around my swollen mushroomed cockhead and squeezed still more firmly. I felt another huge drip of pre-cum. I cupped most of it in my hand and used it to start stroking myself in earnest. I was trembling but part of me was overwhelmed with lust and at that moment I knew I had to finish what I’d started. I started thrusting my hips, my cock slipping back and forth in the now wet palm of my hand. I even began to pull and pinch my nipple even more vigorously this time, much harder than I normally did, but it felt so good!

I watched as she went to put her card key into the electronic box on the door. But as she tried it slipped from her fingers and fell quietly to the carpet. She bent to pick it up and…my, oh my, was I treated to the most gorgeous backside ever! I know my jaw dropped as my manhood swelled still further in my hand.

But no sooner had I admired her tight bottom in that snug skirt than I realized she had straightened up and looked right back in my direction. She must have heard me!

I jumped back out of sight.

Now there I stood just down the corridor from a pretty woman and I didn’t know if she was looking my way or worse walking toward me as I crouched there mostly nude and stroking a very hard cock. I kept stroking away even though I was nearly frozen in fear. But it was like I was in an erotic trance and couldn’t will myself to move let alone run away.

Just then I heard a cell phone go off. Then I heard a voice.

“It’s me! What’s up?” It had to have been my beautiful stranger.

I listened. She spoke again to her silent caller, “You what?” There was a long pause. “You actually jacked off all over my pants? That is so fucking gross and nasty. You should be ashamed of yourself, Dan.”

Geez! She was talking to her husband, her boyfriend, her lover, a horny guy obviously. For some reason that was the erotic catalyst I needed and suddenly I was at the point of no return. I started stroking faster as I flexed my knees. I could feel my orgasm start deep inside and as it finally swept over me.

I literally bit my lower lip to keep from crying out as the most intense feeling of pleasure engulfed me. I changed to long smooth stokes, arched my back as the initial surge plumed out the end of my cock head, and watched it splatter down thick and heavy onto the hotel carpet making an audible plop as it did. I shot a second longer white rope of cum further out into the corridor. Then one after another the ejaculations seemed like they came and came forever, though I’m sure it was probably only several seconds.

I flicked the last drops of my cum on the floor then leaned there against the wall in a sweat thinking about what had just happened.

“You pervert, go clean yourself up.” I heard the woman’s voice and then heard the card key going into the slot followed by her hotel room door open then close.

I smiled and actually giggled out loud as my fingers traced along my wilting penis knowing I’d never felt so completely and unabashedly sexual. After another minute or so I became nervous and quickly made my way back into the stairwell and pulled my drawstring sleep pants back up.

When I was all straightened out I quickly walked the long corridor back to my hotel room.

I couldn’t get to sleep for sometime after that, I had been so turned on by the events of the evening. I couldn’t stop thinking about my public adventure and was aroused again as I lay in my king-sized hotel bed. So much so, I jumped up, got the hotel provided lotion out of the bathroom and jacked off to the fresh memory of my foray into near exhibitionism, this time thinking of my very friendly night hotel clerk, Charlotte, behind her desk with her skirt lifted above her waist and her fingers in her pussy as she watched me cumming like a mad man on the security monitor!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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