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Selena Wilson sat up in her bed slowly. The previous night’s activities had taken their toll and she was a little tender. The last thing she remembered was the two men tucking her in after they had gently bathed her. She smiled. They had both been sweet afterward, making sure she was okay, bringing her down with caresses and soft words.

Selena looked at the clock. It was already well into the morning, almost ten o’clock. She took a few minutes to remember all of the night before. By the time the two men finished with her, she had been a dripping mess of cum and sweat. Their stamina and imagination had surprised and delighted Selena. Both men had cum in and on her several times. They had thoroughly used her mouth and her pussy before they left just before dawn.

She got up and took a cool shower to wake up. Her daughter was supposed to be home for a visit later that evening, and she wanted to do some shopping before she arrived. She stripped everything off the bed and tossed it in the washer before she left.

Marty watched his mother’s car leave the drive. He turned on his TV and retrieved his secret tape from under the mattress. He’d watched it quietly the night before, but today he was going to turn the sound up and enjoy the whole experience. He knew he had a couple of hours before his mom came home, and he wanted to make the most of it.

He sat there on the end of his bed and watched as his mother slid her mouth over first one man’s cock and then another. His own cock was already stiff and demanding attention. He closed his hand around it and began slowly stroking himself as he sat fully engaged in the scene that was playing out on the television screen.

Selena finished her shopping and started on her way home. She drove carefully through the city, but once she hit the freeway she let her mind wander to the night before.

The thoughts of the previous night with the two men her friend Glenda had introduced her to made Selena flush. She had never before imagined having a threesome with two men, but with a few drinks and the encouragement of her wild friend she had done just that. The memories of being pinned between the two men while they shared her pussy made her clit throb. She had felt so full, her inner walls stretched like they had never been while fucking.

Selena let her hand slip between her legs. She pulled her skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. She slid her hand inside her panties and pushed further down between her legs. She was swollen and wet from her memories, and still a little tender. She softly stroked up and down her moist slit, her mind filled with the sounds and sensations she had experienced with the two men fucking her at once. She slipped a finger inside herself, and then spread the wetness up over her clit.

“Mmm…” Selena moaned at the current that sped through her. She continued to gently massage her clit with her fingers. She could feel the tension building in her like a watch spring being wound. She tried hard to keep her eyes focused on driving while her mind was caught up in her impending orgasm. Selena was brought quickly back to the present by the trill of a siren flipped on and off quickly. She looked up in her mirror to see a patrol car with it’s lights on behind her.

“Great,” she muttered as she looked for a suitable place to pull over. There was an exit for a little park just coming up on the right, kızılay escort so she slowed and took the exit and came to a stop in the parking lot. There weren’t any other cars around, as it was early fall and the air was already becoming crisp.

She rolled her window down and waited as the police officer got out of his car and walked up to her door. She instantly noticed how attractive he looked in his uniform. He was tall, with an imposing physique. The sunglasses he wore lent a little mystery to his appearance, and his square jaw added to the look of strength in his body. “Just the type that should be in uniform,” she thought as he approached.

“Afternoon, Ma’am.” he spoke pleasantly enough. “Would you please step out of your vehicle?”

“Why do I need to get out of my car?” Selena asked the officer. “Don’t you just want my license and registration?”

“Just step out of the car, Ma’am.” he replied as he took a step back and his hand moved toward his hip.

A shiver went up her spine as Selena opened the door and stepped on to the pavement. She didn’t know why, but for some reason this man thought she was dangerous.

“Turn around and put your hands on the car please.” he directed her. Selena complied, still confused as to why he was taking these measures with her. She shuddered as he roughly patted her down, his hands moving over her butt and between her legs. She felt a strange combination of fear and arousal as his hands moved over her.

The officer snapped a cuff on one of her wrists before Selena realized he had taken them off his belt. He pulled her arms behind her and cuffed them together behind her back. Selena felt suddenly helpless, but still the same feelings of arousal coursed through her as he turned her to face him.

“Now I would like to see your license and registration,” he finally said. She looked at his shirt front for a name tag.

“My license is in the zipper compartment in my purse, Officer Holmes, and the registration is clipped to the visor,” she answered him as calmly as she could. “You can get them if you want.” Inside she was trembling with mixed feelings about being handcuffed and helpless in a deserted park. Was she going to be arrested? He reached into the car and got her license and registration and carefully studied both items. At that moment his radio buzzed, and the dispatcher’s voice came on. “Attention all units. The suspect sought in connection with the robbery at Golden Valley Savings and Loan has been apprehended.”

“What is that about?” Selena asked. “Why do you have me in handcuffs?”

“A car fitting the description of your vehicle was used in a robbery this afternoon, Ma’am. You were speeding and I had to consider you a suspect,” Officer Holmes replied.

“I suppose I was speeding. But now that you know I’m not a suspect in this robbery, you can take off the handcuffs,” she spoke as she started to turn away from him. “Would you please take them off?” She wondered why he was just standing there. She could not tell anything from his expression because of the mirrored sunglasses he wore. It was a little unnerving.

“No, Ma’am, I won’t take them off. You were speeding and driving slightly erratically. You did not signal as you pulled off the highway. And now I see that your registration is expired. I think I’m going to have to take you in.”

“But…” Selena was stunned. kızılay escort bayan She couldn’t believe he would arrest her for such minor things! She looked at him incredulously as he stood there. His face showed nothing.

“I can tell you are upset at the thought,” he spoke. “I might be persuaded to change my mind.” He smiled for the first time, if only slightly.

