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(Everybody in this story is over 18)

January 1987 — A blizzard — My step sister — Nintendo — Some little blue pills — And a fireplace.

The first time I met my wife Mary was at our parent’s wedding. She was beautiful and thin and kind of wild in a fun innocent way, back then she had faded dyed blue hair that she would usually wear in a messy ponytail. It was the late eighties and our parents were single and unstable; both were reeling from a recent divorce.

Shortly after their wedding my mom sat me down and asked if I would object to her new husband and his daughter Mary moving into our farmhouse. The rural existence we lived did not allow for much socializing and the farm was a really lonely place it was miles from anywhere, so I was really looking forward to having someone to talk to. But this isn’t about the story of how I fell in love with and eventually married my stepsister, this is the story of the first time I had sex with my step sister, so let’s fast forward a little bit.

It was a cold and snowy night and it was the tail end of the first week Mary was living with us. We were both about to turn twenty and being winter in a rural area and being true 80’s kids we did a lot of watching TV and we played a lot of Nintendo. We often rented VHS and Tapes and games from the video store in town and tonight Mary’s dad rented back to the future and Super Mario brothers 2.

After a night of lying around the soft carpet playing games, eating microwave popcorn and watching movies it was time to go to bed. We brushed our teeth together and giggled when we spit in the sink at the exact same time. I crawled into a sleeping bag on the floor and Mary slept in my bed, we switched every other night until my mom’s office was done being renovated into another bedroom.

“Good night Mary,” I said in a sing-song voice.

“Goood niight.” she singsonged back at me.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard a faint buzzing.

“Mary? Do you hear that noise?”

“No.” She quietly responded.

“I hear something… It’s like a buzzing or something.”

“It’s nothing, just go to sleep.” She said slightly annoyed.

“What is that? … It’s just so weird.”

“It’s nothing, just go to sleep.

“But it’s so…”

She cut me off in mid-sentence. “It’s my vibrator, ok?”

“You’re what?” After the question left my lips I knew I shouldn’t have asked it. Mary has been here less than a week and she has twice already walked in on me making sweet love to myself and she was cool about it both times, she never made me feel weird for even a minute.

“It’s my vibrator… I like to sleep with it inside me so I have orgasms in my dreams, I normally wait until you go to sleep but I can’t keep doing that. I’m losing too much sleep so you’re just going to have to get used to it.”

“Ha! …Mary, you’re awesome.” I said as I rolled over, I couldn’t see her from the floor but I could hear the vibrator change tones as it entered her thin little body.

“So you don’t mind?” She whispered.

“Not at all… we seem to keep catching each other mid-orgasm, so we might as well just accept that since we are sharing such close quarters we should probably just get used to each other’s bodily functions, snoring, masturbating, farting, we will probably see the worst of each other eventually so you’re right, let’s just accept it. You can masturbate around me anytime” I said in a kind but pragmatic way.

“Yeah.” She agreed. “Why are we trying to be so modest when we will inevitably see it anyway… Anytime you want you can masturbate around me, I won’t even acknowledge you’re doing it, let’s just treat it like a sneeze that needs to come out, it’s only natural right?”

I could hear the vibrator struggling as she slid it in and out a few times.

“It only makes sense… Goodnight Mary.” I drifted off to sleep to the sound of her occasional blissful little whimpers.

I woke up in the middle of the night to something tickling my cheek, it was one of Mary’s blue pigtails and as soon as I opened my eyes she smiled. “I’m cold… You look so cozy in your sleeping bag, could I come in there and sleep with you?” She asked as she was already sliding in, she was holding her vibrator between her naked legs so it couldn’t escape, I didn’t say anything I just put my arm around her and snuggled her tight.

She wiggled around until my cock was nestled between her butt cheeks then she eventually settled down and we both drifted to sleep.

I awoke in the night by the beginning of an orgasm and Mary grinding on my cock while she was loudly snoring, she must be having a pretty sexy dream I thought as I reached around the outside of the sleeping bag and grabbed her hips to keep her from thrusting. I already came a little bit and if I had a full orgasm I would certainly ruin my sleeping bag.

I held her still long enough for the feeling to subside and for my swollen cock to go down a little bit. I eventually let go of her hips and returned to the snuggling but I did instantly notice how much better her pendik escort soft warm cheeks felt with a little lubrication.

