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Two days since their last game the Mason High Hawks were set up to play against the Bellville Warriors. It was a home team advantage for the Hawks but the bleachers were only half full on their side of the gym and there was hardly any energy to the crowd.

Mellisa made her way to her son’s school after her daily workout. She was in her customary exercise outfit which consisted of small red sneakers, skin tight grey yoga pants that left her delicate ankles and slim muscular calves bare. Her top was a red v-neck shirt that was molded around her enormous tits and showed a good six inches of pale cleavage. Her long strawberry blond hair was held back in a ponytail by a grey scrunchy which swished back and forth with each step of her athletic legs. Her round bubble butt and huge tits bounced as she walked.

Making her way into the gymnasium she scanned the bleachers for her sister Alexis. After a few seconds she spotted her a few rows up smiling and waving at her. Mellisa made her way up the steps and over to her sister. She stopped half way down the row for just a second and stared at her sister with wide eyes before walking the rest of the way and sitting next to her.

“Jeez Lexi, what’s with the outfit?” Mellisa asked as she sat down next to her.

Alexis had on a pair of small Daisy Duke jean shorts that were so tiny that the bottom edges of her succulent ass cheeks were poking out. Her long pale muscular legs were visible for all to see and on her small feet she had a pair of small white sneakers. Her midriff was completely naked, a small blue jewel showing in her sexy belly button. Her top was simply a white buttoned shirt with a large collar. However every single button was left open and she had merely tied the bottom into a knot between her huge fuck jugs. This left all of her deep pale cleavage with her little spatter of freckles across the top open for anyone to see. Even the bottom slopes of her pale chest pillows were visible as it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. A pair of silver hoop earrings completed the ensemble.

Alexis looked down at her body and shrugged before smiling at her sister. The slight movement of her shoulders caused her massive tanks to jiggle. “Oh I was just working in the backyard and lost track of time. Before I knew it Tyler had to make it to his game so I didn’t have time to change.”

“Uh huh.” Mellisa said with a hint of disbelief in her voice. She looked again at her sister’s body and could see the smoothness of her legs and the rest of her bare skin. It looked like she had rubbed lotion over her entire body.

A few minutes later the speakers blared with music as both teams made it out to the floor and the crowds cheered. Lexi seemed especially energetic as she waved both of her hands high in the air and screamed for the Hawks to win.

“I sure hope this game goes well.” Mellisa said as she watched the teams get into position.

“Oh I’m certain that they’re going to win today!” Lexi said as she stayed focused fully on her son Tyler.

The referee blared his whistle and both players leaped into the air to catch the basketball. The Hawks player grabbed and threw the ball behind him. Tyler moved like a springing cat, catching the ball and dancing around three players before leaping and dunking a two pointer in less than ten seconds into the game.

The Mason High crowd cheered as Tyler punched his fist into the air and rushed back to his side of the gym but not before pointing and smiling at his mother. Lexi cheered out and clapped her hands together, the movement causing her enormous tits to quiver like jello.

“Wow! What got into Tyler?” Mellisa said as she watched her nephews stunning athletic ability.

“I gave him a little motivation and it looks like it’s paying off!” Lexi said as her eyes stayed focused on the game. She could feel her heart racing and her skin felt tingly.

“You must have promised to buy him a new car or something to get him to move like that.” Mellisa said as she smiled at her sister.

“Uh – – Yeah! S-Something like that.” Lexi said as she glanced over at her sexy little sister before looking back at the game. Her thighs rubbed together and she bit her bottom lip as she watched Tyler steal the ball and pass it to his cousin Seth who made another two points for the team.

The tension and excitement grew in the large room as the teams moved back and forth scoring points. However the Hawks stayed a good six points in the lead and Tyler’s energy spread to his teammates. Both voluptuous athletic bodies of Alexis and Mellisa bounced around as they jumped and waved their hands as they screamed along with the excited crowd. Alexis was shaking with excitement. If only the crowd new that her son was playing amazingly well and pushing his team because he wanted to push his huge horsecock into her tight wet pussy.

Tyler was sweating profusely. His muscles flexed and bunched as he ran back and forth. He stole balls again and again. He dodged around the opposition and he scored over a fourth of the team’s total points göztepe escort before the half time buzzer called out. His teammates swarmed him and cheered with excitement as they headed towards the boys’ locker rooms. He looked over his shoulder and spotted his mother in the bleachers watching and whistling at him. He smiled back and pumped his fist into the air before he disappeared through the door.