It only took Selena a moment to realize he was telling her he would let her go if she would have sex with him. And only a moment more for her to decide she not only would be willing, but the thought was arousing to her.

She looked up at the police officer, her head tilted to the side. “I would do almost anything to fix this little problem…”

“Then come with me,” he said as he pulled her around to the other side of his car by her cuffed arms. “I’m going to fuck you and then I’ll let you go on your way.”

He opened the passenger door of his patrol car and shoved her roughly over the seat. Her face was mashed against the vinyl of the seat, her bottom up in the air. He quickly flipped her skirt up over her cuffed arms and grabbed her panties. He didn’t waste any time pulling her panties down, he took one side in each hand and ripped them from her. She felt his fingers prodding her between her legs, finding her wet with excitement.

“Ahh… you like it rough. That’s good.” He sounded like he was enjoying himself. “I’m going to give it to you just how you like it.” Selena heard a sliding sound, and then he shoved her legs apart with his feet. She felt something cold bump between her legs. She guessed it was his nightstick. He rubbed it back and forth, the cool wood sliding easily covered in her copious juices.

The officer reached down and spread her open with one hand, and brought the end of his nightstick to the source of her wetness. “Surely he’s not thinking of fucking me with that!” Selena thought as he began to push it against her. He pushed it inside her a couple of inches.

“No, wait!” Selena protested. She was afraid now. A man could only be so hard, but that stick of wood could hurt, and he had given no indication he would take it easy on her. In fact, she had thought as he had shoved her over the seat of his car that he would have no regard to her comfort at all.

“Too late for that, slut,” he told her. “You said you’d do just about anything to get out of here, and I’m taking you at your word.”

Selena realized her helplessness. Bent over his car seat with her arms beginning to ache in their restraints, she was both afraid that he might hurt her and excited for the same reason. She figured he had radioed in the stop when he had pulled her over, so she was safe from serious harm, but still there was the unknown.

He continued to work his nightstick slowly into her until she felt it bump deep against her inner walls. He slid it back and plunged it into her again, but not quite as far. He began a quick, steady rhythm of short strokes. Selena moaned as he found her clit and pinched it lightly between his thumb and finger. He wiggled her clit back and forth a few times then let go.

“I love a hot slut like you,” he growled in her ear. “I’m gonna make you cum, and then I’m gonna stuff you full of my cock and make you cum again.” He continued to fuck her with short strokes of his nightstick, and she could feel the wetness seeping from her escort kızlay with every outward stroke. She was getting close to cumming.

“Mmmnnnhhh…” Selena moaned as he pinched her clit again. He kept pinching it and letting go, her clit swelling and throbbing as he played with it. He kept up a steady rhythm with the stick and before Selena could gasp, “I’m cumming,” she was bucking against the nightstick which became his cock as her cunt was still spasming.

He felt huge as he pushed into her. His cock spread her suddenly as he rammed himself in to the hilt. As his body met hers, the end of his cock touched deep within her.

“Yesss…” the officer groaned as he held her hips and flexed his shaft inside her. He gave another satisfied groan as he felt her shudder, then began to fuck her steadily, slamming his cock in to the hilt with every stroke.

She could hear him grunt each time he thrust himself into her, his thickness spreading her walls again and again. She was close to cumming again, she couldn’t help it.

“Oh, god!” Selena exclaimed, “Yes… I’m going to cum again!” In one more stroke she began to buck against him, her cunt squeezing him until he too shuddered. He held her still against him.

“Oh, no, slut, I’m not done yet.” He growled, bending over and biting her shoulder hard. “I’m going to enjoy this a bit longer.”

He flexed his cock a few more times, making Selena squirm against him. As soon as he began moving in and out of her again she knew she was going to cum again, and quickly.

“That’s it, slut, fuck my cock!” he bellowed as he began to slam her against him faster and harder. Helplessly Selena bounced between Officer Holmes and the car seat. Her body rocking with orgasm again, she felt his cock swell and then spasm, his cum filling her. She could feel a mixture of their juices oozing down her thighs as he kept stroking her with his swollen shaft. Finally he slipped from her with a grunt.

“Hold still,” Officer Holmes told Selena. He opened the back door and grabbed a towel out of the back seat. He carefully cleaned the cum from her thighs and pussy and pulled her skirt down. He uncuffed her wrists and rubbed them gently before letting them go.

Selena stood up slowly, her legs unsteady. She turned and sat on the seat and looked up at Officer Holmes. For the first time he took off his sunglasses and met her eyes. Something caught his eye and he glanced to the side. He bent and picked her torn panties up and handed them to her. She smiled at him and put them back in his hand. He grinned and stuffed them in his pocket and put his sunglasses back on. The officer held out his hand to Selena.

‘May I help you to your car?” he asked her. Selena took his hand and stood up. He walked her to her car and waited for a moment while she settled herself. Then he bent over and buckled her seat belt across her lap.

“Thank you,” he whispered in her ear as he stood back up. “Drive safe now,” he said and shut Selena’s car door. She turned her key in the ignition and watched him get into his own car.

Selena shook her head in disbelief at herself as she drove out of the little park. What in the world had possessed her? She knew what had possessed her. After years of marriage and the same kind of boring sex almost every Saturday night she was reveling in doing something different. The workman who had assaulted her in the garage had awakened something in her, and she couldn’t get enough, the wilder and rougher the better.

Selena looked at her watch and noted she still had a few hours until her daughter would be home. She’d have enough time to shower and change before she started dinner. She drove home smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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