Still snoring she wiggled around until the head of my cock was ever so gently resting on her back entrance, I stayed perfectly still as not to be the first to initiate such a bold move but she pushed back just a little until there was just a small amount of pressure and we both stayed perfectly still, with absolutely no movement for a little while until, still snoring she started slowly squeezing and relaxing until her tight asshole and it just started naturally sucking the head of my slippery cock inside.

We were both still motionless as her sleeping body was not just accepting of my intrusion it was demanding it. With a few pulsating squeezes I could feel her tiny body pulling me deeper inside by the head of my cock.

I reached around the outside of the sleeping bag and pushed her vibrator deeper and as I did she stopped snoring and let out a little squeal. She pushed back to swallow my cock deep into to her hungry ass and I slipped my hands back into the sleeping bag cupping her breast and snuggling her tightly.

“Is it morning yet?” She asked in a tiny sleepy voice.

“No, it’s the middle of the night.”

“Oh.” She wriggled around a little and asked, “Is that your cock inside me?”

“Yeah … But you did it, in your sleep, I was perfectly still and your ass just sucked me in.”

She pointed her toes and did a little morning stretch while still impaled by my cock “I was having a lovely dream that me, you, another boy and two girls were all in the barn drinking and freely using each other’s body’s in the most delightful ways.”

“Oh yeah? that sounds fun.”

“Mary? …I can’t help but feel this is a line we probably shouldn’t have crossed; I mean being ok with the sound of masturbation is a little different than this.”

“Oh relax… You’re just in my ass, it’s no big deal, it’s not really even sex. Did you even cum inside me yet?”

“No… but I came pretty close.”

“Oh, you’re such a gentleman.” She pushed her vibrator deep and slowly started sliding up and down my cock with one clear intention, after just a few minutes I couldn’t handle it and I exploded covering her insides with my warm load. “There, now we crossed every line so it doesn’t matter what we do.”

“Ha! Mary… Your rationalization skills are really impressive.” I hugged her tight and pushed my tired member deep inside. “How are you feeling do you want to orgasm?”

She patted my head and said “Aww your so sweet… No, I need to sleep, I already had two tonight but in the morning would be nice if your still up for it.”

“Sure… but if we sleep connected like this I might accidently do it again in my sleep.”

“Oh, I’m counting on that, with you and the vibrator I’ll probably have a few orgasms in the night too… Don’t be so shy, I’ll gladly take load after load all night long, I want you to fill me with so much sweet cum that it squirts from my ears.”

“Ha! Like a fountain?”

“Yeah! Like a blue haired cum fountain,” she giggled …Ok, I’m going back to sleep to see if I can get back into that dream… Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” I said as I kissed the top of her head right between her cute little pigtails. She quickly fell asleep and returned to snoring, when I started to go soft I would slowly slide in and out a few times until I came back, I wondered if I was helping in her dream.

When I awoke in the morning Mary was gone. I checked my sleeping bag and it was completely dry, hmm that’s suspicious, how did she not spill a drop? I thought as I crawled out of the sleeping bag and jumped in the shower.

When I went downstairs I saw Mary standing in front of the sink. She was wearing a cute little skirt and a tank top; her hair hastily tossed into a little ponytail and she was humming a tune while cooking a rather large amount of scrambled eggs.

“Good morning.” I proclaimed.

“Good morning.” She said at a presentation volume.

I felt strange about last night and wanted to gauge her feelings so I asked, “How did you sleep?”

“I slept wonderfully,” she said with a mischievous smile, she gently gave my cock a little squeeze over my pajama pants and whispered in my ear, “Thank you so much.”

“No problem, anytime. I whispered back”

“Anytime? …Really? …Do you promise?”

“Sure” I looked around to make sure our parents weren’t around and snuck a kiss on her neck. I rested my hand on her smooth bare thigh, nibbled her ear and whispered,” I must have cum in you like four times last night.” I slid my hand up to graze her panties with my thumb, I just wanted to see how wet she was and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties, but she was dripping wet. I ran my thumb up her slippery pussy lips and licked her earlobe just a little bit.

She closed her eyes and whispered, “I know, I’m completely full, it’s been dripping down my legs all morning.