Lexi couldn’t contain herself. Her pussy was soaking wet and she was radiating heat. Her skin was flushed bright pink on her cheeks and across the upper slopes of her swelling tits.

Mellisa laughed and clapped her hands together. “Go Hawks!” she called out as she watched her son and nephew disappear into the locker room. The drill team came out and started to perform their dance routine as a hip-hop song blared on the speakers.

“God they’re doing so great today!” Mellisa said as she looked over at her sister.

“Uh huh.” Lexi replied with a glazed expression on her face like she was in her own little world.

“Lexi? Earth to Lexi, hello!”

“Huh? Oh sorry.”

“Are you ok?” Mellisa said as she looked at her sister questioningly.

“Y-Yeah I’m fine!” Lexi beamed, “I was just day dreaming a little.”

“Ooookay.” Mellisa said before standing up. The men sitting behind her stared intently at her tight round ass and flexing legs. “I’m going to go buy a bottle of water do you want one?”

“No I’m good.”

“Kay, I’ll be back.”

Alexis watched her sister head down the steps and head towards the gym exit. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse and started to text Tyler

Lexi: {You’re playing so great baby!}

After a minute her phone chirped with a reply.

Tyler: {Thanks Mom! I can’t wait to pound that tight pussy again!}

Lexi bit her bottom lip and squirmed on the bench seat a little when she thought about what her son was suggesting.

Lexi: {How long until you come back onto the court?}

Tyler: {About twenty minutes I think.}

Lexi: {Great! Tell your coach you’re going outside for some fresh air and meet me out back around the corner near the south entrance.}

Tyler: {OK!}

A few minutes later Mellisa came back to her seat but couldn’t find her sister.

“Huh, I wonder where she went?” * * * * * “Holy shit Mom!” Tyler exclaimed.

They were both in a shadowed corner outside of the south entrance. The gym was on the north side of the school along with the parking lot so no one was around. Tyler was leaning back against the cool brick wall with his shorts and jockstrap around his ankles. One hand was holding up his jersey revealing his hard abdominal muscles. His other hand was holding the back of his mother’s head, his fingers entwined in her short red hair.

Lexi was on her knees, her son’s towel folded underneath them, with her shirt laying on the ground beside her. Her naked pale tits were wrapped around her son’s massive prick and she kept them squeezed together with her forearms, her smalls fists were up towards the sky. She moved her soft melons up and down the full length of her son’s cock while she sucked the plum sized head into her mouth. Lexi’s cheeks sucked in tightly and her nostrils flared as she sucked loudly on her son’s hard meat. Spit and precum ran down his length, lubing up the passage for his cock to slide through her tits.

“Fuck yeah! I love fucking your big tits!” Tyler encouraged her as he felt his prick throb in her mouth as her tongue danced around the swollen head.

“Mmmpphh!” Lexi moaned back as she looked up at her son with her wide green eyes. She could feel his pulsing veins rub against the insides of her cleavage.

Wet sucking noises filled the air as Lexi sucked hungrily on her son’s cock. She could feel her spit slide around on her tits making them wet and shiny. Her sensitive nipples dragged across his strong thighs as she moved them up and down expertly. Her arms sunk into the soft flesh of her jugs as she kept them wrapped tightly around her son’s thick girth.

Tyler leaned his head back against the wall and groaned. It felt amazing to have his mom’s soft full lips wrapped around the head of his cock and sucking his thick sweet teenage spunk out.

Slowly Lexi tilted her head up and back before she released her son’s huge cock from the confines of her mouth. She giggled when she made him lurch forward from the tight suction. “Mmm yeah baby! I just love sucking your big hard cock while you fuck my huge tits!”

She spat a clear glob of spit onto the swollen head of her son’s cock and smiled again as she watched it run over his tight smooth skin and into her cleavage as she brought her hands down and started to alternate rubbing his prick. She slid one tit down one side while rubbing the other tit up along the opposite side.

“Ugh!” Tyler grunted as he started to hump his hips back and forth. “Oh Mom! I love fucking your big tits! They feel so good!”

Lexi giggled and batted her eyes at her son as she arched her back and kept istanbul escort her tits wrapped tightly around her son’s prick as he fucked into her deep cleavage. The trip made wet slippery noises as he pumped back and forth. They could both feel his large hairless balls fly up and smack into the underside of her boobs.

Tyler was breathing heavily as he gripped his mother’s shoulders and hunched his hips to get his full length sliding in and out of her cleavage.

Lexi cooed at her son and blew him kisses as he fucked her tits faster and faster. Her globes were covered in spit and precum as they jiggled from the relentless pounding.

“Fuck Mom! I-I’m going to cum!”

“Oh yeah?” Lexi said in a husky voice. “Do you want to cum all over your Mom’s big fat fucking tits?”

Tyler just moaned in reply as he pulled his cock free from the warm confines of his mother’s breasts and began to pump his cock. He groaned loudly as he felt his balls tighten up and the first thick white rope of jizz sprayed out. It sailed in the air and landed on his mother’s collarbone and over the swelling slope of her right tit.

“Ugh! FUCK!” Tyler groaned as his ass clenched again and again, each time a thick steam of teenage spunk coated his mother’s blushing chest and neck. It ran down into her cleavage and over her distended nipples.

“Oh baby! Yes!” Lexi cried out as she watched her son’s massive cock lurch and buck as it washed her down with his cum. “Cover my tits in your cum!”

Tyler could feel that he was almost done cumming so he quickly grabbed the back of his mother’s head and forced his cock into her mouth. The head swelled as it sprayed the back of her throat.

Lexi’s eyes were wide as her son forced five inches of his huge cock into her mouth and made her swallow the last few squirts of his cum. She gulped them down happily however and soon had her eyes staring back up into his.

Tyler’s whole body jerked as the last few drops of cum were sucked out of him. “Holy shit Mom! That was fucking amazing!”

Lexi slipped her lips slowly off her son’s slick girth. Her cheeks sucked in and her lips flared out as she kept her eyes on her son’s. Finally she released him with a wet pop and licked her lips.

“Mmm delicious! Now go back there and win that game stud!” she said before lifting up one huge dripping tit and licking her son’s cream off the top slope with her long pink tongue.

“You know I will Mom!” he said as he watched while his own Mom licked up his baby batter. “I’m going to pound your pussy so good Mom. Just you wait!”

“Mmmm, I can’t wait baby!” Lexi said as she watched her son pull his jock strap and shorts back up. It was quite the struggle as his huge cock started to rise again from the sight of his Mom licking his cum off her gallon sized tits. * * * * * Alexis made her way to a restroom and cleaned herself up without anyone seeing her running topless through the school halls. Her firm tits bouncing up and down with each stride. She tied her shirt back around her blushing semi-moist tits and fixed her hair and lipstick so she resembled a less frazzled state. After she was put back together she made it back to the gym and sat down next to her sister just before the game started back up.

“Where did you go off to?” Mellisa asked.

“Oh I just had to visit the ladies’ room.”

Mellisa shrugged and turned her attention to the game as the buzzer sounded to start the second half.

The energy of the crowd was high and everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats as the two teams moved back and forth. Four minutes into the third quarter and the Hawks lost their lead by two points. Tyler seemed to get his second wind soon after and pushed past the opposition. He got two personal fouls but the Bears only made one point off their shots and soon the Hawks were back with an eight point lead.

Mellisa was biting her lower lip as she leaned forward with her hands on her knees. Her excited breathing made her fleshy pillows swell out from the top of her shirt again and again. It was exciting to watch her son Seth and her nephew Tyler pushing the team to victory. And she couldn’t help but admire their lean young strong bodies as they moved around the court.

Alexis was also watching the game intently while feeling the tension build. She was proud of her son as she viewed his young athletic body run up and down the court. She knew he was tired and sore but she was excited. She filled with a mother’s pride as she watched him work so hard. But at the same time her pussy tingled as it anticipated another vigorous pounding of his huge teenage cock. Her feet were apart but her knees were together as she rubbed her thighs together and squeezed her pussy again and again. Her nipples were erect and visibly poked through the light material of her shirt.

The buzzer for the end of the third quarter called out and both mothers leaned back and took deep breaths as they relaxed a little bit.

“Wow! This is such an intense game!” Mellisa chuckled kadıköy escort as she rubbed her sweaty palms on her knees.

“I know! I’m so excited!” Lexi beamed as she looked at her sister. “F-For them I mean! I’m excited for them to finally win!”