I didn’t notice before but now that she said it I ran üsküdar escort my hand down the inside of her thigh and sure enough, she had streams of cum flowing down her legs to her ankles, she would probably leave little puddles around the kitchen if her clean white socks weren’t sopping it up.

“Here I made you some coffee, make sure you drink it all.” She smiled and handed me a cup.

“Mary? My mom yelled from upstairs. “Do you know where those earrings are I let you borrow last week? I need them for work.”

“There in the second drawer of your jewelry box, way in the back!”

“Oh I found them, thank you.”

I got four plates and set the table for breakfast. Mary filled the plates with eggs; she filled four cups of coffee and placed toast at each setting.

“Good morning you two.” My mom came down the stairs and asked, “Could one of you go to the street and grab the mail?”

“I’ll do it since Mary made breakfast” I offered.

Mary jumped up and said “Oh I want to come too! I want to see the snow.”

I slipped on my shoes and went out the door. It had been snowing all night so it was a magical land of soft powdery snow several feet high, there were big flakes silently falling from the sky as far as the eye could see.

“Woow!” Mary was instantly taken back by the beauty of the fresh snow over the rolling hills. “Wow! … just wow… We should get some warmer clothes on and go play in the snow later!”

She was wearing big fuzzy boots and a jacket but no actual pants; she still had the short skirt with no panties thing going on. “Mary, aren’t you cold?”

“Yeah, let’s do this quick you only have a T-shirt and pajama pants on, where’s your jacket?”

“Where’s your pants?” I retorted.

“Let’s just do this quick” She shuffled off leaving really cute tracks in the fresh snow with her really big boots.

We trudged down the snowy walkway, retrieved the mail and headed back inside, but right before we hit the door a big gust of wind came and blew a giant snow drift everywhere.

Mary stopped in her tracks and said “Oooo… That wind just blew snow up my skirt.”

“Yeah, it’s cold let’s get back inside.”

“I kind of liked it.” She giggled. “Can we try to have sex out here later after they go to work? Last night I had a dream that we were doing it in the snow and I would love to try it for real.”

“Ha! Mary, you’re just full of great ideas.”

We returned to the warm cozy house and sat down with my mom for breakfast. Just as she poured him a cup of coffee Marys dad came in, He slammed the garage door and sat down to join us for our before work ritual family breakfast.

“So what are you two planning on doing today?” Mary’s dad asked me.

“I don’t know, I think I’m going to just play some Nintendo and relax.”

Mary chimed in, “It’s so cold outside I think I’m just going to curl up on the couch and finish the book I’m reading.”

He shoveled a big fork full in his mouth and said: “Well If I had a choice I wouldn’t get out in this weather either.”

My mom took a big sip of coffee and said. “Yeah, it’s supposed to be crazy out there today, are you two going to go sledding or something? Maybe go play in the snow later?”

Mary smiled, looked at me and slowly twisted her fork around in her mouth. “Yeah, I think we are going to go play in the snow, maybe later after we watch some cartoons.”

“Well I’m going to go shovel the driveway, that’s my playing in the snow.” Mary’s dad pointed out.

“Oh dad, you love shoveling snow, you’re always talking about it.”

“I really do… I love the muffled sound of the snow blower engine in the fresh powder, I love the scraping of the shovel, I love it all.

“Need some help?” I offered

“NOPE!” He quickly answered. “This driveway is all mine.”

After breakfast I started a big fire in the fireplace, flipped on both TV’s and the Nintendo, I grabbed the softest blanket we have and snuggled into the couch to waste the day away. We recently got a second smaller TV as video games have been dominating the living room as of late.

My mom came in and sat in the chair across from me to hem a pair of pants. “These pants fit at the store.” She frustratingly said as she closed one eye to thread the needle.

“Maybe you’re shrinking.” I joked. She looked up with one eye not amused. “Would you turn on the news, I want to see the weather.

I changed the channel and settled in to play some Super Mario.

Mary came in with her book and sat next to me, she started pawing at my blanket trying to steal a corner, I looked at her smiled and said in a joking way, “Get your own blanket, this one isn’t big enough for two.”

“Aww, but this is the softest one.” She whined.

My mom, not looking up from her project said in a monotone voice, “Share with your sister.” Mary scooted closer, gave me a smug little look and sat Indian style covering her slippery legs with my favorite blanket; she flipped her book open to nearly the end and settled in.