Mellisa brushed a long strand of her blond hair behind her ear and took a deep breath. Her tits swelled out from her chest and even her nipples were poking through her shirt. “I don’t know what you did sis but Tyler is playing better than he ever has!”

Lexi chuckled and bit her bottom lip as she looked out over the gym and saw her son staring at her. He smiled and gave her a wink which made her giggle.

“What’s gotten into you today? You’re acting like we’re back in high school or something.” Melissa said as she watched her squirm and giggle.

“Oh it’s nothing. I’m just excited watching Tyler!” Lexi said. When she saw the questioning look on Mellisa’s face she chuckled nervously and turned back to the gym as they got ready for the next quarter. “Excited to watch them play! Y-You know what I mean.”

“Uh huh – – “

Mellisa could tell something was up with her sister but she couldn’t quite tell what. Her attention was soon brought back to the floor however when the buzzer sounded.

The last quarter was the most intense of all. The Bears brought the score back up and each team was tied. Both teams were tired and sweaty as they ran back and forth, jumping and pushing. Scoring points, stealing, and fouling. Twenty seconds left on the clock and the Bears had the ball as they pushed over to score. Tyler came out of nowhere, swept the ball through the opposing player’s legs and ran. The Mason High crowd screamed and jumped up. Mellisa and Alexis cupped their hands around their mouths and called out for Tyler to go.

The seconds ticked by quickly but time seemed to slow down as Tyler leaped from half court and threw the ball. It soared and all eyes in the gym watched it fly. The buzzer sounded and the ball bounced off the rim and into the backboard. It fell back and swirled around the edge before falling though and gave the Hawks the three point lead they needed.

Tyler jumped and pumped both fists into the air as his team surrounded him. The Mason High crowd screamed and cheered. And the voluptuous bodies of both Alexis and Mellisa bounced up and down and giggled for the lucky few that were sitting near them. They screamed and clasped hands as they jumped and looked at each other with excitement. * * * * * Mellisa hummed happily alongside a song on the radio in her car while she waited for her son to come out. She was so proud of him and couldn’t wait to tell him. Plus she felt excited and she was hoping to get home and see her husband Nick. She felt incredibly horny which she put off as the energy of the crowd feeding into her. Soon her cell phone started to ring and she looked at the screen to see that it was her son calling her.

“Hi sweetheart! You played such a great game today!”

Seth chuckled when he heard his mom’s ditsy voice praise him. “Thanks Mom, I’m glad you were here to see it. I’m calling to let you know that I’m going out with the guys to grab some pizza to celebrate.”

“Oh ok! Well I’ll just head home then. Tell your cousin that he played great and that I’m proud of him too.”

“I would except he already took off.”

“Why? I thought you guys were going to celebrate. He was the star player tonight!”

“I know, but he said he already had other plans.”

Just then Mellisa saw her sister come out of the school with Tyler in tow. They were practically running to the SUV while holding each other’s hand. Lexi’s tits bounced up and down so much that they nearly collided with her chin.

“Plans huh?” Mellisa said as she watched Tyler climb into the passenger side while his mom started the vehicle. “Ok, well, just give me a call later if you need me to pick you up sweety.”

“Kay, I will Mom.” Seth said before he hung up.

Mellisa started her car and waited until her sister pulled out before she started to follow them. She knew Lexi was up to something and she wanted to find out what it was.

The first thing that tipped Mellisa off as being suspicious was when her sister headed west down Bell St. instead of going towards the freeway. For fifteen minutes Mellisa followed her sister further out towards a secluded suburb. It didn’t make any sense to her and Mellisa’s curiosity continued to grow when her sister pulled into Red Hill Park.

Mellisa watched as her sister drove through the winding park streets. It was dark by now and the few lamps that had turned on did little to illuminate the shaded trees and brush. For a couple minutes Mellisa actually lost track of where her sister’s SUV went before she spotted it being pulled into a secluded area under a low hanging tree and between two tall hedges. Mellisa parked her car along the edge of the road and around the corner before shutting it off.

“What the hell is she doing out here?” Mellisa said to herself as she watched the hedges. She could just make out the top of the SUV but its lights were off and it wasn’t running. Mellisa sat biting her plump lower lip and waited for something to happen. After ten agonizing minutes Mellisa’s curiosity won out and she got out of her car and started to sneak over to where her sister had parked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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