After a short anadolu yakası escort while of the three of us sitting in silence, each wrapped up in our own things watching to the morning weather forecast, Mary lightly bit her bottom lip and let out a little squeak, her hand was secretly under the blanket and without removing her eyes from her book she slid her slippery hand down the front of my pajama pants. I squirmed around to indicate this is not the time or place but as I could have guessed the more I protested the tighter her grip.

With my legs I positioned the blanket in such a way that her hand movements were unnoticeable and I tried to focus on my game but it was no use, she was squeezing and pumping my cock while she was quietly reading but I could tell by the perkiness of her nipples through her light tank top she was getting off on my forced lack of focus.

I eventually gave in and put down the controller; I slipped my left hand under the blanket and with one finger slowly wrote my name in cursive in the wetness that was left on her inner thigh. With my other hand, I grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels during the commercials.

As I teased her whenever I even got even close to her pussy she would take cute little breaths and squeeze my cock harder, I knew what she wanted but I was going to drive her crazy before I gave it to her.

After quite a while of teasing I gave in to her silent demands and slowly traced my fingers up her soft dripping wet slit, she tried to look nonchalant and continue reading but to a trained eye, I could see through her panting little breaths she was really enjoying it. I eventually sunk two fingers deep inside her and she gripped and pulled on my cock as she melted into the couch.

Just when I sunk my fingers as deep as I could go we were all startled by Mary’s dad bursting through the front door and slamming it shut. He had full winter gear on and was tracking snow all over the house.

“Ok I got the driveway shoveled, I did the neighbors too since I was out there.”

“Aww dad, you’re tracking snow all over,” Mary said as I dislodged my fingers from her tight pussy, she scooted down a little bit in silent protest of my hasty exit so I slipped them back in. As a reward, she let go of my cock and got her hand wet with our various juices that were covering her lower half and when she returned to secretly pleasuring me under the blanket the slipperiness of her hand just put me over the moon.

“Well it’s my house too, right? That’s what I do at my house, I track in the snow and shake it off like a dog.” He said with a happy smile. He shook off like a dog and flung cold water and snow on the top half of our overheated bodies, I fluttered my fingers inside her and Mary arched her back in ecstasy as the snow hit.

“I have to use the sewing machine for this.” My mom said frustrated as she got up and went upstairs.

“Aww,” Mary’s dad took her hand and kissed her in support before he stomped downstairs to check the furnace.

Once we were alone again Mary smiled, kissed my cheek and said, “I need you inside me right now.” She got up and my sticky fingers slid out. She stood right in front of me and pulled my face underneath her short skirt and I enjoyed a few moments exploring her delicate folds with my tongue.

She was just dripping wet as she slowly swayed her hips and she squealed when I quickly pushed my tongue deep inside her a few times before tasting my way up to her swollen clit. I ran my tongue around her little mound a few times before gently sucking it between my lips and that sent her over the edge, she made a loud squeak and quickly covered her mouth.

Before she could orgasm we heard her dad stomping back up the stairs with his giant snow boots. Mary quickly got back under the blanket; she laid face down on the couch draped over my lap while I was sitting in the middle. I slipped my swollen cock through the hole in my pajama pants and she scooted down so it was resting on her soft pussy.

I quickly covered us both with the blanket and Mary grabbed her book, she rested on her elbows and went back to reading, I gave her butt cheek a loving little squeeze before her dad rounded the corner and I returned to my game… He went straight into the kitchen to make another pot of coffee.

I looked down at Mary’s perfect little butt in my lap and through the soft blanket I could see the outline of the head of my cock poking through past her thighs and resting at the bottom of her butt cheeks. I grabbed it from the outside of the blanket and spun it in little circles. She pointed her toes as my member slipped around her smooth dripping lips.

Without looking up from her book Mary whispered, “Can you get it in at that angle?” I didn’t say a word I just slipped my hand under the blanket, grabbed my cock and twisted it sideways until I managed to stuff just the head inside her, she scooted back a little and swallowed me up about half way, she let out a content little sigh as she continued to read her book.

After a while of playing video games and us being connected from the inside I got stuck on a level and put down the controller. I looked down at Mary’s cute little butt in my lap and gave it a little squeeze. I slid my hand under the blanket and with two fingers I traced up my cock to the point where my body ended and hers began.

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